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: fixed after full repair
Thanks for letting me know that worked :)
: I miss to do item pages. ;_; and switch skins as soon you lock champion.
: I was forced to start using the new client and now the game crashes every time I Alt-tab.
Do you have windows mode set to borderless on your in game graphics settings?
8ruce (EUW)
: Hi Rito, today my client got upgrade and when I click launch, the window opens, but it stays black. I already had this during open beta, where I used the fix to change the "leagueClientOptIn" value to "no" in the user configuration file. I already deinstalled the game, deleted all files and reinstalled the game, but the client is still black after launching. Is there a fix/solution to my problem yet? {{champion:45}}
Hey! This is something that we're aware of and are working on a fix.
: So.. is this the end of the beta? :D It's been so long, the client is lovely, few bits that still have to be polished, mostly in performance. But I cannot complain! A fairly good job. I will surely miss the old client but the new one makes it easy :)
It's not quite the end of the beta. We still have a LOT of work to do on the client, but i'm happy to hear you're enjoying your experience :)
: > Item Sets will return to the PBE in Patch 7.11 and then to live soon after. I've read somewhere on the news Riot said they are coming on the live servers next patch 7.10. So the release date has been changed ?
I can confirm that it's 7.11 on the PBE, all going well, when 7.11 hits live it'll include item sets.
: Hello. If I launch LOL through the launcher it is just a black screen When I launch LOL through the folder directly I can still hear the music what is playing on the log in screen and see the button change but it is all black. I can't open the new client and I'm not the only one, the difference is I TESTED EVERYTHING (included what I tested below to fix it) I uninstalled and reinstalled countless times; I ran as administrator; I ran with compatibility to Windows 8 and Windows 7; I checked drivers; I updated flash, air, NET Framework, and all that crap; I disabled scaling; I did all of this and still this bug happens. {{champion:32}}
Hey Rukka Nova, The black screen is an issue on our end as far as I know and we're working to deploy a fix asap. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
: all 3
Short of deleting the Riot Folder entirely and redownloading, I don't have another suggestion for you (i'm not tech support). But if you want to try that, it might help. If not, [our support team may be able to help](
: ok then, a question, why is it when i create a shortcut it automaticly has a bug splat when I click on it so I have to dig trough my files just to play the game
I'll check in to this for you but I need a little more info. Which of the following executables are you trying to create a shortcut from? * LeagueClient * lol.launcher.admin * lol.launcher
: I love how even after the most of comunity hating the new client you will still keep it
This thread is for those who have problems getting the client to work, or have questions on functionality and future development. Any flame or off topic discussion will be deleted _btw_
: > [{quoted}](name=Viiral,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=EN3UbBVt,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2017-05-04T16:45:22.689+0000) > > hello i have some problems with my client its not launching when i press the launch button . can i get some help? i had no issue with the old launcher . Yeah I have the same issue. Ive redownloaded it quite a few times too
Viiral (EUNE)
: it works now after i started it from the lol.launcher.admin thank you
: Question: When I open League (in the logins screen) it says: We have restored this installation to an older version of League. Now we will try to patch it up to the latest version. I tried to repair, use VPN thing, even re-installing League. Can you help me please? Also, I can normally login though but I can't press the PLAY button because it is grey
Hey! For this, can you [open a ticket with our tech support]( They should be able to help get this fixed for you.
Viiral (EUNE)
: hello i have some problems with my client its not launching when i press the launch button . can i get some help? i had no issue with the old launcher .
Try going in to your League of Legends folder on your hard drive and launching it from there, just to see if that works. Let me know if that does/doesn't solve it for you.
: I did post of this already but i will tell the story here also. So yesterday everything worked good, today when i opened lol it was laggy and is still, i just got 10min dodge timer for the client to be VERY laggy........, also buttons show up and so on work, but everything is lagging. i cant say it better than that....
Are you running the client in low spec mode? If not, try it out and see if it helps. [Here's how you can do that. ]( Please let me know if this helps in some way or not at all.
Tennouji (EUW)
: At this point many players have been experiencing crashes obviously riot blames our hardware/setup It's not us riot doesn't wanna admit it's their fault.
That's not true. You have to keep in mind that most of the time, reports of crashes etc that are voiced here come from a much smaller portion of the playerbase. People don't tend to drop by an FAQ thread to say everything is ok. In many cases (but of course, not all) there are issues specific to player machines/setups that cause conflicts with the client. One part of the purpose of this thread is to help fix issues on your end, the other purpose of this thread is to understand what's not you're fault and what is ours, so we can fix it.
JamesIAm (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Biohazard Doods,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=EN3UbBVt,comment-id=00070001000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-04T15:56:35.616+0000) > > i dont think you understand, it wont let me log in because it gets a bug splat as soon as I click on it Maybe try repairing, or if this doesn't work reinstall?
This should solve it if you can't log in etc. If not, there may be a local issue on your pc. Might be worth reaching out to our tech support team to help you.
: Yes i do have 2 monitors, but it never ever happened to me on the old client. But since i got forced to get the new one i get bugsplatted every game...
Can you spin up a custom practice game. When you're on the loading screen, look at the bottom right. Is the green cog spinning or is it stuck? Also, if you alt tab a lot while in game, be sure that you have "Windowed Mode" set as "Borderless".
: it's a bit faster but nothing rly noticable
Try enabling low spec mode?
rogama25 (EUW)
: I just want to suggest a very small feature: make the client "minimize" into Windows tray instead of closing completely. I know that this client is made with Chromium Embedded Framework (Chrome's engine, right?) I don't know how difficult is to make this, but on Firefox there is a plugin to do this and the browser stops using GPU and uses a lot less CPU, so I think it's a good idea :) (Well, I know my English is not perfect, please forgive me haha)
But.... you can minimise the client to the task bar already? Do you specifically want it in the tray next to the clock?
: when i make a shortcut to the desktop game wont start and has a bug splat every time, so i have to dig trough my pc to get to play the game WITH a shitt launcher
That's really strange... When you're in client, hit the cog in the top right and initiate a full repair. That might fix it for you.
: fck that 8GB of RAM 5GHz Processor and it is still slow no matter what I do
I've a similar spec machine myself and I have no issues. There might be background process that's flooding your RAM or something else might be going on. Might be worth looking in to your processes just to check, while the client it running. If it's not that, tech support might be able to help.
: contructive feedback: give me the old client, almost no bugs
That's not feedback, that's a request ;) The old client isn't coming back. Again, if you're able to describe the problem you're having, we might be able to help.
: what would be the problem if I could play on older launcher if I can play without replays and practise mod?
Hey! Running two clients requires almost double the work hours to support. The coding required for either client is quite different, making it harder to track bugs and deliver the same experience to players on two different platform. The old Air client was just about at it's max for in terms of what it could do for us, features wise. It's our hope that in time you'll see the Update Client as a much better option in all cases. Hope this answers your question.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Q: Can we expect client performance to improve so that it does not require at least i7 to run without low spec mode?
Yes, we're going to be constantly making performance updates. Low Spec mode really should only be intended for those with older machines. It'll just take some time to get to that sweet spot.
: Can you pls fix this bugsplat problem? 2 games 3 bugsplats one game lost cause of it! thanks for the new client its litterally utter shitt :)=
Usually, bug splats are due to the users machine/setup and not the client or game. Since you've given no context or constructive feedback, we can't help.
: CPU: Between 18% and 68% RAM: 73% Currently 68 background processes running, mostly Windows and ASUS stuff so idk what to close.
Try this, it sometimes works for me when i've issues with other programs. Windows Key + R to open the run console. Type "msconfig" and hit enter. A system Configuration utility will open (or else the task manager on windows 10). Go to the startup tab. From here you can see all the processes that start up when you're computer starts. Try disabling as many as possible that you don't deems essential, things like spotify, adobe etc. These programs will still work fine when you launch them manually. If you don't know what something is, don't disable it. That might help.
CryGods (EUW)
CryGods (EUW)
: If Riot is able to display champions owned by player I just don't understand why you can't add the feature of skins owned by player on collection... It's such a requested feature that is stupid being ignored at this point...
That feature is currently in development :)
: I'm using Low Spec Mode and Auto close client option when game starts, but when the game ends and the client opens and shows the after match stats it's lagging for 5-10 seconds meanwhile i can click everything but with delay. I know the client is trying to load fully, but before patch 7.8 this lag didn't exist. I can even run the game on Max Graphics with around 100 fps, so i don't know what's going on... :(
It sounds like there is heavy processor load or perhaps your RAM is struggling to keep up. We'll check on our end if similar reports have come in since that patch deployed. Thanks for letting us know!
: Just got into champ select, draft pick. After the countdown for 'declare a champion' was done it just stopped. I could click on champs, edit spells, wards etc. but the timer just stayed at 0 and nothing happened. Internet was fine. Oh and, YES I HAVE LOW SPEC MODE.
Do you have many additional background process running? Worth checking your task manager and seeing how much RAM and CPU is in use.
: ######Very small detail: you linked your own Twitter instead of Navigator's ;)
Ayy lmao Graves can have his cigar back but Husker can't link properly
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Mangekyu (EUW)
: Thank you Riot! You have made me the person I am!
Maybe your friend can teach me a thing or two! But seriously, it's great to hear your story. :)
Reptilezz (EUW)
: Roses are red Violets are blue A skin costs less Than a dinner for two. Forever alone.jpg
: I am a thresh main (level 7) and i think he is really fun, so here is a poem made for my good friend thresh: I use your Q It's what I do to land a hook on the chosen few When I miss I curse your name onto all-chat I express my shame With lantern extended I save my team You're a god they cry a worthy title it seems but supports beware for when lantern is botched your team will hate you hate you a lot Now onto your E with such cc goes this way or that way a delight to see but hard it is to twist it around and when I screw up I feel like a clown Your ult so clutch a pentagon haven hide in the bushes and flash into draven but when against lucian my box on the ready he dashes away I'm left feeling petty Thresh oh Thresh The support for me If you use my lantern You better say "Weeeeeee!"
{{champion:412}} Hoooooooooooly mooooooooooly! {{champion:412}}
: Roses are red Violets are blue A skin costs less Than a dinner for two. Forever alone.jpg
Perilum (EUW)
: Oh Broccoli, Oh Broccoli, you were meant to eat. Cosantoir managed to sustain during the heat. There the Hering made a bet indeed. "Do this and I will eat. The Broccoli when you archive." Cosantoir fulfilled his part of the bet, Hering got as avoiding as you can get. There was on his desk a fine Broccoli hat, he never ate his Broccoli and the community is mad.
I'm going over to Eambo's desk now to find out more about this Broccoli....
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TeeTohr (EUW)
: Are amumus lonely if they are 3 amumus ?
It's only one Amumu. The other two are just reflections of his loneliness in his tears.
BlueStr (EUW)
: Happy valentines!
Happy Valentines Day all! Hope all of you have a lovely day, even all of the lonely {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}}
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Gwindol (EUNE)
: Well done, any head up where our beloved draft is? Our party looked forward to play no troll again! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
>TL;DR - We are re-enabling Normal Draft on EUNE between the hours of 12 P.M. CET (Noon) and 12 A.M. CET (Midnight)
Spicy Ramen (EUNE)
: ***
>TL;DR - We are re-enabling Normal Draft on EUNE between the hours of 12 P.M. CET (Noon) and 12 A.M. CET (Midnight)
CamperCop (EUNE)
: Why you took normal draft away again?!!??!?!?! WE WANT DRAFT{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
>TL;DR - We are re-enabling Normal Draft on EUNE between the hours of 12 P.M. CET (Noon) and 12 A.M. CET (Midnight) ^^^^^
: its enable today , u enable it permanently ?
Yes, it's enabled every day from midday to midnight.
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