: I need advice about a professional about pc/laptops
I am not a professional. However, Considering the specs on both laptops are similar, it could be background bloatware weighing down performance. You can remove a lot of it, but I have a hard time knowing what needs to go and what needs to stay. However, downloading [http://www.razerzone.com/cortex/boost](http://www.razerzone.com/cortex/boost) seemed to help smooth out problems I was having. It simply disables a lot of background bs, while keeping what you need running. MAYBE, it could work for you. Good luck with your troubles, man.
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BlâckLotus (EUNE)
Though this post is poorly constructed, and seems like a cry for attention... it is really just expressing the frustration many solo players feel with how detrimental DynaQ is for the legitimacy of the rank system.
Humpf (EUW)
: People aren't fragile, people are tired of all offensive language. And that is the great diference.
Agreed, Dal. That and it is damned distracting. Before I learned to ignore it, I got killed way too often typing a retort in chat, even if it wasn't me they were flaming in the first place. It's just unhealthy for players' attitudes to be flamed. They get tilted or frustrated and play worse. So, yeah, I report that shit.
Bosnis (EUNE)
: ***
Simply put: There is no reason to say "easy" other than to humiliate the opposing team. They already know they got stomped. You already know this. The game is over. Basically, you're just saying it to deliberately do nothing else but hurt feelings and tilt. Then these players go the the next game tilted. And so on. and so on. and so on..... So, you ask, "Why can't I say things that serve absolutely no other purpose but to be an asshole?" And, if you need to ask that, then there is a fundamental flaw in your social maturity. Not that this surprises me. I mean who actually looks at someone who needs to humiliate others about being less skilled in an inconsequential game and says to themselves, "My my, that looks like a really well adjusted and productive member of society!"? Anyone? Anyone at all? No. But, I mean, keep saying easy, and I'll keep reporting. Being an asshole in unconstructive ways always results in a report. Constructive assholery? Case by case basis. If you're trying to teach someone something that will help them play better, and you get a little harsh to get your point across.... I'm usually good with it. Constructive Assholery EXAMPLES: "Dude, stop taking all the damned farm. You're basically screwing the lane every time you run in and take 1-2 waves." "For the love of God, ward. There is no reason you should be sitting on two unused wards, getting ganked toplane." Unconstructive Assholery EXAMPLES: "OMFG, you're so stupid." "WTF, noob." "noobnoobnoob" "Report you for being bad" (<- BY THE WAY, you cannot actually report people for being bad. These are false reports. Unfortunately, Riot's policy on false report penalties is lax)
: Ridiculous boosted players
Funny.... those who always have a reason why they played bad when they have a bad game are the least understanding that people have bad games. Also having a higher rank over another is not a guaranteed win. Does it mean that you are a better player on average? Almost universally, yes. But that doesn't mean that a lower rank can't ever outplay a higher rank, or that that higher ranked is terrible if they get outplayed.
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: Yasuo isnt that strong unless he is fed
Which is basically almost every other champion, too.
drymonkey (EUW)
: i need advise on how to win vs yasuo
Kayle works decent against him. His windwall does not block the basic attack with her E, which is the primary source of her dmg. Take ignite, wait until the last sec to ult, then slow and ignite him before he dashes away, and usually you'll finish him.
: The " It's you, not your teams" quote
The simple explanation is that MMR causes MMR cycles. If your MMR is low, it is likely to stay low, because you are being matched with people who are also low MMR. You will get dragged down. If it is high, you'll be carried like a mofo, and it usually stays high. You - "But hey! Riot matches opponents based on the same MMR, right? How in the hell can MMR cycles exist if this is true?!!?! You're an idiot." Well, good sir, that's what I USED to think, too....until I actually read wtf is going on with Riot's MMR system. This is what Riot ACTUALLY says about the match making: "_Step 1: Determine strength: If a player is queued alone, the strength is determined by his personal matchmaking rating (referred to as MMR from here on out) and number of wins for that particular queue. If the player is queued with a pre-made team, the system will adjust the MMR of the team accordingly. In most cases, we have found pre-made teams out-perform teams composed of unconnected players. Players have a separate MMR for each queue, each of which evolves independently from the others. This means that your wins and losses in Twisted Treeline won’t impact your MMR for Summoner’s Rift. Step 2: Determine eligible opponents: **Initially, the system will only match players with similar MMR. As time passes, the system will very slowly broaden the MMR range it considers acceptable.** New players get some special protection and are usually matched against other new players, though this may result in a longer delay before finding a game. Step 3: Build a match: Eventually, the system will assemble a group of players with comparable MMRs and put the players into a game._" Translation - the more games you play in LoL the broader your acceptable opponents are, in regards to MMR. However, your team is ALWAYS closely formed based on MMR. And, thus MMR cycles happen. If you get a high or low MMR early, your chances of staying in a high or low MMR become greater and greater, as your opponents' acceptable MMR range broadens. If you have high MMR, there are more potentially lower MMR opposing teams. If you have a low MMR, there are more potentially higher MMR opposing teams. The end result is that a player drastically improves himself, but is stuck in low Elo. OR, in the inverse, a player gets boosted to high elo, gets a high MMR rating in the process, and can essentially jerk around and still get carried. OH, and here's a link to the matchmaking guide, just in case you don't believe me: [https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide)
kaketsuu (EUNE)
: Rito, fix your rankin system, player with negative winrate should not rankup
Depends on what you are looking at when you say win rate. If you mean overall, that's stupid. If you spend your first hundred games averaging a 1 in 10 win, then improve and play your next hundred games with a 50/50 win rate, then improve more and have a 65-70% win rate, you are still looking at an overall negative win rate, but should actually be ranking up by that point.
: How I improved myself, not being toxic and being able to earn loot again
mute all works. I've done terrible til mid game, because I was being flamed, muted all and ended with the best score. (This is not to say I'm awesome. I'm not. This is simply to show how much flaming can potentially tilt me. I do bad all the time, without being tilted.) Frankly, I don't mute all nearly often enough because I keep hoping a large portion of the LoL player base will stop being toxic shits. Considering I don't flame for doing bad, and only argue back when I'm being flamed, mute all is almost a universal problem solver for me.
: Does Riot support level bots?
Easy way to get rid of bots - remove the level system, and require someone to have ranked S- or higher 50-100 times to get into ranked matches. Bye bye bots.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Also, there are rare occasions where the best play for the team is to play the juicy bait and probably end up dying - recently played a game where our top laner managed to get the entire enemy team to chase him round the baron pit while we took down 2 turrets and an inhib in the bot lane.
IF your team isn't completely stupid, and you've got at least one player that is fed/good enough to take one or both enemies in a 1v2, you can have that one person push a lane while the rest groups up. If they send one after him, that person will lose....plus less pressure off the group in other lanes. If they send two, chances are at least one, and maybe two will die in the process. Then mid (or whatever lane the group is pushing) becomes a 4v3, and your team has a much better chance of winning, pushing towers, and the one going solo may get a few towers down and a few kills, also. The problem is "group mid" seems to be what the players I deal with consider a universal solution. Also, in most situations, if only one lane is pushed to your base, and the entire enemy team is pushing it, there is no reason 4 people cannot defend against 5, UNDER THE TURRET, while one pushes....thus forcing the enemy to take pressure off, lose other towers etc. Unfortunately, where I am at, none of this actually works. BUT, I'm a terrible player, so I belong where I am.
SekkiShin (EUW)
: Are you sure that it was not due to 1st win of a day?
No, apparently I was wrong on this. I appreciate all the people who explained it to me. I'm still pushing a slightly higher IP gain than this person, but that is likely because the duration of my games is longer, on average. And, I DO prefer a slower paced gain as far as pushing is concerned. So, that makes sense.
: > [{quoted}](name=Holy Drumstick,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mQlpYWaJ,comment-id=0003000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2016-07-17T20:02:35.969+0000) > > [img]http://i.imgur.com/LOImIkf.png?1[/img] > > Not BSing. Maybe there are some Ghost boosts going on. I have no clue. I didn&#x27;t buy boosts, no idea why. > > But, yeah, if I do well, 200 IP is common. ok you're being ignorant so let me break it down for you you get more IP based on the duration of your match and weather you loose it or win it, hence why you got 117 IP on a 43 minute game you played a game right after, which by then your first win of the day was just activated, give you a boost of 150 IP + 106 IP for winning the match in 38 minutes you didn't win any game on july 14th while first win of the day was active you won a game on july 15th which granted your first win of the day, 150 IP + 122 IP from winning the match in about a 50 minute game there you go
I can believe this, but what I don;t understand is why the first win bonus did not activate on the first win of the day. *shrug*
: No needs for insults :P Lets keep it nice,he could have some ghost boosts by accident,thats quite possible
I did post proof. And, I'm not saying you are wrong. I said it was strange, and stated what I have experienced. As far as I know, most people get terrible IP, and I am being affected by something stupid in how the system operates and getting high IP for whatever reason. That's why I'll say again, anyone is welcome to friend me and look through my match history to solve this mystery.
yrknaqren (EUW)
: Uhh... that just shows that your 200 IP gains are most probably done with first win of the day... Every game that gave you over 200 IP was on a different day.
Nope. Look again. A win on July 13 gave me 117 IP. The following game on July 13 was also a win, for 256 IP. At this point, I'm pretty sure you didn't even look at the picture.
: send proof, make screenshot with your client open, showing your entire client with match history opened. PS: Nice BV ranking.
[img]http://i.imgur.com/LOImIkf.png?1[/img] Not BSing. Maybe there are some Ghost boosts going on. I have no clue. I didn't buy boosts, no idea why. But, yeah, if I do well, 200 IP is common.
: Ip boost probably :P unless the game lasts like over an hour and a half
You can believe that if you like. But no. I have not bought IP boosts, and I already had a first win for that day. AGAIN, ANYONE is welcome to friend me and take a look for themselves. Maybe they can sort out why it is what it is.
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: That is just loads of BS.
NOPE. ANYONE, feel free to friend me and look at the IP gain on my match history. One was 270 ish. Within the last 20 matches there were 4-5 games with over 200. And these have been some of the worst matches I've played. I'm sitting at 13L and 7W
: Ip Farming Speed is Insanely bad
Hmm. Strange. I've often gotten 200ish IP per good match. I have noticed that if you queue with lower level players, it seems to drop to around 50. But, solo playing, I get about 200 all the time.
: I get 23 points per game in gold 4. Cause i lost a lot in a row. Before i got 25 per game (before the losing streak) But stil i get 23 lp Check ur mmr on op.gg If its super low that explaints everything. Did u lose alot at B5??
OH yeah. I've done way worse in Bronze V than anywhere else. HAHA. Probably mostly because once I hit 0 LP in Bronze V, Idgaf, once someone starts flaming. HAHA
: Let me know if you come up with some good ways to avoid tilting. I am the same...as soon as the flaming starts I begin to play badly. I know of many others who say the same thing. Muting can help but often, the damage is already done by the time you mute. I am going to try muting all from the beginning of the game to see if that helps; I don't think that I have every seen anything useful in the chat window anyway so better off without it.
I did the muting all at start for a while, and it works. Unfortunately, you also miss out on the occasional good thing in chat.
: Well, duh, that's why I'm in Bronze V, silly.
Also, I've found that when flaming starts, even if it is not directed at me, it causes me to play stupid. I hate flaming. And, that is on me. I tilt too easy. And you know what, when I'm in Bronze V, sitting at 0LP, and you say shit like "Good job, now we're going to lose. No tank." when you're playing support or jungle, and I pick before you (especially when I'm first pick, because most tanks are easily countered). Then continue flaming as soon as the game starts. I'm already annoyed, sitting a 0 LP in Bronze V, and I die because I'm over aggressive. One death, and you lead with, "GJ, noob." Yeah, my ability to play well was pretty much just shot to hell. And you know what else. I will never surrender for flamers. If I'm in a civil match, and most of the team wants to surr. Cool. If I'm sitting in a match with toxic players constantly flaming, constantly throwing up the surr prompt when it is off CD. Yeah....not happening. Enjoy the ride. So in short, no probably not all of that was due to flaming. BUT, I would say that at least half of the times I have played that shitty, it was directly due to flaming. So, that's 50% of my crap games that would be wins, if it wasn't for flaming. And muting does help, actually. I have fed 0/8, muted until I started catching up, and won games with S's. But, hey, continue justifying flaming. I'll continue trying to work on not getting tilted. Cheers
: you under flame effect? in all games ? where K/D score is: 1/10 ; 2/10 ; 0/8 ; 1/12 ; 0/12 ; 1/7 ? And you need to tell these players: SORRY because You will lose this game ,because I did a lot mistakes(over feed lane)? Did you say? SORRY!!! FOR FEED ENEMY !!! http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Holy+Drumstick Note: You can mute players but I don't think will have good effect, But who know maybe will work fine and you rise to Diamond , Challenger and at last you will get golden ticket invite for LCS And you will become the best in the world Top laner(maybe in dream but who know, maybe)
Well, duh, that's why I'm in Bronze V, silly.
: Applause you're english is really hot. ....... Anyways It's true, judged by mmr? that's bs right now with all these premades half of their team might be plat or above it's really annoying an elo isnt an elo anymore now it's just a bunch of different people from different elo's mixed up. It used to be skill based now you can just have smurfing friend and he'll whipe the floor with those lower elo people which i find really sad. But this doesnt only effect lower elo's also high elo because i get matched with a elo boosted bronzie's who play Vayne and think that their freaking gosu and go in as a front line thinking they can 5 v 1. It's pretty sad.
"Applause your English is really hot." hehe I'm not exactly sure how to take that, or what exactly it means. I'm from Texas, maybe that's why.
: It's all about MMR.google it
We realize this... but there is a reason this is terrible. If you are placed in Silver, but are playing Gold, your placement has nothing to do with how you compare to people you are placed with. That's like saying, "Nope, can't move you up to starting line on the high school football team, Johnny, because you keep losing when you play with those college kids." I understand what they were going for when they implemented it, but it causes some stupid stuff to happen. Like being stuck in a low MMR cycle, where you cannot get a high MMR unless you can basically carry most games. It is what it is, but what it is is not good. I think it is funny when people defend a flawed system because they've personally never been screwed by it. Or are on the other end. The "haves" never complain about the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots. And will always blame the have-nots for their own failure, regardless of how often it is not true. You're just seeing it take a different form. That all being said, I'm a pretty bad player, and deserve my Bronze 5. :D
: ***
I disagree, because I've climbed to Bronze 3 several times, and dropped back down while I was playing great, due to terrible luck. Not to make excuses. I'm not. I feel like I'll get out fairly soon. It will just take the right combination of both luck and skill. Interesting thing, I started Bronze I. Got to my promo series for Silver V. Failed, then started falling after that. Got to Bronze IV and bounced up and down for a bit, between III and IV. Hit Bronze V recently, and having hell ever since. I've had like 2-3 promo series, and failed them, so far. The thing is that MMR creates a cycle. You get matched with bad teams due to low MMR, your MMR continues to be terrible because you are matched with bad teams. It isn't an unbreakable cycle. It is just tough. I'll get out of Bronze when I'm ready to get out of Bronze. That's how I feel about it. All that being said. A.) Boosting does not help you improve. B.) You seem like a pretty toxic fellow, so I'd rather avoid playing with you. Thanks for the offer, though.
: Know any good MOBAS?
Not trying to argue. I don't feel like arguing. All games that release constant updates are going to constantly struggle with balance. It's the nature of the beast. Star Wars Galaxies always had balance issues. "flavor of the month" was real. BUT, at the end of the day people still played and enjoyed it. So....basically.... this is a problem you will face no matter what game you play. If League is no longer fun to you, by all means, find something that is. But let's stop pretending it is because it is somehow worse than others.
: ***
How good does saying that make you feel about yourself? Because that's why you say it, right. You need SOMETHING, anything, really, to make you feel good about yourself. Here, I'll help you. You are so much better at playing a video game than I am. You're way more awesome than me. Holy cow, you're so good at this video game, it just makes me want to stop playing, no matter how much I enjoy it. Gosh damn, you're such a great player. I wish I could be just like y..... nope, nope....can't go that far.
Avalegg (EUW)
: #What is in the champ mastery grades formula? The grades you receive are driven by how you rank against all other players in your region who also played your champion and position across various performance categories. We don’t reveal the exact formula so that it can’t be min-maxed as we really want to avoid incentivizing playing for stats like CS or K/D/A rather than playing to win. However, the variables are fairly intuitive in terms of what you would expect to be important to winning. -Riot Socrates, Lead Game Designer Source: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/q/ask-riot-how-you-get-s-urgot
Basically, people do poorer on Yasuo than they do on Jax, so the average is higher, and therefore harder to get you an S.
McM4ster (EUW)
: Dude how do u feel when ur playing promos for the 2nd time..last one u got a troller at the last game..and now at this last game to get promoted u get 3 ap, expecially when u see karthus going top , a morgana supp..u have no tank u cant get lucky at all in tf cuz they wilk rekt u And like i said..it was my last promo game, i lost the one before this series and since the champion select of that game i knew we were going to lose..and this aint about what i tell them to pick..its about that every last promotion game i get i always end up losing it cuz some1 or the team trolls..so dont tell what i can or not do.I was there trying to evitate the loss to happen again cuz i finnaly decided to climb the ladder and they dont give af about that so hey.. I deserve to complain about it
Here, let me help you out. http://www.seasky.org/solar-system/assets/animations/solar_system_menu.jpg Notice how the Earth revolves around the sun? As you can see, the world does not revolve around you. Cheers.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Holy Drumstick,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=MNd2ALTu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-16T16:42:13.296+0000) > > Honestly, I think you are kind of a dick for public shaming. > > But, I also think this player may be juggling too many champions to get good with any. > > I kind of have the opposite problem. I play a champion I like constantly, get decent, start climbing and getting better. Then I get burnt out on that champion and start sucking. Lose rank, then do it all over again on a new champion. First you can queue Draft mode or ARAM , after have enough skills with this champion you can go ranked. This guy is feeder everyone can have bad day, but wtf 20 game where 16 is lost because this guy decide to show some faker skills and feed if you don't have skills don't play ranked. Everyone can have bad game but 80% lost is no comment for rankeds. If you have that 80% problem is on you not team that why you have to queue Normal (draft/blind picks) or ARAM for some skills
I agree. I never have and never will go into a ranked game without a champion I have practiced with in normals. But that doesn't mean public shaming is good, either.
: I doesnt matter what role you play, you need to learn to play bronze style to win in bronze. What pays off bronzies like me dont handle stealt good so {{champion:35}} {{champion:107}} or other stealthed works most of us have problems whit {{item:3512}} fighters usualy beats tanks on toplane (in bronze) so a tank support give freelo Dont leave your team in lategame they will engagte 4 vs 5 outside the Tower. many bronzies dont ward at all so allways check if support has sightstone. your platina style will work better and better the higher you climbe and it will probably be esier for you to climb form S1 to gold 5 then B1 to S5.
My god. Thank you. You are one of the few people who understand that you can't use high elo tactics or strat in low elo games (or the other way around). Turtle because the enemy is fed, and your only turrets are at base? Not going to happen. You'll be standing in base by yourself. TP play? Good luck. Chances are they'll be dead by the time you get there or turn tail and run, letting you die, as soon as you engage. Sitting under your turret, playing def and waiting for ganks? HAHA. That's cute. Don't you know the jungler is too busy being a second bottom support. Playing safe and farming until late game? Good luck. Chances are, the other lanes traded a ton of kills when the death timer was still really low....so even if they are technically winning, the other lanes' enemies are more fed than you. This is why getting out of Bronze is so damned hard. Standard playstyles in online guides simply don't work as well in Bronze. It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Except 90% of the "chocolates" are actually made of shit. Since it is so random, you're probably going to have a good amount of bad teams. On top of all of this, you have a bunch of smurfs in Bronze. So what happens is your MMR crashes, and it becomes a cycle. You have a lower MMR because you lose too many games, but you lose too many games because you are stuck with lower MMR. Evidence of this: Played some REALLY terrible games. I mean, I did bad. Got carried. Won. MMR started climbing, until it was higher than most in Bronze. I had something like a 10 win streak.... in ranked. I get promoted. I'm starting to do really well, again. I lose TWO games, MMR drops, slowly start losing more until my MMR is stupid low, again. From III to V in no time flat....and this is while I'm playing really well. So, in short. Get boosted or carry games. That's the only way. Then, when you get promoted, you'll have to change everything you do in order to not find yourself demoted again.
: I have no doubt that you actually said "gj". I have also no doubt that you did more than that and that this "more" is what caused your restriction. So, same story as always: Chatlogs or it didn't happen!
That or his use of GJ was toxic. Someone dies - gj Someone loses turret - gj etc. Funny that anyone would actually try the argument "I was being nice." When I know I'm up against a challenge in lane, I sometimes use psychological warfare. "First time on Yasuo?" or to the jungler who misses me entirely in a gank, because I warded "Sweet gank." But, I don't do it to people who are actually doing really bad, or to be mean. I do it to weaken their decision making when I know they can destroy me. I feel like that's a normal part of any type of competitive play. Like in baseball. "Hey batta batta batta swing batta batta." That's normal. No one should get in trouble for that. Though, I do stop if they get upset and rage or ask me to quit. And, I have reported someone for saying EZ. Once or twice on a kill, to demoralize opponents in game, that's understandable. That's kind of the same thing as "hey batta batta." You're literally taking down the Nexus and go "EZ." Get back to score screen and repeat it. That's not helping you win a game, that's just pushing negativity into their future games. And, who knows, maybe they are on your team, next time. However, never do not I get toxic in game for bad playing unless it is over something that is deliberate. Example: Was jungling one time, was going to grab the red and then go invade and kill the enemy jungler, taking the blue. At least try. I didn't ping for help, because I didn't need it. But, I got "help" anyway. They last hit the red. Then left, not even helping me get another kill for first level. I figured it was an accident, and didn't say anything. Slow jungle start sucks, but no big deal. The next thing I know, this player is killing all jungle farm, actually kill stealing and farm stealing in other lanes. I don't mean kill secures. I mean stealing. Go mid, hide in bush, wait until the mid laner almost killed the enemy, use an ability to finish it, clear all lane farm, then run to bot lane to do the same. Meanwhile, their top lane is losing two turrets. So, yeah, I may have been a little angry in chat about that. So was everyone else on my team. Meanwhile, I'm useless because my entire jungle farm has been screwed from first clear. So, I'm getting to 6 when everyone else has already hit 8. Luckily, my team understood what was going on, and were more upset with the other player than me. And honestly, I didn't even know how to report that player. Still don't. My point behind all this is to say, this guy isn't fooling anyone. There are behaviors that appear innocent without context, but that doesn't mean anyone is just going to believe they were done with good intentions.
: And one day, you will see Pokemon on the map, get close to it and voila, robbers waiting there :) rip phone, rip money, rip anus. Thank god I have old HTC Evo 3D shit phone x)
Hey, everyone Pokemon game needs a Team Rocket. Since the game doesn't provide one, our society will do that for us.
: Best EUNE
Honestly, I think you are kind of a dick for public shaming. But, I also think this player may be juggling too many champions to get good with any. I kind of have the opposite problem. I play a champion I like constantly, get decent, start climbing and getting better. Then I get burnt out on that champion and start sucking. Lose rank, then do it all over again on a new champion.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Yeah, we still don't seem to get each other. Would you kindly quote my sentences where i actually defend the meta? Or where i tell you to play according to the meta instead of the situation? Because honestly i do not remember every writing that. I'm not saying that you'd be destroyed in high elo. I'm saying that for a solo laner to plan on not farming well is not a good plan. If you improve your farming rate by only a couple of percentage, then your preferred starting items won't be good anymore. And really, to do that, you don't even need weeks of of practicing, just a bit of attention to details. I never criticized any of your situational choices. I wrote their advantages and disadvantages. No judgement. My main problem with your posts here comes from your attitude. The moment i didn't completely praise everything you wrote, instead of looking at my reasoning and considering what i wrote, you jumped into a defensive position, dismissing everything by saying that i clearly can't have any idea of what i'm talking about, and i'm clearly just trying to enforce a meta on you. Read it all again. I never did any of those. I know that people criticize everything that seems unusual. Man, do i have stories about that too. I got flamed for building Ezreal AD, for buying Gunblade for bruisers because "they don't need an item that slows", for building attack speed for Caitlyn, and i don't even remember most of these weird thing people said. You must have gone through similar experiences, and so you put up an automated defense. I'm just telling you, that this reflexive response is bad for you.
Yes, but your CS numbers are wrong. Everything I've read (and everything I've seen) states that the average player should put 70-80+ in 10 and 150+ at 20 as a goal for farming. That's farming 60% of minions in lane. That means that for MOST players, and against most players, farming meets that requirement YOU set up of needing a loss of 40% farm to be viable. You're saying farm 90%, but those are closer to pro numbers, or at the least very high elo. And maybe you get those numbers. That's really cool. Good for you. But, MOST players from Bronze 5 to Dia have much less. Also, you disregard the CDR on Ancient Coin. So, yes, I do disagree with you on this particular issue.
Zanador (EUNE)
: You keep making the same mistake over and over again. Apparently, since i don't agree with you, you can't even imagine that i might know something you don't, and you never even considered my criticism to be anything more than meta worshiping. Beginner's mistake. Sacrificing 30% of your farm to deny 90% from the enemy? Yes, that can work on one condition: if nobody on the enemy team is getting fed enough to carry. Because as a carry yourself you are actually racing everyone on the map for gold. That's how it goes. And still, sacrificing 30% farm is huge, but as i've shown you, to achieve your goal of makin Ancient coin worth it's cost, you would need to sacrifice more than 40%. In either case you'd be a better player if you did the same and sacrificed way less farm in the process. You claim that an item is good simply because it helps you if you are performing poorly, and i'm the short sighted one for pointing it out? While we are at it, please tell me where did i make the mistake in my calculations? Because i used the game mechanics and basic math to show your mistake. And i rounded it all down to make your case look less bad too. And your side still does not work, based on math, not opinion or meta. Also if you claim that your numbers are "are actual averages of how players last hit" then please share the statistics you used, because i'd like to learn. >And that's [meta] great for people who don't know how to make decisions based on situations, and only know how to follow instructions. > So if we are trading insults, then here is mine, sir. Based on this sentence of yours, and the fact that you didn't even consider for a second a suggestion for optimization to be valid, simply because i showed a flaw in your build, you dismiss it as narrow minded meta zeal. Then my friend, you are the type of guy who should follow the meta, because you didn't make the right decision based on the situation, and you can't even seem to consider it. And i'm sorry to say that, but no, you did not seem to understand my point. Picking Ancient Coin is only viable in the very early stages of learning the game, where people still didn't learn last hitting and farming well yet. After that there is not a single champion, match up or game, where that item in it's current form would be the optimal first item pick for a solo laner if you don't intend to upgrade it. It is not situational, and it is not an opinion either, despite what you claim. At this point you might read back my posts and realize, that i didn't criticize any of the other choices you mentioned. I wrote their possible weaknesses and advantages, so the people reading will be able to make better decisions on their own, and i only focused your single suggestion that doesn't work, and tried to show you why in any way i could. You dismissed it as me being ignorant and annoying. And that is why i'm still here. I'm trying to help you. But frankly, at this point i just hope that you will still be able to improve despite your static mindset. If you want to prove me wrong, then you either have to consider my points, or show numbers to back your case up. It's that simple.
Sigh. No, you aren't getting it, I'm afraid. Meta is most often based on what is good for high Elo. And that's fine. Meta's a pretty good rule of thumb. It's just that rules of thumb are not meant to be absolute. I'm talking making decisions based on what is actually happening, not what happens at high elo. It happens all of the time, you can read stories about it all over. Person plays the way they are told, fails. Person learns to play better. Person move up. Person has to change the entire way they play. That's fine. I'll be sure to do what is necessary to do well. You are saying that "No, because in this situation, that can fail, and therefore it is not optimal." Except that is not universal. I do understand what you are saying. Really, I do. If I was playing in plat, much of what I do wouldn't work. There is much in higher Elo that simply does not work for lower. Like what you ask? Like a TP play. 9 times out of 10, you'll TP in, after they ping, and they'll either be dead just as you get there or run away as soon as you arrive, letting you be the scapegoat. What else? Turtling. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a <Gold team to stay under turrets when only your turrets left are at base, and the enemy is fed? Damned near impossible. In short. I DO understand. You are saying I'd get destroyed in high Elo. And you are absolutely right. I don't disagree. That's why I would make a different decision based on THAT **situation.**
: Thank you so much! Was more than i was expecting.
NO problem. Also, on runes, currently running Attack speed reds and quints, mana regen yellows, and Ability power blues. As I said, I personally start Ancient Coin and Faerie Charm. But my yellows and starting items are more or less based on a preferred playstyle. So, feel free to play with it, and get a feel for what works for you.
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: "omg pls disconnect for 5 minutes so another player can take your place, useless thrash" I see it coming
SO, your logic is that it is bad because it changes current flaming phrase choice? Instead of "Noob" "Uninstall" we get "DC, so someone else can play!" Yeah, that's not a good argument.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: AFK? Have no fear, MM is here!
I agree with this. I feel like the advantage of picking a counter pick champion would be balanced by the disadvantage caused by a 3 min (I'd reduce this to 3, rather than 5) afk. Riot claims it doesn't fit well with LoL's gameplay, but that's only because they've made no effort to find a way that it would. What you suggest is FAR more reasonable than: "Oh, your teammate's internet/power went out, and you lost 20 LP? Well, sorry about that, but there's nothing that can be done." Also, I'd go as far as to make it optional for a player to join an in-progress game. Give a 10 (ish) LP Bonus just for doing so, win or lose. Then, people who thought they had a chance of winning the game would be more than willing to join for the bonus. Just my thoughts.
: I'm not going to bother calculating it but it looks on average that you die 10 times a game which is really bad....Anyways I can't make an assumption on you for certain because I have not seen you play, but to me anyone that dies that much on a regular basis doesn't exactly deserve higher. That being said...I've played on my low silver account sometimes and there are so many games where you'll have like 2-3 people who die every time they get back to lane, this sort of happens in platinum as well but a bit less. So there are too many games which are completely out of your control, if you want to try and get through this elo easily you should probably play another role to be honest. Support is one of the most important roles in the game, but you can only do what your team mates allow you. Say you're playing someone like Soraka, if your adc just running away and not dealing damage your healing is basically irrelevant, if you land a good hook on the enemy with thresh when your team mate doesn't realise they can instaburst you it will cause you to die for nothing. There are many issues like this with playing support at lower elo, if I've ever played support on my silver account I'll just play someone I know I can literally carry the lane with regardless of how bad the pick may seem. literally champions who can dominate solo lanes are the supports you want to play to carry e.g. {{champion:1}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:143}} Obviously I wouldn't suggest these at a decent level but anywhere up to gold you can get away with it if you're decent you just want to stomp the lane and if you're able to do so you're probably going to end up more fed than your would in a solo lane. Playing actual supports is nowhere near as effective as playing strong laning champions. If this doesn'thelp just do something like playing {{champion:23}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:5}} top lane and literally just stay in that lane constantly the whole game and splitpush. Doesn't matter if you get camped just keep pushing and you will win games.
"You die too much." The most common evidence people use to support the logic that those who are in Bronze should stay there. And, often, it is true. However, when you are in Bronze and everyone else is dying constantly, there comes a point where it is going to snowball into you dying, too, no matter how hard you try. I've had games where I went 20 minutes in lane without a single death, downed the first turret, avoided all enemy ganks, and have 3-4 kills. 10 minutes later, I have more deaths than kills because even if my teammates are technically winning their lanes, they've traded too many kills with the enemy, and the other enemy laners are more fed due to this. In higher tiers, this becomes less of an issue, because there are fewer players who play this way. Which is why I said IP based on personal performance should fluctuate with how you compare to teammates. Also, what you said about pushing top lane works. Almost every time I've done this, we ended up winning. Even when I was personally doing really terrible. Eventually, you'll push their lane all the way to the inhib. And, those coming top to stop you take pressure off of the mid. Of course, I've always thought "Group mid" was one of the dumbest ways to play. If you've got 5 pushing mid, three should be able to defend a turret well enough for two to push lanes, taking more turrets than you lose.
: That would be a system I was hinting at in the thread. If you do play a game, and you get 6/6/4, but all your other team mates get 3/5 1/8 1/7 0/4 then you should be less punished and not lose 27 lp(Sound familiar(read original post and figure it out)) And if you win a game, the carries should be rewarded and the people who either have less kill participation should receive less lp.
Absolutely agree. Was only elaborating, because you make a great point that Riot keeps ignoring. :)
: Lp Gain And Loss
I agree that both MMR and LP should be somewhat determined by performance. I don't mean a flat rate, either, but adjusted according to how your team did. If you lost, had 8/9/7, but everyone else in your team was 2/13/5, 5/20/13, 4/10/7, and 0/17/5....clearly, you did the best you could with what you were working with. Your punishment or reward should reflect that. Riot's reasoning behind not doing this, thus far, is because they designed the game for premade. The thing is, most players are duo or solo queue, and now there is a ranked team league, for those in premades. There is no reason to not take personal performance into account for regular ranked games, at this point.
: An Idea to make Flash less mandatory - buff the other summoner spells if you don't use Flash!
I feel like there does need to be some adjustments. One thing I hate in games is when there are abilities/items/stats/resources etc that simply are not not used, because all other choices are obviously superior. There are several summoner spells like this. Why do they even exist if they will never be used? Another thing I hate is when something is mandatory, but somehow presented like a choice. Eddie Izzard's "cake or death?" scenario. "For the exact same price, you can either go to Hawaii or New Jersey. So what will it be?" Of course there will always be idiots and those people who already live in Hawaii.... but it's still not much of a choice for most people. I think the EASIEST way to deal with the problem would be to buff only the summoner spells that are currently only very rarely picked, then make Flash something that's automatically provided for everyone.
: Would you mind posting your Kayle build please? Very nice read though {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Summoner spells vary on who I'm playing in lane. {{summoner:14}} Ignite when I am against someone who can usually dash away before I finish them (Yasuo). {{summoner:3}} Exhaust for someone who does medium-hi damage and is too tanky for me to take them down quickly. If I worry that I will ult, and they will still have enough health to finish me after it is over, I take exhaust. I've thought about trying Barrier for this, but Exhaust can potentially mitigate more damage. {{summoner:11}} Smite occasionally. With {{item:1419}} Bloodrazor, it is good against a heavily tanky team, due to the 4% HP dealt on hit, when you're at almost 2.5 attacks per sec. Sometimes I'll also take smite if I worry about being ganked, a lot, for wards. For me, it is much better than constantly buying wards that A.) get destroyed easily B.) Give 30 gold to your enemy when they are destroyed. The jungle item is much better at full build than buying any of the other ward items. In my opinion. There are certain junglers with which I need a little extra warning, to avoid ganks. Like {{champion:120}} Hecarim, for example. He can easily trap me even if I am warded and see him coming in lane. I don't take {{summoner:12}} TP in solo-queue because it is wasted too often. People ping, then die before or as I arrive, or run away once I get there. Not wasted a summoner slot for that. I almost always take {{summoner:4}} Flash. Most common ideal build, in my opinion: {{item:3115}} Nashor's Tooth | {{item:3124}} Guinsoo's Rageblade | {{item:3085}} Runaan's Hurricane | {{item:3046}} Phantom Dancer | {{item:3087}} Statikk Shiv | {{item:3146}} Hextech Gunblade Though, honestly, I substitute a lot of items and build items in various orders, to meet the current needs of the situation. http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/summoners/masteries/#Hp9An5CJw.3QR9jzG0.0 - Oh, and here's my typical masteries, in lane. Though, again, I usually look over them to see if anything needs to be changed, on a game by game basis.
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