Luis Sc (EUW)
: > healthy trash talking There. You still haven't answered my question : give me a good ( plausible ) reason to have "/all" on -- and I know why : because there isn't one :D
Granted there isn't too much of a reason for it to be on except conversing with more players and learning from them. HOWEVER answer my trash talking question, its okay for pros to do and to promote trash talking but its a banable offence for us players to do it?
Luis Sc (EUW)
: > I just played a game: Enemy Ekko bullies our Renekton into quitting the game and ruining it for 9 other players. There. Unless "bullying" here is "ganking," ( and he kept farming kill after kill in that lane, ) absolutely no reason to have "/all" on. He/she made itself a target and Ekko took advantage of the situation. There are people like that. Case in point. You go on and on but this shouldn't even be a discussion. One this is to mute everybody and barely communicate the entire game with your own team - it might make winning hard to the expense of not having to endure flaming. The other is just being stupid to the point you make yourself a target by paying attention and/or replying to /all. *edit - And I would drop this stance if you give one very good reason to have /all on. *
No, Bullying referring to the Ekko actually being verbally abusive. I actually think /All is a great tool, not when abused but when used how it was intended its great. It helps people learn.... I know because I used to abuse it, I used to be horrible on /all chat to whoever I saw deserved the wrath of me. I've learnt that doesn't help and its not at all t he way forward. HOWEVER this ekko was telling renekton to afk/kill himself/fuck his mother ect...ect... I just don't think that's on at all. And this really should be a discussion, Riot is promoting trash talking within the pro circuit but as soon as its gamer base implements what it deems healthy trash talking into a game situation on /all chat ect..ect... its a banable offence. The double standards piss me off.
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Hohotask (EUNE)
: Leaverbuster warning!
Their game threw me off and dissconected me during a ranked match, i lost 30LP and now ahve a 5 game 10 minute restriction. I've emailed them and i expect full compensation for this. You should probably do the same.
: so that means it must be a server issue then, but only affecting certain people in certain places. Are you in the UK and using Virgin ISP?
I am in the UK and have Virgin, i dont mind about the issue. Im extremely pissed of that i now have a 5 game restriction and i've lost 30 LP. I want this to be rectified and my LP and restriction back to normal. But i doubt they'd pay any attention to me.
: Game freezing and ping jumping to 500+ then attempting reconnect
Yeah i had this issue i would like to know why also, because now i have a 5 game restriction and i've lost 30 LP which i demand to have back as this is not an issue on my end. thanks.
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