: lmfao seriously? is this pre school baby time? i just /mute all almost every game and problem solved , no ragers, no flamers, no toxic people , no spammers, no foreign languages, no bming, nothing. and u dont get distracted
No dude, harassing online is pretty much even worse than it is irl, it's not like you can actually do something there unlike against bullies irl who will bash your teeth out if you even try to do anything, "gg ez" is worst thing that could happen to you and there's no way to get rid of it other than ban everyone who says it! [Hint for triggered snowflakes.](
xFrosten (EUW)
: GG easy? A truly disgusting way of ending a game
You know what else is really easy? Offending special snowflakes like you. It's not wrong, just illegal, gg ez.
: Wow, did you really just say this? I'm so triggered.
Well then report it so a mod who is triggered just like you can remove it and then randomly issue a ban from boards for pretty much nothing like they always do.
: Please give me opinion. My comment removed by Riot for 'Wrong Language'
Because just like every special snowflake in LoL who wants everyone banned the moment they disagree with them, every mod is a special snowflake who will get triggered over anything you type.
: Do Players below diamond have hands ?
I play with my %%%% while my %%%% plays LoL for me, what's wrong with that? It's just normals bro. EDIT: apparently the D is a bad word, alright riot, alright. On the other hand vagina is not.
: Yasuo 1v4 outplay
The moment yasuo has {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} he is super ahead and you had more than that so lul.
: In an 'Ask Riot' from a while ago they said that giving away 'refunds' (to everyone) would cost about the same (for the company) as giving away a single 'free skin' (to everyone), and that most people would prefer a free skin over a refund, which is why we've been getting several free skins (E.g. Riot Kayle, initial hextech skin-chest+key, etc.) rather than refunds.
Initial hextech chest+key isn't that, it replaced the old free 400RP (I think) you would get on a new account after playing for a while.
Treycos (EUW)
: This is so wrong, when you don't know anything about programming, you shouldn't post anything like this
He might not know anything about programming but I know that you don't know anything about it either, it requires logical thinking and you can't even comprehend how ping command works.
: Imagine if you needed 300 gold and then that happened, you won't get the gold then the other jungler arrives, kills you because you couldn't recall and then it snowballs badly, yeah no. I agree with original post
Imagine if jungler needed that 300gold more than you did and now bought boots to arrive to your lane a little bit faster and probably save you.
: Let's see: 1) Jungling and while i'm at my second buff someone in my team is first blooded already. Then one minute later he is second blooded, and got the idea. Bonus point if the guy immediatly start flaming after that, because of course it's nowhere possible that this is his fault. This is actually worse than enemy invades that manage to get kills, because well, you may not expect them. But being cheesed at level 1 and then start feeding over and's another level or expertise. 2) Junglers that makes suicide dives at level 2-3, die miserably, and then they of course blame the laner because he wisely decide to not follow. Expecially hateful when the junglers goes in even if should be clear that you are backing. 3) Junglers (or laners for what matters) that overstay in the enemy jungle during a chase and get killed by whoever enemy comes to get them. Of course, as in point 2, whoever decide to NOT stay there and go back is to be blamed. 4) Players who are 30+ into a game...without boots. Very common and very infuriating, because most of the time those geniuses will never realize why they are getting killed over and over, and will of course flame the team instead. Man i hate them. 5) When objectives like dragons, barons and sometimes even towers are just there for the taking...and none seems to care in spite of your pings. 6) Games that last 45+ because both teams are so bad that they just can't close it, regardless of who is winning. While sometimes you may enjoy a comeback and a win in these situations, most of the time you are just waiting 25 minutes more and then lose/win anyway. 7) Have a fight, win it...and then instead of recall anyone in your team stick around in spite of having 10 or so life. Cue the enemy team respawing, coming back, and clean them all. 8) Enemy is taking Baron, is simply impossible to stop them...still anyone in your team goes there, one by one of course, to get killed and adding some icing to the enemy's cake. 9) Top or Bot Laners who does not leash the jungler for whatever reason. Luckly, it's rare. When it happens and i'm mid, i always help the jungler myself. Expecially hateful when (almost always) this comes in tandem with point 10. 10) Laners who goes to their turrers and stick there immobile before minion spawing. There really seems to beyond any help when they do that. Luckly, it's almost always without consequences. Bonus points when they hover near enemy tower emoting or doing something else stupid. I don't know why none in the other team ever think to gank, invade or counterjungle when someone does that, really. 11) Laners who will tax your jungle in early game for no apparent reason. Or junglers who will "gank" you just to tax your lane. Expecially bad when you are trying to freeze, and of course they are a thousand miles away from being able to get it. 12) Junglers who, in early game, pass through the mid lane in full view of the enemy. Usually without consequences...but still stupid and perfectly avoidable if you just think a second about that. 13) Laners who flame you as jungler because, while they are dead, you take CS that will be killed by your tower anyway, or because you push the lane to allow your creeps to be killed by the other tower. Very rarely, they may have a point about that (not allow the enemy to easily freeze near his tower, or avoid the need to overextend), most of the time, they simply don't have a clue and just flame you for the f@@k of it.
4th one sounds like NB3 bronze fans, my fav streamer rarely buys boots, I won't either!
: What annoys you most?
When someone dies in lane and starts flaming literally the whole team, especially jungler because there must have been 10 ganks @4mins lul.
: I play with muted chat and got lvl 3 honor today. Also i didnt get honored that many times by players. I think that as long as you play good you dont get reported a lot so you get honor.
Here we see common "I don't know how report system works" species in their natural habitat.
: >The %%%%ing kids So you agree that it is wrong to blame the jungler, and start by blaming and insulting others. Do you see the hypocrisy here?
Yeah we do, all you kids do is farm in your lanes and fight enemy laner, and farm literally comes up to you and says "take gold daddy". We need to walk around the whole map and cater for 4 idiots who will start crying the moment they'll die while planning good clear paths and what to gank next, when to counterjungle and etc. Just stfu. He is right, %%%%ing kids. I am not supposed to win your lane, if you died 2 times before I even had a chance to gank you and you already cry about "0 ganks" then don't even expect me to ever come to your lane, you're done kiddo.
: Jungler Abuse and blame needs to stop.
Don't forget the time where you countergank but your laner still does so it counts as you not ganking and they spam "lol their jg 446556 ganks, our jg 0"
: It actually says that red secures more barons. As for win rate - it shows every single champ has better winrate on blue side.
But not 20% higher.
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: Blue Vs Red
I don't need to believe, I have statistics which show that it's nowhere close to 20% Stop pulling numbers out of your ass, kthx.
: give me -500 i dont care. the next big online game will get all the players even now ovewatch have gotten a big part of it. leagues community is terrible and the game doesnt protect you. maybe the f2p 12 yo kids who want to play a moba with their premade friends will remain but i doubt any serious gamer will except those dreaming of lcs
"Game doesn't protect you" Well then play with your dad, mom, grandma and uncle, they will protect you in a game.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: kayn is nort a jungler
Kayn is utter garbage until he transforms to one of his forms, and he should go to lane? Nice logic.
DearPear (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChrisMac,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=tMEqFEHZ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-17T02:25:22.254+0000) > > Considering I have one, they do. And I don't speak in game but I have a CR? Chat logs.
Or the mute/ban card, since it appears every time you login, he could easily show that chat was empty, lel. unless it wasn't...
: People, get this into your mind
Typical bronze-gold who can't even end the game properly, only go for kills, what did you expect?
: 14 Day ban badge of Honor
You muted everyone but you knew that you got reported for not talking at all? Also just because you were reported doesn't mean the report is valid or reasonable, stfu.
: when your laner tells you not to gank him
It's all fine if jungler comes just to harass, but most of the time they just go all-in and even end up dying and spam pinging since you didn't follow up because you know, you just froze a nice wave near your tower and it's worth more than a kill, and unlike a kill, is confirmed gold xd
GLurch (EUW)
: This was discussed many, many times already. Short answer: It's way too easy to abuse and we don't want to have to sit through 8 queues, just because someone from one of the teams wasn't ok with his teemo top or thinks they lost because the enemy has yasuo.
Yeah but people dodge all the time to avoid trolls even without it, so your point?
: Nope, dodging is forbidden that's why you get queue penalties..
TL;DR they made a system which makes players think twice whether it's worth dodging or not (if it's he will int feed and we will 4v6 or it's just that they don't like something), and what is a better deterrent than penalties for doing so? Can you link me to where it states that dodging is forbidden? If abused, it's bad, that's why riot makes you lose some LP and makes you wait, just to prevent extreme cases of fk-all I don't like this and I leave, but forbidden? If it's forbidden, why most pro players suggest to dodge if there's troll on your team, especially if it's your first time you do it that day? Shouldn't they all be banned now? Also he didn't say anything about queue penalties being removed, it would be same thing as it is now, except you'd press the button instead of waiting like 3mins until you can do nothing (not select a champion) and dodge that way, instead of closing client and reopening it...
: anything above 60fps is basicly wasted anyways...
People with 144hz monitors complaining while I am sitting here with 60Hz monitor while I have fps locked at 30 since max I can get in teamfights is around 40...
PvPn00b (EUW)
: Bug found named lethality
Bíbs (EUW)
: Low priority queue sucks
So does it suck to lose when someone goes AFK in your team.
MorroWtje (EUW)
: Any word about in-lobby reporting?
And pls add reporting in queue since someone you added sometimes might flame too XD
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: Didn't bother to read all the borring commetns, but - Ban for feed or troll build - on normal games, is just dumb. and 24 assits, pkill 40%, not like he was not beeing involved in fights.
Nobody else died even half as many times as him, highest death count actually is 3 times less, totally not inting. Also first back items are boots and look at his summoners, for some reason his masteries are completely fine for zilean mid, yet for some reason he picks typical trolling summs, since he can ghost to go to mid faster and cleanse just for luls, nice try though.
: ban for 14days for feeding. not really
30 deaths? Even when running down mid most of the time you can't get that many, good job XD Summoners are typical trolling ones, you died for first blood right as minions arrived to lane, and you make up an excuse of your brother playing for you? Well he must suck to just run it down mid right into akali and give her first blood at level 1. Not even someone mentally damaged would die to akali at level 1, you'd have to stand still and let her get like x3 q's off, try making up better stories next time, you clearly just ran it down mid, look how many deaths are right where first mid tower stands, you think we are stupid?
: Why not?
Chances are, most of the time you will get matched against challengers and D1 players. That's how it works? Premades "have advantage of communicating" and etc, so total MMR of enemy team is actually always greater (sorry can't really tell how much) if you're duoQ'ing.
Undeâd (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=jonisen22,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IhPflHUP,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-07-05T16:13:05.604+0000) > > Tbh Unless someone hacked or idk scammed people on credit cards etc. I think a permanent banned should be = a year. Still gives the feeling of that I'm never going to play on this acc again, as well as giving you the ability to actually reform and come back Yeah, hard to not agree here man. I never wanted for someone bad, even for biggest enemy but those type of behaviour (hacking, money cheating etc) is much bigger. Especially if u can play League, but not on account you invested much money and have a lot of friends you miss. I really hope I can do something with my account to get it back because I'm really ashamed of my earlier behavior
If you really are then make new one and prove it by not getting a 2nd perma XD
: the dice are broken , always one runner midlane on my team
The english is broken, we can't understand.
: Toxic behavior.
Nice nickname XD. Good riddance.
: Just like this ridiculous people which want peace for the world and stop the whole war thing. Disgusting right? ...
You do realize that the only reason WW3 didn't start yet isn't because everyone wants peace but because M.A.D. is pointless? War isn't flaming, war destroys, while rage just creates more rage. Nice try though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Str33TXeR,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MVkbZHEf,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-07-07T05:00:48.392+0000) > > Instead of banning flamers, ban the reasons they are flaming: rage quit, inters, troll picks / builds (no smite in jungle kind of things). Good luck! yes, coz you are not allowed to try out new things and are supposed to only play community-approved shit. while ragers and flamers single you out and flame you into oblivion. good logic
Trying out new things, like whenever you don't get jungle, you and your premade picks anivia and tahm kench, then trolls by maxing W on both champions and most of the time even locking one person in base for literally the whole game, making it so your team has to win 2v5 or lose? Break the meta, the 2v5 challenge, literally challenger strats! Did you even watch the goddamn video?
: Stop people from writing "k y s" and "get cancer" feat. Troll by Shane Koyczan
How about stop caring about what people tell you on internet? I mean, you already do that, that's why you just can't take advice I just wrote and still care about what everyone who told you to kill yourself says.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Knowsalot,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=A4Ny9Vo9,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-06T15:29:49.202+0000) > > I do... but I still want people to stop this indecency to our race -_- > > Edit: I also use the block function, which most people don't even know is a thing. Problem is.. How do you mute someone when the damage is already done.
Mute before "damage" is done? It damages you only if you care anyway.
: Are they frauding me? Maybe i go to E-police?
Well it's obvious that you're part of "that 98%" XD
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: guess who's getting ban on boards for harassment
Guess who is too stubborn to learn how the system works and any explanation he gets is "harassment" or "personal attack" because he can't ever accept that he's wrong and his victim complex needs some attention too.
venerdì (EUW)
: Ban mac adress?
Banning mac adress is same thing as banning IP address. You can easily change mac address and if your IP is static you still can contact your ISP and ask for dynamic IP in case it's static. Waste of time.
Oglaf (EUW)
: Either fix the botting situation -or- Remove the queue dodge penalty from Vs. AI.
Solution: Bot too XD Then be the only person who got banned for it because riot totally cares.
: Bots, the new titanic of League of Legends. New players can't learn the game.
They don't care. I checked bot accounts after a few games, most of them were level 30 and it looks like they were for a long time. They aren't even grinding levels, but IP essentially.
: When I play an AI game, I expect being AI in enemy team not mine.
AstrAir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=scribblerHD,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0Ye23EXE,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-07-05T07:54:14.307+0000) > > I actually think the feeder bots on my team add abit more of a challenge to win the game, btw the key to winning 1v5 int bots is split pushing bot and getting the inhibs dont fight them or thats what i learned But that's beside the point. Bots on your team shouldn't even exist in the first place.
But now at least better players can learn how to splitpush while knowing that any second intermediate bots will come to 1v5 XD
Toxic Shaco (EUNE)
: Can Riot just give me a 100 game chat suspension? (Serious inquiry)
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: Never dodge. So many times enemy cry on chat "report x troll... he was suppose to get y role", "omg no jungle", "omg no adc", it dosen't mean 100% you(they) are going to lose even with trolls, and if it's promo game, the risk is worth to take. I wouldn't dodge besides promo also, since I don't "feed the trolls" by letting them determine my actions, but in promo makes no sense. It's also possible that you have a quiet teamate, that is diamond and boosting for money.
If you don't dodge then you're idiot. The only excuse is to not to dodge in promos, because dodging is same as losing there.
: Block IP pls?
That's not how it works. And that's all I'm going to tell you because it's waste of my time and the post would be too long. Just google "why IP bans are ineffective". You can't IP ban anyone but some old grandpa whose IP is static XD
: This game is just getting more toxic
Start -> Control panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a program -> League of Legends -> Uninstall. League will become a little bit less toxic without you.
: If Riot closes the game tommorow they still need to own the patent. Once it runs out someone else can come in and own the company for free. Or more likely someone will just buy that patent so I think this is example is completely void. We are also not talking about some minor company, Riot is so big that it actually has a responsiblity towards society and the economy. Such large companies cannot simply decide to cease to to exist. This is why many companies don't even belong to its original founders anymore because for various reasons they could not manage the company anymore. Infact Riot is already owned for a large percentage by people outside of Riot. It is true that laws are really underdeveloped when it comes to the internet but it is is just that, the internet. It is nothing quite so sophisticated as a ''virtual world''. That also doesn't mean that laws aren't changing and already being written when it comes what happens on the internet. Think about cyber-bullying, something that is much harder to prove than companies denying a proper service and yet cyber-bullying is already punishable by law. People have been put in jail as far back as 2005 for putting comments on the internet, never heard about this kid that threatened to bomb his school or something? There was a 500 000 Dollar bail on his release which an anonimous person paid for the kid. And 2005 is way before Cyber-bullying was illegal. I don't know why you try to come of so strongly, I am not impressed if that's what you think. I am not pretending like it is so straight forward to just ''sue Riot''. And you completely right in saying that game companies have certain rights reserved to them. But you don't seem to be aware of the obligations either. Especially considering you say that people would have a laugh when I basically addressed that myself. Do tell me though what country you live in. I think that will clarify a thing or 2.
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