Raika43 (EUW)
: Reported for feeding?
The most important thing u need to learn is to mute people. It will make your game way more enjoyable to instantly mute every single person that says even one negative thing. I have over 2000 people on my ignore list by now and i never been banned or had any warning of any kind in all the years i played so u shouldn't worry about it.
RageFuel (EUW)
: Zefarias K'ul, the Dark Star
Is this a tank or ap mage? If u want it to be a mage the base numbers has to go down on almost all your abilities but mostly the passive. Atm this is worse then tank ekko and tank fizz combined. The passive has to scale with ap and have way lower base damage and no current health damage. Also about the ultimate, are u thinking like teemo mushroom on the detonate effect? Wouldn't this make him miss out and the ultimate being wasted most of the time? Or are u supposed to toss it into the enemy team like a malphite ulti? In that case the effect has to be max of 2 seconds as no stun in league lasts longer then 2.5. All in all it sounds cool, AS left me unhappy so this could be cooler.
: Fun Songs to Listen to while Playing!
Instalok/Lunity is pretty fun on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPFroAM99aI For example.
Fatedhope (EUNE)
: Balance your fucking items Riot
Funny thing is a vayne could probably kill that zac in under 5 seconds.
Cokila (EUNE)
: What shall i do with all that blue essence?
10k? what? how? I don't even have 1k and i play alot.
Pyxiee (EUW)
I prefer if enemy team surrender honestly. I wouldn't wanna end the game by waiting for enemy team to destroy nexus, much better if my team surrenders. Saves time and agony for everyone. Nothing pisses me off more then 2 people that refuses to surrender no matter what and waste another 15 min for me.
einar43 (EUW)
: Rito pls create more autoattack ap champs
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Is bm'ing via champion-mastery (or laugh-spam) reportable?
Pretty sure no one will ever get a waring or a ban for it. Would be nice if we could mute emotes/pings tho.
fyre (EUW)
: Can anyone look at my LoLking and reccomend some tips to help me climb?
You are doing great, awesome w/l and great stats with a few champs. Keep playing khazix, fizz and gnar and u be gold in a few days/weeks.
Naravexx (EUW)
: How do you calculate KDA if you have 0 deaths?
You play another game :P Kda shouldn't be calculated before 10 games with a champ and u don't ever go 10 games in a row with 0 deaths.
: Yay Rito Code!
This has been around since forever. Click ok and login again.
: Best ranked game I ever had
1. You tell the new guy to instantly mute the toxic guy 2. You did a new player a favor and improved lol ranked 3. Profit
Allosen (EUW)
: Does Secret Stash works with the Refillable Potion ?
No it doesn't http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Secret_Stash_(Season_2016_Mastery)
Szymdziu (EUNE)
: Good champs to play in jungle for 3150 rp?
Nid got nerfed pretty hard in jungle recently so it's pretty hard now Shaco is possibly the hardest jungler to play Gragas is solid and easy to clear camps with, with great ganks, i would go with him
Pinoy904 (EUNE)
: Did riot ever release a champion made by a player
Riot has stated it takes over 6 months and over 100 different people with ideas, thoughts and says in what and how to design a champ. They call the idea of having one single person design a champ over 2 days as silly. HOWEVER some concetps, themes or skilltypes might be player ideas, but in the end riot have the final say in the making so your chance of actually desinging a champ on your own is non-existant. You are better of designing a skin for a champ, here riot have used alot of community created ideas.
Wolffer (EUW)
: i don't think the rating system is fair toward junglers
The problem is that it overvalues cs to much. A 8-2-15 jungler with 100 cs should get a better rating then a 10-12-4 yasuo with 250 cs, but this is not the case. Oh and also u don't have to hide peoples name in "good" threads. You only have to hide them if u flame or try to point out their mistakes, aka naming and shaming.
: What does this exactly mean?
It means u will get some border telling people if u play mostly solo, duo or as 5. The point of this u may ask? Well that's a good question.
: Surrender at 3:22 ?!
This is new remake mode, judging how boards have 5+ topics about this every day mby riot should been clearer about how it works
: Ryze Rework??
Gotta admit it's pretty odd, expected other champs first. But they stated several times that several reworks are at work at the same time. So i guess ryze finished first. His kit is problematic so a rework sounds fine.
Speedy59 (EUW)
: Does Kog'Maw need a new passive?
"kogmaws appetite knows no limits, to eat even faster his as increases at lvl 1/7/13 with 5/10/15% and his ms with flat 5/10/15 extra ms." Would fit with lore, champion select sound, and the quotes he has ingame + the emotes ingame. Would also fit the kit and the balance seems about right with it. The extra ms will help him see play as he is very immobile as it is. Also a scaling passive seems fitting to a scaling adc.
Stradlin (EUNE)
: Smite battles
i like hots system better actually, but it's more action with the steals here, hots jungle is pretty action-less
: Ranking Ultimates
Malphite ultimate is my favorite. The team with malphite ulti very often has an advantage in 5v5 fights. It's easy to use, hard to dodge and just setups so much stuff.
: HELP: 0% Win Ratio! Riot help me please!!!
If u improve your own plays u will have better teams, thats always the case, making a new account changes nothing. Play 1 role, learn 3 EASY champs in this role, theres alot of easy champs no reason to complicate things Mute your teamates, if one person say one negative word just instantly mute them, this is very important, don't ever argue back Play with friends, just frustrating to play alone Judge your performance after a game, if u played mid did u honestly play better then their midlaner? It's very easy to blame teamates in league, but in the end we all have something to improve If u want some tips ingame, feel free to add me, i play on euwest aswell
ezdlol (EUW)
: Malz. After two months do you like him?
New malz is rly rly strong, perma banned every game so haven't seen him much. The free banshee is just a joke.
: Is Players On ARAM Bots?
A huge amount of bots play league so yes those are indeed bots. 24/7 they play 1-30 and then sell account on ebay, to get perma banned a week later. Meanwhile bot is already leveling a new 1-30. Wish riot could prevent it somehow, but it's always hard for a company to fight bots.
: and now we had a kill before someone of us hit the /remake ... http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/hu/#match-details/EUN1/1449258788/209948708?tab=overview
Seems rly bugged.
Burzol (EUNE)
: Surrender after 3 minutes? why riot u doing this?
might be the new remake mode. Did u have someone that didn't connect? Seeing as ziggs have no items. In that case u can remake the game if no one died at 3 min. However the dced player is supposed to be the only one to lose lp, in this case ziggs? If indeed ziggs was dced and game got remade are u 100% sure u lost lp? If u still did u should contact riot. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/player-behavior/play-games-matter/remake
: Jarvan IV Golden Aegis (W): Base shield lowered to 50/80/110/140/170 from 50/90/130/170/210 Shield damage for each nearby champion increased to 20/40/60/80/100 from 20/30/40/50/60
So it's a buff to j4 :)
sizlak (EUNE)
My eyes and ears :( You should warn people to turn off the sound... and possibly the video. Just post the build with pics? :)
: A+?????
I fully agree with u, it's silly to judge the jungler cs the same way as mid/adc/top. We will never match them. I had a+ countless of games where my premade friends could get 8-10 in k/d but with 250+ cs and get a s where i didn't. At the end of the day it's still pretty easy to get s tho and u get boxes from your premades too, but some cs reduction for junglers wouldn't hurt.
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: Swain in 6.13
Swain is extremly likely to get more nerfs Vladimir is also likely to get nerfed Viktor will for sure be untouched or possibly buffed in coming months But it isn't rly about nerfs/buffs, play something u enjoy, they still be good after the changes most of the times
: they never listen to players wtf u expect from riot: tell me 1 thing they did for players from season 2???
> [{quoted}](name=7uRb095,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=9E8jlcAu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-22T02:56:33.157+0000) > > they never listen to players wtf u expect from riot: tell me 1 thing they did for players from season 2??? They done alot of things for their players, so either u are ignorant or forgetfull. At top of my head: Free corki/rammus skins Free kayle skin 14 day ip boost Numerous 4 day/4 win ip boosts Rp for new players Rp for reffering friends Multiple giveaways with other sites, including sword season 2 icon and nightmare chogath Email system to recover account that also gave ip boost Compensation for server lags in form of ip boosts Community suggestions such as dragon timers Alot of community created skins such as molten rammus Taking esports to a whole new level A 24/7 ticket system ever since season 1, which mostly gets a real responce when u ask them relevant questions Bringing back skins from 2010 such as vanccouver, halloween and xmas skins Hextech crafting and freeskins along with it + a free chest As for your account your only hope is to submit a ticket, but the chance of getting it back is next to 0.
Samsuddin (EUNE)
: buff teemo rito pls :(
Change "w" to a short dash that also instantly triggers a modified version of the passive that last 3 seconds. During this time teemo can't move, unless in a bush.
I onIy hook (EUNE)
: Matchmaking of the Century
This is just sad. Not only did u ruin your friends account, it makes people wonder if u bought your account. Getting as bad kda as u did in bronze is just horrible, how on earth do u lose the lane. Elo hell and matchmaking bashing is just a poor excuse maybe u should play a champ u are good at instead of trolling and trying to blame riot for your failings.
Adkoo (EUNE)
: medieval twitch
It is said by riot to return along with the warwick skin as a limited time offer in the store somewhere in the future. Perhaps at worlds this year as championship riven apperently also will hit the store during worlds this year.
: Choose My Champ
I remember the days when saving up to a new champ and the excitment behind it :) Glad to see it around still. As a beta tester of this game all so many years ago i have way to much ip and every champ. So i just list the 5 champs i find most fun and maybe one will fit. Fiddlesticks, my favorite champ, the plays and the playstyle and ofc the ulti. A big bonus is u never need health potions. Irelia, great toplaner that can 1v1 most of the champs and win most matchups. Been strong for aslong as i can remember. Ziggs, abit annoying to land his q in lanephase but oh the fun u have after it with endless bombs and ulti snipes. The sick dmg on tower with passive and w makes for interesting choices. Zyra, crazy dmg and much less predictible since the recent rework. Vayne, possible the best adc atm with crazy damage and a very powerful lategame. More advanced then some adcs in playing but fun never the less.
: What I hate most about League
This has been happening since season 1. People are god damn awful at talking in champ select. Every single game i ever played i said hi at the start and i never had more then 2 ppl respond at all. Most often no one at all talks back. It would be easier to win if people actually told me what they would be picking as top or support so i could adjust the jungle pick with that, but hey i guess thats to hard.
: Riot, is Nocturne Part of your whole Assassin Rework and if yes which direction you are heading ?
Would be nice if he got changed to either a figjhter, tank or assassin as he seems to be a mix of all 3 atm. The kit feels very sluggish and outdated so i hope he can get reworked eventually.
Joklok123 (EUNE)
: Why can't I get any loot crate or key shards
raishinari (EUNE)
: How much money do Twitch streamers make?
4.95 a month for 1k ppl mby and then alot of donations. I agree with u, making way to much. But aslong as they get it for being good i don't rly mind, as they probably don't work. Need to make money somehow.
Rioter Comments
: Ranked feels wrong to play currently
Tbh the skill lvl from the 5v5 needs to be looked at. If your adc faces a higher one thats fine, meanwhile mby your toplaner was 5 divisions higher. At the end of the day, i think theres no big difference between high silver and high gold. The reason u move from silver to gold is in my experience that u play 1-2 champs and win alot with them. You can easily get even dia 5 with this while still being pretty bad at the game. I'm the perfect example at that :D The problem i see in ranked is that people have like 40-50 champs in their history with max 10 games on each champ. It's way better to have 1-2 champs with 100 games each, but people seem to get bored of a champ and wanting to play something else, which always amuses me. Also safe champs are the best picks. The malphite or warwick pick might be boring to play, but for most players it will net u higher % then playing more difficult champs like tali, azir or yasuo. And at the end of the day the win % is all that matters in ranked. If u wanna play something else for variation there is always normal games.
Fsoci3ty (EUW)
: Reasoning behind the ranked 5's removal please!?
The old 5v5 rank was very unbalanced. My silver midlane friend always got matched against plat even tho our team was in silver 2. Now u atleast face same divisons and u are not forced to play as 5 incase someone is offline. I like the change.
: Skin in Hextech Crafting
Theres easily 700 skins in this game, the chance that u actually get one specific is next to impossible. But yes u have a very small chance of getting it.
LuchYanII (EUNE)
: 30-day test for key fragment drop chance
U know there is a formula for fragments right? (80% + Number of premade x 2) / key fragments already gained, the already gained parts reset every month from the first day u got the first fragment.
: Any Shyvana mains out there? I need help.
Pick fervor as mastrery Focus on attack speed runes Only gank when u have red buff early, u will probably need to flash in to get inrange Farm devourer and get frozen mallet as second item Now u can gank freely Focus next on ad items or full tank depending on your team, sterkas, titanic hydra, hexdrinker are great items If u get fed -> dive enemy carry if u don't get fed -> stay with your carry Pretty much it
Vaccine69 (EUNE)
: Riot forcing old league players to quit
I played since s1 and every single season had it's 10-15 picks or so. This is nothing new. The meta changes and so does the champs that are played in ranked. You can always counterpick the meta and profit from it, and eventually when more and more ppl does this the meta will shift to something new where another 10-15 champs are played. If u don't like the game no one is forcing u to play it. To call a topic and base it on you and many old players is just a flat out lie. You can only talk about your opinion. I like this season way more then i liked season 4 and 5, 3 man ranked is awesome and something i always wanted.
TheDaneDude (EUNE)
: thank u so much! when i play lol i play with ONLY toxic players. i didnt knew good guys like u were in LOL. so thanks so much i appreciate that. it also keeps me calm that i know that there is people like u out there.
> [{quoted}](name=TheDaneDude,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=4EQPR4gM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-04-13T14:56:15.525+0000) > > thank u so much! > when i play lol i play with ONLY toxic players. > i didnt knew good guys like u were in LOL. > so thanks so much i appreciate that. > it also keeps me calm that i know that there is people like u out there. Heh not everyone in this game are douchebags, infact most ppl are friendly it's just easier to remember those that aren't. I can play a custom game with u right now if u want, i played for lots of years but im still pretty bad at toplane lol. Edit: nvm we play on different servers.
TheDaneDude (EUNE)
: im at level 23 AND I SUCK AT LOL pls halp
Practice against friends in 1v1 in custom games. If u are like amumu u can practice against bots. there rly two mayor things u should practice. 1. Getting cs, without losing to much hp in the process of doing so 2. Staying alive If u get good at those 2 then the kills and winning the lane will come, just remember that not many champs go straight up 1v1 and win the lane and the one with the most cs is usually the winner. Find a champ u like playing aswell. Having fun is priority number 1. Mby even try a different lane?
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