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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Incoming massive Graves buff
Q Ren (EUW)
: Xayah
No I have only seen one Xayah in a same game where I was. She wasnt a champion, who won the game for us, Heca and Kassadin were more terrifying than she ever were. Conclusion: not op
: Don't pick key fragment.
Because they are somewhat less frequent to drop, if not played with premades. Honestly, I dont much care about them, because I only play Urgot and dont pay attention, if I got a fragment or not. I have 20 keys laying around unused and that number will keep on growing.
: Eh dont worry, plat is way worse.
Im Gold 4 Urgot main , but im willing to bet that Plat 1-Diamond 5 is the most toxic elo
HellBlood (EUNE)
: inb4 RIOT GAMES GETS shut down
: RIOT - You ruined URF!
These tears, theyre salty. Taste is good, mmmmm. If you want to play your champ in urf, reroll. If that doesnt work, dodge and get penalties untill you get that one game ;))
Chronabis (EUNE)
: Proposed Aatrox changes
So how would you fix Aatrox's problems? Any changes that could make him balanced?
: [Champion Suggestion] Karthus W: Jaw's of Death
: But there are no tanks who are ranged... Rito: JUST WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAMPION! Me: Ranged Melee Bruiser Tank Assassin jungler top lane carry.
Urgot and Thresh were classified as "Tank/Marksman" and "Support/Tank" respectively at one point.
: What is your biggest achievement/fail of last season
I got two pentakills with Urgot and Yorick
OlmiLux (EUW)
: She was bad. A good camile is stupidly broken. You just won't kill her, she has 4 flashes on her kit.
I can and had solo(ed) a Camille as Urgot
: is camille getting nerfed anytime soon?
She snowballs hard early but doesnt, if you dont die to her early. She is designed to be a 1v1 champion, so keep that in mind. Kinda like Pantheon. I think shes fine atm (I dont see her often in blind picks). I had a great success against a Camille as Urgot (since, you know, 15% Damage reduction from his passive helps). You have to prepare and Counter pick Camille. I saw AP Panth destroying her tho she was lagging with around 170 ms.
Eambo (EUW)
: "New Year New Me" Giveaway! [Entries Closed]
I have had three mains during the almost 3 years of playing, but Im going to go with Urgot, the first main of mine. When I was learning to play LoL, I had relatively small champion pool. The first champion I owned was Cho Gath, Lux was the champion that got me interested in the game, my first skin was Heartseeker Ashe and I played the first game ever as Garen. But Urgot is my first main. His ugliness, the voice lines, abilities. They made a weirdly passionate feeling to me, like it wanted me to slaughter the lane opponent and fill them with fear. It feels satisfying to land E on an enemy and hit them with 2-3 Acid Hunters. Thought having trouble to learn his unique playstyle, I still wanted to learn more about the cyborg zombie. I took him many times into the roles of Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC and even Support. The champion I would want to learn is Rumble. I tried him during OFA games and he was quite fun to play. He has a mech, which interests me always. (Thought I might return back to playing alot of Urgot, because Im addicted at this point into his overall design and gameplay) Other two mains were Taric (since early 2015) and Yorick (since late 2015)
: Beta client re downloads its updates, when the legacy client crashes or is closed during a game
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: there are tons of examples, first they removed clarity{{summoner:13}} because they did not think players should use that spell on summoner rift, and allow it on other maps. Thats just one example ... there are many.
Because if champions, whose counterplay was running out of mana quickly (Galio, old Ryze, Urgot, old Yorick, old Poppy) were allowed to gain mana back with just one click, it wouldve been a problem. Give me another reason, the one you presented doesnt add up.
: actually riot decide how the game is played ... so yeah, they decide for you.
Give me an example of Riot saying 'you play only this here'.
: Stop playing this game, it's worthless Last time I checked, no one decides what games other people play. If they do decide, then theyre assholes. I play this game because I like it. Other people have their reasons
Hìjaal (EUW)
: Why this double standard to racism?
Apparently you only care about race. You live in a black and white colours, because you have learned that race is the important piece of a fictional character, not their lore or personality. Thus you only value the pigment. Race baiter,
: My ONE problem with Yorick (fix please)
Eh. I play Yorick too (since the mid/late season 5) and that isnt my biggest concern about his ult. I personally have a problem that the Maiden prevents me from using the shop like any other champion could. If I buy something accidentally and Maiden does damage to someone, I cant refund the item. Same with the scuttler speedboost in the river. I dont benefit from it, if Maiden deals damage to anyone in the opposite side of the map.
Wen294 (EUW)
: because every midlaner picks a melee dueler.
Im talking about top lane yasuo more specifically. Atm, Yasuos Winrates are - 48,73% (Mid) and 51,02% (Top) I wreck anyone with Yorick (he destroys Yasuos in the laning phase) and he has 51,44% winrate. Its a skill matchup, unless you have a bullshit champion as your 'Yasuo counter'. Then you can just go and faceroll the fights. Dont let the guy to farm, punish him 24/7. Make him suffer.
M4ndrake (EUW)
: Can we bloody nerf Yasou
I dont have any problems when going against him. Sure, he is popular pick, but not super strong. Easy to deal with, when you have picked a melee dueler.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Ever wonder why the bots in Coop vs AI always play duo top? #BECAUSE THE JUNGLER ROLE DID NOT EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE EITHER!
And coding a bot to farm jungle would hard. Right?
Damiel (EUW)
: Rylais's really that OP right now?
It suddenly became the core item for every Mage, even tho it was supposed to be an utility item. Perma slow isnt nice at all, when youre against a Brand/Azir/Swain/Putin/Kennen etc.
duckarp (EUNE)
: It's not present in ALL other games though. Take Overwatch for instance. People there actually like to play the support role and even recognize it after the match by upvoting the supports if they did well. In OW you're not forced into a passive role, but you actively participate in killing the enemy and no one abuses you for it. You are an active element in the team. I think it's possible to have a support role in LoL that would be more entertaining for a bigger number of players. I'm just not sure if Riot is willing to rework the game to that extent it would be an actual thing.
True that. OWs characters are enjoyable and interesting.
Eveninn (EUW)
: In a dark room plants die. In a lit room not. .-. Light is enrgy, darkness is the absence of light. And Darkness generally is classified as nothing, means it cannot give birth to anything... (that said, I haven't visited School for Long and am not familiar with higher pricibles)
> [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hvfaXTAI,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2016-11-30T13:49:36.473+0000) > > In a dark room plants die. > In a lit room they die too. FTFY
Eveninn (EUW)
: You say that like 'light' is as considerate as thse People who always try to reflect sunrays intoyour eyes with their rulers. :c The Skin even quotes something like 'Oh no, what did I do' when you combe to dark iirc. :<
You need both light and dark. Some lean more towards the darkness (Zed, Nocturne), some towards light (Lux, Leona). Darkness is as much needed as light is, the two are essential to their existence; like two sides of the same coin.
: You are giving Darkness a bad name. Darkness is chaos, creation, transformation, revolution and life. At the beginning, there was only Darkness which gave birth to its twin, Light. All things come from Darkness and all things must return to Darkness. Darkness is the Essence of all Elements, and shines through when antagonizing elements are mingled into chaos. Light is stale, solid, unmovable. Darkness is fluid, dynamic, colorful, ironically.
The brighest light comes from the blackest darkness itself # #DarkElementMatters
duckarp (EUNE)
: Introduction of autofill is a sufficient proof. Also it's pretty visible if you queue up as any other role than fill/support. The time difference was always huge. It was one of the reasons why Team Builder failed so hard.
Agreed. People complain about the death of TB, but im not. The "fun" awaiting times of 45+ min for a single support to arrive, the 3 other people to stay in the lobby and praying that no one was AFK. "Fun" I wanted to play Taric Top (the old Taric). So many dodges and kicks.
: Riot, stop blaming your userbase for you having a boring role.
Its the problem with other games, that have a supporting character. I played 3 years of tf2 before installing LoL. I played Medic alot and I have to say: in about 60% of the games, the average player there was brain dead. They would spam 'I need healing' button but there was only 1 Medic. They didnt defend the Healer, rarely someone willingly changed class from a Demoman into Medic and it was frustrating to do a job that everyone wanted someone to do, but no one wanted to do. In LoL its slightly better, because everyone needs each other as much. Or worse. Take it as you want it. I have a solution: If youre getting a support all the time, stop bitching and LEARN TO SUPPORT! ITS THE ONLY ONLY WAY TO FIX THIS!
IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Well, that's what I'm saying. I think changing his W could solve this issue. If his W converts damage sustained into attack power, you can build him tanky, lead the charge with R into the middle of the enemy team, and then deal a ton of damage when the enemy focuses you, even without attack items. Then when the heavily damaged enemy team runs away, you can deal additional damage from a distance by shooting them with homing Q. Or you could build him for AP and use him for long range poke, keeping the W and R for escapes the way he generally works now.
Urgots EQ combo isnt supported well by his other abilities (w is somewhat helpfu, r isnt as much). That first W doesnt fit urgots long range poke fantasy. I see youre going for that R W combo The second one looks good, but aoe explosion? Id rather make a 900 unit lazer thatd charge up and zaps things. Riot has mentioned that they will most likely take Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser and save it for a champion who can utilise it to the fullest degree.
IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Another Urgot rework concept
The problem with Urgot is that he doesnt have clear personality. He is a reanimated zombie on a robotic lower body. He is also a hightech weapons platform. Riot, pick one pls. His kit is also a problem, because he wants two things at the same time: Stay in a moderate distance and damage someone (EQ combo and ranged AAs), but his R wants Urgot to be this Half assed tank who engages into teamfights. He however cant do these objectives at the same time, because if Urgot builds tank, he lacks damage. And if Urgot builds AD, he cant use R or else he just gets blown up. You cant unfortunately fix urgots problems permanently without getting rid of some abilities. I heavily favour a poke urgot direction, who blasts you with Rockets, lazers and granades from afar (Imagine like Xerath but more ugly)
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: can people get ban for splitpushing??
No, you cant be reported for split pushing. The people who wanted you to be reported are retarded idiots. If a guy is attracting attention to his shenanigans, rest of the team (if they can use their brains) can proceed to use that time for their own advantage: -Kill Baron -Kill Dragon -Take turrets down -Push waves Zz Rot, Rapid Fire Cannon, Void Herald and Banner of Command all courage people to push the lane. Some champions cant team fight well so the best choise is to split push (Zed, Tryndamere, Yorick etc.). Most important thing is to remember that report calling is toxic behaviour and punishable by reporting. The reports dont stack, only one is enough. When you are splitpushing and your ADC is bitching in all chat, just report him in the post game lobby.
MrFcahn29 (EUW)
: South African Servers
If Riot doesnt add it, they arent adding it. Atleast now
: Black boxes on the new client
: how is this a leak when riot members released it on "their" website
Project: Katarina and Project: Ashe were accidentally leaked to Riots merch store in a form of T shirts so check mate
: Im so sad :(
#Almost6Years Braum, Graves and Karma all got a skin last year. Riot, do you hate Yorick even after his rework? WHY DOES HE NOT HAVE A NEW SKIN?!? DONT YOU FUKKEN TAKE A YEAR TO MAKE YORICK A SKIN!! Edit: Aatrox got a skin in the Bilgewater event so he is fine
Elepole (EUW)
: First, this is not really a buff. In fact, a few assassin now have slower burst than before (LeBlanc is a good example) Second, adapt your build against assassin if he is that far ahead of you in game. Build item like Sterak's Gage, Phantom Dancer, Death's Dance. And Third: Tank are seing more pick, are enjoying much better win rate. In a few week we will be in a tank meta, you will then enjoy a good old dominance over the rift as any time a tank meta is comming, an adc meta follow. PS: Last adc buff was pre-saison 6, that's one year. Also, the adc did got indirectly buff this year: lethality is less effective than armor penetration until late game, Maw is actually stronger on adc now, the mastery change are pretty good for adc.
GA is also a good item in this patch. Zilean, Kayle, Tahm Kench and Taric can be helpful against assassins. Urgot will be good champ (% damage reduction all day), Yorick will shit on squishies early (meaning if someone like Rengar is laning against him, Yorick can easily shut him down) and my pocket pick Fervor of Battle Taric top lane will rekt anyone.
FafliX (EUW)
: Tips for playing against Irelia?
Yorick shits on squishies, because his lvl 2 powerspike is amazing. Take ignite and Thunderlords, Q first ability, have 4 graves when you reach lvl 2 asap, take E as the second ability and proceed to destroy her by bringing all ghouls up and land E on her. Stick to her and use everything you have on her. That combo can guarantee a first blood or if not, Irelia will have about 10-25% of max health left. When dealing with Irelia, you need to go balls deep.
: This killed me...
LeL How to play Lux in Preseason 7 Dont
: ultimate skin?
Ultimate skin is the highest tier of skins, costing 3250 RP. They are rarely made (Pulse Fire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr and DJ Sona are three already released ones and arent yearly). These skins have multiple models and top tier (at their respective time(sorry PFE)) sound, voice and visual effects. When acquiring an Ultimate skin, you also get a summoner icon/s, summoner banner and the in game champion icon is changed to the more appropriate one (in Elementalist Lux video, her icon was different and it changes, depending on what Element you have).
: Greetings, Well well well.. You are probably using LOL replay, aren't you? That being said, the techsupport, if contacted will blame your connection for not staying connected and then ask for a specific file to confirm. But that wont help you now would it? Is this happening to anyone else? simply put, YES! The replay system never works really the way you'd want to. There are other softwares out there that seem to work better. If you do not wish to try another software, i suggest checking your firewall settings for a possible block for lolreplay. By unblocking the in and out going data (if blocked) you might magically fix the problem. Other than that, there probably isn't any reasonable fix, at least that I would currently know of. - TechSupp0rt
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Clara7 (EUNE)
: Riot...
Wow. Go and play overwatch then. If you dont like League, what keeps you playing this game?
Weelah (EUNE)
: Riot its pretty safe to assume YOU SCREWED UP again
So do we have to complain when Mages have lots of AP and they kill someone fast?
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: The Truth About E-Sports.
So, how to become better at League 1. Get a GF... Not going to happen Unless...
hypeYTom (EUW)
: League of Legends needs a new rank system for lower Elo
Hello there. I started to play League at the beginning of Season 4 (around the time Heartseeker Ashe was released) and started playing Ranked seriously at the beginning of Season 6. I had my placement match finished with 6 wins and 4 defeats, placing me into Silver 4. Currently im Gold 2 and aiming for that Plat border. How have I managed to climb? Old Taric, Thresh, Urgot, Old Yorick, Reworked Taric and Reworked Yorick mostly. Been playing with some premades (One Gold ADC main, one Gold Riven player (she was not toxic) and a Plat player). And most importantly, I dont act like a little entitled shit on Boards and make dramatic attention grabbing threads like "Im going to quit league because community is blaa blaa blaa and I cant climb because reasons, but I deserve better" If you cant climb, its because your current rank is the one youre supposed to be in. Its so simple. Dont look for excuses.
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