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: I love it how some people are so biased that they cant even see they are part of the "problem". You think that Diana from 4 days ago cried on the boards how she had to carry you (Ezreal 1/1/3) while solostomping everyone (16/0/3)? Or when you as toplane vayne (6/10/5) got stomped by your lane rengar (24/5/9)? Where was the rant? Yeah i know. You had lag. And a bad game. Counterpicks. Yadda yadda yadda.... Get over it. We sit all in the same boat.
For the Diana game : she was a smurf, and if you look at her account, shes constantly winning with really high scores. I dont have an excuse for my other games, but do I need one? The difference is, that when I play champions in ranked, I dont first time them, and even if I do I look up, how the champion works. If you have 3 stacks at 30 minutes with nasus, after I am constantly explaining him, how the stacking works, and he still doesnt use his q at all, it is a troll. If not, please explain me otherwise. I never troll in rankeds, I always give my best, and yes, there are games that I play really bad, and that happens to everyone. But I do not troll, thats the thing. I dont care about bad teammates, but if they dont listen to advise, and obviously troll, then I do care.
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: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
This is awesome! Thanks for hosting this! Just out of interest, who pays the skins? Do you pay them? Cause that would be even more awesome ^^
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