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Wurdy (EUNE)
: Skin tab
+1 I've heard of this proposal several times but no sound of it happening... This is something I think should be taken for granted, ALMOST... Well, hope that we'll get a "skin tab" sometime in the near future!
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: [Resolved] Can not log on to EUW after "Live Server Maintenance"
Don't work for me neither.. Sweden here aswell
: I understand there is a problem to connect to EUW, But I have seen some people using a VPN to connect, Can anyone maybe link me to a viable VPN. I have tried CyberGhost and it only lasts for 3 hours and I have +-500 ping?? Thanks Regards, ToXiCFiSh
I believe the good ones cost money, if you are willing to pay it should be easy to find one O_o
Honuz (EUW)
: I feel that someone screwed up the database ... :D
screw? like with a screwdriver? Or did someone litterally have sexual intercourse with the database? Either way im really confused :S
: This is getting ridiculous! Riot needs to release an official statement and give some kind of IP boost after the issue is resolved.
I agree, But I want them to either give me free RP, or a free skin :>
Hoaxer (EUNE)
: Got damn, went to class for 3+ hours and expected this to be fixed by the time I got back. Now I'm back and still can't log in haha :) w/e I'll play some Rocket League and Smite in the meanwhile.. BTW, I'm located in Sweden if it matters since this seems to be an issue of localizations.
: [Resolved] Can not log on to EUW after "Live Server Maintenance"
: [Resolved] Can not log on to EUW after "Live Server Maintenance"
[Here is a picture of the sad mumu...](
: [Resolved] Can not log on to EUW after "Live Server Maintenance"
How long have the servers been offline now?
: [Resolved] Can not log on to EUW after "Live Server Maintenance"
same here, why do the "server status" thingy never work? It says that the servers are online but they obviously are not.. They are missleading..
: Dunno where server went
same here, the servers went down?
: Banned again?
I can testify for this, we've been playing together for the last couple of days and he's been extraordinary careful because he doesn't wanna get banned again and then it happens for no reason.. Riot please...
: euw down
Same happened to me, Can't still play anotether game.. When I log in it just says "reconnect" and when I try to it doesnt work xD


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