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CJXander (EUNE)
: >Heroism: is so %%%%ing bullshit man >Heroism: jungle diff >Heroism: %%%%ing dumbass >Heroism: YOU %%%%JING >Heroism: this guy >Heroism: brainless >Heroism: nice int >Heroism: no jungler >Heroism: does 0 >Heroism: since ur useless >Heroism: canw e report >[All]Heroism: report xin please So you're constantly harrasing your jungler, call him "useless, dumbass, brainless, intter", you're threatening him with a report then you make a report call on All Chat. How the F are you surprised you got banned? If this is a normal behaviour in your book, then bro, you need professional help.
I made a report call in all chat because he refused to play. He would move to other lanes and just farm on purpose untill the game ended because he didn't want to play with the team anymore. People that give up on games and decide to just sit it out for the loss deserve to be perma banned in my books. While people that are trying to win the game and get flamed by the jungler, only to retort and tell him to stop being a %%%%ing baby and get his act together shouldn't. That's just my opinion. And stop being so pretentious. Professional help? Do you even hear yourself? I Called someone a dumbass in a video game because he's argueing with people while clearly not understanding a key mechanic of the game and I need to get professional help? Calm down my dude. Snowflakes like you is what made League such an unbearable expierence. You guys will defend people that literally run it down and give up on games 2 minutes in but if they say a bad word oh no no perma ban this toxic guy! So lame
: You have the same problem most League players that get banned have. 1. You think you know everything and bash anyone who disagrees with you. 2. You feel justified to name call someone and bash someone if you don't like their performance. 3. You think people who don't play well can be reported. If you want to keep your next account in good standing and be a good League of Legends player (which you are not by the way and I don't mean skill, I mean as a person that others would want on their team), you really have to change your mental game. You have to recognize that there are many factors in a match that can affect a players results and performance, to presume that "that player is terrible" as an idea ( a player on your team) because his performance is bad in this particular game is a mental hurdle that will blind you to the real reasons the game is going bad from an analytical standpoint. Whatever division your in, what MMR you have and everyone you are matched up with is close to your skill level. This is a fact. Looking at your record you also have 0/5, 3/10, 1/8, 4/13 type games matched up with some other horrific looking stats. Based on those games, one might surmise that you totally suck at League of Legends... or one might look at it and recognize that you are a Gold II player, so you clearly know how to play the game and you just had bad games. Maybe you had a bad match up, maybe you just had a bad day. Whatever... but for those are individual performance/results that are not a reflection of how good of a player you are. They are just a sampling of how bad games can go for any player in League, Gold, Challenger or Iron IV. My point is that in any match that is going south for someone, you have two choices as a League of Legends player. Analys, figure out how you can assist, or alter tactics and strategy or assist. OR You can do what you just did, complain about it in chat until you get banned. A good player will play the game, figure out how to win, work with the lane or player having trouble.... a crap League of Legend player will just complain and shout out profanities in chat. You were a bad player and you got banned for it because you deserved it. Now you have a chance to make a new account and start over so the only question is, have you figured it out yet?
Yeah this account isn't my main account. Or well, it sort of is? I started playing alot of this account because I really liked the name and it kind off became my main account. But my original account is fine. And no, I don't think i'll be playing league anymore. At the end of the day it kinda sucks to get that account banned but I'm not really crushed by it or anything. I just play league because I don't have anything else fun to play at the moment and I like the ladder climbing aspect.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: After you got the 14 days ban for extreme toxicity, constant flaming your teamants, after you through everything revolve around you and you are so important and others need to listen to your flame, after countless of games in which you ruined anyone else fun, the message you got was that it's your last chance to show respect for others. You didn't and you continue flaming and even if was small flame the permanent ban was given **not because one game**,** with small flame**, but because your past history of constant sukign the fun from other games, because of the history of countless abuse and lack of respect for others. So stop spreding bulshit that you get punish for small things, and people should **mute all** because if they chat they get punished, if you don't have a history of toxicity you can throw some small flame, some small things that you can say in anger and nobody will do anything to you if you don't spam and blame for 30 min. **************** Irony is that looking at your logs there are not even low toxicity, you flame and blame xin and you did things that I would ban people just for that, while asking for reports in team chat is toxic, for me asking for reports to enemy chat it's ban worth, its lack of respect and its equivalent with intentional throwing games and helping enemy team by showing them you have problems in your team and were the should pressure so they escalade the toxicity. One report is enough you don't need to ask people for more, and why you feel the need to ask the enemy for reports and to get confirmation from them ? (since i'm sure you call them kids and noobs if they say they will not) so how will help you if they agree with you and say they will report ?, you just show no respect and help them see they should gank you more and pressure xin more to create more chaos in your team!
But he literally refused to play the game? He would move away from where our team was and fights were happening to farm up because he gave up. In my book that falls under intentional feeding? Maybe we see that differently though.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Chat log please.
Pre Game Lobby: Heroism: sure In Game: Heroism: ive never Heroism: stolen jayce ult before Heroism: that was special Heroism: you get Heroism: to use Heroism: his range mode Heroism: if you steal range mode Heroism: and i guess melee mod if you steal melee mode [All]Heroism: what Heroism: conquerer Heroism: is so %%%%ing bullshit man [All]Heroism: sure Heroism: could use soem help Heroism: 20 lee sin ganks Heroism: top tower gone Heroism: cant believe Heroism: we give this Heroism: jayce Heroism: such free lane Heroism: jungle diff Heroism: so massive Heroism: this top? Heroism: im 2v1 Heroism: toplane Heroism: and i outfarm Heroism: hes Heroism: playing veigar Heroism: vs ekko Heroism: how can he get lane prio Heroism: %%%%ing dumbass Heroism: HE HAS Heroism: YOU CAN GANK Heroism: IF ENEMY HAS PRIO Heroism: BECAUSE HEP USHES IN LANE Heroism: YOU %%%%JING Heroism: nvm Heroism: this guy Heroism: brainless Heroism: nice int Heroism: we are Heroism: 4v5 Heroism: unfortunatly Heroism: xin Heroism: everyone in this team Heroism: knows Heroism: u are the reason Heroism: we lose Heroism: stop pretending Heroism: literally Heroism: no jungler Heroism: just stands back Heroism: does 0 Heroism: because Heroism: i am fighting Heroism: jayce and lee sin Heroism: solo Heroism: since ur useless Heroism: oh Heroism: so Heroism: lets just Heroism: wait till they kill nexus Heroism: XD?? Heroism: k Heroism: canw e report Heroism: this xin Heroism: after? Heroism: hes trolling Heroism: i muted Heroism: ill just Heroism: protect Heroism: varus Heroism: i thought maybe i could move Heroism: but Heroism: one shot in one binding Heroism: yeah im tryign to make playsbut Heroism: they got wards everywhere Heroism: again Heroism: killed in one cc Heroism: really sucks [All]Heroism: report xin please [All]Heroism: refuses to help [All]Heroism: just farms till next game This was the entire game. You judge weither it's perm ban worthy or not XD Like, this was an altercation where we were argueing about something in the game. I wasn't just outright flaming him for no reason and I didn't really think this would get me perm banned at all. Like I know there's the whole "retaliation doesn't matter" but I wasn't trying to make him feel bad or anything we just disagreed about something in the game.
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