Warix3 (EUW)
: Why did you enable ranked, the crashes are still happening
: You intentionally fed, so it is justified. Also, you gotta be careful after the 2 weeks, since next offence will lead to a permaban.
How is it justified? The guy trolling us didn't get anything.
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Raxyel (EUW)
I got banned for 2 weeks and learned from my mistakes. Why do you punish me even further for removing my ranked rewards? That's like punishing a person after he got released from jail...
: Did you just assume my gender?
Sharkz (EUW)
: Plat Support LF ADC to duo with
Did you just assume my gender?
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: The same happened to me yesterday. I tried to join a game and entered the lobby exactly 15(!!!) times. 14 times someone dodged...in a row. 15th attempt finally took me to the game. 14x bans and everything, then BOOM dodge.
: Main support here, each game pops up within 30 seconds. No problem if they leave 9 times. Takes me just 15 minute to get pass it {{champion:412}} Be support {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I had support on first role {{champion:32}}
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