Cypherous (EUW)
: IF your name actually was "SpinMyDagger" and nothing else then i can't personally see an issue with it, however i only speaking one language so i'm unsure if any combination of parts of that name are actually offensive in any other language So you might want to contact support for clarification on the reason given
each time i contact support im waiting around 3 days for a response, im 1 and a half day in waiting on my ticket now. The name was SpinMyDagger, nothing additional also no connections/combinations on other languages.
Sarokh JR (EUW)
: Why am I getting 28 fps in the middle of the fight?
you should try to disable character inking, lower shadows, turn off vsynch (i assume youre having a 144hz monitor and its capped), also set fps to uncapped.
Rioter Comments
same issue here, can not use pings. reinstalling the patch worked only for ping 'circle' to work but for a short time. still couldnt ping items or spells. Riot fix {{sticker:sg-janna}}


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