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: Item drop mechanics will be reworked in one of the next few patches, it's already confirmed. But other RNG mechanics you mentioned will likely stay as is.
There is a dev post talking about what they focus on first for this mode somewhere? Improvement/changes you say they are confirmed. I saw a lot of bug with Bliz too when i played him like he kill someone who got grab when someone else focus him and the champ just stay here doing nothing waiting the target who just died and just die like %%%%%%. Zephyr and Assassin ruin this champ too he stay doing nothing if a champ focused jump in, or he can wait the champ going down to tornado doing nothing but auto hit on champ with full mana bar until he can target the guy on zephyr, also sometime he grab someone and focus someone else after you don't know why. I Found Garen too broken when he spin escape all spell can't be controled he's just to stupid and broken has %%%% since when garen escape spell everytime i play him with morello/frozen hearth he just ruin the frontlane and tank lot of spell spinning for too long Wait & see for more update but this mini game need more improvement before ranked
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