: The explanation isn't quite correct. The system checks how many people are queing up for which role. as example: 200 ppl queue for top primary 400 for jungle 800 for mid 400 for adc 300 for supp The system prioritizes to fill all lobbies as quickly as possible first so you're.left with 0 toplane prio 200 jgl 600 mid 200 adc 100 supp So the system starts looking for top secondary picks and fills them up, then it start autofilling until everyone gets a match. Since all of this happens at once rather than step by step, due to lack of primary toplane picks it throws people with secondary toplane picks in. Since this is all randomly, your chances of getting mid are pretty low since that role pretty much always has enough people queing up for
wow that makes sense xD Think ill just change my secondary role to something else and hope it works
: Toplane being the least favorite role while mid being the most popular role in the community is the reason you get top so often
yea would make sense just wish they would give us an option of being in longer queues if it means we get our primary role
: well I think is kinda like this, reduce to basics: - game try to find you a place with your primary role in a team around your mmr against a team around your mmr - if you wait to long game try to balance between waiting time and giving you primary role, so if queues become to long and unhealthy you get a place in a team around your mmr with the secondary role - same goes for autofill, system search your primary role, secondary role and then autofill you if its to long I think you can somehow avoid this if you cancel if queue goes beyond 3-4 min and queue again
thats all good but my que times arent even that long like just 1-2 mins waits max
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: You deserve higher ? proof it and climb out. Should be a piece of cake for you as mid lane main ;)
yea its not as bad as i thought i was placed in bronze 5 day before yesterday, just been playin and now in bronze 4 hopefully can get out of bronze in 2 weeks or so
: > [{quoted}](name=UrDADScousin,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=VU9MExcb,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-12-31T22:14:03.481+0000) > > i didnt play much of ranked last season cuase i started playin league then but i was bronze 3 I will give you one last tip to keep in mind for next year: Train and ask people to help, what role do you play i might be able to coach you a bit :)
i play main mid
: You might've increased your MMR at B5 so you will have an easier time getting out..., where were you last season if i might ask?
i didnt play much of ranked last season cuase i started playin league then but i was bronze 3
thats all good but i dont even see the point in doing te placements if im gonna be put in bronze 5 anyway..
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