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: Herz an Herz: Well, I'm reporting you kennen. Also, more reports don't make it more liable to get a ban, and I haven't said anything offensive unlike kennen so. Herz an Herz: yes, she died from cancer 2000' so she did Herz an Herz: nah, he just psychologically abused me. Herz an Herz: GOOD JOB LB You know u have a game to play instead of talking garbage right? u deserve the ban since u pretty much spend more time talking absolute nonsense than actually playing. Cya not in the fields of justice{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
How is saying good job to someone who did a good job talking garbage o_O? Is it bannable to be nice now as well? Also, -she did die from cancer when I was 8 back in 2000.- One year more and she'd been declared healthy by the doctors, but she got a relapse around September 1999 and died in May 2000, about three weeks after my 8th birthday. Can't remember exactly now why I said that, but probably a response to something like "She probably died because she couldn't stand you". or "She probably got cancer from you". But hey, I guess you are a douche just like him.
: ??? Its pretty obvious he got banned for using ban-triggering words. Its automated, no real person reviews these bans. But i must add, people who respond to toxic people are toxic themselves. @OP, imagine youre a third person who isnt talking at all. Which is more anoying, one person flaming (and then stopping when he gets no attention), or 2 people doing essentilly the same the entire game? In my opinion you deserved the ban (chat restriction if you had no offenses before), just because you responded to flame the entire game. Take this as a lesson and a break, and when you come back, mute them, report them after the game. You wont be as annoyed (angry, sad, whatever), and your unrelated teammates (and enemies) wont have to listen to negativity from 2 people.
But, I -did- sit quiet and said nothing for 10 minutes, focusing on trying to save Janna and Akali in fights and keeping away their damage dealers. who I saw as our best bets of winning. That only egged them on further because then I'm "tilted" and "inting" I'm sorry, but just "shutting up" won't make them stop. And "you won't be as annoyed". Well, I beg to differ. Every time I get some kind of punishment because I get flamed, even when I don't really do anything wrong, I get more annoyed. I had planned on playing ranked today. Now all the chances I've got to reach gold (at least on this account) is done because people found it funny to talk about my dead mother, and because -quoting- flame counts as flame. It's been months since I've been penalized with chat restrictions, even then on what I see as dubious grounds, but I can buy that one because I used a lot of swears. Thread is around somewhere. Also yes, I know it's an automated system, and that automated system in my experience is sometimes a load of bull. I'm asking that a person actually goes through this, that's why I posted it. In fact, I think I'm going to send a ticket as well, because I stand by that this is dumb. I quoted "fick" once and get a 14 day suspension? Or did I get banned for inting? Then why doesn't it say so anywhere and why it gives me chatlogs? And why do I get banned for inting when I obviously wasn't? I was in loads of fights, so I doubt I was afk. Hence, I was banned for either responding to hate, without responding with hate, and got banned or I was banned for quoting hate towards me and stating that I would report him. -Which I don't know if it's really bannable, and if so it shouldn't be-
: Why do people STILL think they get banned only for the things mentioned in the login-popup?
What else would I have been banned for? Cheating? I don't even know how to install a script should I have one. Inting? I played and had decent stats, I saved my teammates a lot, even though this flame was on me. AFK? Well, I obviously wasn't. Griefing? Well, no, I was playing a tank. I died mostly when I tried to save Janna and Akali, who actually deserved to win, because they were quite decent even though akali told me to shut up.
: Where will Riot start punishing people for friendly blocking?
I am a teemo main in silver. (Yes I am a bad player. yadda yadda. I deserve it yadda yadda.) This happens to me a lot. So what I've started doing since this exists is that I try to save my ban for last, and I just ask whoever on my team banned my preferred champion why and I've given them a few seconds to respond if they did it by accident or no, I ban their preferred as well if they are really really sassy about it. Either that or I suck it up and pick something else. Because this is decent since it forces you to know at least 4 champions mechanics to a decent degree. (First and second role pick, two champions each) It is indeed very frustrating though when you know that you have a champion that you climb well with just to see him banned by your own team.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Instead of doing what you're supposed to: muting the player in question, and reporting them once the game is over. You spend your time constantly asking for reports, and honestly egging their behavior on. This is a good example of behavior that only serves to escalate unwanted behavior. You already had chat restrictions, which is why you're provided with an actual ban this time. When people start flaming, there's no need to give them attention: just mute them, and play the game.
I should for -context- point out that the only times I mentioned anything about report was when Kennen started spamming all chat about "All report Herz, he did X". I never asked my team to report him. I simply stated, that's reportable, I haven't done anything reportable. Apparently I did or we wouldn't be here, and I'm wondering what the hell I did. Because I -severely- disagree that I egged them on. Which I am not sure is bannable. More akin, a normal person would take "My mother is dead, so you'd have to dig her up" as a que to stop. Normal people in league that have said the exact same thing have done just that, and a few have apologized. So you seem a bit like a riot person. Honestly speaking, what did I get banned for here? Was it just for quoting Kennen? Or was it for "Egging them on" by trying to make them get the que that this isn't okay? Because I find both of those to be stupid and unwarranting of a ban or even chat restriction, even if I have previously been punished. If so I'd also like to be pointed to where in the rules it says so. I might sound a bit overly aggressive right now, but that's only because I'm a tad bit pissed, so don't take my rough speech to offensively. --------------------------------------------- And on another related matter, when I relogged (Because the launcher asked me too" it said something about a "reform card" What is that and where do I see it? ---------------------------------------------- (EDIT: For clarity I should also mention that Kennen got penalized as well I think, because I got instant feedback that someone got penalized, which means him, or one of the three I reported on enemy team for well, saying pretty much the same things kennen did, but not as much.) (EDIT 2 : And yes, everything I said about my family relations is 100% true. Not a single lie, well, except that I've met other members of my family, so I haven't practically not spoken to anyone in it for the last 7-8 years, I have just not spoken to them more than the polite greetings when we've run into eachother in town, except for my middle brother, so yeah, how is explaining my life situation and why I dislike what you are doing, stop, egging them on?)
: Its hard in ranks because you need to communicate with your team,but thank you for the advice :) Ill switch to playing fortnite with my friends since they have no chat and it will be a good break from all the negativity and toxicity in league, im a sensitive person so i cry easily i guess this game isn't for me xD haha..
For most times in Ranked I just don't really care what my team says anyway. I rely on pings as previously said and hardly read the chat at all. I don't mute, I just don't do more than glance at it. At it's height I write stuff like "Drag?" "Baron?" or "I am having trouble, can you help?" or "Jung, I'm doing fine, camp mid and bot? (Because I mostly play top).
ChuJung (EUW)
: end of season eligibility
Bump because I never found it either.
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: ain't gonna lie you are toxic by nature. So what you are telling em is I should be able to go out into the world say what ever I want to who ever I want and not have any consequence. Well i'm sorry but your pretty little world doesn't exist. People will always be offended and even before they do. RIOT MAKES THE RULES and YOU follow them. If you cant follow them you don't play. As for your penta. If you get a good quad it does not ever mean that the last enemy player should give you a free kill. Any player who does that on my team gets a int report
> [{quoted}](name=Deamontemp,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=w2EErAcQ,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-08-12T13:03:01.586+0000) > As for your penta. If you get a good quad it does not ever mean that the last enemy player should give you a free kill. Any player who does that on my team gets a int report It's sportsmanlike to do it in such an early stage. But yeah, I don't expect it, but for me to call that out is funny. It's a jab, it's *something you do*. I don't know the english word for it, but it's like when you softly taunt enemy team to get a friendly competitive spirit going. It's not intended to be mean. It's intended as a kind of joke. If you get upset by this, you -do- have a thin skin. Which subsequently is a problem recurrent in our society today. *edit: TEASE. TEASE IS KIND OF THE WORD I AM LOOKING FOR. You tease the other team.
: > Is that bigotry i smell? Lul someone was very picky here xd {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Wait, where is that quoted from XD?
Cypherous (EUW)
: > To be fair. I honestly don't see what of this is "abusive" or "flame" out of the norm. So you don't think this was abusive? > Herz an Herz: %%%% you too. Or this > Herz an Herz: you %%%%s Or this > Herz an Herz: you twat So you would be perfectly happy with me walking up to someone you knew or were related to and started saying those things just because i didn't like what they were doing? > I still think I got restricted unfairly. Well, i hate to break it to you, but you're a minority in this instance :P > What I gather is it got a shit system and I got banned for saying the f word and the c word and %%%%%%ed. You were banned for being abusive, its curious that you seem to think swearing directly at people is acceptable behaviour, if i may ask, how old are you exactly? at which point did the system fail you? > Not like when they told me to kill myself, that I was a "shit eater". That I was "half german bastard jew". Nobody was excusing their behaviour, and if you reported them then they will be dealt with accordingly, that however does not give you the right to retaliate > And because I reply to that, I get banned. Its about HOW you replied to it, what a mature person would have done would have been to mute them, its literally one button and a click away but you instead decided to type out entire messages abusing them back, you literally took the longer route > That's why context matter. Who wouldn't become defensive and retaliate? Becoming defensive and retaliating are two very different things, defending yourself would have involved muting them and reporting them, retaliating is what you did which makes you just as bad as them
Well. If you read the wall of text, I'm 26. And yes, I do swear a lot, no I wouldn't mind you coming up to me, or anyone else in my vicinity and calling them a twat if they were standing there yelling stuff at you, or doing something stupid. And -swearing is acceptable in most cultures towards people-. Literally were I come from if there isn't a swear in a sentence it isn't a sentence. Well, not literally as it isn't a requirement for our language per say, but per practice. The only place I've ever known it not to be publicly acceptable to swear is in church or at a child care. _**Again, -riot allows cursewords as it has an opt in, opt out option for it in the options, hence it cannot and should not be seen as offensive by riot to call anyone a %%%%er, a %%%% or a twat as it would either be censored by those not wanting to hear, see or feel no evil, or be allright banned without an on/off switch by the game creators.--**_ Yet again I can only see one, perhaps two things I said that wasn't a swear in those chat logs, and could be seen as offensive, by my standards by a laaaaaaaaaaaaaarge stretch. So yes, I think this is bullshit still, even after weeks of it happening. Still not worse than when riot tried launching clash, but pretty darn close.
: whether they flamed and were tosic or not. you did. what you said is toxic so is bannable. therefore ban deserved. Before posting rubbish like this please read through other 'attempts' to get unbanned and then your chat log. If someone finds it offensive they can report.
This isn't an attempt at getting unbanned. This is an attempt at making riot realize they're automated ban system is shit. You got a word filter. If you don't like me saying %%%%, then put the censor on. There are literally only two harsh phrases in there. I do sincerely not believe that should be bannable, and it sure as %%%% didn't use to be. Too much snowflakes around nowadays though. I mean, how thin skin do you have to have when you get upset that someone on the internet called you a %%%% in a game because you didn't give penta on a good play.
: So... Basically you seem indignant that others chatted at you in the way you didn't like, but think that punishment for your chat that overwhelming majority of the community finds unacceptable is unfair? Ok.
No, I find it unfair that context doesn't matter and that I'm banned on essentially two abusive comments in 20 games that day and because I swear a lot.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > This is why riot should -post- the full chat history, what they said as well, to give context. But sending you the full chatlog serves no purpose, they send you only your logs so you can focus on what you said, because their abuse doesn't matter at all, you broke the rules > I was called -way- worse things, reported them and didn't get anything. And you know they got "nothing" how exactly? chat restrictions aren't public there is no way for you to know who has been chat restricted > But I get banned for basically saying the f word. You were banned for being toxic
To be fair. I honestly don't see what of this is "abusive" or "flame" out of the norm. I still think I got restricted unfairly. What I gather is it got a shit system and I got banned for saying the f word and the c word and %%%%%%ed. OH shit how toxic I am. Not like when they told me to kill myself, that I was a "shit eater". That I was "half german bastard jew". And because I reply to that, I get banned. That's why context matter. Who wouldn't become defensive and retaliate?
Cypherous (EUW)
: > This is why you should include -all- chat logs in what you judge. Wouldn't matter, the system only cares what YOU said, context in this instance is irrelevant as the rules forbid toxicity > Herz an Herz: i will start trolling now then Threatening to troll > Herz an Herz: as i will get banned anyway Well you were right :P > Herz an Herz: %%%% you team Abusive language > Herz an Herz: stfu rat this is aram not ranked The rules still apply > Herz an Herz: this is what you get when you are %%%%s It is indeed what you get > Herz an Herz: %%%% you too. More abuse > Herz an Herz: speak english Is that bigotry i smell? > Herz an Herz: see i can speak %%%%%% too And again > Herz an Herz: you twat Abuse > Herz an Herz: you %%%%ier Not sure what this is but seeing as its censored, probably unpleasant > Herz an Herz: you %%%%s And again > This isn't flame. Yes, yes it is > WHEN IN GAME ONE THEY FLAME ME MORE THAN THEY PLAY BECAUSE I REFUSE TO SUICIDE AND THROW A GAME? What "they" did has no relevance here, you are judged based on what YOU did not them, and from reading this chatlog you were toxic and earned your punishment This is the part where you will no doubt chime in with "but i was defending myself" defending yourself is pressing the mute button, you retaliated, big difference > to ward off attack from; guard against assault or injury (usually followed by from or against): > to return like for like, especially evil for evil: So no, you didn't "defend" yourself
All of those censored should be either the f word or the c word. But you do have a point, I'm retaliating, which is a form of defence. Duh. But I also to be fair pointed out that that was my mistake. Still I don't think I should get restricted because people are calling me racial slurs or start spamming that I'll be reported by X amount of people and I get upset. This is why riot should -post- the full chat history, what they said as well, to give context. I was called -way- worse things, reported them and didn't get anything. But I get banned for basically saying the f word.
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