Vaded (EUW)
: Chroma skins, 590 RP - Why they are actually worth this much RP explained.
You get color variations of ALL SKINS for free in Heroes of the Storm :) But I suppose I don't really need color variations, so I won't complain about it. Just pointing out that it's disappointing you have to pay money for them.
waddup20 (EUW)
: Blackscreen after reconnecting, Firewall blocks LoL?
I had the exact same problem an hour ago. I still can't reconnect :(
PhaseLotA (EUW)
: Exactly the same. Can't even get in.
An hour later and I still can't reconnect :( So I guess I'm stuck in a "ghost game" by now, since there's no way the match is still running. The thing was that I couldn't reconnect directly after I disconnected either, so if my team was still playing, they lost me and lost the game. That sucks big time.
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