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Iakovia (EUW)
: I would suggest changing the support champions you play, or play a different role. If you feel you're doing well but the rest of your team aren't, all you can do is carry the game yourself - obviously it's very unlikely you'll do that as support so maybe try ADC or something else. As for your supports, I see you mostly play Vel, which is good and all, but personally I don't think that good for a support champion, strong for sure but very squishy, and because he isn't the classic support, adc's don't usually know how to combo or play. Maybe give Morgana or Lux a try.
I've usually done well with Vel. I've always had a strong botlane. It's the other lanes that feed too hard, which means a gank turns the tables.
: This happens to everyone. You can't make people play better, unless they are just trolling. So to be honest mate, the only way you can prevent it, is to try and carry the game.
Carry the game against 3-4 very fed opponents who could 1 shot me? I'd need a broken champ to do that.
: Maybe start by buying the right support item for mage supports
Have you tried using Ancient Coin compared to Spellthief? I find I can get gold much quicker with this item - and I usually complete the quest in 8-9 mins. All of these games, the enemy support took 15 mins to complete their quest. So I'm actually doing something right.
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