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: > who the more toxic player for the game was during this game. And you know he wasn't punished because you have a magical crystal ball? It doesn't matter who was "the most" toxic, it matters if YOU were toxic, and as you yourself admit, you are not a saint, your restriction was valid and IF someone else broke the rules and was reported then they will get punished aswell, the difference is, unlike your display of toxicity, trolling isn't as cut and dry and people seem to think it is, smite on mids was a pretyt common practice at one stage, do you not remember smite mid ezreal that was broken as all hell? so what you personally define as trolling will differ to what i personally define as trolling, which makes actually detecting trolls a lot harder than people seem to think
I understand what you're saying, and you're right it isn't as cut and dry for when trying to detect trolls. However you can see from the chat logs provided that I did clearly ask him to focus more on counter jungling, and he still decided to just be petty and troll the entire time. I'm all for people doing stuff non-meta but only if they're still trying to win, but this guy clearly just didn't care about the outcome of the game and still continued to ridicule me for the remaining duration of the game, which imo is an evident display of trolling.
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