: it is like that for all assassins
He kills them a lot faster than any other assassin, and at least you can see any other champion coming for you, with rengar you have no idea where hes coming from and its too late anyway because he gains so much movement speed when hes stealthed.
: in a teamfight you dont really wanna miss your ulti as a rengar and btw when a teamfight happens people usually stick together (thats why its called a teamfight Eh) if you wanna go and split push alone be my guest , im rengar , im an assassin im gonna come there find you solo and kill you. BUt in a teamfight theres not much of a window to go in and have a safe escape at the same time. YOu go in you kill adc if he doesnt have GA ( i always pray that they wont buy one lol) nad you die, will make it 4v4 if the adc has GA it will be 4v5 and your team will be at disadvantage
Yeah well it shouldnt be like that, the fact that im alone in a game against a rengar doesnt mean im automatically dead.
: if you see him using his ulti he is pretty much done for you know he is coming for you , he is pretty fast but his invisibility doesnt last forever, especially early on . He needs stacks.and if u reduce his burst he is dead, one stun and adc will lifesteal back the dmg rengo did to him ( yeah if rengo dives he isnt gonna make it out alive.
Ok, so how about making him, crazy thought but stay with me, not be able to kill the enemy ADC no matter the circumstances always and escape safely? how about if rengar actually had to PICK his moments to jump on you and not just whenever his ult is up? mind blowing, isnt it? knowing hes coming for me does nothing to stop him from killing me, his invisibility is 10 whole seconds, its basically forever.
: Rengar upcoming nerfs are insane
The thing is, he kills you before you can do anything, running away doesnt work because hes faster than you, and your team cant defend when you can jump from half the screen away, even with a pink, especially since he can erase a squishy in less than a second, theres no counter play except making his murders slower by reducing his burst.
: Do you report people for being "noobs"?
If someone on my team is level 30 and still tries to 1v3 when hes 0/10 while they are all fed I consider it intentionally feeding thank you very much.
: it is not acceptable if it's said in "all" chat after you have won the game against a crippled enemy (afk/feed or otherwise). you can type ggwp or that stupid meaningless "izi" any time in your team chat, this is fine, but take caution when you say those stupid replies in enemy chat. in many circumstances the enemy might feel ridiculed or demeaned, especially in those in which the enemy clearly ended and lost the game while they were very unbalanced in team composition, like i said, afk, enemy tank 0/10, your tank 15/1. it is considered honorable when you congratulate your team, when you type these stupid letters you can get punished, including an account suspension, and i have seen many cases (mostly depending on your past behavior). my personal advice is to ignore Duckarp's post completely and to refrain from ever typing such message to the enemy team.
People take offense if I say "good job team" and "Well played" at the end of game screen aswell. people take offense at anything.
Sayainji (EUW)
: is saying GG WP reportable or what?
I dont know, i just type "gg" in chat at the end of every game, whether I win or lose, no matter how bad unless im really pissed. and I also get reported every once in a while, I guess people are just salty.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: your not making any sense and also velkoz has been used once in the whole time ive watch competitive lol which was from season 4 worlds+ so saying "vel'koz is still used competitively though" would be wrong
I Dont know what you see then, vel'koz is used just as much as a lot of other champions in the LCS, just search "vel'koz LCS" in google.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: xerath use to be in the meta and was used competitively ive never seen velkoz till today
"Used to be" is the key phrase. They are both no longer. (vel'koz is still used competitively though)
ZartarUK (EUW)
: Question about Vel'Koz
Its because hes skillshot based, do you see xerath often? the meta is filled with jumpy, infinite mobility champions which slow, skillshot based mages have a hard time against.
: Shen rework
Im pretty sure its taric then yorick bro, hang tight.
: > [{quoted}](name=HolyCrapItsMe,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UVTpR4OE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-01-14T22:45:29.807+0000) > > ADC are great for beginners since a duo lane is easier in lower levels, try jinx, kalista or lucian. kalista for a beginner?
Well different champs are for different people, whats easier for you can be harder for me and vice versa.
Beban11 (EUNE)
: I have 6300 IP and idk what to do
2 rune pages are the best economical choice, jhin is better if you want to try him before most other people do and change summoner name is good if you really dont like your summoner name, but it kind of seems like a waste of money.
rikta100 (EUNE)
: best champion to buy for 6300 for begginers
ADC are great for beginners since a duo lane is easier in lower levels, try jinx, kalista or lucian.
FrankerX (EUW)
: Jhin, or his real name: Amon (from avatar korra) the Copy pasta champ
I acually think hes Q is more like a fiddle E, since its not an auto attack
Allendi (EUNE)
: If the real dmg is lower than what it is supposed to be than it is a bug which needs to be fixed. And playing Swain with these pathetic autoattacks is significantly harder than it should be.
But thats not a bug because thats not some miscreation of code, its what people actually intended him to have which you disagree with, a bug would be if swain's autos sometimes wouldnt deal damage or if he actually loses or gains damage for no reason. this isnt a bug.
: Tahm Kench - The disgusting secret juggernaut
Reading the first 2 sentences of this thread im like "DO YOU WANT TO QQ SOME MORE?". Reading the next 3-4 sentences after those im like "OMG THIS SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT DEAL THAT SUITS ME JUST FINE!" Reading the 2 lines after that im like "dont buy thornmail, what is this, dota?" Reading the word "shekel" im like "oh shit I HAVE THOSE!" Reading the sentence that replaces shit with a picture of fizz without even stopping to notice its fizz and actually reading it as shit, then realizing this guy is actually funny and we have a lot in common im like "oh wow this guy is actually funny and we have a lot in common" Starting to write my post Im like "Ive never played tahm kench and I never plan on it, so why the heck am I even bothering with this post?"
: Riven buffs(Hello Darkness my old friend)
No precent health true damage? how is that a buff then?
Allendi (EUNE)
: [Bug] Swain's auto attack deals too little dmg
I dont think you know what a bug is.
Allendi (EUNE)
: [Bug] Tear of the Goddess stacks too quickly
Its up to 2 times every 8 seconds.
MrPista (EUNE)
: Jhin splash art and 2 abilities leaked?
Notice the pistol that was in the "mind of the virtuoso" on his hip aswell.
A Ocean (EUW)
Theres probably a lot to be said about psychos with patterns, you know in those TV shows where a psycho only murders blondes, or people that look like his parents? maybe he can only kill once he hits a target with 4 abilites or his ult needs 4 charges to work.
MrPista (EUNE)
: Jhin splash art and 2 abilities leaked?
Its obviously the shen rework.
: > Elise -> spiders ewwww. > Vi -> Virgin Visexual Violent Vicious Violet. no thanks. > Quinn -> I honestly thought she was a boy at first. > Lissandra -> How old is she and why does she look like a fucking hammer shark? > Jinx -> just a crackhead. also needs nerfs. > Kalista -> fucking kangaroos. > Rek'sai -> ... > Kindred -> furries... > Illaoi -> I also thought she was a guy at first. > Tristana & Poppy Reworks -> Fucking smurfs. {{champion:60}} - If you go "ew" towards spiders, than you are too much of a pansy to be asking for cute girl champions. {{champion:254}} - Strong, independent woman? How is that not hot and spicy? Shot hair can be pretty. {{champion:133}} - Ok, she is fine. Again, don't bash the short hair, just be aware that Valor will be watching. {{champion:127}} - On a hot Summer's day? With someone who looks *that* good at her age? Don't be ageist! She is a cool Cougar like Nidalee. {{champion:222}} - There are other champions that need nerfs. Anyway, you just don't like her because she is small chested. Well think about the crazy things you could do with her, and not all of it in bed! Small Chest means nothing when the play is good! {{champion:429}} - Mia Kalifa... hm, another thread. Anyway, I like a girl with a bouncy disposition to life, even if cheating meant death. {{champion:421}} - Now that is unfair. Beauty is on the inside, and you never know, that may be where you want to be. Regarding Rek'ai. If you get to know her that is...! {{champion:203}} - You are shallow if you only consider looks. And even then, how long to you think Lamb slaves over that fur to make it look nice? Shame on you for wasting her time! {{champion:420}} - Big Girls are Beautiful! Big Girls into Tentacles makes things interesting. {{champion:18}} and {{champion:78}} - They are cute. How picky can you be?
Yes, if you get too close to reksai youll definitelly see her insides.
: I personally think Vi is hot as fuck. So that's that. But I agree with your post, but angry feminazis will sue rito, so they can't anymore.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Riot, will we ever get a cute league girl again?
Floating around is a very important quality that Im looking for in my women.
KrisBendix (EUNE)
: Problem isn't the opponent. Problem is what I get in my team. For some time I didn't think it was true. But the pattern is clear. Win, win, win... and then my team gets worst every next game until I am put back in elo where I was. Then I start to get better teams again. Just last game I finished. I was supp Lux. I like it and it tends to work. Nice CC and can burn some of enemys hp so my team can get easy kills. Or finish "luckers" at distance... Finished 3/0/14... just about describes it. Had exelent Nasus on top. But fairly bad adc MF. My oponents wasn't bad. I still won. Yes it is team game. And I play in team. As Ashe thats all i hope is to do nice ult and my teammates can get kills. Or slow oponent to help my team. Or get kills myself. I know it all and partially agree to what you here are saying here guys. And my stats... well... most of it is ruined by games going downhill after others fail. Then I fail with them. I am usually one of those who dies least until it is so bad it just doesn't matter anymore anyway. Of course there are times when i fck up. And probably some games I lost purely cus of me. But statistically... I know what I am doing and doing ok. So replies are getting close to the point. It's just that many here focus too much on that... self blaming philosophy. And partially that is what I want to fix here. What do I do? How do I carry noobs? And carry in effective way. Having good kda doesn't do it. My main is Ashe but I start to get tired of her. May be I should change to other adc... I liked Ezreal some time agro. Sivir was nice. One of my alternate adcs now is MF. Or may be I should focus on another lane? Which one would be the best for carrying? Mid? Kata, Akali? Can Jungler help? Problem with that is that those noobs keep pushing and I cant gank. Or they ruin my gank with idiotic play. If I don't gank... well... you guessed it... they flame. Just throw around some ideas.
Well I dont think im in any position to tell anyone how to play, but here are my 2 cents. First, I know it sounds like the game is bullshitting you, but I honestly found that when the team was in good spirits we were able to make much more sensible plays. I won half my game by good morale alone. so be nice to your team mates even if they feed say something like "Dont worry, we got this, just play safe please" or when you Queue in and say "mid" first, maybe say "I pref to play mid" even if youre first pick and if someone else wants mid consider giving it to them. if you dont get ganks ask nicely "jungler, please, you arent ganking and im having a hard time, can I get some help"? and always keep a positive attitude. even if you get a team of dicks you can get some report value at the end. but if you get a team of actual decent humans which do exist in this game, believe it or not, they will respond to good behavior with good behavior which could boost your chances of winning by a LOT. also when you screw up admit it, dont search to blame others, if you fed your lane say "sorry I fed, he played well" not "I never got ganks fml". Second, its important to go for objectives. if you see that a chase will cost you a tower, leave it. even if its a gurenteed kill. a tower kill is the same gold as a champion kill while also giving your team a good amount of gold and map presence. and if a team fight starts at dragon, make it a priority to kill the dragon (and stun their jungler as it gets into smite range) even if the fight ends as 3 for 4 in favor of your enemies, its worth if you took dragon. And lastly, always stay in good humor. have some laughs, throw some jokes in all chat, its a game, you're meant to have fun, dont take it too seriously. I hope I could help even the slightest bit.
: lucky me my team was super friendly and auctually didnt care at all i was very shocked it was one of my first games trying to learn rengar since then i've decided its not my sort of style while i do like assassins rengar not one of those even tho i gave first blood to a darius in an attempt to cheese kill top lane i think we won that game tho lol
Wow. my team of premades still makes fun of me because of it xD
Mepodis (EUW)
: Well, could be cus he does like 5 autos per second then... Yes, morgana had the only ''real'' cc in the team, viktor w and trundle e isnt rlly much cc
Youve got a point, but what about morgana's Q? not to mention that trundles E can do a lot. besides, it was a good matchup for yi, any other comp would have crushed him.
: if your serious :P it probably wasnt his fault teambuilder has a bad habit of messing with summoners sometimes if the groups disband if your not paying attention you will end up in game with bad summoners :P
I was joking, I forgot smite once too, so embarassing.
Mepodis (EUW)
: He was inside the morgana ult range the entire fight aswell as the exhaust going off cd and even the visual going on him but he still doing his 500 true dmg per auto oneshotting everyone combined with his q (balanced af i know)
For his autos to deal 500 true damage per hit he needs to have 2200 AD so im kind of doubtful, I also doubt morg had the only CC in your team.
EmEx (EUW)
: then what happened?
The rift exploded from the impact, instant pentakill for both players.
: Dumbest thing you've done recently on league ?
pressed "start game" on team builder without noticing our rengar had {{summoner:14}} instead of {{summoner:11}}
: Bronze, SIlver, let's talk about the jungler's role !
but when you ask -before the game starts- for ganks because you see its a tough matchup, the jungler says nothing, and both the other lanes are fine while the jungler just farms and hunts kills then flames you for dying in lane, is that ok to yell at him for not doing his job?
: [Tuto]How to build a carry these days
I dont know, sometimes I like to add a more tanky item to my build like a {{item:3156}} it reduces my damage but it really helps against those pesky assassins.
KrisBendix (EUNE)
: What ever it takes.
Well yeah, if you play well you get matched against stronger opponents to match the higher level so you start to lose more, its not to balance win/lose ratio, its just a skill ladder.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Can skill start to matter?
Skill does matter, but when you have none of course you wont see it at work. how exactly is yi immune to stuns and exhausts? maybe you missed those stuns and exhausts? that means every champion in the game is immune to CC, of course skill doesnt matter!
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Why kassadin sucks.
Well I currently main kassadin and I have to disagree, almost every game I get pretty high scores with him, hes just an assassin, he isnt supposed to need to have damage reduction. Last game I had 40k damage while everyone else didnt pass the 17k, hes broken if you play him right.
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Scorched earth Xerath Cosmic reaver kassadin Project Zed Ive always wanted nice skins but never had the money to buy them, Thank you for giving people that cant afford it a chance at some nice skins, youre like a lol santa :D That gives me a new champion idea: Luis Santa, The skin giver Passive: Every few months post a skin contest on the forums. Q - Spend money: Exchanges a selected amount of gold into Riot points. W - Exclude champions: Removes select champions from the Skin pool. E - Announce winners: Can only be used after ultimate ability, sends winners list in /all chat. R - Give away Skins: Selects a user, give him a requesed skin! Tips: Use the passive opportunity for a QWRE combo to easily win the favor of the entire EUW server!
Reprom (EUNE)
: Yea, you can call this a QQ thread.
This seems to me like a QQ thread. Edit: didnt even read
: V5.14: General Complete visual upgrade featuring a re-imagined model as well as new animations, sounds and voiceover. Undocumented: His secondary role tag (Support) has been removed. **snip** Undocumented: Parrrley's base damage part can no longer crit. Apparently it was changed during patch 5.14 :-) before this, I assume it could indeed crit.
Thats weird, on the wiki it says: ACTIVE: Gangplank shoots the target enemy with his pistol, dealing physical damage and applying on-hit effects, though not Trial by Fire. **Parrrley can Critically strike.** PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 20 / 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 (+ 100% AD) If Parrrley kills its target, Gangplank plunders an equal amount of gold Gold and Silver Serpents, the latter of which can be spent to upgrade Cannon Barrage.
San um (EUW)
: About gangplank
Yeah it was. keep in mind that it doesnt mean his Q cant crit, it means that crit (being 200% of damage I believe) doesnt increase his Q's damage, so lets say his basic attack deals 100 and his Q deals 150 (50 bonus damage) so a crit Q will be 250 damage, not 300, still having 50 bonus damage and doubling his basic attack of 100.
: Zed counter play
The same tips you see on every zed threads really, rush QSS or Zhonia and play super safe. Zed has a really good laning phase, if you can not die to him he will fall off late. I know playing safe is boring and makes the game feel bad, but what can you do, some champs are just like that.
: Is Rengar A Wizard?
try it out with bots, its hilarious
: Spamming Gestures should be a reportable offense
Thats like saying people should go to jail for making annoying faces. It is childish and annoying, but remember that they have to live with themselves when the game is over. grow a thicker skin and get over it.
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sevixys,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VVtNTjqP,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-04T17:16:54.514+0000) > > Anyways, Drinking a liter water or so helps a lot. I'm angry when I'm hungry and often when I feel hungry, I am thirsty instead xD > > Tea is also superb. And a can of beer if you are an adult :) Trust me if you start drinking beer you are not going to stop till you fall asleep, I personally don't know many people who just drink one glass and be done. And if you can't control your anger, all the more reason not to drink.
What are you people talking about? exploding in rage is the best way to cool down. (as in, it resets your spells)
Larry (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HolyCrapItsMe,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VVtNTjqP,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2016-01-04T15:03:40.594+0000) > > channel it into sarcasm. yea i do this all the time haha that way i can vent onto someone and not make him more angry because they cant fully understand from chat if its sarcasm!
Keep going 1v5, it really helps the team effort! :D
: how do you control your anger while playing league????
: 4 man premades - let the solo player have first pick.
Dude the fact that youre first pick doesnt mean you have to be a dick about the lane you want, if they want to prebot and you say "idgaf im first pick" you deserve to be bullied.
: Haha i was playing on new years eve at 4:00 am or something like that. And our lee sin kinda raped they enemy team and enemy MF was like "omg f*cking tryhard, u have no life so u must tryhard" "omg what a sad life to play on silvester" well u know mf, u play yourself at this time xD
thats because when lee sin is 40/0 an MF is 0/15 and lee sin tries to "outplay" her for kills, he is a tryhard.
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