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Es real (EUW)
: Lf players to level up a new account
: ill just leave this here
hey in your other thread you doubted that i have more bans than you. Just want to tell you i have around 100 baned accs. Usually get baned every week sometimes less and sometimes more.
: strategies and builds will get me a non trolling team who don't go 0 - 10 in 15 minutes ? I did not know that. Is there a youtube or tutorial I could get more information about this method of climbing ?
according to you noone could climb higher than gold coz the community hold them back right? typical mentality of low elo
: Riot, Im done. The game is not playable.
dont blame the comunity if you cant climb. Change strategies and builds and carry beter. And dpnt play ezreal.
: you know whats great about getting perma'd?
: No CC in his kit, and still 1 vs 5. Totally balanced.
: it a good idea to start playing support right now?
main support here. This role is super stressing, it is a 4 players lane (6 with junglers; 8 with mid laners). Even if you are good, you need incredible amount of patience and good mentality to stand this lane.
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ImSweeney (EUW)
: you deserve the ban for playing shaco support alone, doesn't matter what else you did or said. your job as a support is not to take 3 towers and 1 inhib, it's to support the adc in the lane early, and then to support the entire team thought utility, vision, etc. You can't do that as shaco support. You may have a positive kda but that is not going to win you the game. being a proper support for your team wins the game. doesn't matter what your winrate is, just because it worked so far only proves that it can work in some specific circumstances, matchups, enemy skill, enemy lack of knowledge on what to do in that situation, how to play against it, etc. it does not mean it's a formula that just works. therefore, as an ADC, when i walk to lane with shaco support, I have already accepted that the game is 90% lost, usually scaling to 100% after 10 minutes max. If, on top of that, the shaco support also has a big fu.cking mouth thinking he's a league god because he has a positive kda and the adc does not, then I proceed to flame the sht out of him while explaining to him as explicitly as possible in a very colorful language why exactly he is going to lose that game. Seeing that at least some of you get banned every once in a while brings a smile to my face. Now, in this situation, you had olaf adc so i don't know what went down there, but I do agree that premades teaming up on flaming the solo player is a real issue that should have been addressed by now. Anyway, you wanna play shaco support because you're having fun, do it in normals, that's why it's there, but don't ruin the game for people who wanna play it properly.
stoped readin your message at the third line. you are the typical low elo, probably not higher than gold (bingo, u are gold 4, i just checked), who thinks his opinion about gameplay has any reliability. Lmao. And not only that, you also feel the right to insult and direspect me. (lmao x2) As a player who have been playing support since season 1, and have played at diamond league, i can tell you shaco is a pretty decent support pick. He can do acceptable poke with his E and spellthief with the proper runes. He can easily protect the lane and the adc from ganks/engages with a good palcement of his boxes. Also his boxes are good for wardign the map and protecting important positions on the map. While his Q is perfect to stay safe on a lane where a lot of players play a role and squirmishes happen often. Now ill ask you to not waste your time answering to me, coz u already showed a total lack of knowledge about the support role, and i sincerely wont read anything you write.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Are you sure you didn't abuse others? if you just afk'd I don't think you will get a ban.
idk, i totally argued with the two trolls, dunno if i used insults but wouldnt surprise me
Hansiman (EUW)
: > wait, did i say in any moment that my punishment wasnt justified? The whole essence of this post does say that, since you make a post about how you were banned. You're implying that you had a just cause for your actions. The thing is, even if they were in the wrong doing what they did, you are judged based on **your** actions. They stand trial for what they do, but it doesn't give you the right to do what you do. --- > You should try stop being so selfcentered please. And how would you classify your behavior? According to your explanation, two members of your team was rude towards you, so you decided to take your anger out on the two other people that were still trying to win. Remember, your team had 5 people, and only 2 of them we annoying you.
my post has no essence. My post is a message that in no part says i find my ban unjustified, so pleas dont put words on my mouth. About the 2 innocent players of my team i feel sorry for them. But in my opinion someone gota show the toxic kids that their unjustified behaviour has its consequences. I wont wait till a punishment for them if i can ruin their game directly.
: > stop playing and stay at fountain that the ban reason Deserved.
wait, did i say in any moment that my punishment wasnt justified? You should try stop being so selfcentered please.
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