: Qiyana story makes her look even worse
The champion and the lore are both based on we was kings and wakanda. Period. Fix it.
: PERMABANNED FOR PRIVATE CHAT - Update and conclusion
This is getting so much attention yet no one of Riot Games is responding. What is wrong with this small indie company? Racism, sexism and now this? Different standards for punishing players? Are you still living in the iron century and acting like a tribal organisation? Holy %%%%
Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: What about Nvidia GeforceExperience (which would run at start up)? .. or similar for other card makers.
Closed it too when I restarded my pc. I closed everything but league still happens. I tried two games now and it's fine, so they prob have fixed this bug
Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: Are you guys using discord and/or Nvidia software? Try playing with those closed.
We were using discord and got kicked and same time. We did reboot all our pcs/laptops and opened only league, yet got same problem, and screen even froze
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: what does BTW mean in your sentence ? it cant be "By the way" cause it does not make logical sense for i to be there.
It's an actual joke on twitch. When there is a bug or a problem caused by riot, the chat spams a small indie company btw
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