: Wow i fucking love this montage!
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: ***
Okay :) I'll download it tonight, I saved ur Words (I guess u meant "by") and will impliment it. You can delete ur posting now
: i blocked you :I
you can post it here and i copy ur text download it fast and let you know that u can delete the post i guess no one is in this Thread anymore
: where do you want me to give you the link and the message/cred text? the file is uploaded btw and i have the link ready to go
I tried to contact u in Skype are u still online?
: yeah.. i defenetly think this is a misunderstanding. from both of us! is there another site? as i do not understand that language, which will make it hard for me to know how to upload it? would really help xD
: well we wherent on the same page. because did you know what i wanted it to say? no you didint. so no we wherent on the same page. so you downloading it without me knowing that you would know what i wanted it to say got me scared. i can agree that i got scared. and i can also agree i acted "childish" or not good or whatever you wanna call it. but in my eyes i had reasons to do it. try seeing it from my perspective. because now i have seen it from yours.. i can agree the "i will report you" messages where really childish but it was in the heat of the movement if you understand? i should have told you that i was bussy(with midsummer/family) that was my bad. but saying i refused to give it back to you is false. i wanted to be sure that i would actually get cred in the description. that was all and i would give you permission to download it. you tell me to trust you. but how much can you trust a person that you never have talked to? and besides you met on the internet 3 days ago? ofc that applies the other way around trusting me too. i am new to uploading things so others could do it and thats why i said i didint know a way(as i am always the one downloading it) so you linking a site that wasnt super clear(as youtube is with its big "UPLOAD" button) i just didint have the time so i didint do it at that time. and then the celebrating continued until i went to sleep. so i couldnt upload it anyways.. next day i would upload it but before doing it just check with you what exactly it would say in the description. so we where on same page. because until now you didint know what i wanted it to say. you just knew i wanted it to say something. so we would talk about that and then i would give the download link for the video. what in reality happend was that we skipped the first part(where we would talk) and you just downloaded it. that scared me as i didnt know what would happen after that. so my first reaction was to put the clip on private as that was the only way of "protecting" it. honeslty i didnt even know you could download things from youtube. but now i know that! I am not mad at you. now when i see it from your perspective it looks clear. but from mine it wasnt. so i beg you to see it from mine. i wanna sort this out... if you are willing to do it too sorry for the wall off text. but i needed to write all this
I try to watch it from your perspective and maybe I didnt thought about the fact that u dont trust me completly at all after 3 days, so I can agree that the way I downloaded it (from my perspective with ur permission and even pleasure for the way I found) wasn't okay, i should have waited some days to let you think about this, I dont wanted to force u to anything. I realised it pretty late that we weren't on the same page so maybe this whole thing is just a misunderstanding and miscommunication. As I said I've found a profes. editor for my project and he'll work on it but maybe there is a possiblity to get ur work back on youtube and as much as I'll trust you that u didnt wanted to muck around with me I need you to trust me that I'll give you all cred. you want in the describ. just let me know what u wanted to say. You upload it on file-upload.net and I'll download it only with ur permission u'll give me and I make sure that where ever your montage will be uploaded that u get ur cred. in the describ with ur choosen words in it, if this is not the case you can contact anyone to take it down, but I'll guarantee you that this will not be the case. Send me ur wished message for the cred. and an upload link with your edited work, I'll stop accuse you of anything because i truly believe that this whole thing is a misunderstandig and we'll forget about this all, is this fine with you?
: hmm i completly understand you! learning a new champ is always hard and time consuming. I dont know what elo you are right now and i am to lazy to check that atm.. xD(sorry) but i nearly always look at what my oppenents buys and when i am trying out that champ i have a general idea of what i should i buy... another thing that can save you some time is checking sites before the game starts(sites like op.gg, lolskill,lolnexus) all these sites gives information about runes and masteries that every person is using. lets say you wanna learn Twisted fate. now if you face him you can take a quick look at what runes/masteries he is running.. this can save some time so you dont have to look it up later when you are gonna start playing him. these are the tips i have for now! message me if you want to talk about this further or even add me ingame if you would like! hope this helped atleast a little bit :3{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Not a trustworthy person!! Dont contact him ingame!
: hahaha xD u want me to believe you? but you dont believe me.. but sure. do that. i dont mind. i mean sorry for prioritizing my family over uploading the clip so you could download it... my bad. we never where on the same page
I did, I wasn't even angry that u dont found a way to upload it even though i showed you many ways, because you did an awesome work with my plays and I rly appreciated it, so when I downloaded it , from my perspective we were both happy about the way I was able to downloaded it for me there was no sign that u wouldnt be happy about this solution, so the instant "I'll report you" message was the point i stopped believe you anything thats it. We dont have to talk about it, as long u will watch youtube for any new thresh montages (hope to find my plays with ur edit) I'll watch ur movements here and I swear to god I'll make sure everyone will know it.
Spearki (EUW)
: nope idk wtf you did to that guy or what ever but you seem to be doing a lot of shady stuff orhm not to say anything i will leave things here
Maybe scam is the wrong word to descr. him but http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/streams-videos-en/cExrkUR8-im-looking-for-someone-with-montage-editing-skills?comment=000400000000 here u can read the whole conv. and why im upset about his behavior, yes he is a dhead :D I hope you dont get banned!
: for days? it was A day, not DAYS.. hold yourself to facts... and as i have said on and on. i know you would let me have anything i wanted. but did you ask what i did want? did you? no you didint. so how could you possibly know what you should write?
Let me get this straight, i send u 2 times ways to upload it and u didnt wanted even to responds to the ways, that was after u said u would send me the work if there was ANY way and there was one, so from my perspective it was totaly fine to downloaded it. I didnt even thought about stealing and stuff like that because I'm a honest person and for me this was a permission, the whole i'll put it fast private before u can download it from youtube, just showed me that u wanted to muck around with me, no obj. reason to say something like that, when we are on the same page. > The day before (You showed me the work): > > [24.06.2016 17:23:56] Hakanu: Wow > [24.06.2016 17:24:04] Hakanu: I think its awesome! :) > [24.06.2016 17:24:11] Alex *******: thanks :33 > [24.06.2016 17:26:21] Alex *******: so you are happy with how it turned out? ^^ > [24.06.2016 18:09:14] Hakanu: 100% > [24.06.2016 18:09:22] Hakanu: Its exactly > [24.06.2016 18:09:28] Hakanu: how i dreamed > [24.06.2016 18:09:30] Hakanu: about it :D > [24.06.2016 18:09:37] Alex *******: : Yey ^^ > [24.06.2016 18:10:12] **Hakanu: dont u want to but ur signutre into the montage?** > [24.06.2016 18:10:21] **Hakanu: put** > [24.06.2016 18:11:13] **Alex: : Nah :P** > [24.06.2016 18:12:10]** Alex : : Aslong as i get cred in the description** > [24.06.2016 18:13:25] **Hakanu: sure :) for me is all acceptable :)** > [24.06.2016 18:13:42]**Hakanu: thank you very much alex! Is theire anyway to download the file?** > [24.06.2016 18:15:23] **Alex: : I have no Idea how to make it downloadable 😂so if you give me a way, then yeah sure** > [24.06.2016 18:22:57]** Hakanu: yes** > [24.06.2016 18:22:59] **Hakanu: http://www.file-upload.net/** > [24.06.2016 18:23:10]** Hakanu: there** > [24.06.2016 18:23:15] **Hakanu: u can upload ur file** > [24.06.2016 19:00:01]** Alex: : What you gonna do with it?** > > After I explained to u that i found a way: > > [25.06.2016 01:26:11] Hakanu: Hey alex :) > [25.06.2016 11:59:39] Alex ******: Hello > [25.06.2016 11:59:47] Alex *******: I was asleep when you sent that > [25.06.2016 12:11:07] Hakanu: no problem :) > [25.06.2016 12:11:42] Hakanu: I'll try to download it > [25.06.2016 12:11:47] Hakanu: over youtube > [25.06.2016 12:11:56] Hakanu: i hope the quality will be the same :> > [25.06.2016 12:12:15] Alex *******: You cant download from youtube > [25.06.2016 12:12:23] Hakanu: no? > [25.06.2016 12:12:27] Alex *******: No? > [25.06.2016 12:12:42] Alex *******: How would you do that? > [25.06.2016 12:14:18] Hakanu: But what other way is possible? > [25.06.2016 12:14:57] Alex *******: Well you cant download it from youtube XD > [25.06.2016 12:16:26] Hakanu: You cant upload it for download? > [25.06.2016 12:16:34] Alex *******: noone can > [25.06.2016 12:16:43] Alex *******: you cant download anything from youtube > [25.06.2016 12:17:42] Hakanu: but u can upload it on file-upload.net so i can download it :) > [25.06.2016 12:19:06] Hakanu: ah it worked > [25.06.2016 12:20:11] Hakanu: I downloaded it from youtube > [25.06.2016 12:20:27] Alex *******: huh? > [25.06.2016 12:20:33] Alex *******: u cant download it > > > > [25.06.2016 12:22:53] Alex *******: you cant download clips from Youtube >_< > [25.06.2016 12:23:10] Hakanu: ofc :) > [25.06.2016 12:23:14] Alex *******: and besides > [25.06.2016 12:23:18] Alex ******* the video is private > [25.06.2016 12:23:24] Alex *******: so you shouldnt even have acces to it > [25.06.2016 12:23:47] Hakanu: But why would u do that? > [25.06.2016 12:24:01] Hakanu: anyway i have the montage :) > [25.06.2016 12:24:10] Alex *******: thats how i know you dont have the montage > [25.06.2016 12:24:14] Alex *******: because i made it private > [25.06.2016 12:24:50] Hakanu: ye u made it private > [25.06.2016 12:24:56] Hakanu: after i downloaded it > [25.06.2016 12:25:04] Alex *******: you know thats stealing right? > [25.06.2016 12:25:11] Alex *******: and i will report whoever upload it right? > So Alex dont muck around with me I swear to god ur reaction showed me that u are not a honest person, after that "I'll report you" I lost all my respect for you because till there i never thought u would be such a person u knew I wouldnt upload something without ur cred. in the descrip. and you should be happy i found a way to download it instead of saying ur going to report me. You wanted to mess around with me and I'll make sure that u will never be able to "help" here anyone without letting them know what kind of person u are.
: i refused to upload it? no i didint. if you check what day it was and from where i come from(sweden) it was midsummer so i couldnt upload it at that time.. but if spending time with my family is refusing to upload it then yeah sure. the thing is how would you know what i wanted in the description? you never asked for that? so before taking things that are my creation ask what i want for it. simple as that
As I say and said before you could have had what ever you wanted in the description and u aggred with me on that, you said if there would be any way to make it downloadable it wouldn't be a problem and u would let me download it, i send u sides to upload it and you simply refused it for days, after I let you know that i found a way u started simply to panic for no reason tried to take the video offline as fast as u could to dont let me get acces. I dont know the reason why u wanted to muck around with me but I dont even care u are a shitty person anyway, thats it. And I'll check ur postings day for day and let everyone know what u are.
: how where i scamming you? not giving you my edited montage? how is that scaming you? hahah xD, this is the definiton of a scam to deceive and take money from (someone) : to get (something, such as money) by deceiving someone when did i take your money? when did i ever take something from you that isnt yours? read up what your words mean before trying to accuse me of doing something i havent done. use your words right!
"a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle." I swear to god ur a dishonest person with a shitty personality and u tried to scam me lmao sadly for you i was smart enough to see through this :) and I'll make sure everyone will know about this
: scam? you where the one stealing from me xD not the other way around
Haha, you know that I would've cred u in the desc as u wanted u refused to uploaded it, so total scam guys never trust this guy!!!
: what if i am on EUNE? would that be a problem?
: I'm looking for someone with Montage editing skills!
Short update: "Lookbehindyu" wanted to scam me. I send him the montage and he said he would like to help me out, after he edited it and showed me the montage on youtube I asked him if he didnt wanted to put his name in the montage and he said quote:"Nah :PAslong as i get cred in the description" and i said ofc that is no problem. I asked him to upload the work so i could download it and let it be uploaded and he said quote:" I have no Idea how to make it downloadable 😂so if you give me a way, then yeah sure" i send him ways to upload it but he refused to. I didnt understood the reason so I told him that i can download it from youtube and i thought he would be okay with it because of his comments but said he will report me for stealing his content and stuff like that, I was a bit confused because I thought we would have an agrement for me it wasn relevant what he wanted as cred in the describ, but i guess he just wanted to troll me. Anyway guys take care. Screens of the conversation are saved.
Nogardz (EUW)
: Bro, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVs1wD4fF7I . There are several stupid stuff all the video, if you want stuff like that, i can give it a try.
: oh okey =) i am used to working in sony vegas 13. so yeah. i can prob help you out here =)
Do you think u can do something cool with it? :) That would be so awesome man!! Im so thankfull
: what type of editing do you look for? myself i have not done a montage but some amvs. maybe i can help you?
Well actually the structure of the montage is already there but I'm that type of guy who uses Fraps and Windowsmoviemaker (lol) and what i could need is a post editing i would like to have a montage with a more cinematic look and shakes in the montage to the hooks and maybe some writing in one scene. Its hard to explain but something like that would be awesome :) It would be nice! I'll upload my highlight and link it here in this thread so u can see what 've done so far :)
: I'm looking for someone with Montage editing skills!
Thank you very much :) my new montage is going to be 100% better
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: Thresh Montage Test Video [Feedback Pls]
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