: 334% more honorable and...
If you wanna get that honor level faster farm ARAM games without writing anything, not even gg. Some salty kjnkhksdkh might report your for taking that 1 heal in the start of the game.
: Icon Worlds
Didn't get mine either. Have 37 points. > http://pickem.lolesports.com/share/series/4/user/3280717/my-picks
: Wouldn't it be easy to simply create a star guardian group?
they removed the public chat rooms
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: Member?
fk'n member berries. You should get off that sh't, will destroy you...
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BoeBu (EUNE)
: I am trying to get a chest for a long time now,but i cannot get it. 1.i am playing those champs that i did not get a chest already 2.i don't have a chat restriction 3.I almost always get S,but no hextech chest. I don't understand why i cannot get any chests. Right now i have: 5 hextech keys+ 0 hextech chest Project Zed ready to be unlocked,but no hextech chest for essence.....
this isn't possible, go to champions tab and see the golden border over the owned champions. The ones without golden border you can receive a chest from them either by getting s or playing with premades who get an s that game.
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: i won about 5 , and have played about 100 game sad story ;)
keep on playin till you get 'em. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/habitrpg/images/e/e9/Gotta_catch_them_all.png/revision/latest?cb=20150515175159
: 27.
wow, nice it's closer to mine..
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: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QwqfJEE7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-03T03:19:32.081+0000) > > The server is undergoing maintenance. what will happen to the game ?
it will end in draw and will not register, btw it should be normal game so it dosent matter any ways. Ranked queues are disabled 1 hour before the maintenance...
Not a D0G (EUW)
: Best of TSM
Yup that Immortals vs TSM series was great. Big fan of TSM from season 4. Here on EU was fan of Fnatic and Origen when Peke was mid but now no one. G2, H2k and rest of teams are absolute clowns, hate G2 after MSI, vacations, fk ur vacations fkin lazy a** boosted garbage.
: Even one action like this should result at least in 1 week ban from rankeds
And I am gonna get down-voted for this. Yet you won by 46 to 23, if he wanted to troll, he could have trolled and cost you the game. Look at from his perspective, he queued up wanting to play a champ, which he pre-decided and picked trusting his team mates that they won't ban. When one of the team-mate tries to fk him over by banning it or picking it for himself (to me he has full right to ruin that others person's game because his experience is ruined). You should have thanked him and honored him for being co-operative, both maokai and soraka deserved it. While the mid laner should have been reported for his act even if he is a fkin challenger smurf and you know he will win the game for you, he has no right to ruin another's game. Lucky you don't get me in you games because when I pre-pick a legitimate meta champ and some one on my team bans it, knowing full well that I will get it because I asked 1st pick to pick it for me or something alng those lines, it tilts me and that game is a loss, 100% guaranteed because I make sure of it. Btw, don't judge what any one says in champ select, its what they do in game is what matters.
: I noticed this and now people like me have a choice: going ranked game even if i'm not feel like doing it or going normal game and just get outplayed most of the time. Its lose/lose situation :/
get outplayed? I would rather have a G1 on my team than a D5 in normals. D5 are usually bad, and when they play normals they are prolly at level of silver players.
: Just because you think a feature is broken doesn't mean everybody agrees with you.
Start a poll and an In-game client poll, not the one which is here. Only few come to boards, and then you will exactly see how many agree. I do not have the time to post all 'Bring Solo Q back', 'Mage Updates with item changes are broken', 'Mordekaiser is what now', 'Permabanned for no reason' threads here. So you get the idea...
: Lyte has left Riot Games.
Wish he could take ghost-crawler his friend with him too. And then we could do some balancing of this game. I do not think, we could achieve balance by end of this season. After S4 it has been like whole year it takes to balance out the changes they make in first half. And also the dynamic Q, the worst idea they could ever implement. They both are egoistic pr_cks like Alliser Thorne(Game of Thrones) who don't realize their mistakes and will continue to make them again if they had to.
: Current State of Yi
Just look at warwick now, that uselessness even with a qss item in-game has a higher win-rate then yi.
Naiyasuka (EUNE)
: ***
yet he was never no 1, no 2, no 3 in jungle win-rates in any patch. Its only the lower elo's that weren't able to play against him and rageblade which lead to his nerf. I just wished that rageblade never should have been implemented in this game. Rageblade required nerf not yi.

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