Dreugan (EUW)
: I think you're a little bit salty....I mean..it not like anyone else has to suffer through that at all(!) oh no(!) I once played a game as karthus where pretty much my entire team fed the enemy...only, me and my premade were having none of it. I started to get some farm and the enemy would leave me alone cause I couldn't do anything to hurt them(and also I was protecting the base so the game wouldn't end too early)...my premade was dealing pure physical damage and doing some decent damage, so they were building armour...they forgot about MR tho. 1 hour into the game I had enough money to buy some good items{{item:3165}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3089}} ...u get the picture (up to that point I only had{{item:3040}} .) I press R and they all die. we still lost but the satisfaction of getting a penta and having 72 seconds to take most of their base was worth it..if only I had lived another 10 seconds I could have repeated the ordeal. sorry about story time(!)
Yes I have these games CONSTANTLY. But that's because I don't surrender when I'm on a hard-scaling team with actual win-conditions. But if you have the early-game champions, but your early game went 0-20, then what? You scale? They scale harder, and faster. I'm not some idiot who can't see beyond score and identify win-conditions. There is just some games you cannot win, simply due champions, team composition and how the first 15-20min went. However most of those don't get surrendered because people simply are griefing and want to make you suffer for as long as they can.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: there is a huge difference between surrendering because your team tried everything but cant win and starting a surrender vote because YOU think you cant win... if you just give up because you dont want to "waste" your time then YOU are the one wasting 4 other players time
And there is a huge difference between voting "no" because you think you can win and want to try your best and voting "no" while trolling for the sole purpose of holding others in the game for longer. Aka griefing. But I guess in low elo normal games people are too nice for that so you never encountered that behavior.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i would never want a player like you in my games, like EVER, why do you join a game if you dont want to finish? why do you surrender? just today we had a game where our toplaner bought 5 {{item:1006}} and run down top, while on botlane we farmed with kaisa and im with ashe support, after 10 mins of our top trolling the enemy started it too, they wanted to give him a penta, but i always stole a few kills with ult and kaisa was there to feast too, now here comes the funny part we actually started to win, we started to take towers, we got 2 inhibs etc, i started to solo elder dragon too, and if it wasnt for that toxic feeding toplaner who told the enemy that im doing dragon we couldve win, even tho our toplaner did nothing but dieing and our jungler and mid having no impact on the game and what can you do if the enemy dont want to finish? practice your farming skills etc spend the time doing something so it wont be boring
You don't even know me. I would never want to play with a judgemental narcissistic masochist like you either. You're probably racist and sexist given how easily you jump to conclusions and condemn people. Boring? Boring would be fine. I wouldn't AFK if it was merely boring. It's causing physical and mental distress and no account is worth that.
: I have the urge for an option for the forum where I could add players to a blacklist for my games, right after reading a post like this. Are you aware that scientist have proven on a long-term study that perseverance is the main skill that differs successful people from " the rest " ?
Yeah and are you aware that scientists have proven on a long-term study that overcoming loss-aversion is the main skill that distinguishes successful people from "the rest"? I would LOVE to hold you hostage for 20min in one of my games, just to show you that I'm right.
: won worse than that {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} But not with people like you
Yeah, because there is a tiny tiny chance you win. So of 100 of these suffering games you will win 1 or 2. And that's the justification to make other people suffer the other 98-99 times. That's holding them hostage. But since the league community is all about "never surrender" - guess im going to do the same now. Have fun, play wacky shit botlane, lose, and vote no on every surrender vote. And if it takes 40min until we lost, so be it.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Just play. Also the enemy not ending for 20 minutes without giving you any opportunity to try and get a win practically never ever happens. In this case i guess you're just a case of "Oh no enemy took a second turret GG GAME OVER"
Nice assumptions there mate, get a downvote. No, I'm talking 15k gold difference 0-30 games. Enemies want to have fun since they won anyway and even if they lose 2-3 teamfights they will still be in the lead. And due to saltiness and tilt own team refuses to surrender. Or maybe due to the western BS attitude of wasting time and suffering.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Do your best to win the game, if you're getting banned for dying in the process, you can always appeal the ban if your intentions were to win.
But that is not even "no fun" that is literally suffering. I don't intentionally suffer. I don't downvote, because that's like your opinion and all - but for me that is literally the worst option. I rather risk punishment than suffer through a already lost game, trying to have an impact. As ADC player (especially scaling ones) my champs are utterly useless early anyway and if behind even more so. It feels like playing a level one teemo against a full build pantheon.
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