Doomley (EUW)
: Still there. Normal thing for kha but rengar gets one more stack for his passive which further increases his ad. Rengar is now Jhin with camouflage...Both have one eye, both have white as a main color...Rengar is the furry version of Jhin! Fkng furries dude {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Remember this is the pbe... the people posting these videos tend to be plat to challenger while the people they are playing against can be anywhere between unranked to challenger... So nothing seen in the pbe is representative of its actually power... hell you could easily make ap zed look completely broken if you get a high enough skill disparity, that's all that's happened here.
Talon lvl 2 all in is pretty retarded tho...but if it helps getting rid of can(cer)suo....good for me :D
: Is Zed really that OP?Does he need more nerfs?
Main Zed salty because he cannot "Zed" properly....Kekekekekekek Go find a corner to cry with your friends Yasuo and Riven.
SkeitasLT (EUNE)
: [Matchup] Wondering
It's a normal game. Plus barely any mid-high elo players play normals unless to try something or with friends. Must that guy have a 1 hour que? If you are playing with a person who is learning maybe custom games with friends or bots should be an option you want to consider if this is an issue for you.
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Evanitis (EUNE)
: Not true. Where I come from, everyone refers to the US as "America". And not even in ignorance - everyone knows from the context if the word refers to the continent or the States. Same with the word 'Europe'.
You are quite an uncommon sight to me in that case. I've always thought (and i'm sure im right) the us call themself AMERICA as a sign of arrogance ignoring the existence of every other country...thing that disgusts me. I guess that comes from the colonization times tho...but w/e. I refuse to call them that and when i call them america by accident i feel bad with myself :D
: Feeders in Ranked games
The day people understand that the problem is not dying x times but the fucking lack of teamwork this game will become a decent game. Until that day(year?) i will enjoy myself having some decent teamwork at killing floor 2 :D
Mìmo (EUNE)
: Finally they did something good,now and others need to follow {{summoner:6}} ( Domino effect {{summoner:11}}) EU is not good for anyone so corrupt
EU might be corrupt but it has it's good things. It gives freedom to you to get a job anywhere in the affiliated countries. No visa, no shit. Just your ID. Same goes to trade and tourism. Everything has its share of corruption.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi I am a Ward ,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=lMOw4hag,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-06-24T13:16:58.171+0000) > > I spent many months there and i barely met a ~~british~~. Besides, all of those~~ british~~ were awful and arrogant people > Can say the same for any damn country. Especially america.
You can slash the british part but i was beeing serious. I met polish people, french, scotish, italians...barely any british back in london. And the few british i met were disgusting.
Perilum (EUW)
: As people refer to the US as "America", people refer to the European Union as "Europe". It's a context based word.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=iQ01AEIm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-24T12:31:21.484+0000) > > Yeh, not like this was foreseen... > I'm dreading for the british economy big time. A lot more of restrictions will come in the future in crossing border or transfering Money, goods and Services, and all that will weigh down on GB as the weaker economy compared to the entirety of the EU. > > In the end, as the EU is the most important trading Partner, GB will have to accept their Terms of trade anyways and now without having the possibility to influence them as they kicked themself out. > But if they wish to establish more trade with USA, Africa, Asia... be my guest. The distances are way larger and smaller companies will not be able to make up for the costs. this is terrible, so im going to need a visa to go to britain?, thats not even the worst part about it, all british people are going to need a visa to go anywhere. thats terrible.
British people will now enjoy their great and sunny beaches. Oh, wait. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} I foresee not a long time before the british start bitching again. It's the only thing they can do.
: >Because it's so much better having to deal with one-sided trading laws when trying to trade with the EU that you now have no more influence on because you left the Organisation that can? The EU is not the UKs biggest trading Partner, the EU actually strongly hurt the UK with denying it trades. >And having to get Visa everytime you want in foreign countries sure is an Expression of british citizens liberty. Those two things have nothing to do with eachother. The EU was actively impeding on british citizens rights and rules that were voted against where brought back up by the eu to vote on again so the UK can make the "right" choice this time. It's a laughable Display of a failing Democracy. The EU is garbage you can go ahead and look up more than enough Videos made by #Brexit supporters pointing out the Pros of why leaving the UK is good and refuting some cons or strawmen by anti #Brexit People. For example a guest Video on "Undoomed"'s channel was arguing against the Points made by "Thunderf00t" on his channel.
Because propaganda is the best way of getting culturalized. Good ridance for everyone who is not a stupid hooligan.
: Looking for support !
We Supports look for REAL CARRIES aswell. Those are rare tho. :)
: Don't firstpick vayne
"Don't firstpick because you can get countered. Just stay afk and wait for the game to kick you for not picking " This is how you sound like
: This game is getting too many gods and "impersonations" lately I miss the war academy
Even her quotes are still the mercenary ones. Nothing about shurima. They just deified her lore because FUCK EVERYTHING and then left her like that. Same with cassio and her seductive treachery
: This game is getting too many gods and "impersonations" lately I miss the war academy
Cassiopeia was cursed. Now she is like halfway ascended. Sivir was a mercenary. Now she is halfascended and descendant of an ancient emperor who is a demigod a close future garen and katarina will become incarnations of ancients who have been in love and war for millennia
: This game is getting too many gods and "impersonations" lately I miss the war academy
Still, everything was more immersive back on the academy times. A land of conflict looking for a better way to solve them. Now these Lores are meaningless..
: I mean he is basically a god dragon
This game is getting too many gods and "impersonations" lately I miss the war academy
: I think the right word for Jhin would be, excentric.
He activates squirrel mode and goes nuts. Tbh there is one quote I enjoy from Sol. "Boop!"
: Well he's a cosmic dragon that creates stars.... I think his arrogance is valid xD Jhin is pretty condescending tho funnily enough Aurelion kinda compliments him.
Jhin can be critic with himself whilst Sol is like "OMG I'm so cool my existence should be illegal"
: Jhin isnt humble at all. Though he puts one Thing above him, his art.
Is not that he puts himself over anything. He is extremely devoted to "art" but still is critic to it as he tries to be innovative and Better every time.
: Do you have an example of a line you think is idiotic? not arguing over this subjective thing just curious.
I link extreme arrogance with idiocy. Just personal thinking as I hate that attitude. Even jhin is humble in a way and karthus devote...not arrogant.
: Jungle In SoloQ
Did you remove the thread or riot did?
: How can one be cocky and dull at the same time?
I take it as dull meaning idiotic/stupid. I might be wrong tho. English not my mother language D:
: I find her voice and quotes utterly disgusting and pathetic. Really, even Mundo has more meaningful voice lines.
"Problems should be shattered into little pieces!" I like that one. She puts a lot of effort on her task even tho she shows herself as an easy going grill.
: If Asol is the pinnacle of quotes then talyiah is the .... bottom of the barrell (Even yorick has better quotes)
Fun. I've always seen Sol as pathetic, cocky, and dull as fuck. If you want a pinnacle say jhin or Karthus at least. Taric has become great on that aspect too.
kauketsu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi I am a Ward ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EPwvwlA4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-15T11:45:08.000+0000) > > Rageblade is currently underused and as ADC only champs like vayne or kog can make use for it. > Paying for it a high price and in the case of vayne wasting a lot of money since ap is useless for her. So youre saying this item is in full balance for those champs? :D
Yes. They are supposed to be lategame beasts and require 8 attacks to activate guinsoo. Kog has no mobility and vayne depends entirely on mid range autoattacking. (550 is not that safe for a pure DPS champion, that is why vayne is actually hard t master
Catchdown (EUW)
: No, not even close. Bronze V Bronze IV Bronze III Bronze II Bronze I Silver V Silver IV Silver III Silver II Silver I Gold V Gold IV Gold III Gold II Gold I Platinum V Platinum IV Platinum III Platinum II Platinum I Diamond V Diamond IV Diamond III Diamond II Diamond I Master I Challenger I
So many leagues...yet most of the base is focused in high bronze - mid good
kauketsu (EUW)
: vayne and rageblade
Rageblade is currently underused and as ADC only champs like vayne or kog can make use for it. Paying for it a high price and in the case of vayne wasting a lot of money since ap is useless for her.
: Dynamic Q needs a change
You cannot split queues without splitting laders and splitting ladders is tnot the way to go
WladMarius (EUNE)
: Ranked Games when you are on Promos
So what if there are not others in prom right now at your MMR level in queue?
: How to spot a support main
Eguzko (EUW)
: Long queue waits
Or you can learn to support and main it :(
: Nice one Rito
He got nerfed this patch and is In no way as bully as he was lel
heaffey (EUW)
: he got you there :P
: Support is the easiest role by far to get an S in.
: Yeah, the 70ish % winrate was actually from playing solo, then I started to play him with and climbed down to a 40% winrate. (I kept playing with him since I enjoyed the games more. Playing with a friend was more fun)
: you realize brand is broken OP? it's like someone saying theyre fizz main and bragging about it.
Brand broken? You have no idea what you are talking about. His laning phase is shit, even worse after the rework as his passive is worthless unless you can land 3 skills on a target. And his power in teamfights depends on that passive aswell. If he cannot farm or snowball he is useless. And as a support he is useless now as he has lost presence due to passive nerf and landing 3 skills will either be countered by positioning or just leave you pretty much out of mana.
heaffey (EUW)
: then clearly you Havnt played janna :P the easiest s in the game
Janna is a very safe support. Making good kDa an easy task to accomplish. I play supports who are more oriented to front line. Even sona has to take a risk to use her auraa
: 100% agree. I don't understand why you're getting down-voted. I guess people can't face the truth.
Oxbruceox (EUW)
: Dear Riot: How to Encourage more ADC's and Support's to play, leading to faster matches.
ADC issue is supports playing supports forcefully without really understanding his role or wanting to play it. Support issue is adc's ego and selfishness plus how his work is completely ignored or if he does well its said that "it's his job" in a pretty disrespectful way. "I saved you all more times you could count!"/" Well that's YOUR JOB " But if they get a kill and carry it's not THEIR JOB. Its that they are pros....
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi I am a Ward ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RLzU2mxQ,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-04T15:05:00.198+0000) > > The champion fits your play style which gives you a feeling of safety. Which is nice. > As I have with Nautilus. Who is not my most played but its my best. Bragging is not a nice thing to do. > I have rank 7 as taric and 6 as nauti even tho I don't use him a lot. As support. Something must I be doing fine...yet I don't brag :p Rank 6 or 7 is nothing to brag about, getting an S is not hard.
heaffey (EUW)
: didnt think i was bragging just trying to show i know a bit XD but il take what you said on board thankyou
Don't get me wrong. Is an amazing stability you got there and its OK to be proud oft it. But don't use it as a clickbait D: Gj bro
Aonivar (EUW)
: Do people really bind their skills to Q-R?
I use the classic bindings except for summoners. Instead of d/f I use a/s
heaffey (EUW)
: well i play him mid. and its not bragging but if its 60+ over 100 games then clearly your doing something right
The champion fits your play style which gives you a feeling of safety. Which is nice. As I have with Nautilus. Who is not my most played but its my best. Bragging is not a nice thing to do. I have rank 7 as taric and 6 as nauti even tho I don't use him a lot. As support. Something must I be doing fine...yet I don't brag :p
: I acutally think that I went from a 60-70% winrate to a 40% due to only playing with my real life friend xD
I started the season with a friend and she got placed on silver whilst I was gold 3. I played with her as she had potential as ADC. Her jinx was great at the moment. And we won a lot. Then she started to be extremely dependant on me and started raging and complaining. Ofc we got stucked. I couldn't get beyond gold 3 and even got down to gold 4. I had like 7 losses more than wins. Once I left her I started winning and now I am +18 win/lose. Recent Plat 1 and probably diamond in a couple of weeks. She barely managed to get gold 3 (getting carried on the mosta part by higher skilled players) and now she is back to gold 5. she played fine but her ego took her down.
heaffey (EUW)
: Nice :D how many games and at what level?
Mid-High platinum and stop playing him in favour of taric and sona. The thing is percentage is a number. I have around 60% win rate with many champions and you won't see me bragging about it. If you were so good you wouldn't be platinum. Just saying.
heaffey (EUW)
: Platinum Brand 61% win rate Full gameplay and commentary
I have a 63% win rate as brand. :) Not amused
: RIP League ... hello Overwatch
See you in a week when you get tired of genji/Lucio spam. d(^^
: Dude you need communication, muting them does nothing it just stop them speaking, if they don't want to cooperate then your game is already lost at match making. That's just sad its solo que for a reason not, 4 man pre que and one lone wolf who has no say in anything most times.
Can't you see the difference between taking care of yourself and not being able to teamwork? You'll never see me calling for a gank unless I REALLY need it and I am usually the only real teamplayer in my games...Hell I am a fucking support main.
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