robot55 (EUNE)
: Fortnite AND Pubg are more popular than league up to date
Really? Where did you get those numbers from, if you have any? I mean, given the fact that Riot hasn't released any player numbers for years and we only know vague stuff (like 110 million players in China), this is a quite bold statement. How do you compare numbers that don't even exist? Or are you maybe confusing "registered players" with "active players"? There is [some data]( that indicates that League, in 2019, has roughly 115 million active players. Just for comparison: The best Fortnite ever had was 78 million. And that was 2018, before it was shrinking and had big competitors like Apex. And PUBG...that one plays on an entirely different level , and not in a good way. PUBGs heyday was January 2018 and back then they had 3 million active players...a sad joke in comparison to League and Fortnite. Nowadays it has roughly a quarter of that and even the total number of bought copies of PuBG are "only" 50 million. That's a lot...but absolutely nothing in comparison to the total player count of Fortnite and especially League. So, no, neither Fortnite nor PUBG (ESPECIALLY NOT PUBG) have or ever had as many players as League had and most likely has. Not even close.
: Exactly because the button doesnt exist Q.E.D.'s in the tab menu. Go in a game. Press the tabulator button. There it is.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Sure you have. Also, champs can also lose if the rest of the team played like ass and the stupidity of the entire team brings the match to a defeat. Again, winrates sure as hell are %%%% bad argument points. The footage where you see a Tank 1 v 5 an entire team, just because it‘s a tank is more „fact“ than winrates. Also, my point was that after 10 years, they should be able to fix such simple shit like tanks and the other things, but they still haven‘t. Hence players these days can complain. But if your point is again „winrates“ to praise how Perfect LoL is, then don‘t reply at all man.
> Also, champs can also lose if the rest of the team played like ass and the stupidity of the entire team brings the match to a defeat No doubt. Luckily this doesn't matter for this discussion, since we are talking about champsion GENERAL performance, not their individual performance in a specific match. For winratios (and the term "OP"), the law of big numbers applies and all factors expect the champions actual strength get nullified. > The footage where you see a Tank 1 v 5 an entire team, just because it‘s a tank is more „fact“ than winrates. You confuse facts with anecdotal evidence. In a situation like you are describing, a video of ONE situation, there are dozens of other variables that matter, like, as you said yourself, team mates, for example. Or gold advantage. Or counter picks. Or item builds. ONE situation says absolutely nothing about the general strength of a champ. It's ironic that, in one and the same post, you talk about external factors that influence individual performance of a champion ("team played like ass") and in that exact same you also claim that one situation tells you everything about a champion's strength. just countered your own argument. You provided the perfect example, why your own argument is incorrect and you can NOT see the strength of a champion in one "footage". I would love to discuss this further with you, but before we do, please get some order in your arguments.
: Talking about late when you have 8+ champs on the board? Not much space to spread and spreading units means they will be unprotected because mostly carry champs are with items
Consider changing your strategy. The time of 3-item-carries is over. TFT is all about adapting. So adapt to Hextech being part of the game instead of following an old strategy, just because it worked in the past.
: Riot puts me in a state of shock ! TFT Noble buff very strong !
> but about the fact that having only the NOBLE buff and Kayle of the second level, with two item in it There is one word, that doesn't really fin in this sentence: "only". Noble 6 is a high risk high reward tactic. It's perfectly possible that you sit around, waiting for that Kayle (even level 1) forever. If it works out and you actually manage to get all 6 nobles and even manage to get them on higher levels and maybe even with items....well yeah, in that case it will be strong. But only in that case. If not, you are either dealing with the almost useless Noble 3 buff or underleveled units just to get that Noble 6 bonus. So, yes, Noble 6 are quite strong (especially with an itemized lvl 2 Kayle)...but it's f'ing hard and a high risk to go for this.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: No, there ARE OP Champs, the only difference to them today and back in the day, they aren‘t as invincible anymore as previously. I mean, how come Tanks can eat 10‘000 points of damage, still live, have a kit that makes them even more broken (added shield which scales with either Health or AP or Armor or whatever), a an ability which gives them more Armor and MR, while also having moves that deal WAY too much damage for something that is a „Tank“ and an Ult which can either be a move that can 1 v 5 an entire team, survive by escaping or whatever (Illaoi, Nasus, Sion, Malphite, Cho‘ Gath, Garen, Urgot etc.) The Tanks in LoL ARE unbalanced and i know i‘m not the only one here. Also, i never look at winrates, because that includes every player that plays those champions. For instance, if a noob plays a complete Broken Champ like Nasus, if course he will not be OP, because he doesn‘t know anything too special about Nasus. But if a Pro player plays Nasus, he will abuse his Stacks, abuse his slows, abuse the insultingly small cooldown time and he will build him of course a complete Tank, because his Stacks with the W + Q combo does as much damage as full AD Jhin. He can than split push and the enemy team has better chances to fight a 5 v 4 match against the rest, than a 1 v 5 battle against such a busted Tank Or for another instance, why does Kindred have a much higher win rate than she is supposed to have? Simple, because no casual wants to play her. She is EXTREMELY risky to play and why play her if you could play someone that requires far less effort? Of course the casuals don‘t touch her, but the Pros can absolutely dominate with her. They know how to work her Passive, her ult, her abilities and etc. So no, winrates aren‘t „facts“ for me, the footage i see when watching plays or playing myself is. Because winrates includes newcomers who don‘t know what the Champ‘s passive even does AND pros who mastered the Champ in a calculated way. Of course broken champs aren‘t OP in the hands of newcomers.
: > I know you have the recources to do that. I don't think the money will be issue. Can I see a link or something that show their resources, where they say that the game is on 30 tick rate right now (something from Riot not a post on a forum made by usual players), the cost of moving a game from 30 tick rate to 60? --- I will say it in an easy way (simple example). You put your father to chop 1 ton of wood and your mother to put clothes in the wardrobe. Your mother finish faster while your father is half way done. What happen next? You put your mother to wait your father to finish and after you put them to do the same task again or you you let your mother to move to the next wardrobe? This example is very good for what Riot do. They don't have a single team who handle the game. They have a team for the gameplay, for the champions, for skins, for security, for management and more. If a team don't finish the job then you can't put the other teams to wait just to give them the same task again.
That is a nice comparison. I am so gonna steal that :P
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Man, why do you people always come with „the win rate“ and expect it to be the A and O of an argument? I don‘t need numbers and win rates to know that Tanks are OP and busted. I don‘t need win rates and numbers to know that a guy who knows how to play a Yi can 1 v 5 the enemy and win. I don‘t need numbers and win rates to know that Kindred is a champ that requires you to play her pitch perfect for her to be good. One mistake and you lack behind. And i don‘t need numbers and win rates to know that Invisibility/ Stealth became BS since the special Wards don‘t detect them anymore.
Yes, you do need numbers. Because numbers are the difference between an opinion and facts. If a champion is actually OP, he will win more. That's what OP means, having too much power. Power in League means "winning". So if a champ is OP, this will result in higher winratios. If that doesn't happen, he is not actually OP, he is just perceived as such. How else can a champ have "too much power" (i.e. OP) but not actually have more power, i.e. win more? That's illogical, it's a direct contradiction. You are right that winrate is often misinterpreted, for example when people only play champs that have good winratios. That's indeed bullshit and a misinterpretation of what winratio means, because it can't predcit YOUR individual performance with a champ. What it does, is describing the GENERAL performance of a champ. As it happens, that's the same thing the word "OP" does.
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=sMNAbLl3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-16T14:33:13.372+0000) > > Neither those screenshots nor those links are particulary helpful to understand your problem. > First of all people speak english here, so they will have problems with your (russian?) screenshots. > And secondly, those links to your support tickets are only accessible by you and no one else. > > But, to answer your question in the title: > It's not your account, it's Riots account. They don't have to delete it. > They do have to delete your personal data if you ask them to do so, but in that case you have to prove ownership. Also, you lose this right if the private data in question is also evidence for a crime you committed. Like selling accounts (which is fraud, an actual crime). Wdym its Riot's account and not his?
Because Riot owns all accounts. We, as players, only a temporary and right to use the account that can be revoked at any point. But you don't legally own your account. Read the Terms of Use for more details. That's why selling an account is a crime. You can't sell what you don't own, that's fraud. PS: This does not just apply to Riot but works like this in pretty much every online game.
: Petition to make a client update, that will punish people who intentionally trolls in champ select..
No one needs petitions about this. A petition is supposed to raise awareness for the will of the people. But that is not the problem. Everyone knows already that people don't like troll. I mean...that's obvious. It's like starting a petition to end war and hunger. What's the use of that? What is missing is not a petition, but an actual system how to do that. HOW do you want to prevent trolling? I can only think of mind control. Without that, people can simply do whatever they want, including trolling. Prevention is not possible, unless you have the gift of mind control or are clairvoyant. Punishment is a bit more realistic, but also incredibly difficult. Because how do you design a system that can't be abused? That never bans innocent players? That never bans players who are simply having a bad game? A system that is able to look in peoples minds and tell the difference between playing badly and INTENTIONALLY playing badly. If you have an idea for probably should keep it to yourself until you have licensed it. It will make you a wealthy man, because every multiplayer gaming company will want to get their hands on it. About trolling specifically in champ select: Simply don't leave. They usually leave themselves if no one else does. After all, why do you think they do it? Because they don't like the team or the role they got. So they don't want to play that match. If no one else is leaving, the only way to prevent the match is if they leave themselves. And usually they do. In my 9 years of League, it happened once or twice that those people actually joined the game and trolled. Those people only have power if you give it to them on a silver plate.
zulkijind (EUW)
: Why Riot can't delete my accounts?
Neither those screenshots nor those links are particulary helpful to understand your problem. First of all people speak english here, so they will have problems with your (russian?) screenshots. And secondly, those links to your support tickets are only accessible by you and no one else. But, to answer your question in the title: It's not your account, it's Riots account. They don't have to delete it. They do have to delete your personal data if you ask them to do so, but in that case you have to prove ownership. Also, you lose this right if the private data in question is also evidence for a crime you committed. Like selling accounts (which is fraud, an actual crime).
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Have you ever played Dota 2? That game has a lot of content and a lot of fansupport. Hell, they show the skin you want to buy in 3D and in game, instead of just a splash art and having to go to youtube and watch a skin spotlight. Their gameplay is much more complex and at the end, does still feel more balanced than LoL.
Everything you just said except the last sentence has nothing to do with balancing. And how balancing feels and how it actually is are two different things. Let's have a look at the numbers. Dota's Heroes winratios right now range from 42,3% to 55,6%. A total of 13,3% difference. League's champions winratios right now range from 44,6% to 53,5%. A total of 8,9% difference. Now don't get me wrong. Those 13,3% are still damn good. That's also a great achievement, good job Valve. But, factually, Leagues champions are simply balanced better. Significantly. Feelings are not an accurate measurement of balance. Numbers are.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: To be fair, back in the day of Feral Flare, Riot wasn‘t a multi BILLION Dollar Company. So busted things back in the day were excusable. But you would expect, after 10 years and having ALL the Money, they would know how to properly manage to balance the only game that brings them Money. But they don‘t and them being blamed these days, they deserve it.
Money doesn't solve all problems. I might be biased because I work in the gaming industry myself, but in my opinion Riot is doing an incredibly good job at balancing. I mean...considering the complexity of the game...holy shit. I'm glad I am working on a muuuuuch simpler game, and that is already a challenge. Just look at it this way. Let's take chess. Chess is kind of an extremely simple version of League. You have champions, they can move and they have abilities. But, as I said, it's a very simple version because there are no minions, champions usually have a maximum of two move-sets (contrary to League, where you can move in an infinite amount of directions) and only one ability (that is, except for pawns, identical to their move-set and works the same for every champion). In addition, there are no items, no CC, no damage, no stats, only a handful of different champions, only two players, infinite time per move and only one champion can be moved at a time. Despite that simplicity, there are more ways a chess game can go than there are atoms in the entire universe. And to understand this game on a theoretical basis and find the actual method to play well, it took a f'ing super-computer ("Deep Blue"). It took a super-computer to understand this game well enough to actually beat a human. And they worked on that computer for decades (contrary to a patch or champion, where it's a few months at best). And now back to League...League is not as simple as chess, I think I made that pretty clear. It has infinitely more variables. Saying that League is a trillion times more complex than chess is already a gross understatement. But if you want to know what will happen, for example with a new champ, you have to understand the game on a theoretical level, as Deep Blue did with chess. Only then you can reliably predict what will happen. I think I made it quite clear, that a "League Deep Blue" can't exist. The complexity of the game is ridiculously absurd, it's impossible to do that. But despite not having this, Riot somehow manages that barely ever any champion exceeds 55% winratio. How fricking amazing is that? Yes, sometimes a champion comes out a bit strong (or weak), sure, I'm not denying that. But how in the world is this supposed to NOT happen? I think people grossly underestimate how fricking complicated balancing in a game like League is. There is no f'ing way that Riot, or anyone, could achieve perfect balance. What they are already achieving is close to miracle for me, personally, and I have no idea how they are doing it.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Veterans, in your Opinion, who (and when) was the most broken OP Champ you have ever encountered?
As Furry said, Xin is pretty high on that list. I also remember pre-release Rengar. Rengar was playable on Gamescom on live servers back then and had incredible ratios. I had no idea what I was doing and was just killing everything. And I'm certainly not a good player...and most definitely not with Rengar^^ Also Feral Flare Warwick. I mean, that's technically not a champion but a build, but Feral Flare was super strong back then and everyone was playing Feral Flare Yi...and nobody seemed to realize that Feral Flare Warwick was so much stronger back then. Almost the same incredibly damage as Yi, but contrary to Yi, WW could not just be deleted with one little stun. I abused this like hell, back then. Ahhh....good old times. Memories like this are the reason why I find complaints about Riots balance team nowadays incredibly amusing. Sweet summer children.
: can someone give me names about the bf loves the gf ? :)
I'm pretty sure that a big part of the romantic aspect of this is that you come up with something nice yourself ;)
: Oldest active accounts in League?
I started in Season one, maybe a bit before that, I don't remember. But I know plenty of people who played before me, so yeah, there are people around who played for 10 years.
Duckyfer (EUNE)
: 14 DAYS BAN!
It's quite simple: You insulted other players. In addition, you constantly blamed, trashtalked and threatened with reports. All of that is not allowed, especially the flaming part. That's why you got punished. Punishments happen when you do things that are not allowed. What other people did or what exactly happened in that game, basically your entire story you wrote before your chatlogs doesn't matter. The rules ALWAYS apply, flaming is ALWAYS forbidden, no matter what. So no, this ban is not unfair. You flamed, flaming is not allowed, so you got punished. It really is as simple as that. No "Yes, but,...". The rules apply. Always.
HaaZegs (EUW)
: "- It would take them more resources to do so, especially that the current system automatically bans toxic people without a Riot employee needing to check on them." Without checking? That horrible, so, if someone just spams another person with flame reports, he gets banned even if it was only caps lock and funny talk, like it happened to me, I have checked that chat which led me to be banned, and if that is flame, I don't actually know what it is. Also, being banned will only leed to BUY accounts which is illegal and the same person in another account and if they want, they will keep on the flame.
> Without checking? No. Without an EMPLOYEE checking it. It' still checked, by a machine. And if you contact the support, a human will double check, but the machine rarely ever makes a mistake.
HaaZegs (EUW)
: every computer as mac address
Accessing or banning a mac address is illegal. And even if it wouldn't be, you can even change that.
: Well thanks for making that clear, I thought I had read something along the lines of instant perma on a rioter's post/tweet/something, but I must have been mistaken. :D
Well, that's not really your fault. Riot tends to simplify this a bit in their public statements, probably mostly because they want to make sure that everyone gets the message that they have no tolerance for racism, homophobia etc., even if the the actual system is a bit more complicated. And in the end, "Zero Tolerance System" sounds a lot better than "Basically almost zero tolerance - it's complicated - system"
: Is "%%%" not an instant perma anymore?
That's a myth. First of all, if anything, it's an instant 14 day ban, not a perma. There is no such thing as a permanent ban for toxicity without at least ONE chance to improve. There is ALWAYS at least one warning before the perma. And secondly, the rumor that saying one of those words once is an instant ban is a myth too. Yes, it treated very harshly, but if someone has a very clean history and no previous offenses, it's not necessarily an instant ban. Those people who get an "instant" ban were toxic before.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: i can't because i feel like there , will not be someone else to achieve thinghs for me , to proof riot clearly commited an abuse regarding the ban lenght and all them teory of removing toxic players from them game , in my opinnion , if i would be developer of the game , and i would care about the community who plays the game , i don't hire incompetent people to write on support line assistance , who just hurry to answer cases with automatic answers , not even checking all the ticket and what the person writed + ignoring his opinnion and needs , what kind of thrust someone can develop in such an enviroment who is absolutly treat you like garbage on support line assistance once you have problems . I am honest to myself and what are my believes and if i don't see me toxic ,then believe me i am not , because i one played hundreds of games in role of adc , start of yourself to be main adc ,and tell me your experience you had in that lane , and i will totally be with you , if you can handle to play 500 games ranked in adc role gold + ( if you have that skill) ,and accept losses from various reasons +waste your time again from various reasons , getting flamed ,grief by others and you should still answer same as everyone else in this game in front of the punishment system... If 1 guy gets very often toxic behaviour around , and mistake in 1 game/2 games , in 3 months since he stoped and tryed to reform from all his past behaviour problems , let's say having to play over 200 games in 3 months... . And now let's take 1 guy who plays top/mid/jungle who isn't in direct touch with the guy who trolls ... ,because they ain't forced to stay and watch how someone flames a veteran into this game , and how my support is playing , neither why we loss bot , they just flame me again ... ,and on top of that you have to be totally calm into all of these situations , when even if you haven't done anything wrong , you are target constantly to negative behaviour , grief, troll,flame, afk people who stay intentionally afk , people who plays like they in holiday over your lane doing nothing just watching you , even if you can't figure out if they troll or not.. Every single thread will be about myself , because is a good exemple and 100% an abuse case where Riot forced to endorss a punishment against me and keeped it like that , without to consult me if what i sayd were in a toxic context ,because i am sure no one loss time to watch that account and check in detail all the enviroment i been placed to be calm in , neither the context anything coulded be writed ... , and the company you are volunteer for they just don't care about the fact they coulded overexagerate with that ban ... , even what i have been doing there couldn't be 95% of the game toxicity ... , you know that game is about only a few lines you claim i been toxic ,but that's not a high percentage of toxic behaviour in that game , just to make clear , the game 2 same. What i could even say in that lines you consider toxic ,some of them are out of the context they been sayd , not aggresive and had no reason to be aggresive towards anyone , cause otherwise i would just flame or write abou the fact they don't protect me and go alone and much more thinghs .... , i been quiet as possible , and riot refused to pay attention to that case.
> riot refused to pay attention to that case Still no need to spam threads that are about OTHER PEOPLES problems with your constantly repeating posts about yourself. This is not your thread, this thread is not about you. What you are doing here is spamming offtopic. And you are behaving quite disrespectful by trying to make threads where people ask for help about THEIR problems all about yourself. It's your good right to discuss your own case in your thread (one thread!) that is actually about your case, as much as you want. That's completely okay. But it's not your right to hijack other peoples threads constantly. It's spam and disrespectful and will be treated as such.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: yeah and i got warned 14 days ban , 3 months stayed cool , and because some players hated to lose reported me , and the IFS banned me instant , without anyone to bother to ask me what is going on , they close my case and couldn't defend my case anymore in front of them , dosn't matter they no know anything about my games and i am sure they no lossing time to find or check games , as i am sure they just low performance working... Imagine i go to them with my chat logs... , and ask for the lines i been toxic in , not for whole chat logs , cause everyone have acces at them reform card to see them , but yeah they doing with me like i am stupid ... , telling me they answer me with all i need ... I just question you , how those rioters i speak too , know all the context and my answers got into that chat log , if they not even check the game , how do they know better than me in what context i used anything , if there is not a single swearing in all chat log... , and they just close my case and sayd my permanent ban stays ... , but before they close there was previous ticket where 1 guy told me that i am not that necesary toxic , just a bit negative and that i deserve permanent ban because i had multiple warnings and chances to reform , imagine how dumb that sound... How you can condamn a guy who stayed 3 months chill and calm after 14 days ban for his past punishments and claim that my permanent ban should stay , imagine how childish sound that... , imagine how frustrating sound , to find out that you are an isolate case where someone can decide you to stay banned for not necesarry deserving it , since your attitude improved very much , and is not just that , i keep to proof my attitude and positivity ,and my permanent banned account case stays close , very kind ... Riot employers try to convience me to drop this ,when i know i am not toxic ,and what ever was wrong in my chat logs ,definetly couldn't charge 140 years ban for that... , is just simple , i am not youtuber ,neither streamer , but that dosn't mean they should make special treatments only for streamers/youtubers , i no want special treatment , i just want my account back because they had no enought evidence of me being toxic , how they can proof i been toxic if they not even talk to me , what kind of bullshit is that.
Can you stop making every ban related thread about yourself?
: Lifetime ban because of this?
> But for that a lifetime ban? Not just that, no. Permanent bans are always the consequence of a few rule violations AND a history of violating the rules before and being warned about it. Specifically, the 14-day ban comes with a very clear warning that any further violation of the rules will result in a permanent ban. And, well, you did violate the rules. There is plenty of blaming, report calling, unsportsmanlike behavior ("easy") and trash talking, which is simply not okay...especially not after receiving a final warning.
Yancer (EUW)
: Honestly about permanently system..
> and I was like I dont deserve to be banned I didnt even have 3rd chat log I just had 2 Yeah, that's not how it works. I don't know who told you this nonsense, but you don't need 3 chat logs to get banned. Just one is already enough. The chatlogs you are seeing are just a random collection of games that contain behavior that is representative of the behavior that got you banned. That can already be clear with one game. Or three. Or two. Or 5 (which is the max). > I mean like its not fair to be banned this ban system needs to be fixed after getting 2 week ban if you flame a little bit you will get permanently banned instantly and thats just not fair How is this not fair? There are rules. You agreed to those rules and you agreed that you get removed from the game if you break the rules. Then you broke the rules. And Riot was even nice enough to give you a warning and basically told you "Hey buddy, 2 weeks break, this is what you did wrong. One last chance. If you break the rules again, you are out for good". And then you broke the rules again and got permabanned. How is this not fair? This is as fair as it gets. You agreed to the rules. You were warned. You were informed about the consequences. And yet you thought "Hey, let's break the rules again, what's the worst that could happen?". Sorry, but this is not unfair at all. This is 100% your own fault. You decided to flame despite the consequences, no one else. No one force you to break the rules. You decided to do so. This is on you! Act like an adult, take responsibility for your own choices. Listen to yourself. You blame everyone and everything for something YOU f'ed up. Sorry to be so harsh to you, but I think it's crucial that you understand what you are doing here, if you want to avoid the loss of further accounts with the same behavior. > I had skins on that account I was spending money Money doesn't buy you the right to ignore the rules. And that your skins are gone once you throw away your account is something you should have thought about before it was too late. > he said thats how it works after getting 2 week ban if you flame even a bit you will get banned thats how our system works Well, yeah, because that's how it works. And you were told it works that way. If you don't read the final warning you get, whose fault is that? > Like most of the things i said in the game are nice things ...except those things that were not at all nice. Does a bank robber get a free pass because he helps elderly people across the street? Rules don't become invalid for you just because you are nice occasionally, that's not how rules work. You break the rules, you bear the consequences. That's how rules work. Everywhere, not just in Leauge. > reporting people is so useless Isn't the fact that you broke the rules, got reported for it and got banned the perfect example that the system is not at all useless but does exactly what it's supposed to do? > i dont even know why would riot put that in my chat logs It's simply the entire chat logs of those games.
sbepuz97 (EUW)
: so if i ragequit a game staying afk 35+ min, is correct i don't get punished but if i hard flame someone one i get permabnned? LOL nice way to think from riot, punish only who flames, let free to ragequit and int ^^
Depends on the case. You are comparing two completely different situations a player who never was afk before and a player who apparently flamed a lot before and was punished multiple times. So, yeah, under those completely different circumstances, obviously the treatment is very different. Under equal circumstances, i.e. you never afked before and you never flamed before, this isn't true. First time flamers get nothing or a chat restriction, not a permaban...unless it's super extreme, in which case you also don't get a perma, but a 14 day ban. In other words: Both systems have a threshold.
sbepuz97 (EUW)
: > Leaverbuster was always able to recognize ANY afk-time and include it in its punishment for being afk. hell no, and dontì' even try to say it works 2 days ago i crashed on my smurf at min 10, i didn't even want to play that game so i decided to stay afk. the game ended at min 45 and i didn't got leaver buster or some punishment (it was ranked), 35 min of afk and i'm free to play like if nothign happened did it like 3/4 times on that account btw
That is absolutely 100% perfectly in line with my (and Riots) explanation how the Leaverbuster works. Like I said, it's not just about one game, it's about multiple. There is a threshold for unintended/unpreventable afk-times, which is why it's perfectly plausible to be afk once, even for a longer time, and not get punished. That's how it's supposed to work.
: ¿Is this question toxic?
Counter question: What's the point in discussing this ingame? It already happened, nothing changes by debating it. It only rubs salt in peoples wounds about their mistakes (which potentially tilts them) and distracts everyone involved in the discussion. It has only disadvantages. So why you do it? You are cutting your own flesh and make everything even worse. So regardless of whether this is toxic or not (I think it is a bit), it's simply not smart to ask this kind of "Captain Hindsight" question. We are all smarter after something happened. No one likes people who say stuff like "Why didn't you..." or "Couldn't you have done...". It's pointless. There is no use to this questions. They only serve the purpose of blaming someone for something bad and make it feel bad about it. No one likes a Captain Hindsight. If you have advice to share and you absolutely have to share it, share it BEFORE it's too late. After it's too late, every monkey can do it. Because it's easy and useless. So you should ask yourself a few question and "Is this toxic" REALLY isn't the most important one: Do you want to be Captain Hindsight? Do you want to rub salt in peoples wounds? Do you want to get yourself and others distracted by discussing their mistakes? Do you want to lower your teams chance to win? If the answer to any of those questions is "no", stop discussing peoples mistakes. By doing so the question "Is this toxic?" also becomes irrelevant.
: >It's toxic behaviour because not only does it not add anything of value to the game but also creates a negative ambient on the team. yeah but..this takes priority to ban people over death threats and wishing people other awful diseases?? which is the point of my post
> his takes priority to ban people over death threats and wishing people other awful diseases?? Not at all. It's not like there is a maximum of reports that can be processed or a maximum of punishments that can be handed out. The fact that repeated mildly toxic behavior can get you punished changes NOTHING about severe toxicity being punished too. If this was actually the point of your post, the wrong belief that somehow low-toxicity-punishments limit the severe-toxicity-punishments, then this discussion could have been SO much shorter if you would have said so right from the start. So, to answer your question quite clearly again: No, that's not at all how it works, so you don't need to worry about it.
sbepuz97 (EUW)
: >(over multiple) games being afk a lot of times, means 5 times minimun if a player is able to ruin 5 games because he stays afk less tehn 5 minutes, means teh sistem is not working if i hard flame 1 game i get instant punishment, if i ragequit 1 i don't get punished...that's the big problem on the sistem, and riot still has no idea how to fix it right now d+ is full of ragequitted games, and noone wil ever do something
Just a simple "no". That's not how it works and it never worked that way. Right from the very beginning the Leaverbuster was always able to recognize ANY afk-time and include it in its punishment for being afk.
sbepuz97 (EUW)
: if a player ragequit, and come back after 4 min and 59 seconds, levear buster will not even recognize him as idk how u can call it as a punsihment sistem
That is not true. You are talking about the visible marking at the end of the game. That's not all the leaverbuster does. The Leaverbuster pretty much records every second you are afk and if you exceed a certain limit (over multiple) games, you get punished. It doesn't have to be 5 minutes. Being afk 1 minute a lot of times will also do the trick.
: if you don't get triggered by the mention of it then you might have some issues with authority that you make it one of the biggest reasons to ban people for, over other insanely awful things said, threatening with reports is the worst thing ever...this is so dumb that you want it to not be true but it's
Well, it's not true, even if you claim it is. The likeliness of getting a punishment and the decision WHICH punishment you get is defined by 3 factors: a) Severity b) Frequency c) History Explanation: a) Severe toxicity can get you punished rather quickly, including the possibility to skip the chat restrictions entirely if you are extremely (severly) toxic. b) Frequency matters mostly for small and medium toxicity. Usually, the occasional slip up is okay, unless you slip up too often. If you uselessly ask for reports in most of your games or constantly blame or trashtalk, this will eventually lead to a punishment. Not because it's worse than severe toxicity, but because you do it so so often, because you don't stop and because it's so annoying. c) And lastly, history. If you were warned about your behavior before and still don't manage to fix it, the punishments will get harder and come sooner, because apparently, the previous warning was not clear enough. This is the reason why even small stuff will eventually lead to harsh punishments. If you are "learning resistant" and simply continue being toxic despite being warned about it, Riot tries harder to make you understand. Until they realize you'll never understand and have to permaban you to solve the problem. So if you notice that person A gets punished for rather minor stuff while B doesn't get punished for more sever stuff, there are 3 possibilities: 1) A was punished before and B wasn't. 2) A does this all the time and B slipped up once. 3) You are simply not informed about the punishment for B. Especially restrictions are completely invisible for others. So it has absolutely nothing to do with "getting triggered" or peoples childhood. Hell, even severe toxicity usually has nothing to do with getting triggered. Even if people bombard me with insults, wish me cancer and want to fornicate with my mother and my GF, "triggering" isn't really the problem. People usually don't break down and cry because of this stuff, this isn't even the main problem. The real problem is that it's annoying. It ruins the fun. It's incredibly annoying to constantly interact people who think they just have to be jerks in some way. People want to enjoy fun games with other normal people and not constantly being faced with manchilds (manchildren?) who throw a tantrum whenever things don't go their way. THAT is the main reason why toxicity is punished and why also the "small" stuff matters.
: I just wanna hear people's opinions on the new permanent game mode Tft.
> i cant find enough brain cells to understand why they didn't make LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE That's easy to explain: It's an insanely successful game design that is incredibly popular right now and loved by hundreds of millions of players on this planet. The fact that YOU don't like it isn't exactly a convincing reason that can compete with that. So that's why Riot decided to do it. > it feels MOST of the things i do is luck EVEN when I changed my formation and won just by changing the formation I still had no idea what i was doing. That's perfectly normal when you are new to a game that is heavily influenced by chance and skill is mostly defined by knowledge about those statistics. Compare it to Poker. Poker is also dominated by chance, absolutely nothing beats a Poker player who is simply lucky. But that doesn't mean there isn't skill involved and that it can't be fun to play.
: how do you know rito's player behavior team were threatened with authority as kids
Isn't it a good thing when parents and teachers have some kind of authority over kids? I'm not sure if I understand, but are you trying to tell us that Riots player behavior team had a perfectly normal childhood?
jungle gap (EUNE)
: Don't you think they won't make new accounts just to int,flame,etc? ?XD
Yes, some people do that and many don't. However, this is a flaw literally EVERY punishment system has. You can't prevent people from creating new accounts. Luckily, the loss of their main account hits people quite hard and most of them don't continue to play at all, since the loss is too great. There are plenty of counter examples of course, but still, for many toxic players the perma does what it's supposed to do: They leave forever. And, just to stress this enough: EVERY punishment can be circumvented by creating a new account. This is not just specific to permabans.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: > If you are still occasionally toxic How does this counts if I dont get banned ? Occasionally dropping a slur from time to time and getting reported for it, but not banned.. so how does this count towards my progression ... does that report count as a non-false one but less decisive than a report that would trigger a ban ?
There is a certain threshold required to get a punishment. Its possible to be below that threshold but still toxic enough to not progress with your punishment level.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: > It's about how you behaved in those games. i did ok but received 0 honor or I did ok but got reported anyway
Reports without actually breaking the rules don't matter, they won't influence your process to reduce your punishment level in any way. Neither does honor. What matters, is your actual behavior. If you are actively positive in chat, you can speed up your reform process. If you don't chat all, that's completely fine and it will take a while (after a 14 day ban, you should probably expect something like a year of active playing). If you are still occasionally toxic, your punishment level will never lower, even if you play 10.000 games. I hope this info helps.
: Petition to introduce Perma Mutes
Riot tried something like that in the past (the mutes were not permanent, but often piled up for hundreds and thousands of games) and it resulted in many of those players switching to other ways to express their aggression, for example inting, trolling or going afk. In other words: It made everything much worse. That's why Riot decided not do this. This idea is simply not as good as it looks at first glance, I'm afraid.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: yup, 0 arguments, 0 logic, most of it start with " I think, or I don't agree"
"most", right. One. Literally one. None at all with "I think" in that post. And even that one time where I wrote "I don't agree" (which is a perfectly normal statement in a discussion), I explain in detail why. But hey, you can think whatever you want. You can continue screaming "No arguments, no arguments" while simply ignoring all arguments and providing none yourself if it makes you happy. Have a nice weekend.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: Seems like you haven't read my first comment, where i dismantled your "arguments"
I did read your post. I just don't agree that, just because someone else has been a jerk first, this makes one much less of a jerk. This is an "old testament" kind of ethic. This an-eye-for-an-eye ethic is a few thousand years outdated and nowadays there are just two populations where this kind of ethic is still common: Small children and prison inmates. For a morally developed adult, this way of thinking is just extremely uncommon and usually leads to quite a few problems. Including problems in League. Also the mute-argument, that is commonly used by flamers, is inconsequential. It's basically the old "blame the victim" strategy, that is, for example, also used by rapists. Just because there is a method to protect yourself from a certain anti-social behavior of others, this doesn't make this anti-social behavior okay, and it DEFINITELY doesn't shift the blame to the victim. And even if this mute-argument would be valid...doesn't it actually counter your own point of view? Because if you see muting as a viable solution to deal with other people being jerks, doesn't this even point out even more the fact that flaming back is the jerk option, if you could easily just choose to mute and solve the problem this way? If you don't mute, you actively take the "jerky" option of the two options you have. That justifies a punishment even more. > Also this game is the only one I know of that does this That is simply not true. Okay, maybe it's true that you don't know this, but it's definitely not true that other games don't have permabans for toxic chat. Apart from the the fact that it's in companies business interest to take care of toxicity, there are also legal requirements that make permabans necessary. And with the several upcoming laws concerning online harm, this will become even more important in the near future, so I strongly recommend you get used to the fact that you can get permabanned for toxicity in basically every game. Well, every game that operates in either GB, Germany or the USA...which should be...well...every game.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: As I suspected, 0 arguments .
Literally the entire post except the first sentence are arguments: a) If you are a jerk, you should be punished. b) If you break the rules, you should be punished. c) If you are even informed about the rules AND the consequences of breaking them again you decide to break them again, you definitely should be punished. d) If you refuse to change your behavior, regardless of warnings, explanations and punishments, there is no other choice but to simply remove you from the game. And why do those arguments about being a jerk and breaking the rules exist? Because being a jerk is not a good thing. It's sad that I have to explain this, because everyone should have learned this in "offline life" already. In a game, this is even more true. A game is all about having fun. And being a jerk to other peoples hinders that purpose. Insults, threats, talking down to peoply, bullying, intentionally ruining the fun for others...that has no right to be in a place that is all about fun.
: What happens if someone is threatening someones life?
If it's just a threat: Report it. If it's an actually realistic threat (for example addresses are exchanged): Report it and report it to legal authorities. > I know that there are a lot of undeveloped countries in EUNE This has absolutely nothing to do with it. Idiots exist regardless of the economic status of a country. They are everywhere.
Wannes (EUW)
: Merchandise and age
In my opinion, the Odyssey jacket went a bit in that direction. It was, so far, the only piece of merch I actually considered to buy. But, yeah, I agree that most of Riots merch is not exactly subtle :/ Edit: I checked the merch shop again and I think there are a few items that are somewhat mature. Not on a suit-and-tie level of course, but at least rather normal looking.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: How do I delete my boards account?
I recommend you write a support ticket to check if and how and which of your data can be deleted. You can not do it yourself, that's correct.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: Can you admit that Permanent banning the entire account for toxic chat is an exagerated meassure ?
I could, but that would be a lie. If you repeatedly break the rules by being a jerk to other people, get punished and warned AND are told that you will be permabanned if you break the rules again and then decide "Yolo, let's break the rules again. What's the worst that could happen?"....yeah, then I think a permanent ban is the only appropriate measure. Being a jerk has consequences, everywhere. There is no reason why this should be different online, you are playing with actual human beings, there is no difference. And if you ignore all warnings, even after being told about the consequences, and you continue to be a jerk to other people, showing you the door is absolutely the right thing to do.
: i got banned for bad reason
> somebody was toxic at me for the whole game so at end i was getting angry and said something bad The rule that flaming is not allowed doesn't just become invalid, just because someone else is breaking it. That is not how rules work. If someone flames you, this doesn't change anything about the rules, you are still not allowed to flame. Your perma was most likely caused by the fact that you already had previous warnings about your chat behvaior.
Cräfty (EUW)
: How to design a good balanced champion in league of legends: Thresh.
I agree. I think Thresh is a gamedesign masterpiece in pretty much every aspect and probably one of the best champions Riot ever made. A very clear and interesting character, a good balance between "plays" and the ability to counterplay, super characteristic gameplay and looks, a good balance of gameplay that is complex enough to be interesting and unique and easy to understand at the same time. Skill-based, but not overly complex. While Thresh is definitely not my personal favorite champ to actually play, I think he is a shining example of good game/champion design.
: Thank you! Yep it looks like it would be "a connection between me and Riot" thingy. Probably the high net usage of summer and my location x3 population does not help. And nop, the punishing system does not work at all, you can find toxic behaviour in every ranked game. But that's not the relevant issue in this post. I was worried about a x8 report dc was enough to get me a ban with no previous warning. Like I got a ban to say ONE key word not even meant in the bad way it was reported. Thanks a lot again for the fast reply.
> And nop, the punishing system does not work at all, you can find toxic behaviour in every ranked game. That doesn't mean it's broken. I cancer treatment broken, just because people still die because of cancer? Just because something isn't able to solve a problem entirely this doesn't mean it's broken. Riots systems stop a lot of toxicity from happening and they punishd a lot of toxic players. It would be way worse without those system. Yes, Riots systems are definitely not perfect and there is still way too much toxicity out there, but this still doesn't mean the entire system it broken. > I was worried about a x8 report dc was enough to get me a ban with no previous warning. Like I got a ban to say ONE key word not even meant in the bad way it was reported. The system doesn't work that way, it's not based on the report number. If you are guilty (for example telling someone to kill himself), one report is all that is needed. Every single report triggers an investigation of your behavior. Whether it's one report, two reports or nine does not matter all. Every report after the first one is entirely irrelevant and has no function whatsoever. The same goes the other way round: If you are innocent, you can get a million reports and absolutely nothing will happen. All reports do is triggering an investigation of your behavior and if you didn't break any rules, the investigation won't find anything, no matter how often you are being reported. Long story short: If you are toxic, just one report is enough to punish you, if the system is good enough to detect it. If you are not toxic, you will never ever be punished in your life, regardless of reports. I know I went a bit off topic here, but I feel like many non-toxic players are unnecessarily afraid of Riots systems, which can easily be corrected by learning how the system actually works.
: Will you get blamed if it's Riot bad?
There are more options than "It's me" and "It's Riot". There is all that distance between you and Riot where a myriad of problems can occur. Just because other websites are working for you this does not at all mean there is any problem with Riot. The problem can be ANYWHERE between your home and Riots servers. Usually there is a very easy method to determine if something is wrong with Riots servers: Go to the forum. If there are actual problems, the forum will be FULL of it. Like, not just one or two threads, but dozens, with new ones being created every minute. If that isn't the case, it's usually not a problem on Riots side. > Provably it will not matter, I never go afk/dc, but knowing this BROKEN punishing system that leaves toxicity spread and punish random key word...who knows The punishment system is not "broken", it just doesn't work like some toxic players would want it to work (for example by not punishing them if they "only flamed back"). And even if you are worried about the "key word" punishing system, this is not relevant for connection problems. Those two punishing systems are entirely separate and if you don't have connection problems frequently (in which case you should fix them before you play another match) or leave intentionally, you will never exceed the threshold that is necessary to get punished by the Leaverbuster.
: Is it just bad luck or intentional?
> How fair is it to get these kind of players especially in ranked promos Might not feel like it, but: It's very fair. Why? Because this happens to everyone. You have the same problem/disadvantage everyone else is having. That's not particularly enjoyable, but it's fair. The best thing you can do it to try to stay calm and just move on. Other players are beyond your control, so there isn't really any use in thinking about it too much. Use your energy to focus on things that are within your control and you will be better off in pretty much every aspect.
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