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Sefiroz (EUW)
: Idk haven't been specifically waiting for this to be solved but tbh I thought for sure it would be fixed for a long time by now. Supernatural is {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} btw!
Just logged in and it seems to be working for me! ikr >D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: A message to Riot..
Feeling lonely and sad, for some reason decide to go to the boards and check it out, this thread comes to mind, reads it and now I'm crying of happiness. Thank you all for the great comments you left 4 years ago <3
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: [Resolved] [19-12-2019] - Reconnect issues
So I've had this issue for 4 hours but I see people comments from 9+ hours ago and still no fix and no comment from Riot.. How is this fair? I hope they at least compensate the players who got this issue..
: nerf aphelios pls
Play teemo top. Feed your laner so the enemy will think you are useless. in teamfights, hide until this son of a witch comes near your shrooms and Q AA W AA AA and he's done. easy fix.
: I curse a lot, insult, wish terrible things to my teammates and enemies. Just not in chat. My cat think I am crazy, my neighbours are worried, but I never get banned.
Ma man! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: WTF is going on the with the lag in the client?
Same here. I try to queue for ranked but after I press 'confirm' and choosing Ranked, it stops for 1 minute and then when I choose my roles the 'find match' button doesn't light-up. Riot plz..
: For Toxic Players Only!
Haha I really could use one of these right now! Thanks <3 {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Oh how stupid of me to have missed that. Thanks for pointing it out. :)
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: What is the reason why the Ranked queue is disabled?
Ok now I can see the message that says "Ranked queues are temporarily unavailable while we perform scheduled maintenance." You can see it on the status check page..
: What is the reason why the Ranked queue is disabled?
Bump for interest.. All of the sudden it was disabled for me and no warnings from Riot.
: Riot are aware of this issue and a fix for it will be in 6.2.
Oh ok. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know ^^
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: Hehe , you deserve a lovely and sweet comment for what you are facing here , i wouldn't know how to deal with that but wow , you amaze me man !! Whats sad is that i just noticed you're EUW which means we can't play but i'll always comment on your posts if i see one , seriously wow!! I am very amazed . Good Luck and Have fun in your games and good luck beating this disease ;D
If you ever feel like changing servers then i'd be glad to help you with that ;) Thanks again you lovely awesome individual!! <3
Scott1sh (EUW)
: Keep fighting the good fight, in my spare time I volunteer for a charity with 24 hour support 1 or 2 days a week to help people with various mental illnesses. Currently I work with autistic users at the severe end of the spectrum. I'm so happy and proud that you have found a coping mechanism as I realise and understand that everyday life can be difficult with such conditions. Know that people who care, will ALWAYS be behind you.
You are an amazing individual, I must say!! With my own experience, I know that it takes a lot to be able to stand up to help others like you do! Thank you for your kind comment! <3 <3 {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
googoofee (EUW)
: Yes hopefully we can play sometime. Also it really is nothing I've just gone though horrible things myself (although not as bad as you I think) and I just can't stand seeing someone suffer for any reason at all really and I always want to help in any way I can, especially with people that have had worse times than me, so I'm here for anything if you just need to talk or whatever ^^
You sound like a wonderful individual! <3 Just because I have it tough, doesn't mean that your situation isn't that bad. No need to compare as my life is different than yours. A tough situation is tough no matter what! Stay strong and keep fighting! the light will always shine in the end <3
Wolffer (EUW)
: Wow for what i reed, it really sounds wonderful man, though i am soory i did`t read it all, but i have a high deegre of dyslexia so it would take a high efford to read it all, but seriusly keep it up man =) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
hihi, I understand, I've been through a phase where I could barely read a 20 pages book, It's nothing to be ashamed of! <3 Thank you for the kind words <3
PauIo (EUW)
: No need to say sorry as you haven't done anything wrong. By the way, I've seen in comments that there are certain situations that 'trigger' one of your other personalities, but does it sometimes also happen randomly? And does it happen often? Excuse me for my curiosity.
Well, It never really happens randomly. Though most of the times I don't even realize that it happened so I guess if we call that a random then yes! It happens almost daily. Sometimes for only few minutes. Sometimes for hours and sometimes it could go for days/months. An example would be is that, I myself, because of my depression and anxiety can't really clean the apartment.. But sometimes when I get really stressed, I go to play a game of league of legends and then I kinda zoom out, 4-5 hours later I come back and I find the apartment clean and shiny xD So these "alters" are not really bad. The bad thing about it is that I don't remember what happens and that makes my life a hell because I can not keep a promise.. since I mostly forget them. I have met a lot of people that I later forgot about. You are welcome to ask as much as you want <3 It feels good to know that people care! Especially when they are lovely and sweet like yourself! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Damn !! I Thought you were lying at first but seriously wow , i love how you are actually able to reply to people Even with D.I.D , i am sorry for what happened with your brother and the psychopath came out and you got angry at your parents ( i am very sure you would never do that ) . Also the personalities if i may say are very weird ( sorry if i hurt you in a way :*) but they may have disadvantages and advantages , like if the lonely guy comes out , when someone said something bad , they will feel bad or something . I hope you're able to overcome this and i am very happy to hear that league helped you , maybe i can play with you if you like ? Anyway as i said good luck beating it , see ya ;D.
Most people would think i'm lying, heck, even I didn't believe it when the psychologist told me about it.. Only when he gave me actual proof did I ever believe it myself. I agree with you that they have both advantage and disadvantage. the only one i'm worried and scared of mostly is the angry one. If he comes out, he mostly wants to hurt people. Which cause me to be forced to stay home most of my time. But it's going forward, maybe soon i'll be able to communicate better with him ^^ I actually didn't write this to prove or disprove anything, I just wanted to write a lovely Thank You letter to Riot! And now i'm sitting here with over 50 comments from so amazing and lovely community <3 I'm very shocked, in a good way! Thank you for your sweet and lovely comment! <3
: I have just decided NEVER to flame ever again. There could be people on the other end to whom the game is more then 'just a game'. Thank you for sharing this. I'm glad i check the forums once in a while!
Very wise choice! Thank you for your lovely comment <3
FightMonk (EUNE)
: Good thing that it works for you, I thought the same that this team game will help me like another did in the past but I never been so wrong in my life, I suffer from public anxiety and dyslexia (I am hard learner) and the complainers make the game worst, no one willing to help me, which it makes me ditch normal and stick to aram if I want pvp. Have a good day
Aww, That's sad to hear :/ I'd love to play with you if you ever feel like going normals or ranked ^^ thanks for your sweet comment <3
PauIo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GrimNoxus,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Vgmegw9y,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2016-01-14T22:08:28.176+0000) > > The title is misleading It's kind of sad though, as it shouldn't be.
Sorry about that xP I just didn't really know what to say in the title so I just wrote the first thing that came to my mind :p
FixxeS (EUW)
: hm... nice story... you made me think about my self. usually I have things like you have, I like, "switch personality". explaining better, one day I am talkative, calm, etc. another day I am aggressive, I don't tolerate things (I don't even tolerate people talking) and occasionally that happens like, now I am calm, in 5 minutes for no reason I start to be quiet and a little bit aggressive, than after 30 minutes I become to what I was... things like that... I don't know if I have DID too or other problem, this does not just seems normal... anyway, hope you get better and you can live greatly! I never met a person with such disorders, but I heard they are thug and you need to be more thug than them. continue playing hard, but don't forget about sleeping. sleeping is very important, not for your problems, but for your health, both physical and mental health!
To me, that sounds like a Bipolar disorder case that you are talking about, But don't take my words for it! I strongly suggest you try to visit a psychologist, I assure you that it will feel a lot better to know what is the problem that one has! Before I knew what it was that I had, I just got depressed because I couldn't do things and I didn't understand why I couldn't do them but now that I do understand it feels a lot better! Thank you for your wonderful comment and sweet words <3 I sure am trying to take care and I hope you do the same! <3 Have a great day, friend! <3
: You're also one of the few people I ever see to reply to every comment/message they receive, which is nice cuz I do it too. :D
Hihi, I do it because I truly appreciate that people take the time to show the respect and love that they felt! And it just feels right to do the same back ^^
: my therapist told me to stop playing LoL cuz sometimes i got trolled really hard which makes me mad :/
It's all about control. I used to get really angry, one day I broke my phone xP But it all helped me manage to control the rage which now works very well ^^ <3
storkas (EUW)
: Hi there your story lets me think of a friend i have who also has D.I.D. when i first met him our relationship was rough due to the fact that these "moodswings" could go very aggressief or very downwards. bu since im a real basementdweller i got him to start gaming to and i really helps him 2 hes been able to keep himself calm with them altho hes not ready to meet the community games has to offer (the offensive rage still gets under his skin ) bu im sure one day we will meet him on the rift just like you. keep it up bu do keep in mind lol cant exist for deccades so find somthing else that could aid ya in that. Annyways best of luck to ya in and out of the rift cheers
I'm trying my best. Thank you for your sweet words and I really wish the best for your friend <3
Ceiron3 (EUW)
: As someone with tough finals and a severe procastination disorder I can really really relate to.... Jk, pls riot fry those potatoes(servers) so I can study.
: This thread is very moving, I feel very sorry for the struggles you had in the past but I am proud that you have managed to overcome these difficulties in an especial way - I don't think everyone uses video games to solve issues like this but it worked for you and you have my upvote. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you, friend! I appreciate your comment and your upvote <3 {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
googoofee (EUW)
: I actually almost cried a little when reading this... that's amazing... because I for some reason cannot cry... ever... as horrible as I might feel I just can't cry... and this just made a tear almost come out... it's so amazing how this game helps you and it's helped me quite a bit as well although I don't have the same problems as you but this just goes to show how and what videogames can do to people with serious conditions... I really do hope you keep playing and keep getting better and hopefully some day you wont have those thoughts.... I have had lots of suicide thoughts as well but always know that it really never is worth it... I'm sure that you at least have family to give you a reason to not do so and if unfortunately you don't... make the reasons you want to be your motivation to keep going and never give up, if this game helps you and has helped you this much you should totally play more and I really do hope you never get those thoughts again... I know life can be very horrible and unforgiving and just shitt but that should be your motivation to keep going as this is the only time we have... and well life is short... and life is hard, but also the best thing ever... I hope you get better with time...
Thank you for the kind words <3 I can feel that what you wrote came straight from the heart so thank you for taking the time to write it and for caring about me. it means a lot <3 I can't wait to play with you ;) <3
: Very good written story, but i don't quite understand one thing: the other you is it always the same or diffrent each time? (if you can figure out what i said)
There are 3 different me so far, as the psychologist said anyways. 1- is an angry alter, he usually talks really bad to people and he kind of is a cannibal.. he likes to eat human meat and he kind of scare me when he is out with his thoughts because I can see what he thinks... Imagine how pretty it is.. 2- Is a psychopath.. or that's what we think he is (Me and the Psychologist) He is manipulative and likes to use others to get what he wants. He lacks feelings, meaning, if someone dies and he is out, he would not shed a teare. He just simply doesn't understand emotions.. The sad thing is that he was out when my brother died 2 years ago. I have a black out of what he did since when I heard my brother died I just couldn't handle the stress so he toke over. My mom said I was very cold and very harsh on her and my dad (Something I'd never do otherwise) 3- A Lonely altar, he is very sad all the time, very emotional and doesn't like to fight back. He is usually out when someone I care about say something that hurts me, it just make him cry so much that he make me very weak.. Think of him like Amumu except that he chose to not have any friends.. Thank you for asking <3 It feels good to know that there are people that care <3
: Now when i get flamed, i will mute more lightly, because maybe there is someone who cant help themselves. No need to talk back, muting helps the flamers, I like that.
Very wise choice! <3
EpicWolfz (EUW)
: Thank you for being part of our community! We are really happy to have you by our side ^.^
Wow, thank you for these sweet words. It really warms my heart <3
: Oh wow, that was beautiful.
You are beautiful! <3 Thank you! ^^
Kollery (EUNE)
: wait till you meet extreme toxity again
Trust me, I've met some really toxic people, but when I added them after the match and had a chat with them, they turned out to be the most wonderful people i ever know. I met one of my best gaming friend that way, believe it or not xP
Elkzahr (EUW)
: self diagnosis doens't count, tumblr
Did you write what I wrote ? Or maybe you missed the part where I mentioned a psychologist..
Jikai773 (EUW)
: This is great. Just hows how much a game can do for someone.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Indeed.. Thanks for your comment <3
SRT Hook (EUW)
: i cried {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Sorry about that :( Here take a hug *Hugs*
: Ahh I'm tearing up Q__Q{{item:3070}} Riot games= best medicine
Indeed they are <3 Thank you for your comment! <3
PROaa135 (EUNE)
: I never expected that there's another person who suffers with a disorder like that. Hope you control it well without flaming ;) EDIT: Heartwarming story..
Doing my best, thank you for your comment <3
: Wow, that was a moving read. I am actually speechless right now, so here are just a few words: Thank you for sharing this with us, and I hope you find many hours of joy in this great game.
Thank you for the kind words <3
: i don't want to be offensive, but you can't play league of legends while having a dissociating disorder. it is impossible. also the variation of "being toxic in game and being a poor lonely kid" does not resemble any kind of dissociative disorder known to humanity. also "multiple personality disorder" does not exist, it's a fake concept that many people embrace to excuse themselves from other social or legal responsabilities. in reality nobody is able to have more than one personality because the human brain and genetic development doesn't allow that. it's just you having a break from a bad situation that got you banned, and now you're just trying to avoid permanent ban or whatever by faking a psychiatric disorder to achieve your own personal purposes. you started this thread by stating you are afraid of communicating with people, yet you don't seem hindered to type such a novel. also you said you spent a lot of money on your account.... you can't spend money on a game while having a dissociative disorder. as for PTSD, i don't think you know what PTSD really means. maybe you thought posting an emotional situation will just make an excuse, because usually LOL players are not doctors. i am. you're both faking and lying.
Did you really read what I wrote ? Or just the first two phrases and came up with a conclusion of what I am ? What kind of a doctor are you, that would know when a person is lying and faking by just reading a text they wrote ? I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone, I used to question this disorder at first because I didn't believe it was possible, until the doctor proved it to me by showing me how my eyesight change when i'm not myself. They did tests and it showed even how the brain functioned differently. I know there are people like you out there who doesn't believe in it. I don't blame you, there are a lot of people faking it out there. But even if i'm faking it, Thank you for your comment and have a nice day.
: An amazing thread - very well written and with a nice message too! I don't come across these kinds of posts very often. The fact that you're sharing this story with us and trying to fight the illness means a lot more than you may actually think! If this game feels like the right thing for you there's nothing better to do but play it. I wish you the best of luck doing what you're doing and I hope your life turns out for the better! Remember to never give up on your dreams and always push yourself to the limits - you'll be surprised when you find out what you were capable of doing all along! Many people don't realize this but hopefully you do and will reach the top if that's what you really want to. :)
Wow, thanks for the sweet words, Friend <3 It really feels good to be a part of this amazing community <3
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Very well written. By the way, which personna wrote this ?
thank you <3 It was me (The one whom is aware most of the times) I'd call myself the host but yeah that sounds weird even to me.. xP Thanks for asking <3
Xrozz (EUW)
: Keep going Dude... Nice to hear a Story like this once in a while.
Catchdown (EUW)
: Nicely written and enjoyable to read! :) kudos!
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