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: Why can't i play off meta champs?
I don't understand why people would flame you for kog'maw he is awesome and very good for this meta due to higher chance of tank sups. plus kog'maw has a skin...that turns him into a dog.... what more could you want. (I play a lot of Kog and he is very stong if you can stall for late game)
: You're silver. not Gold.
You're right thought I passed my promos <3
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: Looking for a partner to duo +GOLD
Hi I'm Gold V adc main and I'm looking for a support to climb up to plat with :)
: s1 supp looking for an adc to duoq
Hi I have discord, I'm looking for a support i can talk to on discord for duos :) here is my
MorroWtje (EUW)
: Offering to do some mentoring
Hi I main adc and I've been struggling with winning a few and doing well then the next game doing really bad and loosing would really like any advice you could give me :)
: critic my
I've decided to just play ezreal, vayne and twitch for the time being to try and climb out of silver unless i get auto filled of course, while working on poking and cs during laning and trying to stay with my team more during mid and late game, so far it's working well :)
: critic my
Do you think it's worth putting time into lucian??
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: please help ;( ADC tips + Itemization
Yeah I tend to go crit build and if they have tanks I'll build bork just to shred them. The hardest part I find is my team is either to scared to engage or is engaging with 2v5 I like the idea of only tumbling away during fights unless I'm being focused I do tend to wall tumble for more damage but sometimes I do get caught out with no tumble because of it
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SlemHelge (EUW)
: Strong support looking for duo
Hi I'm currently silver I've been silver for probably the past 4 seasons without maining a lane. I've decided to main ADC and currently hold over 50% win rate on all 5 ADCS that I play and the order I've practised. Vayne Twitch Miss fortune ezreal Cait to look at my KDA, win streak etc. I like to play safe until 6 due to mostly playing Vayne and Twitch which are stronger late game. Then I tend to take first tower and roam to close out the game which is why my cs average doesnt look to high. recently I've played longer games so please look at my match history to see my CS scores to get a closer idea :)
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Rockleez (EUW)
: Bronze II - Silver II Dynamic Que team... in need of Top laner + Jungler. (EUW)
Hi I'm currently bronze 3 however I have been silver for the past 2 seasons and I'm looking for a team to climb with I'm actually a adc main but I can play top lane.
: We want some new friends ;)
Hey I main ADC and my favorite is Vayne, here are my main accounts. I LOVE BEER Bottle of Fun As you can see I have been Silver/Gold most seasons
: New Patch 6.9 Bug.
had same problem with first 2 promo games.
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GKeeper (EUW)
: Support silver 5
Which champions do you play as support? I've been silver past 2 seasons but this season I'm looking for a support to help me get back into silver and then gold These are the ADC I play and thats the order i'm best with Vayne Ezreal Draven Tristana


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