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: That's what happens when you use flash on D. Thank you for the post, it put an end to the "Flash on D or F" argument! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Hey now, Faker himself said Flash should be on F. We can't be questioning our God now, can we?
: Do You Think Shaco is in a Healthy Place?
I actually think kit-wise Shaco is in a lot better place now than he used to be, though I would say he is a bit overtuned at the moment. Shaco has always been a great champion for making the enemy outplay themselves and his mini rework gives him even better options to do so, which is great, but I would say it's a bit too easy in his current state. Overall I'm pretty glad to see Shaco back in the game, though.
: Nerfing Presence of Mind would probally be the best way to start to fix this problem. If they for example would change it with the same system penta kills are calculated: > Source: The act of killing several champions within 10 seconds of each other (30 seconds to Penta Kill after a Quadra Kill if no enemy respawns). The following comments are shown: "Summoner" has slain "(slain name) Summoner" for a [...]!' * 12% of first takedown * 6% of 2th takedown * 6% of 3th takedown * 3% of 4th takedown * 12% of 5th takedown That would result in a total of 39% compaired to 50% we have now but the nerf would be even more drastic than than since time isn't static. So their could be arround 10 seconds between the first & the last takedown. So despite that first takedown might benefit more with it's 12%. That second takedown almost nullified that. Eventually that 12% of the 5th kill doesn't even matter anymore since by that time the cooldown is reduced with that to much is would nearly effect a second of it's cooldown.
Hmm, that is a very good point. I would wonder though what the effects would be on other champions utilizing Presence of Mind. Then again, as far as I can see it seems to be rather niche as a rune, catering to only a select few champions as a decent option, so it may actually not have that much of an impact on others. Overall though, this system you're theorizing does sound like something quite promising in trying to balance out Presence of Mind. It's an interesting point of thought. Thank you.
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: Unstoppable Force TARGET RANGE: 1000 EFFECT RADIUS: 300 Ground Slam EFFECT RADIUS: 200 Incinerate EFFECT RADIUS: 625 Summon: Tibbers TARGET RANGE: 600 / GLOBAL EFFECT RADIUS: 290 The extra 400 range is because Malphite ult can be actually dodged, because it is being executed with speed. Unlike annie's incinerate + tibbers combo. Additional low elo tips and tricks (based on your complains): 1) Do not fight in fog of war. Buy wards. 2) Annie stuns with less than 4. The usual combo is shield at 3 after Q cast, or shield-incinerate at 2. Now you know a lot more, and you have less to complain. Enjoy.
First off, if you think I made this post just to complain, that's fine, but that's not the case. No need to be so aggressive in trying to get your point home. Secondly: 1) Not fighting in fog of war is difficult when you're either the only one buying wards or the enemy team is clearing them effectively. In that case, you either risk it or the enemy takes everything from you if they know what they're doing. In either case, you lose. The case of Malphite flying onto you also isn't only applicable to fights in fog of war. My whole point was that he can actively zone anyone squishy enough away from vital parts of the map, because they have to respect it or be obliterated, vision or not. 2) I am well aware how people play Annie. I think everyone knows that they can easily chain up their abilities to stack up to 4 and get the stun out. Still, it leaves you with room to play around it, because you know for a fact they can't do this when at a low number of stacks and this gives you an opening. Also, on the topic of "Malphite's ult can be dodged" - I have stated many a time in this discussion that I'm well aware of that fact and that it's not that hard to do. The problem is the cooldown on his ult, which will be back up before any of your defensive options are off cooldown. The only way an Annie is suddenly jumping on top of you is if she flashes, which has the same cooldown as your Flash, meaning you can keep track of the timer and play around it. Meanwhile, Malphite doesn't need his Flash to get on top of you.
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: > [{quoted}](name=HookedOnAFeelin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZrG0Jr8x,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-10-14T15:48:46.665+0000) > > I wasn't talking about his ult actually hitting a team, I'm talking about a specific target. > I know how to play around his ult, I know not to stack up, and I can Flash or Zhonya's it if necessary. > > My point was that he has a point and click delete button that has a much shorter cooldown than anything you can use to defend yourself against it. > So if you're the only person on your team dealing damage, and he decides to ult you every 30 seconds, there is nothing you can do. > Your team is suddenly 4v5 and has almost no chance to win a fight if the enemy is not massively behind. When he ults he is vulnerable and since he is ap malph and not tank anyone can oneshot him.
Even if your team kills him in that situation, they would still have to deal with the actual carries on their team, while your team is left without one of their carries. If his team isn't behind, it's almost always worth for the Malphite in that situation.
: To be honnest, Malphite itself isn't the problem. I have been spamming him in normals every time I fill. And whenever I go top, mid or jungle he seems to performing very well. Still the longer the game goes the harder it becomes to succeed on him. His midgame is really bonkers but ones the enemy even has the slightest form of magic resistance if you don't pull off an 4-5 man ult the game is pratically over. Let's be real here. The issue is not the champion but the runes that can be provided for him. Whever offensive tree you go you have that cdr: Presence of Mind, Ultimate Hunter, Transcendence, Cosmic Insight their is so much free cdr in runes it's crazy abilities even have a cooldown. My favorite combo is Presence of Mind combined with Ultimate Hunter. Ones you have about 20% cdr worth of items their is no way you will ever have a situation where your ultimate isn't up. I would even go as far that increasing his ult cdr wouldn't even fix him problem & would just nerf tank Malphite even more. Hey Resolve is the only tree that doesn't provide any cdr. The issue I see with the runes right now is mainly Presence of Mind. That runes give you 10% reduced cooldown on every kill/assist. So basicly if you have a teamfight where where 4 are killed even if you lose that fight you just lost 40% of your ultimate cooldown. Combine this with Ultimate Hunter even if they don't subtrack you are talking about nearly a haf of it's cooldown refunded. So an ultimate with a 40 cooldown (calculating with the 25% of ultimate hunter & 20% of items leading to 45% on a 80s ultimate giving you 44s) now just got reduced by another 40%. Resulting into a near 26 seconds between casts. This means on average Malphite gains about 67,5‬% cooldown reduction on his ultimate with just 20% cdr from items... And this are cooldown numbers with just 20% cdr, imagin a fight where all 5 died.
You make a fair point; and that was also my main pet peeve with AP Malphite as it is mostly played: the cooldown. I would have no issue with him if his ult had a reasonable cooldown but the fact he can have it up every single fight and way before any defensive spells or items you might have used the last fight is ridiculous and very unfun to me.
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: Man, I ask everyone who decides to make a QQ post about ap malph the following question: What is the difference between getting hit by Malph R - Q - E and Annie R - Q - W ?
For one, Annie doesn't have a massive dash and actually requires to have 4 stacks in order for her abilities to stun; leaving you with more opportunities for counter play, as she can't simply fly out of fog of war and within ult range without flash. On top of that, the stacks on her passive give you a visual cue as to when you have to watch out for her abilities.
: if you're not the one lanning against malphite and he manages to get a lead and then you're left to deal with him then yeah you're going to have a bad time indeed It's still just cheese tho, the solution is to keep vision around as to be prepared to flash the malphite R if needed, cant' flash what you don't see coming so yeah You should also move around the map so that malphite can't just chase you around and position yourself behind your team so that he can't get to you Another thing that I've personally noticed about AP malphite, if they get fed they're gonna be taking every kill, and that's a double edged sword cause considering ap malphite is basically an assassin with no escape, if he just %%%%s up and someone flashes his R and he doesn't get the kill, he dies and then it's a 5v4 against their team that just lost their carry, even better if he was jungle cause then it's a free baron So basically, against AP malphite, imo, you do one of 3 main things : - deny him early and ruin his game - use fast reaction time to flash his R and deny his damage and pressure for objectives once you kill him - position safely to get him to use cooldowns on other allies preferably your frontline and turn on him (but that would realistically take either a pretty bad malphite or a really good frontline player on your team so i wouldn't really rely on this too much) At the end of the game, if you don't think you can win and things get out of control, ff, there's no need to get hooked up on a single game, losing a game won't stop you from climbing or getting better
Solid advice - and I'll take it to heart. I'm gonna have to play some more to see how I can play things out ideally. Anyways, thank you for taking your time and discussing this with me. Have a good day.
: Well you don't really **need** a jungler to shut down people early, it just makes things much easier, it can still be done in a 1v1 scenario tho depending on matchups And it's the same thing in the jungle, malphite cant' really duel anyone and ganks very poorly, if at all, pre 6 so putting pressure on his side of the jungle will give your team an early advantage too The biggest mistake you can do with these kinds of picks that need to start rolling before they can do anything is to just let them do what they want to do, so just go prod him with a stick and call him ugly
Yeah, you raise some good points. Still, especially on roles like ADC, I'd say it's awfully hard to have any viable options to bully out the Malphite top/jungle, leaving you to rely on your team to do it for you, mostly. I suppose I can do my best to convince one or two people to do their best to counter him early, but if that's your only option in such a situation it just doesn't feel right. Now, it is likely my rank and skill level have something to do with my view on this, so I will take your point to heart and see if I can find a way to make it work for me.
: > [{quoted}](name=HookedOnAFeelin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZrG0Jr8x,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-14T00:18:33.786+0000) > > Can we, honestly? Yes, we can learn to play. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Ah, yes, this is the response I was expecting. Of course, it's very easy to just tell people "learn to play", and it is your good right to do so. Alas it does nothing to better the situation and keeps us from actually discussing the topic with mutual respect.
: Riots deliberately overinflated his AP ratios over half a year timespan while leaving tank malphite where he was. That only means they intended Malphite to become point and click delete machine. So have fun buying banshees and hexdrinker and watching him oneshotting someone who haven't buy magic resistance yet.
My theory is that Riot is just glad to have Malphite finally see some play this way, since they don't know what to do with him as a tank or a champion in general.
Erentros (EUW)
: Mid late game huh? Bait him out then zhonya his r and the massacre him with the help of your team. Literally the easiest way to counter malphite is to just not be too close to each other. git gud oof
I wasn't talking about his ult actually hitting a team, I'm talking about a specific target. I know how to play around his ult, I know not to stack up, and I can Flash or Zhonya's it if necessary. My point was that he has a point and click delete button that has a much shorter cooldown than anything you can use to defend yourself against it. So if you're the only person on your team dealing damage, and he decides to ult you every 30 seconds, there is nothing you can do. Your team is suddenly 4v5 and has almost no chance to win a fight if the enemy is not massively behind.
: AP malphite can only delete people if he gets a lead, the fact that he's also immobile makes him a pretty easy target to shut down early in the game Just get your jungler to camp the malphite and he'll fall off hard and since he's not tanky he'll become somewhat useless come midgame imo
That is a fair point, although I am of the opinion that having to rely on the jungler to camp one specific lane is not ideal for the rest of the game. Then again, this is true for other champions that do require to be shut down early. On another note, I do see Malphite jungle more often than top lane, which even though it removes the laning issues - causes many other issues for him as a weaker jungler. Once again though, to capitalize on this, you require people to be aggressive and try to shut him down, which leaves you with the same high variance issue as before.
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: Watch and Learn mission bugged?
I've had this issue before, though not with MSI games. The system is quite bugged and has its hiccups. I'd wait for a bit and see if maybe it still updates. If not, you can contact Riot support like I did. They will check to see if you did meet the mission requirements and complete them for you manually.


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