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What about events for us non university plebs? {{champion:32}}
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: I am sorry !
You don't need to be sorry. The League of legends community is a bunch of jerks. I don't make statements like that lightly or without consideration, but it's true. I don't just see toxic people in 2% of games, I see them EVERY game. Riot needs to rethink their approach, and fast. This game is very fastly becoming unfun and stressful to play. I'd like to make a point hre... No doubt it'll get downvoted because the league of legends community is like Reddit on steroids then the dead sea salt applied, along with some brain damage... You can't even say 'f*** off' or 'shut up' any more to the flamers, because that gets you a chat restrict. (Fascist much?) I've played video games online since the early 2000's and trash talk was always a funny and healthy side effect of gaming. Riot Games have went evangelical kim-jong-il facism on the idea of trash talk, and indirectly encourage a tense and passive aggressive atmosphere, where people are more jerky than ever doing things like stealing farm, stealing jungle minions you're attacking, intentionally feeding, running from fights with full health or refusing to help team. They continue this behaviour because there's no risk of chat restricts or bans, but honestly I'd much rather someone just flamed me so I could mute them (or say something cheeky back) than be passive aggressive, or sarcastic, or trollish behaviour, or griefing, or intentionally feeding, or saying 'gj' when a team mate dies. Riot should lighten the chat restrict system in favour of a 'say what you want' system, with emphasis on the mute button. You'd find a lot less people being jerks because there's no longer a tense atmopshere of people worrying about what they can say and being passive aggressive or sarcastic. indirectly crea
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