: Inside the mind of the "most toxic 1%"
I just think most people are toxic as a defence mechanism, so they rage when people are trolling. The problem is often the trolls go free, while the rangers get banned.
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: Hahaha i really love this community how people are so %%%%ing soft like this ? they all see your negative attitude while you had jungle ziggs and afk adc but where is the toxicity here ? i didn't see a 1 bad word like verbal abuse or racism or something , he didn't even insult anybody for destroying the game hello is this some wonder-world community when pink is everywhere and candies and stuff what the actual %%%% with these people and huma if you want an advice try something else than this game and wait until your account get released and do what this community really loves to see : troll and int and afk and be a "good boy" you will be appreciated by this rainbow unicorn's player base {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} and you did nothing you were just depressed by some ass-wholes and trying to relief yourself it was all natural reactions to feeling bad
Yeah this is exactly what i am talking about, sure i understand i am a bit negative here, but i just wanna play the game and when someone goes afk for 10 mins, coming back and saying meh i don't care its a normal, its so annoying, they don't show the complete chat log too, and the people were also flaming me and telling me to go %%%% myself and die, so i can't defend myself it seems...
: youre acting very negative and wanting to FF all the time. oh and you are blaming your teammates a lot while being toxic Huma136: ff Huma136: ez 2v1 Huma136: ff Huma136: pleaes Huma136: 3 mid all the time Huma136: 15 Huma136: plzHuma136: idiot Huma136: fking tryhard yasuo mains in normals Huma136: ez is afk in base Huma136: report ezreal pelase Huma136: so? Huma136: ezreal is afk in base Huma136: yeah this game is lost Huma136: ziggs jungle is complete troll Huma136: yeah reprot ziggs Huma136: lol sure report veigar Huma136: rpert ziggs constant flame and trollpick Huma136: ff Huma136: yeah this is lost Huma136: nice help irelia Huma136: reprot this irelia Huma136: report Huma136: 0 gank Huma136: noob jungle Huma136: ff this game Huma136: lissandra lost it Huma136: 9X report Huma136: i dont care if you are sorry i still report you
In every game it started when someone went afk....
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