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: but getting banned is so easy, just type magic 3 letter and n-word and ur good to go
That will result in a two week ban if the account is clean of any past toxic behaviour. Guess the parent comment is right lmao, sad tho but still more likely to be in your enemy team than in your own really.
: ***
He's totally right tho, most of the times you'll see that the people who resort to that kind of stuff, i.e. afk'ing/trolling/inting, have the most atrocious match histories where they probably have done their best to win when they started their day. The biggest offender of my history in League of Legends was an eight game losing streak where, I kid you not, in all those games my midlaners threw and cried in either team or all chat about that their jungler was bad, then proceeding to give free kills to the enemy midlaner; literally taking towerhits on purpose. I was gold IV with a 50% winrate back then, had like 20 to 30 games on that account. Now such things happen and I got demoted off that losing streak. But now I recently hit Platinum IV without breaking a sweat in under 50 games. You don't need to stress about others projecting their own insecurity on you, which the person above you tried to point out. We're all insecure about our capabilities which raises the question if we're actually able to perform consistently in order to climb. Everyone goes through the same sh*t and that's why this game is so toxic, the only thing that truly helps is when you'll start to notice that the only way to have fun in this game is simply by improving in the key aspects of this game. But really it takes one a lot of gameplay to get to such a conclusion. Trollers are statistically correct, the chance that the troller is on the enemy team is 55.5556% meaning that in the long run you'll gain more from trollers, given that you'll have an even LP gain. Probably a long read but it's very circlejerk'ish behavior to bash someone's comment simply based on false assumptions.
: But when you call the KPN service the people don't even know what to do, I've literally been hanged up upon 3 times in a row while asking about a problem at a Data Center.
: Holy crap what a difference! I quickly did some research and all the reddit posts i saw said WTFast was pretty safe to use, my ping dropped back to 13!! I really hope its safe tho haha, dont want my accounts to be lost :'). Hopefully the issue is gonna be fixed before 30 days, thats when the trial runs out :D.
Yeah bro, it's totally safe. Way back when YouTubers started advertising for WTFast it'd be more rogue-wise in order to have people pay for it. There's no viruses or any keyloggers whatsoever. There were constant pop-ups in the past that showed that you'll need to pay for the product in order to use it. Not sure how that is nowadays, haven't noticed anything odd yet. Anyway, you won't be banned by Riot, period. They've recommended such programs and VPNs in the past. Really gotta wait for things to clear up between KPN and NL-ix.
: Not much better over here. I play from Amsterdam; my ping used to be ~7ms months back, this changed to ~24ms a few weeks back and then today it jumped up to >50ms.'s website shows that Riot Games currently has three of's data centers in use. Namely "Equinix AM3, Equinix AM5, Equinix FR4", where I would assume that AM3 and AM5 stand for Amsterdam Metro and FR4 stands for Frankfurt. But in all seriousness, I don't think they use their Amsterdam data centers anymore so that explains your 7 ms to 24 ms jump really. I am not sure why I am responding to all the comments as I had put information out there that might help really, just like it did for me. It's just KPN and's data center out in Frankfurt. Either you wait for it to be solved by KPN or you let KPN communicate with a VPN in order to have a solid routing.
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: If i recall correctly UK had the same problem just a week ago. It's something that's league related too, although they probably won't admit it.
That one's different, the underseas network cable from UK > Amsterdam seems to have caused the problems back then. Now, we Dutchies don't have anything to do with that because of the fact that we can route to Riot Games without the use of that cable. Good heads up tho.
: Is there any way for us to select Amsterdam as our routing instead? I know it will have a slightly higher ping then usual but probably still better then 50+ :P
> [{quoted}](name=TwoAcesVII,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Uy02Olif,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-04-22T21:18:28.043+0000) > > Is there any way for us to select Amsterdam as our routing instead? I know it will have a slightly higher ping then usual but probably still better then 50+ :P Oh no, we have zero control over any routing really, without using third-party programs that is to say. We'll have to wait and see what Riot can do really. I did notice that they, in the past, recommended certain VPNs like WTFast and others so the routing will be smoother, but I will have to be honest there and say that WTFast and similar programs used to be notorious of their malicious behavior. So do some research prior to using those programs, all in all they're free to use and in the Netherlands the saying is "er schuilt een addertje onder het gras". With that said, might be our best bet for a while. Until Riot Games of course responds and fixes this horrendous routing. They mentioned the following Free-to-use VPNs: Hot Spot Shield UltraSurf CyberGhost WTFast I am not hellbent on playing right now, exams are very close! But in anyway, I do wish you the best at finding an alternative routing for the time being. EDIT: To bring it back to you, I quickly installed WTFast and the newer routing gave back 28 ms. It's an improvement for sure but honestly, KPN and that datacenter... it's got problems, mad problems. I am curious to where they stem from, but we can only wait for the details to see the light of day!
: KPN Latency 50+ EUW
Same here, pretty much ran some WinTRMs and it shows that the connection between KPN and's datacenters in Frankfurt are having a nasty problem. I believe there were problems like these in the past aswell. Some person talking about routing problems which do seem identical to the current problem (link: I saw a forum post of someone having the same problem (link: I doubt they'll answer soon but it's most definitely something we simpletons can't fix. Let's hope Riot can do something about this.
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: How long did it take you to think this one up fella. Also how long did it take you to select that LOVELY little sticker too? I also see you're looking for friends to duo with, are you lonely and hoping i'll talk to you. I know the forum can be a scary place and it may put you off talking to people sometimes. They aren't all nasty though, some of us are ok. There's better ways to get attention or make friends young man than bandwagon jumping, just ask. :) I don't mind the stickers so much if you're honest btw ;).
: huge FPS Drops after patch 8.4!!
Had the same problem, very stuttering even though my system contains an i5 6600 and a GTX1070 using a 144Hz monitor. I never thought capping the FPS would make any difference, but for me it did weirdly enough. Was able to actually perform in a more relaxed sense knowing my stuttering problem was fixed. Article about that here:
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: Here's who own Riot, a company you perhaps have never heard of: TENCENT
EDIT: I feel stupid for necro'ing this post... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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: Plat Player Looking for Duo (Main Support but can also top/mid)
I am a Platinum V ADC who looks for a constructive partner to climb through Platinum, it will be fun if you want to duoQ with me! My IGN: xJayhron
: Gold III Support Looking for ADC to duo queue with.
HI! I really look into duoqueueing with you! I am dutch as well so the language barrier isn't that big then! :O I am a Platinum V ADC on EUW and play every ADC so I can make nice counter-play! IGN: xJayhron

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