BateBoiko (EUNE)
: Question about the perm ban.
I'm not sure what you are exactly asking so i will answer both perspectives. Will the next punishment be a permanent ban? Yes, unless you reform now. If you stop being toxic for a very long time (many many months), then your punishment level will drop in time and your next punishment will not be a permanent ban anymore. Can you get rid of a permanent ban if you have been banned permanently? No. Currently you can't. Riot is doing some shenanigans on NA server and let a few permanently banned players get their accounts back but you can't get your account unbanned currently. In the future it might be possible if they change their policies but that's still unlikely.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Besides, I kept my chat limited to "xd, gj, np, ty and gg", are you claiming that my behavior was not decent enough? That's fine, but it's completely neutral behavior. Being a positive influence in your games will make the climb faster. --- > Do they expect me to write "peace and love <3" after every kill? Sarcasm won't get you far.
>That's fine, but it's completely neutral behavior. That is NOT neutral behavior. Saying gj, gg etc. is POSITIVE behavior. Neutral is either not talking or communicating strategies etc normally. If the system thinks telling others they did a good job is neutral, then the system is rigged. There is nothing you can do to be more positive than that in league. There literally isn't.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: from my experience late night games are more enjoyable
The trolls just change. During the day they are kids and during the night, they are older and either too tired or too drunk to think straight.
: Because she doesn't appear to be a man? Of course, she could be transgender, or a woman who identifies as a man, she might even be asexual... Marksperson does seem to clear up any possible confusion, I suppose. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: dude learn what inting means and then argue with people ffs... "Oh, I am sure he is just having a bad game, I am sure he is just trying to have fun'' If we are talking about ranked. This will be pure bs. Its obv when people are inting/trolling and when they are having a bad game and second, in ranked people are trying to win, nobody really ints in normals nowdays
I get the feeling you didn't intend to reply to me but to the other guy.
ezdlol (EUW)
: Don't you think some people are just bad players? Some just don't want to argue with you or explain their plan. If i see someone make stupid moves i just alt+tab, check his rank, if he is silver bronze i just facepalm i try to have fun. May be he is fed up by your behavior and just don't want to play with you and instead of just feeding tries his plan ... lets say fast push a lane while you def? You, of course, will blame him for everything :) Yes, it is your "soft inting" - he is as good as you, but he is doing stupid things intentionally just to harm you, sure.
What a nice guy you are, defending trolls and trying to shift all the problems they cause on the innocent players...
: Hey could you tell me how your leveling went? (how many games/day have you played) I'd really appreciate that.
Here is my current progress during the experiment >10 game chat restriction 22.7.2018 Honor unlocked 24.7.2018, 39 games since punishment was issued, whole team honored someone 12 times since punishment was issued, 19 honors received since punishment was issued. Honor level 0 - checkpoint 1 reached 04.08.2018, 72 games since punishment was issued, whole team honored someone 35 times since punishment was issued, 55 honors received since punishment was issued. Honor level 0 - checkpoint 2 reached 18.08.2018, 111 games since punishment was issued, whole team honored someone 47 times since punishment was issued, 84 honors received since punishment was issued. Honor level 0 - checkpoint 3 reached 30.08.2018, 158 games since punishment was issued, whole team honored someone 62 times since punishment was issued, 119 honors received since punishment was issued. Honor level 1 - checkpoint 0 reached 11.09.2018, 198 games since punishment was issued, whole team honored someone 78 times since punishment was issued, 145 honors received since punishment was issued. Honor level 1 - checkpoint 1 reached 26.09.2018, 287 games since punishment was issued, whole team honored someone 111 times since punishment was issued, 204 honors received since punishment was issued. (most of the games played during this checkpoint were played in Odyssey mode) >Currently 287 games since punishment was issued (last count 11/5/4 Darius Ranked flex) Total times whole team honored someone since punishment was issued: 114 Honors received since punishment was issued: 209 So checkpoint about every 2 weeks.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Except i'm not trying to troll anyone. Try to comprehend what you are reading, please.
Stop embarrassing yourself. You can't just say "no u" and expect to appear intelligent. You lost. Stop it. Why are you even so mad? Get a chill pill and go mind your own business...
: "Completely irrelevant. It's very clear you tried to use this as an insult as if i even wanted to be ranked by LoLskill... Weak attempt. Very weak." -About as relevant as your attempt to troll this guy in his thread, out of nowhere, for no reason at all.
Except i'm not trying to troll anyone. Try to comprehend what you are reading, please.
: zoe was released last year yeah... time flies... i could swear it was around irelia VGU... oh well... but according with their "low skin amount" policy... she only has 3 and one was this summer... she cant be it... Also... they said: We start looking at **options** ... options doesnt mean they decide it that early on. In fact they never said at what time they decide on a champion... and yes irelia got a new skin right now, and that is the only reason im taking for her to not be a victorious skin this year... This leaves alot less options right now... swain received a VGU early february... so i dont know if that can affect his probabilities... Vlad is another option like you mentioned... and finally galio is a 3rd option... after scrolling through the list of midlaners those are the 3 i can remember that might fit in their standards... (and this all on the precedent it actually is a midlaner) So far we had... Victorious Jarvan IV (Season 1) - jungle (i think? season 1 was a mess and i wasnt really around at the time so im counting him has jungler because thats where he has been the most played since i started playing myself... but maybe he was top... someone correct me please if you know the answer) Victorious Janna (Season 2) - support Victorious Elise (Season 3) - jungle Victorious Morgana (2014 Season) - support Victorious Sivir (2015 Season) - ADC Victorious Maokai (2016 Season) - top Victorious Graves (2017 Season) - jungle this sums up in 1 ADC, 2 Support, 2 or 3 junglers and 1 or 2 Top (depending on how j4 in season 1 was placed) So yeah a mid laner has never had a victorious skin, so while it is the most likely lane, no one can say for sure if it will be (at least i dont remember coming across a info stating the skin was going mid this year).
I kinda hope it's not galio because the victorious skin color theme might be too close to his original skin's color, making them look the same.
: you are forgetting galio... he has been played on midlane since very early in the year... saw lots of gameplay too... zoe i doubt... she was released after irelia rework... after all irelia used to be 1 of zoe counters due to her dmg reduction... w? vlad maybe a good option too... but we havent seen much of him latelly... swain became a bit more popular after his rework and had some gameplay, but 50% of that gameplay was on bot when ADCs disappeared for a while... so his impact on mid lane was not that much... so from the ones you said... i can only see ryze or vlad being options... galio and irelia are others... we will see what happens, but ive read somewhere the victorious skin is a skin that goes to a champion that was impactful during the whole season (i believe it was one of the ask riot thingies... will look for it later) not only "very early on"...
>you are forgetting galio... I'm not forgetting. I used the term "for example" which means those champions are just examples from a bigger pool. >zoe i doubt... she was released after irelia rework... after all irelia used to be 1 of zoe counters due to her dmg reduction... w? Wat? Zoe was released in 7.23 and Irelia had her rework in 8.7. Zoe was released way before Irelia's rework. Also, old irelia didn't have damage reduction. The new one has. >vlad maybe a good option too... but we havent seen much of him latelly... Didn't you read what i said? They choose the champion very early. So a champion that has seen more play early in the season is more likely to get the skin than a champion that sees play currently. >We start looking at options for the Victorious Skin in the Spring. Making any skin takes time, but the Victorious Skin is also teased one month before it’s released. With this in mind, we need to plan ahead for the Victorious skin >Have another skin coming out soon. We try to spread out skin content across our whole champion pool rather than drop a bunch of skins for one champ at the same time. Irelia just got a new skin so this might exclude her. >Have a big balance change incoming. This is definitely the hardest criteria to figure out because balance can be fluid and we’re trying to predict the state of the game six months or so in advance. Well within 6 months champions like zoe and irelia have had big balance changes.
: irelia has been played has a mid laner recently... also what other mid laner has had an impact in all regions for quite some time? only if ryze... but i dont see it happening...
Please remember that victorious skins are actually decided very early on. So if something has been popular recently, it most likely isn't the champion that is going to get the skin. Good options are for example swain, zoe, ryze and vladimir.
Wepík (EUNE)
: Is this normal in your games? Offensive playstyle against your own teammate.
This is the kind of trolling that doesn't get punished. It's simply impossible for the system to detect as trolling because the system can't know the intention behind the action while the player can. It will not make uncertain decisions.
: at least the splash art looks good... the ingame one is rather small... and there are no skill particles so ill refrain from comment on that part for now... Still waiting for the victorious skin tho... i smell irelia (been a beast since rework... lots of LCS time... and has been played in mid)... but this is only my prediction... can be wrong...
They should give it to an actual mid lane champion. It's been 7 years and 7 skins. None of them are for mid laners. And no, morgana is not a mid laner. Even back when she got the skin, she was played as a support.
královrah (EUNE)
: Did they just make 2 junglers in a row?
No? Ashe was last year. You are mixing up championship and victorious skins.
: They weren't condescending about it at all or anything.
: I really want to apologize to my team from my last game
>you guys were actually insanely cool and positive throughout the entire game and you managed to have fun. You also kept telling me to get help IRL That's very contradicting...
lmpo (EUW)
: Question about promotion inactivity/elo decay
>Promotion series up to Gold I don’t expire, but the rest do. You'll have 28 days if you're promoting into Plat 1-4 or Diamond 1-4, but only 5 days if you're promoting into Diamond from Plat 1 or Masters from Diamond 1. Dodging a promo series counts as a loss. That should answer you. You are promoting to plat 5 so you will not expire.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: how did you climb out of silver?
>my cs is alright Could be and should be a lot better on a champion like tryndamere though. Your average cs per min on him should be at least above 8 because you are playing a champion that lives on minions. He is extremely reliant on them. Your cs makes me think you might group a bit too much. You are a split pusher so you should have a lot more farm. Here is the thing, if you get an average of 6.4 cs per min against bronze and low silvers, the higher you climb, the lower that average is going to drop because you are getting punished more for the mistakes you make. This means you should have extremely high cs numbers at that low elo because they do not punish you for it. You said you win lane or at least in cs against champions like teemo. Well that's because the teemo doesn't know how to punish you yet. Put me against you and i will be up 70 cs by 10 mins against you. I'm not even joking. I'm not bragging either. I'm just telling you the difference when more and more skill is included in the gameplay. You get hit every time you go for a cs and range advantages will be abused to a greater extent. In short, you need to focus more on getting cs.
: Yeah maybe you aren't but still, according to the numbers at this moment he had a score that pull him to the 23 best +1 tier ⇒ score * 3.5 +12% winrate (compared to the average for that champion/role) ⇒ score * 2 +100% KDA (compared to the average for that champion/role) ⇒ score * 1.25 Players must play a minimum of 10 games to be ranked. If a player has played fewer than 50 games with that champion/role ⇒ score * 0.75 for each missing game. You need to have played at least 1 ranked game in the past 30 days to be ranked with that champion. Those rules are exponentials (ie +2 tier ⇒ score * 12.25) Thats how they rate it, and it's fair if everyone follow the same counting. And about kalista, kalista mains get around 55% winrate after 70 games (according to lolgraph) so I'd beleive she is just hard to play, and she doesn't get enough profit from stormrazor blade
>Yeah maybe you aren't but still, according to the numbers at this moment he had a score that pull him to the 23 best And like I said in one of my previous comments, i acknowledge that he was top 23 when it comes to lolskill score on kalista. However, that doesn't make him 23rd best kalista player on euw like he claimed because he didn't mention that it was based on lolskill. He just said he is top 23 which is not true. >she doesn't get enough profit from stormrazor blade That's because she isn't meant to build it. She isn't a crit adc nor a burst adc. She relies on her rend to deal damage.
: You can leave your realism out the door. He was top 23 and that's that. You weren't. So how about you instead talk about the topic on hand here? Clearly you're mad cause of something but we don't care about that. Really.
>You can leave your realism out the door. No, i can not. Otherwise i would be here believing that unicorns exist. Or that bronze players are better than challengers. I'm a realist so i base my arguments around pure hard facts. Not some made up bs. >He was top 23 and that's that. At least read my comments... Jesus... >You weren't. Completely irrelevant. It's very clear you tried to use this as an insult as if i even wanted to be ranked by LoLskill... Weak attempt. Very weak. >So how about you instead talk about the topic on hand here? I am. You just can't see it. >Clearly you're mad cause of something but we don't care about that. Really. TBF, you seem to be the mad one here. Relax and don't interfere with a discussion you understand nothing about. If you don't care, then don't be rude and comment.
: Why are you so mad about him beeing top 23 euw? At that moment according to a lot of maths he diserved it right ? For the main point, kalista don't need a rework she has a gameplay unique and that isn't cancer, she just needs that riot buff her a bit
>Why are you so mad about him beeing top 23 euw? I'm not mad lol... just a realist and simply getting him back on the ground so his ego doesn't go through the roof just because some site is lying to him about how good he is. >kalista don't need a rework she has a gameplay unique and that isn't cancer No, she definitely needs a rework. Tweaking numbers isn't going to solve the problem that is her cancer kit. Her passive is the biggest problem with her and it simply isn't possible to balance.
: u are gold 3 and talk about credibility... dude i played not only on this account... its not a lie that i was top 23 EUW with kalista! that is a leaderboard based on your performances and consistency on 1 champ, i'm not saying im good with other champs, im saying that i was really good on kalista! But here's the problem, if a champ rely the most on his support skill (cause R and W 2 of the most important abilities on her kit) you are not able (if you are an otp Kalista) to have the total control on your games... i got to plat 3 on the other account and in this one got only to promo on plat 4 to plat 3... than i started drop cause of the nerfs... so i needed to learn new champs, and if you check my account u can tell i have learned most adc... read carefully i said "Learned"... but with kali even diamond adc's coudn't lane vs me, (got multiple times against people like that since my mmr was plat1)... now you are trying with all your forces to destroy my credibility simply not believing on my "story", my point was to let you understand that even if i was "good" on kali, today can't do a lot in my elo, you know why? Cause in my elo supports are not all in the same level of skill, or even don't know how kalista works... and i'm talking about plat... in diamond and above is more easy to play her, cause people are more similar as a skill level... so i'm talking about a way to improve kalista and put her in a spot where she is not hard to balance anymore... nothing else... so do what you want, but think about my proposal not on ym background... be constructive and positive plz
>u are gold 3 and talk about credibility... First, my rank has nothing to do with understanding how credibility works. Second, I'm not gold 3. This account is a smurf account i used to play with low rank friends and has been permabanned since February. My main account is also permabanned and I was high dia with it. My current account is I could go higher but i only play ranked once a month now to prevent decay. I'm waiting for the ranked changes that happen next season. >dude i played not only on this account... Then can you link me the other account? You got nothing to hide right? >its not a lie that i was top 23 EUW with kalista! True, you were top 23 according to LoLSkill. You were not top 23 in reality. There are more than 23 challenger adcs and you think they can't play kalista better than you? We both know you don't think that so the claim that you have been top 23 is debunked. >that is a leaderboard based on your performances and consistency on 1 champ No. It is a leaderboard based on your rank and the amount of games on said champion. Performance plays very little part in that ranking. I have looked at it too and i know how the score is calculated. Considering how rare kalista is as a pick, it's not hard to get a high ranking with her. Reality is that there are people who are better but simply choose not to play that champion. >now you are trying with all your forces to destroy my credibility No i'm not. I can't destroy something that doesn't exist. I'm not slandering you so i'm not destroying anything. >in diamond and above is more easy to play her, cause people are more similar as a skill level... First, they are not. Diamond is the most scattered elo in terms of skill out of all elos. Second, again you are talking about something you have no actual personal experience with. You haven't been in diamond so you can't say that they are in any way easier. You simply don't know that. I do think that kalista needs a rework and her dependency on an ally and her current hopping passive need to go to make her more viable.
: Nah... The point here is that kalista doesn't have the means to be competitive versus any adc... It is not a post about my elo... Ask every master tier player... Ask everyone about kalista... They will all tell u she is not competitive... It's a year now that she is not even capable of lane versus an ezreal... And she counters him... But ye talk about my knowledge... Still out of topic here...
I never said she isn't bad. Read what I said. I should have said that "this is MY point here" to clarify i didn't mean the point of this post but the point of my comment. That was my bad. And it's not out of topic since you brought it up in your original post. You are trying to get more credibility by telling these things but fact is that those things are lies and you have to be called out for it so people don't think you have the credibility you don't deserve. As a side note, kalista players in korea seem to be doing just fine, even if she isn't used in pro scene. Not every champion is meant for pro scene.
: I was Plat 3... I dropped cause I needed to learn other Champs... Anyway you are right I should not think I'm a good player just cause of that... But I wrote it to let u know that I played a lot of kali, and I know how to play her... Nothing more... No need to be rude here, just trying to have my favorite champ back in a normal state... Thanks
Eh, you were plat 4. And that is your peak, not your actual elo. Again, not being rude, just reality checking (If you take offense in reality, then that is not my problem. I'm not calling you worse than you are or anything.). But you are right, that's beside the point. > But I wrote it to let u know that I played a lot of kali, and I know how to play her... You might know how to play her against your peers but against people from higher elos? Most likely not. Knowing how to play something is always relative to the level of play you are at. You might not get punished for your mistakes in the elo you are currently at the same way you would in higher elo. That is the point here.
: Kalista Rework
>(was top 23 eu and 126 world on kali) Yeah you can leave this part out because it's not true. Even if lolskill says you are, you aren't. It's extremely arrogant to think that as a gold player you would be better at kalista than clear majority of players in higher elo. I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just performing a reality check. If we want her to become viable without being broken, her passive needs to go or change drastically. That is the problem part of her kit that is either too strong or too weak depending on her numbers.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: You can make it super easy. Click on the one you want to keep first and then pick the second one.
: Hard off is accepted but not on. Figures.
That's because hard off doesn't mean anything.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Citation needed, having been here since season 1 i have never heard of any such ban actually being added to the game, going to need to see a credible source I am a credible source though since i have been banned from ranked like this in the past. Can't get a more credible source than that.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Although i stand corrected it was never tested by the looks of it, but the logic is sound as to why it wouldn't work And no it wasn't a ban to normal draft they would have just been sat in the same queue in a different matchmaking pool with other undesirables, same net issue that it wouldn't work
>And no it wasn't a ban to normal draft they would have just been sat in the same queue in a different matchmaking pool with other undesirables, same net issue that it wouldn't work I know, however a ranked ban that i described did exist.
Quimsi (EUW)
: People who destroyes ranked games!
>I don't understand why it's so hard for people to just not play ranked or to shut up. It isn't that hard. Really. It actually is very hard. Don't say it's easy when you haven't experienced that cycle of hatred yourself. I have been toxic and i have reformed. I have been through that cycle. It definitely wasn't easy. Also people, who claim they don't have any champions for a certain role, do actually always have a champion for that role. People who claim that they don't have a champion for a role should get an instant ban for saying that (in ranked). New players get brand for free these days and soraka is 450 BE. Even annie can be played as support. You need to own 20 champions to get into ranked so it's complete bs if someone says they don't have one for the role.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Riot has already tested permanent chat bans and having a toxic player queue, neither of those things worked and the toxic queue idea actually resulted in games becoming even more toxic as everyone was being toxic to each other
There was never a "toxic player queue". There was simply a ranked ban which basically moved toxic players from ranked to normal draft.
: A reason why banning toxic people might not be the best way to handle them
New players quickly find themselves playing against other new players. It won't take long for matchmaking to recognize them as new players and so they aren't matched with smurfs anymore. Riot is doing an experiment on NA where they unban permabanned accounts if the players asks for it via support ticket. So far it's only on NA though as it seems to be just an experiment. Not that this has anything to do with this subject.
: Prisoners island failed. And it will fail again if implemented.
League has never had prisoners island. People were simply banned from ranked for a while but that's not what prisoner island is. League never had toxic people matched only against other toxic people. I'm not telling my own opinion about the subject but that's how it used to be.
: Detailed Feedback on Nexus Blitz gameplay aspects after ~150 games
>Loot Teemo: I read some complaints about this event because of the amount of gold it grants (but I guess its less now since Riot nerfed his hp), but its actually very fun when both teams all-in the Teemo to get the gold. The only complaint that i have is that it runs too fast. Also both teams never all-in the teemo... It's always a team fight and the winner gets the teemo. >Scuttle Race: Nothing to say here either, the event is fun, displacing the crab is still very buggy though. My suggestion: Remove the ability to displace the crabs and give the losing crab a movement speed boost while the winning crab is dead to make it more even and easier to come back. The team that starts with the lead is currently the one that always wins it because the crab is too slow to catch up. Also the teams with displacements have too strong advantage. >Blessing of Soraka: Not super creative but it also works just fine as a reward. Easily the most useless reward. The healing is already nonexistent because it's out of combat but the fact that it also only lasts for 3 minutes makes is pointless. >Blessing of Zilean: Its super tilting if every enemy has a GA. Super fun if your team has it. I can almost feel the tilt of the enemies. Make it last for 30 seconds. This way it has counterplay and can't just be sat on for ages. >Catapult of Champions: This one is just super fun. A number of people want this to get nerfed by giving it a time limit or a maximum amount of uses per player but I dont really feel like this is necessary. If my team has it its nice, if the enemy team has it it doesnt feel like the game is unwinnable. If it has to be nerfed maybe decrease the range since it goes beyond the middle of the map. The catapult is definitely too strong and needs a nerf. It allows the team to quickly get back on the map and in the action. >Blessing of Blitzcrank: Not much to say, works fine as a reward. (Take care of the jungle turret, since its inside a wall it will pull you behind it) Definitely should be removed. Everyone i have talked to about it has agreed. It's not fun to play against because the hooks are basically scripted and hard to see coming. It's not fun to play with because they save the enemies extremely often. In fact, it has saved the enemy more often than helped me in my games. Sometimes it pull an unwanted enemy right next to you. Simply not a worthy reward and anti-fun. I hate the snowball fight too. Teammates are like catching them on purpose all the time and then there is the problem with wasting summoners when the event ends. Keep the snowballs in aram.
: he should be massively fined and given a warning. If the first 3 warnings dont help. perma ban. Isnt this the system the players stand under? Why shouldnt a rioter be affected by it too? The rules are the same after all.
He was toxic enough to receive an instant ban (he got fired).
Lovre (EUNE)
: > How does any of that help with bringing light to the supposed sexism at Riot games? It doesn&#x27;t. It was just a diving board. > Allegation will never be investigated. > And you can already tell this now because Riot never made any statement about how they investigated anything. It&#x27;s just Kotaku article and after that the immediate apology and their new D&amp;I initiative. Clearly whoever is in control of this over at Riot Games is not interested in bringing light to any supposed cases of sexism. That article was the stupidest thing i have ever seen in my entire life, it was kindergarten levels of BS, "he said" "she said" but also "i cant tell you who said and i cant provide any evidence at all but take my word for it cause im a wahmen" they could have just ignored the entire thing and it would have gone away, but no they just had to respond and now some super talented people wont get jobs at riot cause they are male and some random ass mediocre person will get the job instead cause not male because "diversity" and "underrepresentation" in the work place. And them the entire pax thing and now this idiot DZK, that article made riot ruin themselves as a company... GG..
DZK and Lehman are fired now though so Riot clearly didn't approve of their behavior. Well DZK is fired but whether Lehman left or got fired is not known.
: Honor 4 checkpoint 3
It gives you key fragments. Try relogging if they didn't appear yet.
: I'm not sure if you're experiencing the same problem as me, but I have problems accepting a match some times. First I enter queue and wait. When a match is found, I click accept and wait for 2x accept/decline time and receives a message that I didn't accept the match. Only 1 match popped up, and I clicked Accept.
Well in that bug, there are actually 2 ready checks but the first one doesn't leave for some reason and thus you can't accept the second one.
Eveninn (EUW)
: So how else do you deal with mistakes you made? Everyone knows about it, so you attempt to mend it where you can, have it to no longer be a topic and don't repeat it. I don't track what's going on with it, but I doubt you can just do something to not have it be a thing anymore anytime soon.
They aren't hiding them either, they simply aren't a hot topic anymore so they make room for newer posts. They still exist and you can find them by using the search feature.
: Game sometimes won't respond to mouse/click commands
It's called packet loss and it most likely isn't riot's fault. The fault is somewhere between you and riot. Packet loss means a piece of data was lost during it's travel from point A to point B. That data can be your movement command or an ability cast for example, which means it's not gonna happen if that data is lost. Most of the time you can pretty much blame your ISP for it. >Nope. If you hold down your mouse button to move, your champion will follow wherever you move your cursor on screen for the duration. If you move your cursor, the champion immediately changes their movement/pathing. Sorry but this is false. Your champion doesn't change directions immediately because holding down your right-click isn't a constant movement command. It issues a movement command at certain intervals but not constantly. The interval is rather short but longer than the interval between my own clicks for example.
: Wow, you're still replying to this?
Wow, you're still replying to this?
: Someone give the junglers some love.
Sadly junglers do not tend to deserve that love. Most of them are clueless about the game.
Ëxemplar (EUW)
: Karthus High Elo Viable?
Yes you can climb to diamond by playing karthus mid. I did it this season (not my only champ tho). He is very easy to get to gold with. Pro tip though, don't get {{item:3027}} , it slows you down so much. Better go for full ap glass cannon and the wins come on their own. Focus your runes on cdr on your r. If your team is pushing a tower and the enemy team is there to contest it, you can press r and blow over half of their team's hp away and literally get the tower for free that way.
: Can't see the argument. Only a claim, plus a sorry try of an insult.
His "insult" was your insult turned around so you are calling your own insult "a sorry try". Way to play yourself in to a bag lol...
: Calm your logic sjw. You clearly live in a bubble. Let me know when that bubble bursts, so I can laugh hard at you.
Joke's on you. I'm as far from SJW as possible. Don't even know how you managed to come to that completely wrong conclusion.
: No, you would get fired and if you're lucky a punch in the face, if he so dares say what he said to someone else.
No, you wouldn't get fired. Calm down keyboard warrior...
RogueDek (EUW)
: Was with that intent.
Intent means little when the other person can't read your mind but only the text you type.
: ***
>Edit: Before I get complains about this. Females experience privilige too, just not as often and as clear and the only points in which women experience some sort of privilige are usually very silly things. Women can sing along to Beyonce without being called gay for it. Whooptiewhoop. For a more serious privilige, the maximum length of a paternity leave is five consecutive weeks. The maximum length of maternity leave however is 18 weeks. Mandatory military service for men, women can wear hats on a graveyard while men can't, most of the time the guy has to pay for the meals on a date and some companies have a quota for how many women they must hire even if a man can do the work better. These are some examples. 2 big ones and 2 smaller ones. I'm curious, can you come up with one privilege that men have?
: If I say what Daniel Z. Klein said, I'd get banned. So, where is his resignation announcement?
You wouldn't if you said that outside the game.
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