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: They should remove bans completely. People should focus on learning how to play against certain champs, not to remove them. You dont hide problems, you deal with them.
Except some champs have very little counterplay in the current meta. Riot can't balance everything perfectly.
: After working my way back to plat, i am sad. every game is the same. (come, ridicule my salt)
Very familiar. I'm also in Plat and people there seem to grossly overestimate their capabilities. Suicidal ganks, people who keep trading with a 2-0 Zed, ADC who gets caught alone because his support is warding - the list goes on. A lot of negativity comes from people being unwilling to admit their mistakes: the midlaner won't admit he screwed up and died 1v1 so instead it's someone elses fault, and he keeps dying because "X is broken" or "no ganks lmao". Nobody wards. Nobody pays attention to roams (this one is especially frustrating, I laned vs. Katarina the other day and I frantically pinged her roams, but of course the top + jungler still dive when she's missing). Plat is... the new Silver I?
Dromaius (EUW)
: Hm, this definitely would confirm the congested port theory. :-( Essentially, too much traffic is forced down there and it just results in poor experience for you guys. Their webcare team responded to one of our contact attempts and supposedly let their network operation center know that we were reaching out to help fix it. ... As of now however, they have not come back to us with anything.
Wow, Ziggo is a pretty class act for not even replying to a company looking to resolve an issue.
: Fuck this
Same here. Can visit webpages fine, downloads are fine. Just LoL that doesn't work anymore.
Montagon (EUNE)
: Permabanned
I don't think you ever get permabanned for leaving/dcing from games, especially if you haven't had previous 24/72 hour bans or something like that. You should have an email explaining it, though.
: Random DC's
Same, some of my friends have it and we all live in the Netherlands with Ziggo as our provider. Do you have the same by any chance?
: are you Dutch? is your provider ziggo?
Same. But my internet works for fine for webpages/downloads etc. It's only League that fails.
: > [{quoted}](name=DiscoMeerkoetje,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NhEy9jWM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-05T14:28:14.715+0000) > > People in LCS have excellent communication so 1) a jungle gank will be much more succesful and 2) Zed will have a lot less chance to get kills by roaming if the mid plays super safe. They dont need communication to lane against something. Its not like someone is telling them on headphones, dodge now, move left, go right.
No, but as you can read above it makes laning against Zed considerably easier to have good communication with your team, because you can hug tower and not have your team feed because of roams/bad jungle ganks.
Mr Anonym (EUNE)
: I never lost as Lux vs Zed :) u just have to calculate your spells, thats all, every champ is good vs zed..its all about math,.. :)
Uhuh, and what rating was that if I may ask? :P
Îrelîa (EUW)
: lulu is good vs zed, its hard for him to kill you. Diana is also good and u can kill him
Yeah I figured Lulu but most of the time he just blasts through the shield/ult anyway, especially with ignite/cutlass. Diana might be a solid idea!
314exeexe (EUNE)
: Lack of communication is just a a poor excuse
Okay, well, if you're such a fountain of wisdom why don't you contribute something useful? What's a good tip for laning vs. Zed as a squishy mage?
314exeexe (EUNE)
: Watch how they do in LCS
People in LCS have excellent communication so 1) a jungle gank will be much more succesful and 2) Zed will have a lot less chance to get kills by roaming if the mid plays super safe.
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: > Her hitboxes are absurd to be honest, I have rarely been struck by one of her tentacles. Also, damage is practically all Illaoi has. What they'd have to give her if the nerfed her damage is some form of compensation, such as CC and/or mobility, at which point she stops being a Juggernaut and starts being a high damage tank.
> [{quoted}](name=The7thSeal,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=voF9xNeP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-31T21:54:35.268+0000) > stops being a Juggernaut and starts being a high damage tank. Well, that's basically what thrives in Top lane right now, isn't it? Champs like Poppy or Fiora who will for some reason absorb insane amounts of damage while dishing out the damage of a full-fledged carry. It makes sense that if they want their newest champ to be played she'd need the same kind of "cover-all" skillset.
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: How to deal with Jax?
Play Darius or Fiora. Bait E. Autowin.
: "pick normal top laners"
What he meant was, pick Fiora, Tahm Kench, Graves or Poppy so we have a free win. At least that's what Riot seems to want.
: Tahm Kench - The disgusting secret juggernaut
Very true. Tahm is a dumb champ with almost no real counterplay. Riot wants a game where player decision, insight and reaction time ("skill") are the biggest factors in victory but Tahm Kench is the exact opposite of that philosophy - the only "good" decision you can make is picking him & then steamrolling every lane with mininal effort and surviving everything despite making plenty of mistakes. Tahm is a champ that Silver V players pick to survive a lane against a Diamond player.
: I dont need to improve myself, rank is just a symbol, players like you that are just toxic to low elo, because you are higher doesnt mean you have more knowledge.
Being higher rated doesn't mean having more knowledge? How does that even make sense? Being higher rated means you're better at the game - in other words, have more intimiate knowledge of it. And how is disagreeing with you toxic? You seem to have a very warped view of things, so I'll just leave you to your discussion. Whether or not the game is balanced is a point of debate, no doubt, but you are clearly unfit to give an informed opinion on it.
: High rating players dont complain.
Low rated players like you should focus on improving themselves, not lecturing others.
Vzsasz (EUW)
: Hes silver 5
Figured as much. It's fine if you have an opinion on the game, but if you claim to have the ultimate wisdom when it comes to balance and you can't even make it to Gold I won't take you seriously, sorry.
: So you are high elo, and cant understand the few champs that are different are part of mobas? Impossible to get perfect balance, but there are ways to counter it.
I never said anything like that. All I did was ask your rating, but judging by the fact you're afraid to tell us I can't take you seriously. You claim to have a superior understanding of the game yet can't even manage to get high rating? How can you understand true balance if you've never taken part in high-rated gameplay?
: I know what mobas are, and thats not possible to get perfect balance, but there are ways to counter it.
answer the question.
: League of Legends is Balanced
What rating are you then, that you have such a deep understanding of the game that we all seem to lack?
NiuLogic (EUW)
: When are you going to take counter picks ?
What _really_ counter Tahm though? You may pick something that can survive against him in lane but Tahm will never have a hard or impossible lane against anything. Plus if you pick something specifically against him in lane you risk gimping your teamfighting utility which - unfortunately - Tahm also excels at.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheHauntedLog,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=2ABVhPEN,comment-id=000300010000000100000000,timestamp=2016-01-08T15:55:46.767+0000) > >i'm a psychiatrist :p You're telling me, that you went and studied a science in university for 4 years, went on to medical school for 5, got your doctorate, chose to specialise in psychiatry, eventually got licensed... and you still play this game? Forgive me for doubting you, but I highly doubt you are a psychologist, let alone a psychiatrist. And even if you are, how would you even have the time for games like this? To my mind, a doctor of any kind, PD, MD or otherwise, would ordinarily have higher priorities with which they are obligated to spend their time.
Why not? I went to law school and play this. Even if you have a degree that requires a large amount of time or dedication you can still like to "wind down" with videogames. And LoL is a great way to spend time with friends online, friends you would otherwise have less time to see, especially if you have a busy job. Don't assume everyone who plays this game is a high school kid just because they are the most vocal ones.
Gajoob (EUW)
: ***
Well said. While we should obviously be cautious when dealing with such a sensitive subject I also got the feeling this was a really vague story. Why not share concrete details? If you really are depressed you have my sympathy, but I don't see why you'd dodge around the questions. If you just have the blues and want attention--well, that's lame.
: Azir...And Zed
I don't know any specific strategies because I never play Azir, but I know most squishy champs in mid have a really hard time against Zed right now. With the new masteries and items Zed can 1-shot almost anything without even really trying. There is a trend of building tankier items in mid (Rylais, Rod of Ages) which might help but frankly even with those items Zed with Thunderlord and Yoomuu's will just oneshot you. Hopefully it will get adjusted a bit before preseason ends.
: Lets Talk Rengar
They should just remove him. Rengar's only role in the game seems to be so Gold V Rengar mains can oneshot every squishy by bashing their foreheads on the keyboard to feel good about themselves.
: What type of champions do you hate to face the most ?
Zed, because with the current masteries/items he just 1shots everything with 0 skill involved. Ditto for Rengar.
Glazebone (EUW)
: Can I buy LP?
I doubt it only has to do with MMR. I've been Diamond for a long time now, and I've risen from Diamond 5 to Diamond 3 over the past month. I've had a point in the past 2 weeks where I had an 80% winrate over my last 20 games. In total, my ranked winrate this season has never dropped below 50% and my current total winrate is 57%. Explain to me why, ever since I became Diamond, I have consistently gained 12-15 LP per win and lost 22-25 for every loss. I've had winstreaks of 7-8 games in a row where my LP gain didn't change one bit.
: I have a ranked problem...
Push turrets if you have the right champs for it, and if the enemy team comp allows it (no Ziggs on enemy team, for example). Otherwise take every objective you can; Dragon, Baron, inner towers, their blue/red buffs etc. This will either force them to come out and contest, which will give you the chance to ace them, or they will fall more and more behind while you gain 5Drake/Baron buff. Once you have either or both of those, you can basically freepush and/or dive because your minions and your champs will be too strong for them to fight, even under tower. It's very easy, even at higher ratings, to bait the enemy team out of their base by denying them vision of Drake/Baron and trapping them in a bush.
: League of ResidentSleeper
I'm just super excited to see Darius in every. single. game. He's such a great, versatile champ and incredibly fun to watch. I just wish there was more Lulu mid, Gragas/Elise jungle and Trist/Kalista/Alistar bot.
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Sdars (EUW)
: "I don't want to have to resort to picking Darius or Garen in a normal game - that's just pathetic. Is that truly the only way to counterplay her?" A good Fiora will beat those, as they're so reliant on their ults, which can be parried.
Well I'm really out of ideas as to what can safely lane against her. Gnar, maybe? Tried lissandra, it's okay-ish except one mistake can result in insta-death and the chances of killing her are pretty low.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Try pizza
More like Ben & Jerry's and a blanket to recover from the emotional damage
: shes not always perma banned XD idk wut league r u but they trick is all with fiora Q dashes if u can get a gold of them and react faster u can start winning against u only know how she is playing by tht i dt mean fiora i mean the player wht is his steps his play style once u figure it u can easily counter
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: Countering new Fiora
Same here. Every melee seems to get absolutely destroyed by her, especially after she gets ult. 0 risk, 0 skill all-in from which you can't escape because of her dashes and insane run speed. Can't think of any real counterplay, except maybe Darius.. but honestly, who wants to resort to playing that... I play this game for fun - when the only things that counter her are Garen and Darius, I give up :-P
: Never rely on counter picks, they can be inconsistent and can lull you into a false sense of security. And you might end up on a champion you just can't play. You will always have more success on a champion that you enjoy than ones that are 'strong' or are 'counter picks'. So just stick with the ones you are using now and just learn the matchup and find out how you can over come them. That's the best way to do it.
Well I agree it's better to play something you like and are good on instead of relying on counterpicks. But I'm at a loss how to win lane against any of those champs; it's not so much a matter of counterpicking them as it is one of "what can at least not get wrecked in lane by them?"
: New kennen skin....
Kennen.. oh god, I remember I liked playing him a lot. But now, in the current meta with tanks & "Juggernauts" at Top every game he just feels completely useless. A skin for him would be cool but it'd quite a waste of resources if you ask me. On the other hand, Yi is getting another skin for some reason.. we all know he needs one.
: Why is ADC so unwanted!?
It can be quite boring; if you are paired with a rookie/bad support you're basically doomed to farm or die. Also, I myself find the playstyle on most adc's too similar to entertain for long. Kalista is of course very different but to me, playing Graves/Cait/Lucian/Ashe all feels like slight variations in mobility/utility while keeping the same basic playstyle. At least in Mid or Jungle you can switch things up drastically. (Top Lane atm is just a total snorefest with tanks & "Juggernauts" facerolling everything outside the meta).
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Rumble Ball (EUNE)
: No loss prevented wtf ?
Same here, seems like a pretty big oversight on Riot's side - just lost a game because our toplaner couldn't play with 5k ping. No loss prevented either, despite this issue being known to riot. Bad service.
: How about disabling ranked and enabling it when it's fixed?
I agree, just lost 24 LP because my toplaner could not play (5000 ping) and we did not get loss prevented. Thanks for paying attention, Riot!
Watermeat (EUW)
: I posted this in another thread that I can't find on the front page, so here you go: > LP gains and losses are 'weighted' over several factors, both for individual players, and for specific games. > > Individually: > All players have a physical, ACTUAL rank where they are, so in your situation, it would be silver 1. > They ALSO have a hidden MMR, which checks where it thinks you SHOULD be. This changes game by game depending on if you win or lose. > Your LP gains and losses are weighted so that you move closer to your MMR, either by making it harder to gain LP, or by giving you bonus LP. > This is why LP gains/losses can vary greatly between different players of the same rank. > High MMR can also make you skip promos or even divisions to get closer to your MMR level, and low MMR can make you drop ranks. > > Each game: > Matchmaking doesn't try to find a game that's 50/50 chance of winning. It'll try to pick a game that has SOMEWHAT CLOSE ODDS. This is done by measuring MMR, but I don't know if the 'visible rank' is also taken into consideration. > It will still take a 'guess' over who's more likely to win, and will weight LP and MMR gains/losses towards that outcome. > e.g. if it expects blue team to win, they'll gain less LP for a win and lose more for a loss than red team will, which is balanced because they're statistically more likely to win. > This is why LP gains/losses can fluctuate in a game by game basis for a single player. > > IN SHORT: > Wins and losses effect both MMR and LP gains/losses, and MMR also effects LP gains/losses too. LP gains/losses are also effected by MATCHMAKING too. Adding in duo queues to keep it relevant: Duoing takes the 'midpoint' between your MMRs and gives you a game between them. e.g. a 1600 MMR and a 1400 MMR player duo, they'll play vs 1500 MMR players. They MIGHT also 'boost' the joint MMRs very slightly to give you a minorly harder game to balance out the bonus synergy/communication etc. but I'm not 100% sure about that. e.g. above players playing vs 1550 MMR players instead or something. Because of this, the player with a 'higher' MMR will be playing with and vs players with a lower MMR than them, so their MMR and LP gains/losses will be a lot more punishing, due to them having an 'easier' game. Their partner, however, will benefit from HIGHER MMR and LP gains and lower losses, seeing as they're playing above their skill level. If you've been duoing with someone who is (or even used to be) a lower MMR or league than you, then that could explain your harsh LP gains/losses. Conversely, if you were duoing with someone HIGHER than you, you might have been climbing leagues faster than your MMR was, meaning that now your MMR needs a long time to catch up with your league. Also, and this one can be sort of weird to understand and even weirder to explain: When you reach your 'true' MMR, as in, where you absolutely 100% deserve to be, your winrate converges closer to 50%, because obviously, if you belong there, you will win and lose 50% of your games. This looks like it's happening to you, since your winrate's gone from 60% to 54%. Either you've reached your 'true' MMR, or you're actually PAST it, and you're actually losing MORE than 50% of your games (but your 'earlier' winrate is evening it out, if that makes sense?) It's possible that your 'true' MMR is somewhere around plat 1 - dia 5, so the system is hesitant to let you climb higher, especially seeing as the 5th tiers of each league are often the most populous ones. Hope this helps!
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I guess it could be a case of my MMR "evening out", as you say, but I have to admit that gaining 13-14 LP per win and seeing myself constantly drop back to 0 LP despite winning about 50% of my games is very frustrating. Frankly, it's sucking a lot of fun out of the game (that and the increasingly toxic community, but that's a different story). I just find it strange that I'm now apparently at Plat I MMR (had a bit of a losing streak) - i'm getting queued with only Plat I / II - but still gain so little LP and lose 25 for each match. Very, very frustrating. I feel like I'm being punished very harshly despite never having performed below my current rating. It feels like things are now in a bit of a negative spiral, with me being unable to climb, getting more frustrated, more easily burnt out with the game and thus performing worse for it.
JustChocho (EUNE)
: 999ping loading screen 1000-10000 ping in-game.
What I don't understand is when this issue is even acknowledged by Riot we don't get a loss prevented in our ranked game just now. -24 LP because our toplaner had 5000 ping.
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