: how did they won the game? **riot vs reality** **riot:** "friendly players win 27% more games" **reality:** (read game statistics) **game statictis** : (30 min) **ashe -** || cs=247 || dmg dealt to champions = 25k **zil - ** || cs=11 || dmg dealt to champions = 11k **anivia - ** || cs=250 || dmg dealt to champions = 31k **soraka -** || cs=94 || dmg dealt to champions = 7k **brand - ** || cs=220 || dmg dealt to champions = 95856846k conculesion > nerf brand ....
lol ! was about to say the same!! xdd
HolySide (EUW)
: the best patch riot ever made for real!
few days everything will feel the same as before with just upgraded adc's thhats all
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Kaesik (EUNE)
: Rip Leauge of Legends
you guys dont understand shit on this game,,,, adc's has been allwas the most easy lane to gank.... mid > roam bot > jungle gank bot> top? tp bot... and why? cuz adc's are faking nothing aginst mid player or junglers early... they just need to get the core late game items to do be acctualy effective?! why? why riven can clear player in lvl 6 in 1 combo? why darius can clear somone in 1 combo ... same as lablnce garen fizz.. ect... adc needs to be supper fed to do that... so yea needed this buff to acctualy count in early and mid game too and not only in the late game!
: AZIR playing ping pong
omg were is my yauso !!!!!


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