: {{champion:80}} stun?
If only you guys knew the power (and aboslute hilarity) of Bard in URF...
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Ryze, heca,ezreal,eve,nida, alistar, zed, fizz, lb, ~~yasuo ~~and fiora are worth a permanent ban from gamemode urf. Everything else is dealable Edit: Sorry, yasuo is just stupidly annoing in normals so I pretty much wrote him in to urf thread by habbit.
No offence bro, but litteraly only 2 of yasuo´s ability scale with CD. Combine that with no mana and he because pretty sheit in URF.
Max (EUW)
: Respect Pickorder :^)
: It breaks thru both Zhonya's AND Tryndamere's invulnerability? Then yes... back to drawing board it should be.
you'd have to give, a ulting tryndamere in zhonya's getting killed would look pretty hilarious.
: There could be like a "Teacher - Student" rewarding system such as getting more IP when playing with your Teacher and the Teacher would gain certain rewards if the pupil achieves a higher rank in Leagues. Ofcourse the Student could get some rewards somehow too.
nah, that would smudge the idea; one can only be taught pure honestly when the teacher himself does it out of good will, not greed.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Then they would've defended themselves and not chase kills. Not "die faster". They would've be stressed over "kill the nexus before they die" instead of "kill the enemy so I get better KDA". Its psychology, I get it if you can't follow it though, afterall, its not a subject for everyone to take. On LCS, and voice communication teams, what he did was ok. In soloq, it costed him the game. And it could've been avoided
If you just would have given that argument at the start, your point of view would have made a lot more sense instead of looking like someone who is just being dense for dense reasons. After that, it's all arguable, i myself am not convinced that even with stress pushing at them they would have been able to get it, but i guess we cant really be for sure.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Facts and math proves that i'm right. I don't require your seal of approval ;)
Alright guys, leave the troll, nobody is dumb enough to not understand that if Nautilus would have been attacking, they would have died even sooner.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: >The Nexus turrets are untargetable, although they can still target champions, unless one or more of a team's inhibitors are destroyed, and will remain vulnerable until all of the inhibitors have regenerated. Until these turrets are destroyed, the Nexus is untargetable as well. While the Nexus has no armor or magic resistance, it does have 5500 health and 25 health regeneration per 5 seconds. ^From wiki, about Nexuses in normal mode. First of all, don't put nexus's hp out of the blue. Next, that Nautilius has 92 AD in this video. Nexus was left alive at like 20% hp. 5500x0.2= 1100 23-9=14 92x14=1288 You are welcome ;) You can add the regeneration math as well 14 divided by 5 = 2, almost 3, so for the sake of it, call it 3. 25x3=75 1100+75=1175 still below 1288
I ''dont care'' about the numbers; it is about the simple fact that in this case it would be more damage-efficient when Nautilus zones.
GawnMower (EUW)
: hes always been able to solo towers mind, its why people went ap, they just can now do it as hybrid so they do more damage to champs
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: your team was "greedy" and you misplayed it. Look at nexus hp at the end, look at all you did during that fight. If you were to auto attack nexus and turrets instead of "zoning" you would've won. You maybe don't know it. But teams don't out of the blue turn greedy at nexus turrets. Its generally 1 player taking "aggressive" positioning. And the rests following though. Your "zoning' positioning was aggressive. As such, you gave the "wrong message" to at least one of your team mates. Then the others saw that 2 of you are fighting and naturally, they join in. You also go for hooks which furthers up the decision to "fight" over kill nexus. You might not like it. But the thing is, you can't change your teams while in game. What you can change is your behavior and your actions. In the game you have the video of, if you had different actions of simply NOT ZONE, you would've won the game. Sometimes our style doesn't merge with out teammates, it happens to everyone, and you lose game because of it. But its not because "my team this", "my team that". Its because YOU couldn't adapt to the situation. At least I understand this much and when we lose due to huge difference in styles, at least I'm not only "omg my team is retarded". I understand its my fault too. The fact that you only blame your team for it is the funny part. Just like people "I'm challenger material, but I'm stuck in bronze, i'm unlucky and get shitty teams, but believe me, I'm challenger" PS: Yes, you got no control over Kalista ult, you could've just right away clicked on the nexus and auto attacked it again and again, even if she ulted you. It took you like 2 seconds to get out of it, which again, you should've done it faster. Watch the replay again, from 9 seconds to 23 seconds you are doing not auto attack on turrets/nexus. Watch how much hp the nexus got left. Imagine if you were to attack that for 14 seconds, wouldn't you have won the game?
Let's put it as a calculation, shall we? Imagine OP as A. A deals at most 50 damage per sec. the other four guys on his team, B, C, D and E deal an average 250 damage per sec per person. Lets also say the nexus has ~14.000 HP Now eather A goes help destroying towers, his team is able to do damage for 10 seconds before they all die (again, 10 sec's is the average). They would be able to do 10x50+(4x250x10)= 10.500 damage in 10 seconds = a loss. However, would A zone instead of attacking, A's team would be able to attack for 15 seconds, instead of 10. This would result in 4x250x15=15.000 damage = a won game, and here we are not even calculating in the amount of extra creeps left to hit the nexus because the enemy team could not kill them. You should not think ''hey, one person extra = 5/5 people attacking so 100% of the damage instead of 80% percent.'' Hope this clears up things a bit :)
: A good player knows how to get back in the game.
> [{quoted}](name=Triepwoet,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oEaaEnJ0,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-29T09:48:19.298+0000) > This dude knew how to get back into the game and helped us win, while i was being a negative little shit-head cause i was afraid to lose a few LP. I hope you learned your lesson, because that is *exactly* what you were. not trying to be negative or anything, just pointing out how that is.
Sihmon (EUNE)
: Riot ... in lunar revel shop i was have high noon yasuo in sale 50% just i locked and open again it changed to ionia master yi ??? i need high noon yasuo again {{champion:157}}
How do you think this is related to this, don't go spam your stuff around the forum.
: Me too, i got arclight velkoz for 70% sale and i was so hyped to buy it but i would get the RP next day, when i checked it i lost 3 of the cards and i got jarvan? i dont even own him, riot please fix this i would be so happy if i could get my arclight velkoz somehow, it only costed 405 RP :((
That is actualy impressive
Sýrian (EUW)
: Riot from this http://imgur.com/8XqZ5Bk to this omg riot why http://imgur.com/RjrAMLe Explain to me now what the heck my rengo skin changed
Lol, the same thing happend to me, but i bought it the sec i saw it, now i can get the headhunter for 40% off too. Rito is being weird yo
shileka (EUW)
: make the honor ribbons more silent please
GC Raaxno (EUW)
: Game Crashes EUW
I was hoping to find other people with the same problem, it´s kind of sad a giant company as Riot still manages to release such a unstable client :-/ oh well, i am atleast happy it isnt on my part of the bargain.
Lìnea (EUW)
: Not now the system isent like that anymore. ! ignore the facts
Jezus Christ mate, try to pay attention to your writing, you are making a fool out of yourself with all these mistakes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpfinger,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Y4YKky4y,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-01-15T15:23:24.869+0000) > > My bad, not meant so say Riven is OP, i personaly just find her lacking quite a bit of counterplay once far ahead. It sure isn't a hard to play champ, but you mean as in she is hard to counter? Besides that, why are you brolaning? {{champion:84}} Just finish your enemy off, feels better than brolaning them. In the end, they will kill you anyways. ;)
Counterplay as in ways to stop her once she goes full in, an adc for example wont survive it when at 25 minutes an 7/0 Riven flashes in his face, stuns him, knocks him up and finishes him. Obviously, this is also the case with other champs, but i just feel like it is way more.... unstoppable with RIven. I managed to get Riven low to half healt with 3 abilities the first minute of the game, i thought that if i show him what being a nice player is, maybe he changes into a realy nice person who continues to carry on the ''being nice'' legacy. I don't like doing said uncounterable things, and figured getting a player nice would be more of a satisfactions than just completly stomping him. How was i supposed to know someone could abuse this so badly that he intentionaly gets the lane into the perfect ganking position for the jungler :-/ I have no problems stopping the bro-stuf later in the game, but doing so while you are being granded mercy from someone who could easily give you a shitty game just feels.... traitorous.
: Riven isn't even that OP anymore, given to the new champs that we have. I don't have a problem anymore with Riven. She's now easier to counter and kill given to what we have from the new items and masteries.
My bad, not meant so say Riven is OP, i personaly just find her lacking quite a bit of counterplay once far ahead.
Rioter Comments
LilChaoos (EUW)
: [Request] Linux Client
don't realy think this is realy possible, because there is litteraly no garanty the OS is the same, because open os, basiscly they would need to make a client for almost every unique Linux.
: Champion Select in a Nutshell
instantsubbed, my god that shit was hilarious, once i saw the mexican guy i lost my shit ahahahah
Aquaday (EUW)
: Thats one of the reasons why draft and teambuilder was made, to prevent those type of trolls.
yhe, thing is though, sometimes im not in the mood for draft or it simply takes too long, ain't nobody got time for that. i wanted to try vayne sated devouer (yes im this kind of asshole xD) but you can probably already gues i aint getting none of that teambuilder.
Rioter Comments
: I have received 3 Honor crests within 24 hours!!! I LOVE EVERYONE!
tss, only 3? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: After years of doing my best and helping my fellow players
heh, i know it, got like 5 batches already of which 2 friendly :P may be related to the fact that i play this game to have fun with other people, it's truly a better experience ^^
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: 60 hours to go, come on Silver players, get that Gold tier!
oh hell naw, screw ranked, i play this game for fun, not to get raged at when going 0/2.
Sharebass (EUNE)
: Kindred suggestion
please no, im deaf on one side lol.
Dragyen (EUNE)
: no its not. you don't lose anything (except time which you'd waste more while playing a lost game). and if your team has 4 mids dodge is the best option
as far as i know, a dodged game in a placement is a instant-loss
Mirgata (EUNE)
: Ranked dodge..
leaving in placement matches is pretty darn stupid though.
HearTheDrop (EUNE)
: AFK = Loss Prevented
countless times posted and denied becaus of a simple reason: people could decide the game 'is lost' and simply bully a player out of the game. and dont give me the 'just mute', that there are people that would do this is enough reason to not do it. not saying there should be some kind of system though
: 'They Are Coming' Analyzed: Yes, it's probably a new champion, and heres why.
Eveninn (EUW)
: The power of xD
you. i like you. have exact the same feeling as you, hell, i play this game rather to have some fun talking and chatting than playing the game itself. also, i rather lose a game were i could have a good laugh and talk than i win a game with a team that, even though i tried many times, doesnt want to chat a bit; i remember the time our team was crushing the enemy cause they had a afk, but since it was just a normal, everybody just started dancing around baron and at the end we actualy surrenderd; just to make the enemy happy for their afk player. you seem like exactly the type a player i'd want to meet ingame, and i hope i'll one day can play with you, chat with you and have a laugh with people like you ^^ (see what i did there? :P) long story short; stay awesome, make more people awesome :)
: Has Irelia become too strong?
if i need to be honest: yes. i love her, but for real: a trinity force is enough damage, if you want to go full beast mode you can get like a botrk after that, but from there full tank. the result is a unkillable, unstoppble, untankable and rekking champ. you litteraly cant kill her, while so kill so-freaking-easy, and then i didnt even start about her out of minds sustain (level 5 w activaded = 75 hp per hit) and cc (point and click 2 sec dash, which combined with her dash gets her to kill every squisy she sees and wants). her week point is her early early, though even than pretty ok still.
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: So... this happened.
was expecting a hypocrite text about how misthreated you were. 9/10 plot twist.
Dodgem (EUW)
: Pool Party negative behaviour
Eveninn (EUW)
: Mkay... Highfive was a thing in your time, wasn't it? :o
Shénzhì (EUW)
: Aatrox Lore & Angels (accurate, almost)
i thought Aatrox was basicly the image of war itself?
MonsterN2 (EUNE)
: New leavebuster and new gamemode.
sorry, but i can't understand close to anything to what you wrote, could you explain it better?
hidenIShere (EUNE)
: Rework or NERF Ekko! "Nerf Ekko For president!"(George Bush, the white house, 2002)
though your way of writing is seems a bit childish at some points, i gotta admit. the damage, mobility **and** ultity on this champ is absolutly out of mind, like, every one of them.
: I need some music for my videogame montage
house is always a good choice in things like these, look at monstercat and NoCopyrightMusic :)
: Twitch any good?
basicly a kalista with less mobility, a stronger solo-que, a invisible and less damage. depends on you :)
Veevix (EUW)
: (URF) Why I Should Not Play Blitzcrank
lmao, thats some funny shit, subbed. keep going, feel like a channel who's going to grow big one day :)
: EUW lagging like hell
maybe drophacking is back.
: Tryndamere can Ult while Supressed OR silenced by malzahar?
Tryndamere can ult at anytime, no matter the cc.
Krestek (EUNE)
: New champion suggestion: Newker, The Dark Elf
seems interesting, though you **realy** need to reduce the base and scaling damages.
Leeutjie (EUW)
: Glitches in the game
rammus only get ad from his physical armor. the rabadons thingy is rather a bug that a glitch, you DO in fact get the bonus AP, but ATM the display is bugged, making is say zero.
: Holy athene's
0.o, nice, not that it needs it tho lol.
Shmucer (EUW)
: SHOCKING interview with Riot Employee
i love these so fucking much, the only problem with them is that they are spot on accurate xD
Raymaxe (EUW)
: First of all, thank you Rioteers for deleting my comment to this thread because of the things i've stated. That was below the lowest possible low BUT I'm going to be so kind and type it again 1) You're a multinational company that's basing their prices on the wealthiest country in the world. = bull**** n1 2) You're making us basically pay the Bonus RP. Calculus FTW 20 euro= 3200+420 RP bonus 2,5 euro= 400 rp New price: 22 euro for 3200+420 rp Yay, now we don't get any bonus RP bull**** n2 3) We have probably the most unstable server host. You should be fixing that with yoour money, not ours. It was you who boght/established/hosted the servers on an unreliable provider in the first place. Another bull (n3) 4)Also, you kinda prioritise the NA server, they get compensations and are treated so nicely because they're so important. Another bull**** (n4) you're just afraid of 'Murica grabbing you by the balls if you don't treat their players nicely. So yea, let's go to europe and grab some more money over there. They're sheep, will be easy 5) You've stated ''This will also be our first RP price increase in five years.'' haha, as if that makes it right and okay. Bull**** n5
did they actualy...... thats unbelieveble sad. also, we should al just stop buying anything, let people like this idiot who made the topic lose their job, they deserve it.
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