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: Was hoping for some tips from high elo players (im silver)
Gold 2, not that high right now due to lack of interest in ranked recently, but I peaked at plat 2 last season, take my words if you want them. 1. Depends. Generally when climbing, you should have one main role, with a second role you play less often. I know this is hard, but it will help a lot. As far as champions go, you should stick to having one main champ for each role, with your main having 2 secondary champs just in case. The time you're spending playing something aren't familiar with is less time practicing farming, roaming, etc. So in short 1-2 main roles, one champ for each role, with main having 2 secondary picks just in case. As far as team comp goes, it doesn't really matter in your elo. If you know you champ and what it's capable of, you're good 2 go 2. Again, depends. There is no short answer to this, as it's different in each scenario, but generally stick to your knowledge and take into account the current game. Are you ahead? Are they higher level than us? Do we have more gold? Are our champions strong fighters? Etc. < When the game starts, take a look at your team and play the scenarios in your head, so you wont have to make the dissision in a hurry. But again, this is not a question with any specific answers. Mostly comes from experience. 3. Steamroll. If your bot is losing, there's probably a reason. Sometimes they're playing hypercarries. Sometimes they suck. Probably the second. Go to the lane where you can get something, a tower, a kill, drake, etc. Always look for ways to get ahead. If the toplaner is on a killingspree, chances are a gank there will get your team a kill and a turret. Global gold, even for the losing botlane. Bot ahead or even? Gank there, even if you don't get a kill, you can probably get a free drake or tower, which is more gold/value for your team. The hard part of winning lane is using your advantage while you have it. Again, comes from experience. 4. Yes. I used to play like you describe back in season 4, and I could not get higher than silver at that time. Locked camera is a HUGE disadvantage. You need to get used to it, and ASAP if you want to get better. You don't have to use it in teamfights, but everytime you aren't paying attention to something around you, spend that time paying attention to other lanes, the jungle, etc. Vision is one of the most valuable resources in league, which is why most pro players look at their minimap as often as possible, some even between each aa. And if you aren't buying wards, do it. Everytime. Always have atleast one on you when you leave base. That alone could get you 1-2 ranks higher, not even kidding. 5. Use attack move. I don't really have much experience here, as I never mained adc, but one of my friends do (former master) and everytime we play bot together he wont shut up about attackmove, so I think you might want to use it :P. Also, if I am not mistaken, there is a hotkey for "target champions only", can't remember which it is. Wall of text done, hope this helps.
: why is tracker's so unpopular?
Players don't get the fact that vision is probably the most valuable resource in league.
: They never will. Getting champs to a point where they are all 'playable' on the same level would take ages to do and would take a lot of time away from balancing the rest of the game.
I get that, which is why I don't see a reason to tamper with any champions at all. Either you do all, or you do none, atleast imo
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: The answer is simple: lore doesn't apply on game-play. Another example of your problem would be how Camille's ult interacts with Ekko's. If Camille traps Ekko in her ult, and he uses his ult, he should get out if we were talking lore-wise since he's going back in time. However, in the game he doesn't. If lore applied to the game-play then Aurelion Sol would be able to delete every champion on the enemy team in seconds and Kindred would probably be able to do the same. This is the main reason Riot separates lore from game-play: if applied, it would ruin it.
Not to mention Malphite being 20 storeys tall and Bard being a demigod :P
Treycos (EUW)
: Your best end-game graphs
Probably this one
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: Like the idea. But angelica? IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?
Okay, okay, I might have just searched for exotic girl names :P I didn't want to focus on the lore 2 much, as I probably need to read a lot more into it before I can start doing that, but I am open for suggestions :)
: Needs a bit tweaking, but good concept.
: I like the name, i just feel like something is lacking.. I don't know, maybe she could transform into a ward or something like that for a few seconds whenever she wants, then when the timing is done, she goes back to her "normal" self. She could also transform back to her human form whenever she likes in that period of time. As a ward, she has vision around her and movement speed gradually increasing, when she goes back to her human form, Angelica gradually starts losing the movement speed.
I may have rushed her out. I'm thinking of making a new post later, already have some new ideas for her Q and R that synergises better with her kit, ut thx for reading ^^
Wrakhr (EUW)
: I can see this being extremely strong in diamond+ where vision and timing are extremely important as something like an aggressive support that excels in the vision war around baron/drake but on the other hand her laning phase seems pretty trash to me considering her w is only ever useful if your adc is Jhin (seriously her synergy with Jhin would be insane as he has traps for her w, a pretty strong laning phase to make up for her pretty weak one and her e would be great if Jhin goes for his 4th shot as they couldn't do anything if he runs at them, even their ultimates have somewhat of a synergy as 60% non decaying slow is insane!), generally she looks extremely situational and absolute trash for lower elos. I mean let's be serious there are no vision wars below gold whatsoever. Anyways it's an interesting concept and maybe some of her abilities are overtuned(R) or to situational(Q)(W) but with a bit of improvement it could make a great champion (4real I would love to see her mess up the LCS ^^) Thx for reading my thoughts and have a great day! Cya
Wow, I didn't think people would actually care... Thank you for your thoughts ^^
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Rëngár (EUW)
: will rengar ever get another skin?
Riot usually (not always) make skins for popular champions. They are a company after all. I think the reason they haven't given him a skin is because whenever he is played, people start complaining. Speaking from experience, 200k mastery score on him. If he is strong, people play him, but people also hate him. If he is weak, few play him, but people stop complaining. Giving him a skin now, when his playrate is at 4%-ish would be a waste of time, but giving him one when he is strong would make people mad at them for doing so. Just a guess, who knows, maybe they just hate the cat. I want a skin for him just as much as you, but I doubt it'll happen soon.
alijons (EUNE)
: Any tips for returning player?
Play braindead champs when you can. I can see you know how to play ww, an S tier in low elo, as he can punish people hard and remain a threat throughout the entire game. If you want to climb stick with him. Maybe keep Sejuani and Cho'Gath as your second picks, if ww gets banned and stay jungle. It's the easiest role to carry with imo. And be glad you didn't play in season 6. Worst. Year. Ever.
: The thing about that is if riot made it so you can't ban a champion who your teammate is hovering it's not fair because everyone has the right to ban 1 champion they want,also sometimes it's reasonable to ban a highly contested pick like maokai when your jungler is last pick and nobody wants to pick for him.If you're afraid of getting your champ banned just don't hover it then,trolls will be trolls and currently there is no way to stop them from banning your champion if you hover it
I aggree, and I see that I might have messed up the part with Sejuani. I ment banning her even though your teammate wants her is reasonable. And I've stopped hovering my champ in normals.
: Prevent premades when entering solo
Unless you find a way to make 2 X any whole number = 5, I don't see how Riot can fix this...
: Yeh I played wukong he has rlly good gankss post 6 and good engage I'll consider *troll picks* in normal games as that way I can explore thanks
I can give you a list if you want?
: I always ban out my own team picks if they do some stupid crap such as "cough" wannabe LCS dudes playing kayn mid with bond of stone in silver
Not really complaining about ranked, I also ban a champ if I fear the results (Kayn on release is a great example)
For the sake of keeping the game fresh I suggest trying "troll" picks. Something that is not meta, having the only win condition being the element of surprise. An example would be lee/Yas duo bot, Ap nunu and Jungle Alistar, just to name a few I have tried with varying succes. Finding a champ to main is hard, and having one champ you play always is not for everyone. I usually stick with a champ for 6 months, then switch to something new, usually keeping the same role and playstyle. If you want something that is always kinda fun and consistent, try picking up some champs like Wukong, Morgana, Karthus. These hardly see any change, Wukong holding the record if I am not mistaken (3 years without any major change). They have consistent winrate, are never touched, mostly stay relevant in all metas, but they can get stale pretty quick.
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: I just tried cain now. Not just her ult is bland - the whole kit is boring.
You managed to mess up 2 things in one sentence...
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: Let's get the "which Kayn is better?" question out of the way!
I still think Rhaast is a little better atm, and so does Riot. Buffs to SA's ult on pbe atm, but you're right, SA takes more skill, so it is destined to look worse :P
: Buff mordekaiser
O_o Joking right?
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Eambo (EUW)
: By the definition of random this is entirely plausible :-P Infact, if this was impossible, it would remove the "random" nature :-D While unlucky, I've seen worse. I've also had times where I rerolled into a champion someone just threw away, that's pretty heartbreaking when you own every champ :-(
I don't play ARAM myself, so I don't know if this is a problem, but Apple had the same problem with the shuffle setting when you listen to music. Their solution and I quote "We made it less random to feel more random". Again, I don't play ARAM, but I know a lot of people who only playes ARAM, so maybe implementing a system to stop this from happening could be good idea? Speaking without experience. :)
: I think the tooltip should show you who's winning at the moment and what percent towards transformation are you exactly, so you can inform your decisions around it. As it is now, the whole thing is very vague and impossible to play around as Kayn. I also think that once you have unlocked either form, you should still be able to collect the essence for the other one, which shortens the countdown.
Yeah. It seems like they were a little quick to release him. There are definitely a lot of things they could change to make his passive easier to manage. Not to mention his extremely low winrate. Kinda bums me out, he is really fun to play but his impact with his passive and all makes him clunky imo.
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Not xPeke (EUW)
: I was joking lol.
: Like my dog have you never made a ticket?
Yes I have, but why do you mention your dog? Seems random, unless there's something I don't get
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Snitches get stitches though.. ######(Kappa)
He literally told me to do it over discord. Not even joking. He doesn't care at all.
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
Almost. Or not at all. Yes I have indeed played with him and yes over voicechat aswell. The reason I did not bring this up is because I didn't want to sound biased. We do not get along. He calls me jew and tells me to die in an oven or something like that and I hate his guts. He thinks he's a god and that he is the best at the game, all while flaming everyone else on the team in chat or over voicechat. He is even more toxic in real life than he is ingame, which is hard to believe. And no, I did not go behind his back, I told him this was coming. I am somewhat forced to play with him, as one of my closest friends want to and I just suck it up, but seeing how he talks to the teammates that aren't premade with us is disgusting. I think going through his chatlog alone would be enough for a permaban. Tl;dr I told him I would do this We do not get along and he has no problem harrasing me I don't care about what he says, his opinion is worthless to me I care that he flames every single person ingame unless they go 20/0 and camps him bot, even if they are top with ignite. I have met him in person more than once, everytime I host a LAN with some of my friends (100 participants) and I have multiple times warned him about his behaivior, which he seems to listen to, considering the tickets are 80 bucks. So yeah, my spine is fine.
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: Well, out of my last 33 Ranked I got Autofilled 3 times, 2 times top, once supp. I dont consider that a problem, especially since I won all 3 of them. Sure I have an advantage, currently creeping through low gold, while peaking at Dia3 in S5 but I took a 1 Season break.. so w/e. ^^ Considering low elo Autofill - Playing Ranked means being compeditive, as a compeditive player you should share the desire to be a good player. And if you want to be good, you need this full understanding of all roles. The Elo doesnt matter - you want to be as good as you can. With that being said, there should not be a huge problem playing autofill once in a while, not complaining about it, but using it to refresh your knowledge of your position. The only problem I have with Autofill is NormalDraft - there are people who dont enjoy playing anything but... Zed-Mid ... ok. Those had the Teambuilder to fix their issues but it got removed. If you play for fun any you just have fun playing a single role/champ, getting autofilled is stupid. That's why it should be removed from Normals to create a fast lane Normal-blind and a slow one Normal Draft, for people who just want some funny games - those who care about their position go Draft those who dont blind. (And those who care about rank... Ranked. ^^)
Riot released the "2016 in review", where you can see the stats of basically everything you did in the last year. A friend of mine who managed to get master for a short while happened to send me an interesting picture yesterday. I won't show it to you without his concend (He's offline atm), but I can tell you the stats. 18.7% of his games was support. This might not sound bad, but he playes ranked exclusively´, only solo and the lowest he managed to tilt to was diamond 5, but he stayed at diamond 2 - master for the most. 18.7% is almost 1/5. This was last season where autofill only happened in diamond and above. I mean god damn, 18.7%. That happens to be very close to what I've experienced since it was enabled. And this thing only shows what Riot deems as support, might not even show Alistar or Blitz, who Riot considers tanks and I know he played those alot. So all I can say is you must have gotten extremely lucky.
: Actually no. The amount of MAIN-Supports has reamined the same, yes - but the amount of secondary Supp got a major hit because of all the BS last season happened. Because Qing as secondary Supp actually meant to main supp as well. That scared so many people away from Q-ing as support. (me too.) And than 2 things: - A good player needs to have an understanding of each role anyway, that's why playing 1 or 2 out 20 games on another position should not be a problem at all. - You can still ask people to swap roles!!! Out of the last 5 times someone asked for a switch he got it 3 times - once I gave him my lane. #Communication!
The thing is, it's not just once or twice in every 20 games. From personal experience, 50-70 games since it was implemented, I seem to get support between 1/6-1/7, and that's including protection and not counting the games I dodge. That number is way to high. Yes, secondary role as support was basically the same as maining support, but if you wanted support once in a while, you picked it once in a while. Did it myself once or twice. Yes, you need to be able to play each role at some decent level, I get that, but when? At gold? Maybe. SIlver? Pushing it a little. Bronze? Yeah, no way that's happening. I don't mind autofill at higher elo as the amount of players in those elo's are very low, but draw a line. My friend is currently diamond 3 or something, was diamond 1 (This season btw). He used to only play solo in ranked last season, the same goes for this. He says that 9/10 times people get autofilled someone leaves. If they don't, they lose. Try asking Faker to go support instead of mid and see how well SKT is gonna perform. And lastly, what you claim I have yet to see. I ask everyone if they wanna switch with me. Not a single time has it happened. Not in soloQ, not in normal draft, not even in flex. So you must understand why I find it hard to believe. And I ask nicely, really trying to be as nice as I can, with smileys and all that.
: Just out of interest how long have you been playing League? In your opinion what is the difference between the current autofill system and the old last pick gets landed with support way of things? Additionally what are the benefits of the 1st pick chooses their role and last pick takes whatever is left Vs autofill? Before I joined Riot I learned quickly that support is the 2nd role that everyone needed to learn as it's the one most people don't want to play and have not mastered meaning that if you had a good support on your team you had a better chance of winning bot lane because the other person wasn't up to par or picks a random mid laner and calls it support. If someone is just not willing to learn a role that they know that they have a high probability of playing every once and a while that's their decision. In normals I understand but in ranked well it just seems like logical sense that you would want to be proficient I do find at times that Autofill bugs me so don't think just because I have a red name that I think its all sunshine and rainbows but does autofill not encourage players to have a more rounded champion pool? I mean since the introduction of autofill I've gone from being able to play 3 roles to all 5 and am more open to trading position with others as I now have champs and a proficiency in each role?
I just want to see if you actually respond to these, but by trying to do some math on the issue, somewhat quickly realizing it wasn't needed I've come to a conclusion: Your chance of getting support is the exact same as it was before the new draft was added. The amount of people who play support hasn't changed, neither has the amount you need. So, the amount of games you play support is exacty the same as with the old queue, if you do not take discussion in champ select into account. So yeah, all you really did was making sure people wouldn't get queued with someone who wanted to play the same as them. As simple as it can be. Old queue = new queue on the support issue.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > The amount of games you have to play support is the same no matter what. No it isn't since you actually are guaranteed in some events to get the roles you've selected. You were never guaranteed that in the past, and could theoretically get support every game. --- > The only reason I'm this aggressive is that I have had a rioter make a semi-aggressive comment to me on my last post about this issue Could you show me this? I can find one topic you made regarding the subject that got a Riot response, and it was far from semi-aggressive. He explained his personal view on the matter. Also, that wasn't your previous post on the matter, nor was it even the post **before** your previous post. In the past 7 days, you've created 4 different topics, all about autofill. If you want to have a better discussion on the matter, you shouldn't recreate topics over and over, just stick to the original one you made, and join in on the discussions there.
As I said: You are guaranteed one of your roles for 2 games, yes, but that does NOT decrease the amount of games you play support, as you are not the only one who gets that protection. Yeah, you are protected, but when you are not, someone else is, which increases the chance of you getting support corrosponding to the amount who is protected. Secondly, he replied once. I came with an answer, heard nothing after that. When you browse, there's 4 different ways: Best, which is pretty much useless to anyone posting, hot, new and recent. Recent is the only one who is helping me here, but then again, there's over 50 comments on my, not last, you are right there, post, so anything I post there is gonna drown.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > The new queue does not lower the chance of you getting support in any way as long as autofill is on. It's realisticly impossible, as the amount of supports and the amount needed is the same as before, thereby proving your chance of getting support is atleast the same as with the old queue But after playing a support game, you are **guaranteed** to get one of your two selected roles for the next few games. The old queue didn't promise you this. You are also **guaranteed** to get one of your two selected roles if you are in your promotional games. The old queue didn't promise you this.
Yeah? Well that just means someone else has to play support while you don't. The amount of games you have to play support is the same no matter what. The only thing the guaranteed games does is make it less chancebased compared to rolling a dice. Fair, but doesn't really change much.
: Well with the new system you always get one of your roles unless you're autofilled. Before you might not get your main role even if you were not the last pick support, so you had to be able to perform decently at all roles. After autofilling you get immunity for a few games, in the old days you had no guarantee to not get an off role again. While I agree with you that it doesn't increase the chance of getting a main aupport, the system is overall a huge improvement so you can't say it's "not really" better. It isimply is.
I'm reffering to your chance of gettting support and I also wrote how the new system gives you the role you want
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: > [{quoted}](name=Holten,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A5aElEcA,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-12-29T16:02:25.726+0000) > > The problem is I HATE playing support, I despise it and even though someone might be good, chances are they aren&#x27;t. I can see you are low bronze currently, not to be mean, but that is not at any level of &quot;I want to improve at this game and climb&quot;. I get that most people play this game to have fun by just playing it, I do too mostly, but in ranked? No. > > If I do not want to play support then they shouldn&#x27;t force me too and definitely not in ranked where my entire team depends on it. At bronze you can solo carry anything, I&#x27;ve been there once, but in plat and diamond? No, not even in high gold can you do that, especially not as the support. But you can lose an entire game by yourself. There&#x27;s the difference. You can lose the game alone, but you can&#x27;t win it alone. > > Forcing me to play support lowers the fairness of the match by not having me on my main, lowers the game quality for me and ruins my adc&#x27;s game aswell, probably losing the game. My playstyle doesn&#x27;t fit any support. I like assassins, high damage carries that focuses and relies on skill, not slow tanks with cc or squishy mages/healers that doesn&#x27;t deal any substantial amount damage. I want to kill my opponent by being good at the game, not watch as a clickshot stun let&#x27;s my entire team do it. > > I tried so hard to make support fun, but League is more a burden than it is a game when I play it as one. > > Some people don&#x27;t care, but punishing those who do is not fair. Unfortunatly this is a very competitive team game that is played following a rather strict structure. Most people plays it for keeps, not for the type of fun that you want to get some laughs or relax without tryharding. So to play this game with the assumption that you should not be given support because it's not "fun" while at the same time you arguably still demand for someone else to play support, it's way more unfair than autofill. If you really think your style and your skill is essential to win while supporting is useless, then next time you are support pick whatever you want and do as you please, go duo top, or double jungler, or whatever, and show everyone how much wasted you would be in the bot lane.
As a matter of fact that happens to be what I do. I go Lee/Yasuo bot more than I pick an actual support. This doesn't make your team believe in you though, even when you win hard, more than you could ever do as a support. I do these things, but the fact stands that even though it works, it's not the most optimal way to play it. META = Most Effective Tactic Available and no matter how good you are, that will always be support/adc in the long run. Helps alot, but still.
: Autofill
In higher elo most players leave the match before it starts. They know the difference between losing 3 lp or losing 20. Consider this: Autofill is always enabled, right? And the amount of supports needed is the same right? So how can Riot claim that this system is better than the old without claiming an increase in supports overall aswell? See how this new autofillqueue is almost exactly the same as the old draft was? Yeah, the only difference is you're stuck now where someone might have taken support for you in the old, support is literally under your name now. Not a single person will take it. Enjoy the "new" queue and keep living in the belief that it's an improvent. It's mathmatically impossible that it is.
: Autofill is wonderful. It lowers waiting times, encourages whiny divas who will most likely fed mid or top to go f@@k themselves by dodging, and if you can support without make a fuss of it you can acutally play other two roles + support, which is great...AND you can always switch roles with someone else if you really think you should. To allow a {{champion:157}} to go mid by taking support in his stead it's a great experience when the {{champion:157}} is one of the rare ones to be actually good. All you have to do to enjoy to occasionally be able to play support. But i understand that some players are still way too much pro to lower themselves so much...
The problem is I HATE playing support, I despise it and even though someone might be good, chances are they aren't. I can see you are low bronze currently, not to be mean, but that is not at any level of "I want to improve at this game and climb". I get that most people play this game to have fun by just playing it, I do too mostly, but in ranked? No. If I do not want to play support then they shouldn't force me too and definitely not in ranked where my entire team depends on it. At bronze you can solo carry anything, I've been there once, but in plat and diamond? No, not even in high gold can you do that, especially not as the support. But you can lose an entire game by yourself. There's the difference. You can lose the game alone, but you can't win it alone. Forcing me to play support lowers the fairness of the match by not having me on my main, lowers the game quality for me and ruins my adc's game aswell, probably losing the game. My playstyle doesn't fit any support. I like assassins, high damage carries that focuses and relies on skill, not slow tanks with cc or squishy mages/healers that doesn't deal any substantial amount damage. I want to kill my opponent by being good at the game, not watch as a clickshot stun let's my entire team do it. I tried so hard to make support fun, but League is more a burden than it is a game when I play it as one. Some people don't care, but punishing those who do is not fair.
: Autofill is the only way Riot found to reduce queue time. Remeber pre-season 6 with 1hour queue to find a game already lost in draft ^.^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} BTW Remeber about old draft which pick order only mattered ^.^
Yeah? Look at my other post. Your chance of getting support in the old draft was lower than it is now. And I would rather wait 1 hour to win and have fun than 5 minutes to play support, lose and go hang myself
OlmiLux (EUW)
: U played full ap blitz. Ofc u lost. It's like saying i went lux jungle and couldn't clear red buff. U wanna play ap supp? Pick karma, sona, lux...
Seems like you don't get the message. I don't blame you, it's not clear. This is hate towards autofill, I don't care about winning or losing. I get that this post doesn't really show it that well, but this was mostly because I was banging my head after using over 40 minutes to get into a fucking game by leaving twice when I got autofilled, only to have 2 people leave after they get support, then getting support myself. I really don't see how autofill makes wait time lower. I really don't.
: So? Bad games happen. Just queue up again and do your best to carry. If you deserve to climb, nothing will stop you. By the end of the season, you will be exactly where you deserve to be. PS: Why AP {{champion:53}}? He's a lot more effective if they can't burst him down in an instant.
This was a normalgame and I really wanted to play a specific champion. I went ap because I wanted to atleast try to have some fun, which is generally what you queue for in normals. I don't really care about winning or losing, but the fact that autofill manages to use more time than a queue without it does, while giving me the role I didn't pick, do. The old season 5 and prior queue had a better chance of giving me my role than this shit while still only taking 2 mins of waittime. This new system creates unbalanced games, as a support main vs a support autofill almost always ends up with a lost botlane and game, while not giving you the role you wanted all for the sake of time. The system has 3 priorities: Waittime, Role selection and match quality. By enableing autofill you remove 2 of these priorities while gaining some in the last and I have to say, waiting for a game for 3 min or 12 does me nothing, as long as the game is fair. And don't compare this to the old-old draft pick, it only had roughly 10% risk of getting you support, where this has a much higher imo.
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