AstralDream (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HunterHardy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vz8GnXZ1,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-08-12T09:53:23.226+0000) > > Well before DynQueue you got to play Support most of the time if you were last pick, so just imagine you are last pick. Still does not justify the long queue time, I agree. Go try to support in bronze 5. LOL. Thats just waste of time, its impossible to play support for random idiot that don't know anything about the damn game and stacks attack speed only.
Well I never had the pleasure to do this, but if it's really THAT horrible go play an AP supp (f.e. Brand), should work in bronze.
Tarolock (EUW)
: out of combat movement speed is fine, dunno why ppl think its useless, you can get to fights faster, you won a teamfight 3v3 mid and 2 of them going for top lane? bam out of combat movement speed helps you get there faster
I know right, I just want him to surpass this boring infernal drake, because its easy to make use of more dmg, but you need skill to use a MS advantage. I don't intend on making him completely broken, thats why suggest a tiny amount of MS.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: Autofill idiocy
Well before DynQueue you got to play Support most of the time if you were last pick, so just imagine you are last pick. Still does not justify the long queue time, I agree.
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Hillnor (EUW)
: If he's bronze he has the same farm problems that other adcs in his same league. When I saw your post I thought you were platinum saying everyone below your elo farmed bad, but you're gold, so I supose you are saying you farm bad yourself (I'm also gold and I know I farm bad, don't need to tell me). You should know how every role and champion works to be able to play rankeds propely. People who dont usually play adc don't understand the adc needs peeling for example. If you know approximately which are every enemy player's best options, you'll know who will try to kill you and who won't. But as adc you should not be able to win games if the enemy team knows how to kill you and your team doesn't know how to protect you. Some basic advice: -Never go straight to focus enemy adc as adc. I saw a lot of people who do it and tell you to do it when I was in bronze when it's not your task. -Unless you have a good repositioning skill (Kalista's passive/twitch's invisibility) never try to get closer to the enemy, attack always the closest enemy to you (as long as you can attack, of course). Actually you don't always do this, but in most cases you do, and if you can't judge it properly, just dont judge it, attack the closest and continue like that untill you see the situations when you can try to get closer to the enemy team to be more efficient. If you have AOE or long range skills you can also cast them on further enemies (Jhin's ult, Caitlyn's ult, Ezreal's ult...). -If they have an assasin, build defensive items (and sometimes with no assasin too) as you can't attack if you get killed even before you see the enemy or are able to react. You will most likely need to build a defensive item as 3rd item if the enemy in charge of killing you is fed or later (4th or 5th) if he's not. -If they have some Armor, buy last whisper. Unlike a lot of people think, 40% armor penetration gives more that twice the damage of 50 AD when already having decent AD and probably even when not having that AD, as you will be attacking Tanks most of the time (If they have no tanks, which will most likely not happen, you needn't armor penetration, but you'd need a defensive item instead, as they would have a lot of enemies who can easily take you down). Just in case, don't think an assasin/tank should also take % armor penetration, as they wont be attacking tanks like you will.
I am not great at farming overall, but I played Jinx a lot recently (normals and rankeds) and I was stronger than the enemy Adc most of the time due to my focus on farming in lane.
muffinspree (EUNE)
: What is life? Why my cat wont talk ? Why don't bees multiply like crazy and conquer the world ?
Don't worry I just went premade with a player I had never played with before. I'm one step closer to demote xD You need to set priorities, I'm always hyped for doing risky stuff, that's why I don't mind getting demoted once in a while. Just enjoy the game, I know that feeling of taking a couple of losses too serious it's not worth your energy!
: adc in low elo
Dude Adc is fine in low elo, you will have an easy time winning games, because ppl farm really bad in bronze-gold. Unimportant if you can get ahead in kills (because for this you usually need a decent Support) you can get ahead easily in farm -> more gold -> more items -> increased chance to win (ofc you need to use your advantage). Or you search a DuoQ partner to support you, so you don't need to rely on random Supports anymore
TTekkers (EUW)
: The taboo of killing people who DC ..
I know that feeling, in normal games I try not to kill DC'ers, but sometimes it's hard to see if someones DC or just walking a weird path, I only have mercy in obvious cases! Most ppl are really grateful, thats something worth more than a plain kill in an online game :)
: Would you rather...
I want my favourite champs have some play, but not be the to-go pick. For example I love playing Jinx right now and the attention she gets at the moment makes me feel comfortable, sometimes someone else pick her, but most of the time I can play her.
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: People seriously need to get over it
Making the younger part of the community think it's no big deal to be an asshole to others may leads in them adapting this behaviour irl imo.
demgen (EUW)
: Why did I choose to main support?
You can win with support quite easily in silver imo, let me explain you why. I'm playing in low Gold currently and almost no support peels for me, but if they do it's much easier for me to deal tons of dmg as Adc. Even if some Adc seem unworthy to get peeled for you should give them a chance it's much better than being jerk and go all-in leaving the Adc open for flanks. Just my opinion, try it out, maybe it will help you :)
TTekkers (EUW)
: I always be nice to my supports, they make me look good xD
Can confirm about TTekkers, I'm friendly to my supports too! Even if they treat me like shit... Good thing most supports are awesome ppl :) P.S. If you need an Adc I'm always looking for people to play with ^^
: Try to google ''Talentless Trash''
There was nothing special about the results! I don't get it, am I stupid?
: Looking for people to play with
Hey, I'm 19 and from Germany! Wonna play some games? ^^
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TTekkers (EUW)
: Weird - I've been edging away from immobile ADCs to low mobility mids :D {{champion:136}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:136}}
Cool, which elo are you? Maybe we can play together, I really like the immobile Mid + ADC combo, Mid for AoE CC and ADC for AoE dmg, should work if you are close to my elo (just reached my promo to Gold thanks to MF!) (Edit: Can also be normal games, I love blind pick, ARAM and most of the featured gamemodes just as much as Ranked)
TTekkers (EUW)
: If you're gonna start maining ADC, be prepared to play well and still lose and eat a lot of flame - it's always your fault when you get killed, and never the fault of the 4 teammates who dash at the enemy tank to engage leaving you exposed and ready to get obliterated by the other team. It's all down to your bad positioning, nothing to do with your team leaving all your flanks open and using all their skills to engage while the enemy fizz is troll-poling you to death.
Don't worry I played a couple of games with MF already and I'm fine, I feel like I have more impact than I had when playing Mid lane, guess those neglected immobile ADCs just fit more to me than my Mid laners did. I'm confident to be Gold soon again :)
TTekkers (EUW)
: Most ADCs need a modicum of protection from their teammates and lack either burst or a mix of damage and tankiness required to completely take over a game. Also, ADCs do best as a secondary threat when a teammate is fed and the ADC can just sit to the side and DPS away while the enemy team focus the 5/0 mid laner :D The ADCs that do draw bans normally do so because the DPS is high enough to qualify as psuedo-burst that just keeps on going, Lucian, Corki and Koggles were all guilty of this when they drew bans; Vayne's slightly different as her %hp true damage is the killer allowing to her to focus the tank in teamfights with no real DPS penalty by banging her head into a wall of armor. The current "OP" ADCs, Lucian and MF with the Korean build fall off hard after the mid game and are much more ability damage oriented - vs the traditional crit builds the 2 item spike is much more, but they lack the multiplicative stats to carry hard at the 4+ item stage, they need to pull ahead on 2 items. Also Ashe's strength is in that she has a good laning phase, good DPS in early mid and late, and good utility - she literally has it all (except mobility). So why not permaban? Lucian and MF are just differently strong, not OP and Ashe is super immobile and easy to counterpick with a mid lane assassin like LeBlonk, Zed, Fizz; a jungler like Kha, Lee, Rengar, Vi; a support like Thresh, Leona, Blitz - you probably get the idea, her lack of mobility is her counterplay.
You are the first person here which I agree with completely, I also think, that they can not solo carry as easily and get less attention for that reason. And the pseudo-burst ADCs you mentioned are indeed the most banned ones this season, now I slowly get the idea, why people think different than me. I for my part would still ban the ADCs which don't have as much burst and lack mobility, but I can understand why other people don't do this too. And I thank you for your explanations about some ADCs in your last paragraph, although I knew there things before already, I thought it wouldn't matter, because they were stronger than the rest imo (well Lucian and MF got balanced by the recent changes, but I fear Ashe a lot currently). Seems like people trust in their ability to shut down the ADC if things get out of hand, well I don't mind, I can start maining ADC this way :)
xLyo (EUW)
: I would never ban adc. Why? Because despite the fact that they do mostvof dmg in tfs, they are having preaty weak impact for game result. Although people sometimes permaban some adcs. Kog was at a time much banned. Luc was banned. But still i would rather ban yasuo than ashe or darius than jinx. Also! Adc is one of those rare champd that can bebkilled and focused eadily even when they are fed. Id rather have fed enemy adhe than fed enemy yaduo, who is imposdible to catch.
Well I'm not sure about this. I think ADCs can have as much impact as other position, but they are slightly more team dependent. But I agree that you can kill a fed Ashe much easier than fed Yasuo.
karolmo (EUW)
: Lucian was permabanned before his nerf. Dunno what u talking about.
It took sooo much time until he got permabanned (I mentioned this in my post), while other champs (I named Malz and Swain in the post) got banned as soon as they got reworked. And other ADCs (especially the immobile ones) don't get any bans for some reason (maybe ppl just think no mobility = no impact on the game, idk)
: Hi! Speaking as someone who usually play champions with nice ccs, or/and hard burst. I prefer to ban stuff I know I will have trouble cc'ing.. Maybe I will fail in practice but being me meant to do it I trust myself to cc the mf, or the Lucian in time.. While stuff like Zed or yasuo with his freaking wall or malzahar with magic shield on.. I already know I won't be able to land my stuff proper / at the right time. Ps: I'm low elo too, this is just my personal view on it..
This is actually a good point of view, banning champs you have trouble playing against, but there are many people who only ban the champs who are currently "unbalanced" and these probably make up a large part of our playerbase, I'm excited for more people to explain this phenomen to me.
Wex0r (EUW)
: can i get a summary cos who got time to read this ?{{champion:17}}
ok here we go: ADCs never get as much bans as they deserve, no matter how strong they are while champions of other positions get permabanned really quick. Thats why I'm asking for possible reasons.
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xtimigui (EUW)
: What is your favourite old game in your childhood?
Definitely GTA San Andreas! I will never forget the countless hours I spent playing with my cousin...
JordyBaka (EUW)
: Girls on the "teams & clubs" section
League of Legends, the game where girls evolve from gold diggers to elo diggers :D (Don't judge me please, of course I'm speaking of a minority!)
fuxleep (EUW)
: Please consider the following: some glyphs people need cost 820 IP per one(!), so 7380 IP for a set of 9. Some quints cost 2050 per one. Decent champions cost 4800 or 6300 most of the time. While regular 30+ minutes long game only gives you 70-110 IP. Imagine how long you should farm to get the runes you want and champions you want. That's basically 70 (SEVENTY) games to get a single champion. And now people have just a small 4-day opportunity to farm up. Not everyone is a rich daddy's boy to buy everything with RP (runes can't be bought with RP though).
You can get a lot ip if you try to win your games too. No need to waste your and other people time on intentionally feeding.
Rehab (EUW)
: Duskblade of DFG 2.0
Xin Zhao buff revealed? That penta kill...
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Strigina (EUNE)
: Amazing. Do you want to talk about it?
I think it's amazing to have less than 0 LP xD (Not sure if thats a bug)
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Emillie (EUW)
: I like picking Urgot mid during pick intent and almost everyone actually thinks I'm going to play Urgot.
: Having last three picks to have a ban each makes no sence now
I think the best thing is to ban a champ which is above average and counters your prefered pick at the same time. That way it's a win/win for you and your team as you won't feed at your lane and one of the stronger champs is blocked for the enemies, too.
Tiffan (EUW)
: Primary and Secondary Roles
I think you got a good point there, I mean, if you are willing to wait a little bit longer (and I bet you are) you should get your primary role more often than the secondary. Although I have no problems with the champ select myself, I think this should be balanced out so most players are happy with the role they get.
: why not simply let people choose? how hard is that?
I think it's better this way as most players do not communicate their intended role in champ select so you sometimes have trouble finding it out. For example, someone picks Ekko with Flash and Ignite. You can only guess if he wants mid or top (or even jungle, he could change his sums in the last second) and if he says nothing, you can only hope to pick the right one or pick a champ which can both mid and top. Or Brand with Flash and Ignite. Could be mid or supp, good luck on guessing again. This kind of things happened a lot to me back in season 5 and ruined my experience sometimes, as there are people out there who expect us to know where they go without them saying a thing and then refuse to swap if you guessed it wrong.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Boards in s nutshell : current season struggle ( all the "I'm better than bronze" posts, ) current Riot dictatorship agenda ( all the "don't like this queue system" posts, ) the regular trolls/feeders/banned posts and a few sob rainbow posts here and there with their following army of unicorns.
You forget the "this is completely unbalanced posts"!
Larry (EUNE)
: Boards got rather boring, no?
Don't worry, the "feedback regarding items, masteries, champions etc" is usually nothing more than "X is OP/useless/can't be countered, I stop LoL until you balance this Rito". But I'd like to see more useful posts about the champions and the gameplay, too. How about you create one?
: Stuff I've learned so far while playing League Of Legends...
Don't worry new champ select will save us all... oh wait
: winning games then people say "i must leave mommy says" leading to a loss.
For me it is real life > winning a match in an online game. But I rarely leave a game anyway, as I ask my family, if they are planning to do something in the next hour, if no it's a sign for me to play, if yes, well then I'm not starting as it is not worth taking the risk of going AFK. Unexpected situations which force me to leave can happen, if my house is on fire and I would burn to ashes if I keep playing then I quit of course (also in less serious situations if I REALLY need to). Looks like you are thinking different.
yup2591 (EUW)
: as you can see the problem is not solved bc otherwise this whole thread would not exist with someone crying about trollers and all that, am i wrong?! The exact same problem still exists and people as u can see from Thread opener refuse to accept random roles they didnt want to have bc the system is lacking an option to pick the "only" role you want, which was the main purpose of the new champ select, to give people the opportunity to play the role they want. and exactly that is happening LESS often than in old system for people with 1 main role. And yea 5 man premade problem solved, sure thing but little unrealistic as you maybe know already so i dont wanna discuss that.... The problem is that I dont want to choose a second role as I only WANT to play support. so in case the system automatically gives me a 2nd role, this is NOT the one i have chosen. Simply the fact that I cant queue with just 1 role creates the impression that i choosed another "main" role, that i would "like" to play. which is not true
I always got support, as I chose mid (my ex-main lane) as secondary. For me it's a win-win situation if I don't get supp I could go mid which is also fine for me. Unfortunately there are too many onetrickponies out there who don't play premade and then complain about not getting their favourite role, it was quite obvious that there is a chance to get the secondary role, wasn't it? And even then you can trade lanes in champ select if necessary, just like you did in old champ select. I don't think anyone will report you for that.
: > [{quoted}](name=HardyKoH,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AaP4FURM,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2016-01-26T13:20:41.632+0000) > > I think they were already strong, but underplayed before. Morgana is stupidly strong now, because her W instaprocs TLD which is not really fair. By the way Zed, Ahri and LeBlanc are currently played a lot too. (I count Ahri as an assassin, because her mobility is way too high for a mage imo). Morgana doesnt instaproc tld. U need to stand in it 2 secs
Ikr, but if she places it perfectly you will not get out in time unless you can jump out with a dash or a blink.
: They dont like the way I play, the champs I play and my strategies :b
Oh ok, then I misunderstood this passage.
: Need 4 silver/gold for dynamic
One question: How can your own friends not like you? Isn't that kinda paradox, I mean I thought only people who like each other can be called friends?
: > [{quoted}](name=HardyKoH,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AaP4FURM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-01-26T12:39:28.746+0000) > > Mages have become a bit weaker, but many of the mid mains prefer assassins and assassins have been buffed by the introduction of TLD and item changes in my opinion. Then why are lux,brand,anivia,malzahar dominating mid if they are weaker. My main is morgana mid,and imo she is mega strong now. Also fqc put mages in dominant position
I think they were already strong, but underplayed before. Morgana is stupidly strong now, because her W instaprocs TLD which is not really fair. By the way Zed, Ahri and LeBlanc are currently played a lot too. (I count Ahri as an assassin, because her mobility is way too high for a mage imo).
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well mid IS the most contested role. One would think that with all those ap item price increases and all this whining on boards about how mages are worthless people would play them less, but they don't.
Mages have become a bit weaker, but many of the mid mains prefer assassins and assassins have been buffed by the introduction of TLD and item changes in my opinion.
Loki331 (EUW)
: As a fellow Season 5 platin player, that was also placed into Silver 1, i can say, thats it is pretty easy to get out of Silver 1 alone. I am already gold 5. So it is not impossible mate. And yes silver player, but also most platin player have no knowledge of the game. Most of the silver dudes are platin players and they play like silver. The thing is, if you are truly platin, you will be in platin if you play consistently. And about toxicity i can give you a good formula and that is, mute, report and enjoy less toxic players. Its easy as it is. And in every Division you will have feeders, flamers... Just dont tilt and thats it.{{item:1051}}
Can confirm I have seen some Plat V players in my games already, when I was Gold III and now in the preseason again. Most of them are playing really bad (guess, that's why I got matched with them, as I am not playing on platinum level). But I am looking forward to play with real Plats if I improve this season, hopefully Plat won't be as painful as described by other players.
: Being an ADC/Support player in low elo.
Know that feel. Played my placements and I'm Silver 3 now. Sometimes I get flamed for not healing, if I play a support with heals. (Ok, I have to admit that I sometimes do really stupid things like leveling E instead of W as Soraka at level 2 or wasting my ults randomly because of misclick, so there is reason to get mad at me, please forgive me senpai.) On the other hand, random bot laners usually get along with me, unless we can't work together at all, then we just leave each other alone,do our own thing and hope it still works out. (Assuming I'm not playing with someone who trolls if he does not like a teammate, yeah I have seen that already)
: I officially apologize for being salty on the boards in the last few days.
I'd like to apologize for every negative post/comment I made here so far too, but no one cares probably :D I'm trying really hard to be a posivite light of our community, but the darkness in my heart takes over me sometimes, sorry about that. Good luck at your attempt to be less annoying in your bad days, wish me luck on mine too.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi I Am Red Panda, We've been trying our best to communicate and keep things up to date - if you check out the [Red Tracker]( you'll see I've posted updates as well as tmx and other Rioters. Is there further updates you'd like to see beyond this? The red tracker is a great place to find our updates :-)
Are you the gif lord of Riot by any chance? Almost every time I see a post of you, there is a gif.
Larry (EUNE)
: You mean, you have to be an @sslicker to get them. If i met a person who behaves like those honor farming "polite" dudes, i would really think there is something wrong with them. Seriously, it's so fake from most of them , you all know there are no such polit and humble people in the world who would behave the same in this game.
I think they do exist. People who are **honestly** nice and not only trying to increase their winning chances. I can't really talk as I'm not the friendliest person out there. (but at least I'm trying)
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