: [CLIENT] Reconnecting loop after login
same problem here, and riot does not want to help, it takes forever to at least just get a response back that they acknowledged the problem
Bæka (EUW)
: Okay, so obviously many smurfs and just genuinely new (bad) players play bot games to level up or just because they can't play anything else. I suggest you try to get a premade team and play some bot games. This way other experienced players can help your friend and you won't get troll / afk teams and you can communicate in not tryharding and going heal/shield supports to help your friend. Though playing normal games will definitely help, you should have some basic knowledge (unless you are playing with 5 premade) because other players WILL abuse your friend to get fed. As a beginner, playing against experienced players can be very frustrating because you don't understand the champions, runes and items. When I explain League to someone else I actually try to make a small list of important points and explain every point such as Objectives, Champions and Runes. You shouldn't give your friend TOO MUCH information because it can be confusing. You shouldn't explain him things like meta, skins etc, because they are not important when you are a beginner. Just mentioning Champions can look differently because of skins (that do not influence gameplay) is enough. When I first played League I actually didn't have a clue what I was doing. I just followed my premades calls (they told me what to buy and when to attack turret or drake). It also depends on the knowledge your friend already has (farming, playing safe etc.) Just focus on the basics. Getting smashed by high level players (or players that are 2 elo's higher) is never fun.
Thanks for input, I understand what you saying, just one question I still want to confirm wich account of mine must I use to team up with him preferable? High level, or same level as him?
: At the end of the day you need to ask yourself WHAT you are trying to teach your friend. If you are trying to teach him how the meta works and how matches work in ranked then you are better off getting him into normal draft matches asap. However, in my opinion in the early stages it's more important just to get a feel for the controls and the different champions without worrying too much about how the matches are "supposed" to be played out.
Cool, and what about leaving him alone, having change lanes as a support and he ends up dying like 13 times cause he is alone, and if I don't change lanes, we just loose towers for no reason? Do you think team mates we match with should be more consistent if I use my original profile? Cause yesterday 5 out of 5 games vs easy ai, people just leave their lanes.. Is there a possibility if we pick intermediate AI that more consisttant players could also join?
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