: I need a new summoner name and i main supp
: First I wanted to thank you for your tipps. First, his passive describes his skin. It should be like a more human version of Maokai. In the overworked version of the lore, which I have to update tomorrow (still need to overwatch) it will be desribed. I also wrote, that the lore's gonna be edited soon. So: His Passive should be a balancing to his high mana costs. Riot retreated any mana potions and clarity, which makes it more difficult for Mana Champions. The Q is fine, I just lowered the true damage. The ranks can be destroyed by any enemy champions, they are like one or two shot down, so it's balanced. It can be comboed with a stun to make it more effective. The Rage Form Q was written wrong. I'm sorry, I'm actually german, so my english isn't that good. The W has now a stun for minions or monsters, also the damage is a bit higher now. The Rage Form W may be something like Xerath's passive, but it actually is stronger. maybe I should but some more damage or a CC in it? The E is now overworked, making it to use it tactical against champions and minions, like as laner he could last hit minions after hitting the opponent. The Rage Form E got a cooldown of 30 Seconds now, making the damage fine. You see, this is his Ultimate, it doesn't do anything but changing the form. His mana costs are higher as well as the cooldowns. He would be more ADC in his ultimate than AP, which is a really big weakness. I hope you can still help me with the numbers of everything (If you look my other two suggestions, you'll see that I need much help with that :D) Tanks again!
Most of his kit is actually really good now. I still think you can come up with something else for the ultimate, not 2 assists or 1 kill.
: [Champion Suggestion] Mortimer, The Natureborn
Where to start... Great champion concept and idea in general. Would love if you described his general appearance a bit, because personally I only know that he has a bud on his head. Would love to have some lore that's not: Has been in Valoran for ages/Is the guardian of/Is a mystical creature... That kind of lore just tells the reader that you're either too lazy to come up with an actual background and just gave him a godly/mystical origin that noone can really question OR that his powers were gifted to him because of his noble deeds and things like that. Don't just say that he's a god/mystic and that's it, that's a no-go. Now, for the abilities (As far as I understand it, these are in different forms): I can't really comment most, except maybe his damage (too high on some occasions, like the Q true damage), since I can't understand how they're supposed to synergise with his form shifting - It's really expensive if he's played in lane. You shift form and you're stuck there if the enemy junger keeps babysitting and you lose the lane. I don't like that in his ''Nature'' form his Q is the only real damage he has, other than that he can just use basic attacks and that's it. W damage is kinda meh and just a much weaker version of Darius' Q. Nature form: Q- Only damage source, decent damage and utility, maybe too much to minions. W- Just a ridicolously weak magic version of Darius' Q, give each ability a ''soul'' E- So both of Yi's E abilities in 1 ability, ok. At least Yi has to decide between his bonus AD and true damage, this guy is just dealing bonus damage and true damage as well. Kinda boring for an entirely ''new'' ability if you ask me R- So, a form changing ability that can only be used when you get 1 kill or 2 assists. Ok, I guess, a bit too much, but ok. Personally I'd just smack a cooldown on there. Fire form: Q- So an AOE damage cone over 3 seconds that deals damage, I like it. But you kinda made a typo on the heling part. I suspect you wanted to type: He heals his allies in the area for x% damage. If he increased their health he would raise their max health. Repeat it a few times with a tank and you got a 10k health beast running around the map! W- Doesn't reall fit with the ''Fire'' theme of this form. Just a Xerath passive with coolodown reduction added to it. E- Maybe reduce the damage a bit, and make the cooldown around 15 seconds at all ranks, otherwise fine In conclusion, I see this champ as a great idea with so much potential, but his abilities are just the kits of several champions mashed together. Won't even talk about his lore (Needs changing, fast). Use your imagination and think of some new abilities and define the forms better. You can't just give him so many passive abilities. Passive abilities make easy to play and boring champions like Yi (no offense to any Yi mains). Keep up the good work, I'll be following this thread ;P {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: im sry but people around the world doesn't have time for your nonsense.
Oh right, you didn't even read my answer
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} when you steal someones work that hes been working on for hours
WHAT NOW CHUMP? Come on Stealth270, I was at least hoping thta you would have some good arguments to back you up, but now you're just gona bail on me?!
Papuciitis (EUNE)
: He just got bit by dog, that's why he is so hateful towards Animals :D
Scots and dogs are like dogs and cats, or like scots and cats, or like scots and any animals.
: automatic penta recording
Best, 10/10 Riot needs a replay system
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: [Champion Concept] Black Viking, the Hero of War
Woooo a scot! And he hates pretty much half of the League. Animals and scots are born enemies. Like englishmen and scots. And scots and scots. Damn scots, they ruined everything!
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} when you steal someones work that hes been working on for hours
First of all, gauntlets and gloves are not the goddamn same. Gloves are only for your hands, gauntlets are for your forearm as well. You can't claim copyright if it's just an idea. You should read the abilities as well, mine are completely different than yours. Moe's name (I love the name Moe :P) is the Shape shifter, not Void hunter/slayer/butcher/reaper or anything. According to your poorly written lore (no offense), he just wanted to stop the creatures of the void from corrupting Runeterra (I bet you don't even know what created the Void in the first place--> It was supposedly created because of the magic energy and stuff released from the Rune Wars), not get revenge or anything. READ THE GODDAMN LORE BEFORE RAGING ABOUT COPYRIGHT. The only things that are similar is the Void enemy and the arm based attacks, which aren't completely identical either. So please, you even wrote that you didn't read anything. Before you go and rage on someone else's post, you should at least read SOME of the lore and the abilities. And considering how detailed your lore is, I'd say it took you 30 mintues to come up with it and write it down.
: His Powers are of mystical Origins, but I try basing all Powers of my Characters off of Real Life Science. In Phalzeos Case, everything is related to Space: _Quantum Foam_: Describes the Way Spacetime acts at the smallest Scale, popping up in Bubbles and fluctuating. _Increasing Density_: Related to the Interaction between Mass, Volume and Gravity. Phalzeo condenses Matter to a small Volume, leading to high Density and powerful Punches. _Quantum Teleportation_: Not actual Teleportation like beaming, but it sounds cool, right? ^^ _Target Diversion_: Phalzeo diverges all Attacks by opening Wormholes, Gateways to other Parts of the Universe. _Einstein-Rosen-Bridge_: The Original Name for Wormholes, since the Concept was originally described by Scientists Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen.
But how can something that's related to magic also be science? Is he an alchemist, mystic/mage or scientist. I am confused...
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: [Champion Suggestion] Phalzeo, the Spatial Guardian
His abilities sounds like he's a scientist, but his lore hints to them being of mystical origin or something. Make up your mind :P Otherwise, his W is Kassadin's ult without the stacking mana. I like the E tho.

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