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: I do that too. If you want to tryhard go play soloq. If you want to climb in flex play with premades. FLex=4fun ranked/normal draft. That's how it is
Ranked is Ranked = Ranked Flex = Ranked Solo/Duo Normal is Normal = Testing out Champions = Practising for Ranked Games= Normal Draft Pick = Normal Blind Pick Please get banned for "I do that to" refering to "Trolling and Inting in ranked games" ^^ Also the one who is able to read has a clear advantage above those who can't read. And apparently you are the 2nd type = not able to read properly ^^ Because i said I can't play with my mates because they are a higher league then I am in and you said I should play with my mates to climb. So please learn how to read properly ^^
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: You may be on an unlucky streak right now with trolls and bad players but over time it will even out because your team can only have 4 trolls/bad players while the enemy can have 5 of them.
very nice said ^^ ty for your comment!
: This is so true , I think players actually tryhard in normals more than Flex , I see them picking champs of mastries 5 and above while in flex they pick champs of 0 pts XD , I mean wtf lol . the only way is just to play with premades to climb.
thanks for your thoughts and advice!!
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: > think they can do whatever they want in Ranked Games well, because they can. > I wont be able to climb anywhere You won't and your teammates aren't the reason for that > I don't know what to do against this, but I am sure somebody has a great idea to reduce this problem... There's no problem. Or rather it's a problem that exists in all queues. IF you even can call that a problem, people just want to have fun and that's good in my opinion
So you tell me so called team"mates" are not the reason I loose. When for example a Garen(ADC) and Tahm Kench(Support) go 1/10 in the first 15 minutes? And then say that it doesnt matter if we are inting because its only Flex? PS.: I agree that people should have fun but not by playing trollpicks and inting in my ranked games, they can do that in normals but not in ranked games for %%%% sake.
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