Pupperoo (EUW)
: ORP and OBE? Where?
Hahaha, I see how that could be misunderstood. ZERO RP and zero blue essence {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Pupperoo (EUW)
: Launcher broke after hotfix
It is broken for alot of people on EUW as far as I can't tell. I have the same issue.... Does it also show 0RP and 0BE?
Cheini (EUNE)
: i'm a panda, though i preff Shadowmeld as racial :p
Red panda right? The surperior kind? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Stuck on Honor Level 2
Getting honor is a project supposed to take long time since it'll probably take all season! Honor from pre season was sped up alot so expect it to take a really long time. Just don't think about it too much and it'll come eventually!
: Getting discriminated and treated differently because I'm a girl?
Uhm I mean "I am red panda" and I still have to correct some of the people I've played with for years that I'm not a dude xD Just ignore it, and unless you're gonna keep playing with them don't add them, don't tell them you're a girl. I gave up on CS:GO since I had to use voicechat and 8/10 games 1 of my teammates would go "ZOMG GRILL" and follow me around constantly. Ofc this was mostly goddamn kids.
: My behavioral experiment
Find a nice balance, stay positive and motivate your teammates without being overly positive and obviously faking it. Games DO turn more often when you keep motivating your teammates but could turn someone who is already long gone completely lost and start inting. It's happened before when I tried overly positive
l MrD l (EUW)
: Yeh this makes perfect sense :o thanks :D
As OP Champions said it's no longer viable in the new patch it seems since the healing is reduced by 50% for ranged champs {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Rumkatten (EUW)
: I think you should make her solo lane. If she likes Blitz (a very good starting choice for a support btw) maybe have her play Nautilus top. Or choose any strong and straight forward tank. Many people are made to play support when they first start playing League, because their freinds think it an easy role and also its easier to dual lane. Wrong and wrong. A strong stable tank (especially since she likes melee) and then a 1v1 lane, where she has to focus on 1)killing the minions 2)not getting killed by the enemy 3) taking the enemy turret, would be a good way to learn to lane. You can help her by playing jungler and making sure the enemy jungler doesn't sit on her. Many people think that its easy to play support. Its not. But the biggest problem by being introduced to League as support, are that the role is so different from the other 4 roles. She need to learn how to farm, and how to 1v1 and when to engage and when to not engage. You dont learn that playing support, and especially not if you are supporting an adc that is there because she/he has more exp. with the game than you and therefore more or less carries the lane. If she insists on playing bot, do it the other way around. Have her play something like Tris, that has high survivorbility and carry the lane for her with a Leona or some other of Ritos horrible fotm tanks, while she learns to farm. If I had known a bit more about the game when I started playing it, I would NOT be a support main now. I would never recommend the support role for new players that arent coming directly from another moba.
Thankyou! I was thinking the same thing! I'll have her try something else, thanks!
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=I Am Red Panda,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=x44ceXn3,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-23T13:35:47.039+0000) > > Any tips for what I can to do teach her? Don't. Let her do whatever she wants with stuff you told her about. It'll come naturally. You said that your friends told you that you'll figure out the game yourself and it worked, right? Well, she need to do just that - sit back, relax and try to get to know the game by just playing it. Forcing her to play by the meta and to learn more advanced stuff in the early stage might discourage her from playing the game.
It didn't really work for me, not at all. I learned to not die in lane I had to figure out runes, summoners, builds, minion wave managment, positioning and map awareness was a thing from another buddy of mine that's diamond. The problem was that whenever I asked questions they refused to answer them :P
Rioter Comments
: My Duo Friend is Feeding Most of The Time
I have a friend who either does AMAZING and carries us like nothing Or feeds his ass off I felt like I'd tried everything and a buddy of mine showed me the web page mobalytics to help me get better with my mistakes, wich honestly are quite alot and figured I could pass this over to my friend. I showed him the page, how to understand what it tells you and it's like he had an awakening Ofc it's not gotten any better super fast but his mistakes are atleast on his mind right now and he's working on making those numbers higher Might be worth a shot?
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Where to check account stats?
Mobalytics is pretty good.
Last Light (EUNE)
: What is it with all these passive support players?
Im sorry! I scared, enemy adc is scary and my adc's have a tendency to leave me behind! q.q -Love, support main.
l MrD l (EUW)
: just a question about ADC meta... o_O
Relic gives a small shield with the second upgrade when you earn enough gold. This is the base for the item choice. For runes you use fleet footwork, overheal, bloodline, coup and domination with lifesteal there aswell. this gives a great deal of survivability making adc's able to stay in lane longer. Once you have the 2. upgrade, targons brace, you get the shield, the shield in itself is very small but if you get to farm a little before a fight breaks out the shield is massive. All this allows you to skip a lifesteal item untill the very last item you buy, wich would likely be BT only when you can buy it full. Alot of the ones in my league have serious problems grasping the whole concept of this, I've even seen relic shield without fleet footwork and it just doesn't work the same way... Hope this helps!
: Master yi q untargetability bug (Riot watch)
if you slow down the video you'll see both skills happen int the same frame and so both got applied. No bug, just things happening at the same time.
: Is Censer Better then Redemption/Locket?!
Whenever I play Janna I only build ardent cencer when there's 2-3 champs on my team that benefit from it. I.E. Pantheon, Xayah and Xin. It's purely because they removed what made Ardent the best support item in the game and made it kinda "meh" It's still usefull, but requires alot more to be a good item for the entire team in comparison to redemption or locket.
: Good luck for Season 8- What is your goal?
I've been silver all seasons I've played so far but after seeing slight improvements to my gameplay I hope and I pray and have my eyes set for gold this season!
: is it time to quit league maybe?
Only tip I can give you is to keep your focus on you getting better, not on wins/loss if you're gonna keep playing league. You're gonna want to find your mistakes and your focus point, if you go to a site called mobalytics.gg and sign up it will analyse your games and tell you where you're doing bad. I was in the same boat as you, I main support and no matter what I did or how hard I tried I couldn't do anything to get my team to win. Me and adc got fed or survived waiting for a gank but mid/top/jungle feeded their asses off. I remembered a buddy talking about this so I wen't to check it out and turned out that my so called "amazing plays" games were some of my worst games and 80% of the time I'm a complete deadweight to my team. I die alot in my games, like concistently 4-6 deaths mid to lategame, at most 2 in lanephase. And looking at my vision score and my "toughness" both being so low I figured they had to be connected. I'm working on always keeping out max wards, clearing more wards and turns out both my scores are going up now and I get stomped less. Try it!
MisterT24 (EUW)
: Who is right?
You are in the right here. Even if you had gone in before she backed of, (unsure when Kha indicated he would gank compared to when fiora backed of) you'd taken minion aggro wich would have led to a double kill to her instead of a successful gank anyway. If you walked in after she baked of, you'd still taken quite alot of miniondmg, probably nopt have made it in time, lost minions and fiora had most likely gotten away anyway.
Kikooo (EUW)
: Bans are exaggerated
Chat restrict has been tried and showed not helpfull, players who got several chat restricts found other ays to be toxic in game when wanting to flame, I.E. inting, following jungler and stealing farm, supports taking all adc farm , bard ult a teammate about to escape, serving them on a gold platter to enemy team, you get the deal. The system we have now is effective, improve your behaviour or lose your account, with all skins u have bought.
: A small tip to make your games more enjoyable!
It is actually a noticable difference when I say "Hello" and try to make smalltalk and when I'm in a bad mood myself to begin with. Let me explain further why I agree and encurage more people to do this! Some while ago I decided I will only play league to have fun and refuse to have games where my teammates all hate eachother and who can be the most mad, so I started saying Hi in champ select, ask about their picks, ask what they want me to pick or just strike a joke making a little fun of myself, not others to make conversation. Ofcourse there still was that one guy who insists on being mad at nothing, can't help it, but the rest stood up for eachother and helped keep spirits up. And then for some reason I stopped, started playing league competetively again mostly, forgetting to have fun. I'm getting more and more mad each game playing progressively worse and in comes an Adc that starts of with "Hi guys! Just lost a game so let's rek these guys alright?" And just for someone to break the silence caught me off guard. I smiled and did that thing where you breathe a little harder out of your nose. I responded with "So not the best time for me to pick my worst champ then?" "Well I mean, you're gonna have to carry my ass so just be better than them and you can pick as bad a champ as you want" We lost that game horribly, but stuck around in post game screen and talked a little having fun. It totally snapped me out of the mad and tilted phase and helped me remember to have fun. TL;DR DO THIS, IT WORKS
rashzx (EUW)
: tilted
Take a long break from league, play SINGLEPLAYER games, and have a real long time thinking about if you really could go up to random people you pass on the street and tell them the stuff you tell teammates in league. If no, why are you telling teammates these things?
: why. why? why! WHY
They explained that with this skinline they wanted to express a story, the good (nasus is good doge) and the bad (ww is bad doge) protecting an empress, and lux just fit the best! It's as simple as that really :P
Anyway (EUNE)
: Its all for one gamemode gonna come?
Yep, they are currently working on getting it fixed and will most likely send it out as soon as it's playable
Ao Ji (EUW)
: Can Riot Count?
The jungle camps are intentional, it goes to help show understand just about how much gold the jungler has gotten, the redbuff and bluebuff gives equal to 4 minions of gold hence why it gives 4 cs to the one that killed it :)
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Champion's you hate playing against?
I have a long list {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:157}} I think I have a problem with too much in the game
: Yayyyy....the pandas are back :)
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DI2CLn0W4AEqDYz.jpg The Red Pandas were never gone, they were just hid.
: Red Panda? MORE LIKE THE INFERIOR PANDA RACE {{sticker:draven-pose}}
http://deskbg.com/s3/wpp/25/25376/sleepy-red-panda-desktop-background.jpg Eyh
: We Gitte Have MOAR Red Pandas!
http://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/130819155249-cutest-animal-13-red-panda-horizontal-large-gallery.jpg All hail the red panda
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Is Graves any good anymore?
Have a look at your team before you pick him ;) Does 2 lanes have reliable cc? Go graves Only one lane with reliable CC and 2 others with skillshot/ hard to reach with CC? Concider it, but I'd go something else. No cc? YOU are now the CC ;)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: The enemy team should not see Kindred's marks on the minimap, only in the presence of the monster
No. Part of the kindred minigame is that you play smart and outwit the enemy jungler. Kindred is best played when you're duoed with midlane, I know this since my friend who mains jungle always asks me, a supp main, to go mid if he intends to get kindred. So how do you need to think? A mark pops up. Enemy chickens.... Great! Awesome actually! Your kindred creeps up and wards her prey, alerts midlane they'll go for it as soon as enemy jungler shows himself. Enemy jungler pops up somewhere near his krugs, and your midlane starts to keep their mid busy, poking and being opressive. Kindred goes for the marked chickens imedately and her mid stays on the ready for if Kindred needs backup. So marks you have to let go, others you ward and you stalk around untill the enemy jungler makes a wrong move.
: Nyawww {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Rioter Comments
Myster10 (EUNE)
: Question for any rioter that might have any idea and could answer.
I would love to make my own yordle and play more of an MMO in the world of league! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Some1 is trying to chanege my password
Could be a good idea to send a ticket and ask if they can tell you anything Also make sure that the pasword to your email account is secure so that they won't get into that.
: I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "discussion view".
Just below your post you'll see the start of the comments where it says " discuss" Then just below that it should either say "show discussion view" or "show chronological view" If it says the first one click it! It if the second then I don't know.
: Board Comments / Responses
Are you sure you have boards in discussion view? I still see it the same way it used to be som check that up first of all!
: Does every banned person deserve their bans?
Not everyone deserves a ban But most who comes here to complain refusing to post chatlogs do. I've seen a few rare cases where the chatlog was actually not bad at all, just some misunderstandings of the system And helped them contact support and how to go with it and got their ban lifted So no, not everyone but like 95% of the ones that comes here either just don't understand that they were actually Really toxic or just hopes to not have wasted their money on skins and that complaining will instantly lift their bans
Vixi1234 (EUNE)
: Toxicity
My way of dealing is just... having fun really. I know this doesn't work for just anyone but it works for me. When I get into champ select I try already there to get a positive atmosphere by saying something in a good tone like "Aww man, they banned my champ! Guess i'll just do better with thisone instead!" "Oooooh, I love playing with (insert champion)" "Let's do this guys, have fun!" This helps put those who just got out of a bad game into a new mindset and prevents flame. Now, I usually play support so I mainly focus on what my adc does but i pay attention to kills/deaths in other lanes too ofc. So when someone dies I'll say something like "Too bad, you'll get em next time!" when they get a kill I say "wp!" just to have someone recognize when something good happends and keep spirit up when something bad does. If me and my adc gets poked down so we can't have farm / die in lane I'll tell them something like "wp so far but try to let me go forth and poke and be ready to help me out" "try not to use abilities on farm, we want minions close to tower but not in tower" "Ahhh, unlucky! Stay back and we'll get the the second they do something stupid!" All of this is to just set a mood where noone would want to flame, doesn't always work and once someone does flame usually someone joins in on saying it's useless and that we should focus on the good things and how to better our bad things Hope this helps a little {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: lmao, i still think this is a pretty good idea
I've sometimes even popped a pot just because I want to heal my adc so badly. I need this.
: Idea for a new rune (for inspiration)
Ah, the awful feeling when playing support, sitting at pretty much full hp and 3 pots while adc is on 15% mife and has none and unable to reach farm cuz enemy has something like ezreal or smth.
Filcar13 (EUNE)
: "it's fine, it's just a normal game"
Personally I don't mind when people are legitimately trying out new champs or testing their champs strenghts in normal, but the limit of pure stupidity exists aswell. "Can I trade with these 2 tanks and get away with it as adc?" is okay to test out in normals "Can I constantly try to 1v5 and ignore everything else because that other guy managed to play me with this champ that one game he was 20/0/3?" No, stop, think. Highly exaggerated examples to try to show my point. I don't mind losing a game but I do mind losing because my teammates fail to use their brain.
Eambo (EUW)
: Boards Changes - Upcoming and Current
I love it! Already much cleaner and easier to look at Can we get a mobile app too? {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Yep that's actually what i was saying in the first 3 rows. But my thread is actually about why you shouldnt flame these who are 'inting' with the meaning of going 0/x :) Still. If you call out yourself inting because "I'm under alot of pressure, and can't really focus on the game/too focused and ignore crucial things I should have done" you should NEVER EVER report someone for inting, because it's humanlike to do micro-mistakes. Actually these people are the ones who awnser a "report him for inting" with "whaat i am 2/3 that's no inting at all" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Ah, sorry, then I misunderstood your first 3 rows ;P And I got the meaning of your thread but just found it kinda salty thinking you ment it only would ever mean intentionally feeding! I personally don't see the new definition of "inting" as a bad thing at all so I never care :P I call out that I'm having a rough time focusing every now and then just so people can play around it, never had problems with people calling out others for inting. Have a good day ! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: How much time before I can gift?
: Why you should't flame anyone who is "inting" in your eyes
Well Inting has gotten more of a new meaning I remember watching a video recently and the guy used "inting" more of a "I'm under alot of pressure, and can't really focus on the game/too focused and ignore crucial things I should have done" So the old "INTentional feedING" this is kinda gone. Now as I said it's for when people are having alot of bad games, can't focus, do stupid mistakes, goes overly agressive when they should have just poked etc.
: A very disappointing post. There is NO pictures of Red Pandas! The world has gone mad! {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I keep checking boards at work and my new workspace doesn't aproove of looking at them red panda pictures {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: >sigh trying to keep happy and keep good spirit with flamers isn't as easy as I want it to be True. Though I'd rather have some toxic people that play well, which I can mute. Than suffer through the loss of all my effort and energy due to others' in game performance. I always state firmly that it's easier to mute toxic behaviour than to compensate for bad play.
Fair point! I just can't find it in me to mute anyone in case they'll ever say something usefull, stupid I know ;)
: I am not even close to being toxic irl and I don't even try to be toxic in game but as soon as I see some stupid shit happening I try to jump in and try to help them by telling this is bad build in this situation,try to play from behind safely hit ability from max range ,look for skrimishes rather than full out 5v5 but ,but and a big but this don't turn out the way anyone will expect it to the one who is losing /borderline inting will start flaming you instead of taking the advice and play like a team. he feels like if I am not the carry, this game is not fun for me so I will not try hard/try to win(majority of times) and start ignoring chat and start making bad decision and the game goes down hill from that point on ,this is what happen in majority of my games one person loses lane if he is bronze/low silver he will start making stupid decisions start roaming other lanes leaving his tower giving tower fb ,and then start trolling jungler by following him and stealing his camp, diver other lanes and endup dead and this is the point where flame start Even if you lost lane try to win the game ,push your lane if enemy is roaming and create pressure do something to get that Nexus but if you decide to troll your team your team will 100% flame you as they think they are superior species now . you can decide if you'll be flamed or not just play as a team be positive even if someone flames ,I am 100%sure there is no way someone will keep on flaming you if you are positive even when he is a douche
Another reason people start flaming yeah! And while I completely agree to everything you are saying I need to add one more thing for those that snaps and starts inting becausd of these things. Remember to have fun and be the best teammate you can be! Never ever ever start a game, be it normal, ranked, aram or even 3v3 if you have reason you believe you will not have fun!
Kocúr (EUNE)
: There's no harm trying their luck in chat. Evuntually someone's gonna replay the way they'll be able to get a leverage on the person they're trying to supreme towards (and we all know how many threads get posted daily explaining 2 or several other persons flaming each other) while not risking physical conflict themselves. i guess i already got my point across in my previous reply saying flamers are a simple being getting kicks out of other's misery. And if this reply seems pointless to you i'm sorry i can't get my thoughts together right now.
Hm, not sure if I can see what you're trying to add with this comment unfortunately.
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