: it says in game in top right corner you won't be able to play until the game is over
Yea, thats the problem. Thank you for stating the obvious ....
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: Well that is a new one, last time I heard there was no such policy. Could you perhaps point out the source?
It is no policy, he never said it is one. We are all humans, so showing rito that he is friendly now may get his acc back. But i dont think it will. It worked for Tyler1, because he was a streamer bla bla bla. But for a nobody its like 0.000000001% chance to unban an PERMABANED acc.
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: > im waiting for nothing, This.
Well, i just got in to a game. 30 mins que. But i got in to a game. (lets hope i dont loose in 10 mins)
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