No neck (EUW)
: Persistant fps problems after patch 8.1
Same goes for me. Been playing on very high ever since the start of the game. Stable 144 fps cap, and never had any problems occuring with fps drops. Since this patch my fps has started to drop like crazy, spiking from 144 down to 40 every few seconds. It's gotten so bad that I'm not able to play league anymore unless it gets fixed. But we'll see what'll happen :)
Dula Peep (EUW)
: won 2 games of clash tournament but still stuck in queue
Played Beta tournament as well. Won both games and gained 780 victory points. Queue just vanished after being there for a few more minutes, so that's a good sign? Anyway, other than that the brackets are still bugged, showing only the first game. And not even that one being played, just that that game has to start. Though gg for winning the games! :P
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: Hey folks, After the recent issues with the EUW platform (not only the latency issues but also the login queue and disconnects) we have turned down one of our links with a major provider that we believe is not functioning properly. We are still trying to check if that link was also related to the latency problems, has the latency stabilized for you?
I'm trying it out in a custom game atm. The lagg is less but still major for gameplay. Cooldowns showing not in time, abilities not functioning at 100% and creeps lagg dying 1-5 decisec too late :/. I'd say it isn't fixed yet tho it feels kinda less.
Huskekage (EUW)
: Wtf is this, i've been lagging since the game started, and took me over 2 min to kill grump..-.- i hope this does not count as a loss..
I just finished my game, 5 ppl dc. 2 in our team in the game, but can't do shit. Other team 2 members tryharding af. Still got a defeat, no loss prevented :/


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