: TFT Aatrox in game bug
It just happened to me in ranked, so frustrating :(
: Did you make the calculations? The hp they show you there is only a circa. It might be 2749.5
I don't think it matters. Players aren't supposed to make such calculations ^^" There are many ways to explain this tiny mistake and they don't really matter :)
Wen294 (EUW)
: So how many times do you have warmog and 1 ruby crystal on vel koz at lvl 18...?
Warmog is a pretty efficient item in ARAM against a team that pokes a lot since you can't heal at base (especially since they've lowered it from 3000 to 2750 max hp). Ruby Crystal was for Rylai's. I know it never happens that you have exactly 2750 max hp but I thought they'd like to know :)
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: Dominion removal will destroy everything i love in this game... :(
I really think Riot should (have) explain(ed) what prejudice Dominion is causing to them, even if it's technical and hard to understand. They also forgot to mention if the mode would come back in a feature mode, once in a while. And, of course, the short deadline is quite bitter. I mean, the mode was here for 4 yeas, a 11 days deadline seems extremely short.
tihs (EUW)
: don't waste your time. just report ingame and move on
+1 Most mature thing to do. Don't let trolls get at you, especially outside the game.
: Be Resolute, not Indignant. Ignorance of the summoner's code?
I don't think the problem is related to League of Legends, people nowadays get offended for a little. ( And I think the medium makes it worse. We only have words to express our feelings in the game, which means that people can't use the context to interpret what you mean, especially if there is some kind of joke or sarcasm somewhere. ) To get back to your post, there are to things I'd like to comment on. > they accidentally say something like ''ward ffs it's ranked, stop blaming me for your lack of vision or the fact you keep pushing with no vision'' In my experience, if you apologize afterwards, it doesn't end up in a conflict. Something like : "sorry, I overreacted.". If you cursed, always apologies for having cursed. Which leads me to the second point. > Seriously, if you fucked up. You fucked up. Admit it! Move on. You shouldn't try to force your teammates to acknowledge their mistakes. 1. You might be wrong. 1. It's really hard to admit a mistake, a lot of people will get upset and unconsciously refuse to admit they've "fucked up". 1. Some people might actually start tilting upon realizing it was their fault. In the end, it's in your best interest to ignore any taunt from your teammates and keep the conversation focused on what's coming, how to address that, and so on. This is actually the most difficult part of being part of a team. I don't pretend to be good at that, just keep this in mind. Discuss!!!!! ;)
MonstaX (EUNE)
: Is it that hard to buy a sightstone?
Q1: Why are you expecting people from lower elo to be as good as you are at the game ? Q2: Why are you even playing with people who don't have the same elo as you do ? NB: If you are that good at LoL compared to them, you should have enough gold advantage to buy a sigh stone (and show them how useful it is btw), don't you think ?
candoodle (EUW)
: Listen we know support is the most needed role
Why not give a token every 10 (or N) games to players. You can use 1 token to force the matchmaking to give you the role you want for this game.
: My thought is that players who still don't know about the topic and ignore chat restrictions they may have already received, will also ignore such popups, and moreover wil start to complain about it here. Apart from that, I guess it is not easy to implement. A game provider's job is not to educate people, nor is he responsible for the player base's good manners.
It's more about trying to stop fights from happening, by reminding the players that both parties can be punished. It's also about making the rest of the game better for the players not involved.
: No man, we want him to boil him in his own flames, to watch him squirm in pain as the reality sinks in his head and see the result of that mind expanding moment when he realizes the ways of his errors.
: > i don't read comments Yet you are still answering them :/ ? > i could not controll my self So it's entirely your fault >and without a warning i got permabanned All those previous chat restrictions and 14-day ban were warnings, so don't give us that bs.
I think OP already got an explanation in the other comments and seemed very receptive about it. I don't think he needs more people to blame him. Let's juts let this post sink for good. Thanks.
Silisa (EUNE)
: I like it. I am not sure that it would change anything. The moment something like that was implemented, you'd see a number of threads here from players complaining about pop ups. Also, I like to think that most of us are not complete morons. Players who flame and eventually get punished for it know what they did. They know they deserved it. They just want to get away with it. And people know about the mute button. Many choose to not mute toxic players, because they want to "communicate" with their team.
It's not a popup, it's in the chat :) I think that a lot of people I see on the boards don't understand that they are actually flaming back and that it's bad. They think they're defending themselves.
: Just as a warning: This is not going to work. Riot did that in the past and the results were horrible. They don't do that anymore. Sorry that I have to be the bringer of bad news: You will never get your account back, no matter what you do. It's literally impossible. Better accept it now instead of getting your hopes up and being disappointed.
> Of course, you shouldn't ask anything in return. Who talked about getting the account back ? I was just pointing out a way to say sorry.
: > [{quoted}](name=I208iN,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=39HE5HXw,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-10T07:38:20.043+0000) > > It doesn't have to. I guess you're talking about the fact that players would use these warning to learn to not get caught by the system ? But I don't think this is a problem. Think again...
Please answer with facts or (explained) arguments and I will have the pleasure to keep this conversation going. I don't like monologues.
: i know it was a bad behaviour and i already said sorry like 1000 times while contacting the support , every time NOP NOP NOP we won't unban it
Does the 1001st time is going to make a difference ? This is sad for you, but you won't gain anything here. The boards are mostly filled by players, for players. The only way for you to prove that you're sorry would be to create a new account and play there for a really long time, without being incriminated, ever. Then you should try to contact the support and say "Hey, I've played 1 year and 6 months without any incident. I am sorry for how I behaved on my previous account.". Of course, you shouldn't ask anything in return. What do you think ?
: but there are people who flame 10x more and nothing happen to them like nothing!
Something will happen to them eventually, don't worry.
: > [{quoted}](name=I208iN,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=39HE5HXw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-10T07:27:07.864+0000) > > Since I have to ask ^^ > What are those problems ? To sum it all: It will reveal how the system works.
It doesn't have to. I guess you're talking about the fact that players would use these warning to learn to not get caught by the system ? But I don't think this is a problem. I'm almost sure that the system is based on machine learning techniques and frequently refreshed with new data, learning the new curse words. Secondly, one could already be doing this. Finally, the more the people will have to modify their language to trick the system, the more people won't get it, which is almost a mute ! :) Finally finally, it can way more loose than the actually system and fire on false positive, since there are no consequences.
: people cursed much more worse and they was not even touched , specially in bronze
The Tribunal doesn't care about the others. See, only your chat logs were used. Can you, from what you read in your chat logs, tell us that it wasn't a bad behaviour ?
: Bad idea. Dont you see the problems?
Since I have to ask ^^ What are those problems ?
: Permanent Account Suspension TheThunderHell, Your account has received a permanent suspension following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Here are some chat logs that were identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ you why ? you can't even play with nami why did u pick her sure go ahead i am done nami missed all of her skills try playing vs tahm ? this fucing nami FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I AM GOING TO GET A FUCKING BAN ON YOU BECAUSE YOU FUCKING SUCK DONT PICK SUPPORT AGAIN nop stfu noob nami learn from tahm you trash nami first game after the ban and first match of placement getting placed with this fucker i'll i'll enjoy not getting placed wiht trads for 14 days or forever i have them unlike you lee talk in a public chat that mean you talk to all of us nami would solo you please do it --------- just incase he was flaming me back.
How can you not realize how badly you were cursing ?
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Luis Sc (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=I208iN,realm=EUW,application-id=mmWRnfcc,discussion-id=zEqp6hcp,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-02T13:24:49.892+0000) > > By ARAM account you mean with only a few champions ? I don't think veteran ARAM players do this. After all, when you have all the champions, you get a reroll every two games ( even a little more, it's 25+(number of champions owned) out of 250 ) and you can swap with almost everybody. So, who exactly are we addressing with this post ? Are we talking about veteran players ? Who is this information directed towards ? I wish I'd find more of those rainbow "veteran players," honestly; I just sound like a real prick by starting every match with "I'm pretty sure you guys might be a nice bunch but I'm mute'ng everybody just in case"
To whoever might be interested. What I meant is that, people may not know, but the more champions you have, the more often you can reroll. I have almost all the champions, and I rarely am out of reroll points. Of course I rarely get the one champion I like, but you also get to discover champions you wouldn't have tried, who join your VIP champion pool. I understand your pov. I just need to point out that if you mute everybody, how can you know if they were nice or not ?
: I agree with Kollery, the ARAM accounts don't serve the fun purpose of randomness
I think I didn't get the meaning of ARAM account right then. Are you talking about accounts that only have a few champions ? I am talking about accounts that mainly play ARAM.
: No. Simply no. Just another game lost due to a permaflaming toxic guy. Belitteling the team, flaming, gloating, the full deal. I want to see these people lose what they treasure most in this game. I want to see them lose their money, their effort, their right to play. >One of the hardest things in life is forgiveness. They dont deserve it. Period.
> I want to see these people lose what they treasure most in this game. I want to see them lose their money, their effort, their right to play. Well, guess what, that's not what justice is about. You don't want a tribunal, you wan't revenge. Revenge is an insidious feeling, it makes you feel you're in your right to do/say what you do/say, when all it does is making things worse. Perma-banning will only make the people flamed (eg. you) feel better. And that's not even true, because you won't know if the person is banned. The community however, will still be under the bad influence of this individual. That's why I was suggesting a system that tries to teach people how to play better, how to be kinder to other. You may not agree with the implementation, and I'd be happy to discuss that. However, if you think this system is about letting flamers do whatever they want, we're not talking about the same thing.
: >But most of people think Perma Ban = Permanent solution. That's because IT IS. If someone gets to a perma, we don't want to see him reformed. We want to show him the door. End of story.
Are you ending all your comments with a short formula to pretend this subject can't be discussed ? And no, it isn't. Perma-banning isn't a permanent solution, as you can't prevent a player to create an other account. Also, I don't understand why you guys wouldn't want to accept an EX-flamer so badly. I'm going to repeat myself again, but the system is only kinder to people who actually get shocked by the restriction and become non-toxic. For people that won't change, a fully restricted account is equivalent to a new level 1 account (eg. a ban).
: Get off your high horse, kid. No one likes having the game ruined, and if people are out there that make the game incredibly toxic, then we have the right to hate them too. I bet you'd be complaining about hate speech when people talk about the Nazis or other groups of people that have committed unsavory actions. The toxic players that actually get banned are the anti-fun of this game, the dislike for them is justified. I am siding with MidKnife IV here; jail is used to keep the community safe from murderers. The Death Sentence permanently solves this problem. Permanent Banning solves the problem in League of Legends. No need for frilly "restorative Justice". What is stopping the person from re-committing the same toxic behavior? Nothing really, because they will just get their stuff back and it will be as if nothing had happened. > Instead of a perma banning, wouldn't it be great to progressively lock features from the toxic players, and offer them a way to get them back ? Why bother when they are no longer wanted? Why give them the chance to offend again? Why offer them respite when they had been given warnings, had full access to the rules, had the option to mute others and chose to play the game in the first place of their own free will? Essentially Riot's rule is; "Don't be extremely toxic, or we will take all that you have earned away permanently". Be good or you lose your toys, forever. It isn't; "We will take your toys away if you are bad, but don't worry, you'll get them back eventually and it will be like nothing ever happened". Riot, and the community at large, do not want this time of person in the game. With no ultimate punishment, there is no threat for the toxic players. Permanent Banning is that ultimate punishment. It means that toxic players have to risk their account, with their skins and champions. And funnily enough, *that* is what most people seem to want back when they post the threads pleading for a chance they had and fucked up with. With your system, they can offend over and over and over again, yet every time they will eventually get their stuff back. With you there would be no end consequence, however, it would run a high risk of increasing the level of agitation as the "restorative justice" system infuriates the people it punishes. With Permanent Banning, the punished player does not have a chance to become infuriated. Even if they do make a new account, that account is technically made while sacrificing all that they had achieved on the other account. That is what the ban does, it destroys all that you worked for because you wagered it all on raging and flaming. Perma-banning a person is more than possible to achieve. Humans will break and eventually give up. The first ban may be enough, but the way the system works allows it to ban the next account and the next and the next as the player gets reported for further flame. We don't need to reform these people. We don't want the toxicity and do not need them in the community. There are tons of new players and stable players that will not fuck up. Riot focuses on the people who actually play to the appropriate level of toxicity. They even state that you are no longer welcome when they permanently ban you. You *are* acting pissy and naïve because you think that everyone wants to be good and forgiveness must be on everyone's lips. Well mate, this is the internet. This is a game. This is life. Riot has been kind enough to let you play their game, by their rules, which they warn you a fair number of times that you are breaking so that you have *loads* of chances to reform, but why should they have to waste time with getting you back into the game when you do break the final warning? With that final warning you have shown that you will not change. Riot has no time for you. You are not the type of player that they want in their game. Out you go. I know the system you are talking about, and frankly there is no way it can be implemented into a game as effectively as the current system. The toxic player (remember, that's the person acting toxic) is not the victim here. We all know that the final verdict is Permanent Banning, and that is more than enough to prevent the vast majority of potentially toxic behaviour. It also serves as the easiest way to stop any such behavior when it happens. The toxic player (remember, that's the person acting toxic) had ample opportunity to avoid the confrontation. They could have muted. They could have not played. They could have been like any normal human being and kept their thoughts to themselves. If they are someone who couldn't do such things then why are they playing a highly competitive game? How does the current system little difference to the toxic players? The Permanent Ban gets rid of them. Immediately. No faffing about. They are not wanted, and so there is no mucking about trying to reform them (after multiple warnings remember). Your system *keeps the toxic player that the community does not want* and pushes them back into the community. Riot does not want them. Why should they keep them? How is your system better when the current system *gets rid of the problem completely instead of fussing over it*. A new account may be made but at the sacrifice of progress. You made a new account that technically cost you the hours you put into the old one. if you are fine with that then the system will just ban you again. No coddling. No forgiveness that can then be forgotten by the player who can then go back to being toxic, with all their skins and their ranks. "Restorative Justice" = Eventually no consequences for the Toxic Player. Would nurture the thought that there will be no lasting punishment. System doesn't stop you from actually continuing to be toxic while the punishment period lasts. Goes against Riots stance of not wanting such players in the community. Permanent Banning = Gets rid of the offender immediately. Nurtures the belief that you risk all that you have achieved when you dick about. No time wasting. Lasting consequences. You lost your skins and champions because of your actions. High chance that the punished player will not return due to demoralization. Any accounts that are created after can simply be banned when the player comes through the system again after he doesn't learn his lesson. No extra effort wasted by Riot. Oh, and learn what an argument is. Just because people disagree, doesn't mean they are using hate speech. Everyone is at the exact same temper as you. Yes, you are acting the exact same way as the rest of us on the other side of the divide. Amazing, isn't it?
Wow, you are amazing, thank you. You just confirmed what I wrote in my previous comment and you almost wrote an entire book about it. Please, keep repeating yourself, you may hit the comment length cap, who knows ? Good night.
: WIth my experience of 1000+ ARAM games I can assure you if the enemy has Lux you can't win.
Well, you haven't seen the Lux(es) in my team :D
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: I am a really forgiving person, but over the years I've learned that people will fuck you over every time they get a chance, until a hammer hits them really hard, if you make that a cotton hammer, they'll never learn. If Riot would want to make a redemption system, I would agree, but that heavy hit is still necessary for people to reform, and it shouldn't become a standard like "do this and you'll get your stuff back". I don't have an idea good enough for this, but I will agree to one if I'll find it convincing. I think a good idea would be if Riot would promote the Summoner's Code, maybe with a video, or a series of videos to show players what's good and what's not (since many can't even recognize when they're behaving like complete ............).
But this is not a cotton hammer. If the player shows no sign of good behavior, he ends up with an account where everything is as locked as a new account is. But you can guess that eventually they will try to get things back. And when that happens, they will have to do this introspection work that allows most of the people to stay calm and not rage. At worst, you have the current system, their account is pretty much doomed to stay a new account forever. At best, you taught someone a valuable lesson that they will be proud of, and freed the community of one hater.
: You don't see it from our Point of view. --------------------- If someone kills a Person he deserves to be locked up right? He should be put into a jail and stay there for the rest of his live. This is a protection for the community (the people) so he can't kill anymore. In some countries it's a death sentence, in some it's life in jail. Both more or less end in the same way: You will die in prison. Now what is a game? A game is meant to be fun. No matter what. If someone can't behave he will get a warning in form of a chatban or 14 day ban. If his behavior doesn't change and he destroys the fun for countless of people he is a "murderer of fun". And a murderer should be locked out/kept away from the community. No chance for parole. ------------------ Receiving a permanent ban in a game is the equivalent to life in jail in the real world. It means you fucked up and should think about what you did wrong. People do not want you in their community/Society and you are not welcome any more.
Thank you for trying to appease the conversation. Actually I think that, at least in my country, prison isn't always used properly. Also, studies on different justice system show that the level of the maximum sentence ( jail for life VS execution, for instance ) has only a few impact on crime. There are a lot of people working in/on [restorative justice](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restorative_justice), field in which "focuses on the needs of the victims and the offenders, as well as the involved community, instead of satisfying abstract legal principles or punishing the offender". I think this is even more relevant in a game if you consider the fact that, contrarily to real life, you can create a new account. That means you don't have a prison. Hope my point of view was a bit clearer like this. And yes, if you think jail is always an answer, I don't agree with that point of view. I respect it, however.
: Oh but I do feel entitled to answer. Because I know what you are suggesting is wrong, and the fact that you don't want me to answer points out that you probably know that you are wrong as well. Non-permanent punishment won't solve the problem, the punished player suffers no lasting reprimand for what they did. So essentially the would be toxic with consequence. We don't like Toxic Players. And we don't like when people say "oh but they can change" and treat the punished player like a victim. Those are the same type of people that say that the tiger is the victim when he rips a poor child apart that falls into its cage. >Wow, you were honored this game, that's great. Here, you can play with Lissandra and Varus again. Keep it up, we're happy to have you back on track. You haven't been reported for the past 10 games, glad to see you playing like this AwesomeSummoner94. You can use the shop again ! Why should they be babied and patronized for doing stuff they were meant to do in the first place? At best it will just piss them off more. When I say, "bending over" I mean, why should Riot accommodate players who have broken their rules? Why should they be ok with people who messed up after being warned and who will more than likely start being toxic again. Forgiving that kind of player is just saying "Do as you want, nothing really matters". Locking content won't stop the intentional feeders. And Chat restrictions only stops the ragers, but of course pings can still be used. Permanently Banning them, after due warning too, solves the problem. Riot doesn't want that kind of person, they don't want to have to continually punish them, so permanently banning them is the best solution. The player is only trying to get their skins and champions back. They are not redeeming themselves because of what they did wrong, they are redeeming what was taken away from them. They are not sorry for flaming. If they were, they would reformed before the restrictions or ban. We are discussing the topic. You are just getting pissy when no one agrees with you, and we are right to do so. There should be no compromise for these people. If you rage and melt the chat with over-the-top toxic content, then you should not be allowed the chance to do it again. Why do you automatically think that saying you are wrong means hate? You picked a hairy subject, and expected calm, too? You really need to stop being naïve. Punishment isn't meant to be nice. Riot already states that the banned person is no longer welcome, so it is clear that they do not want to keep that person in the community. Why waste the effort of gradual removal of restrictions when a permanent ban gets rid of the problem completely. Even if they make a new account, the still have been punished with the loss of content on the other account, and the new account can be easily banned as well.
Am I being pissy ? I just think this conversation is getting nowhere. I have been trying to show how close the system is to the original and that it's not in any way being nicer to the toxic players you hate so much; but you keep crawling in your own miasma of hate speech towards them and refuse to listen to me. I am not speaking in their name and I will never tolerate toxicity to be unaddressed. I am convinced that methods inspired from [restorative justice](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restorative_justice), based on dialogue and reinsertion are a better mean to address these individuals in the long term. Now you could keep calling me pissy, naïve and go on with your hatred or, you could get back to the facts and try to analyse the process I'm describing. Then you will see how little difference it makes for the worst toxic players. And please. Don't tell me that toxic players are toxic, again. I know this, thanks. I'm not stupid. Even though you seem to think that way. Also, keep in mind that perma-banning a **person** is technically impossible to achieve.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: It's all down to experience and willingness to adapt; some people are the most obvious tank(ish) but they refuse to do so on a rather squishy composition. If you ask me, that's pure luck; teamwork and personality wise. Not even going that deep on experience; it's just luck of the draw. Experienced players can minimise randomness ( by itemising better, or having ARAM accounts, ) but, in the end, it's really as random ( and down to luck ) as it can be.
By ARAM account you mean with only a few champions ? I don't think veteran ARAM players do this. After all, when you have all the champions, you get a reroll every two games ( even a little more, it's 25+(number of champions owned) out of 250 ) and you can swap with almost everybody.
: Why should it be a game? Why should we make it fun to fuck up and then reform? They shouldn't have had to reform in the first place, because they shouldn't have fucked up in the first place. Riot should not bend over for gits that break their rules. To quote what I said a few posts down; >Why should the Punishment System be anymore lenient? Non-final punishments won't reform people. So what if you get chat restricted or champion restricted? You can still intentionally feed. So what if you get banned for a week or two? Everything will be there when you get back, and you can then go back to trolling, raging and flaming? Taking skins and champions away won't stop them from playing the game, and may piss them off just the same as if they had been banned. So why not permanently ban them if doing so stops all the problems I mentioned in this paragraph? >There is no room for frills when it comes to punishment. Like how people fear death in real life, account-death, or permanent banning is the ultimate response to those who will not change their far too toxic ways. They had warnings, they had their chance. Anything less and they will just come back, they wouldn't care because their punishment wouldn't last for ever. Stop being so wet, this is the Internet and this is the League of Legends Community. There needs to be a no-frills punishment system or else people will just continue being twats. Punishment isn't fun. Punishment shouldn't be creative as that is just being sadistic.
You guys really need to calm down. I am really amazed by all the hate I am getting. You need to revise your definition of game please. And I never meant to make it fun to fuck up, you just read what you wanted to read, like 90% of the people on this thread. Do you really think giving back content to well behaved players is bending over ? And where did you see those were gifts ? We are talking about unlocking previously locked content for player who redeem themselves and show commitment to it. You guys are so pissed off by some people in the community that, as soon as you find an occasion to do it, you unleash all your hatred towards them. This thread was meant to calm people who actually want to discuss the pros and cons of modifying the system. I'm sad to see that only a few didn't jump on the hate train. I hope you feel better now. Please don't feel entitled to answer.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: >One can think that it's Riot's duty to teach flamers how they would experience a better game by not flaming. Why would one think that? Riot makes a game, their duty is to make it work, update it, and keep it enjoyable for the majority of the community. I don't see how it could ever be Riot's duty to teach people how to behave.
The same way you do a tutorial about the rules, you teach people how to play. You teach them that good behavior increases their win rate. Nowadays, most of the people don't want to feel entitled to anything. Just because nobody forces you to do something, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Especially when it's in your interest. And it's in their interest. The better the community, the better the brand image. I don't understand why so many people get so mad about the idea of including redemption in the design of the tribunal. The idea wasn't even so different than the current system since, in the end, a player who doesn't improve is stuck with an empty account. People are just offended by the very idea of redemption. The idea that someone who did wrong could in the end, enjoy the game as they do, freely. They find this unfair. They refuse to see the good that could come out of this, and can't realize that they're shooting themselves in the knee. Please don't take all of this for yourself, it's not meant like that. I don't want to fight anyone, I'm just downed a bit by what I read from most of the people.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Very on point and I agree with most of it; I disagree with your very first point, though. "Team" isn't just the champion roster, it's also the person behind the champ. And it will be the best roster bring piloted by experienced players. When I get Rengar or Vayne I feed so hard and suck so badly it's not even funny. My game revolves around trying to be useful by not dying. However, with a really good set of players on my side, regardless of compositions, and hoping that opponents tank builds ad ( no hp/armour, ) Ashe builds AP and Nidalee can't land a spear to save her soul, all of a sudden I'm not that bad ! There could be a ton of tactics behind ARAM, and I agree with the gold, more relevant items and whatnot. But, in the end, it's how well your team adjusts; give me melee champ without reroll and you'll see them veterans dishing out harsh insults towards my noobishness; Also, and I could be wrong, but I recognise the writing and line of thought; new identity !? Smooth... : )
Well, yeah, of course, at equal power, ARAM is still based on random composition. I just wanted to focus on things we can do. A lot of people get discouraged right from the loading screen when they don't realized a lot can actually be done. > But, in the end, it's how well your team adjusts; give me melee champ without reroll and you'll see them veterans dishing out harsh insults towards my noobishness; Exactly, it's all about adjusting. However, a real veteran won't flame you for being bad and should give you some advice on what to do ! I don't understand your last sentence though :P Who am I supposed to be ?
Donaru (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Neonchan,realm=EUW,application-id=mmWRnfcc,discussion-id=zEqp6hcp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-02T10:06:00.654+0000) > > Nice threat :D keep talking when you have more time this.
I'll keep you updated then :) Thanks !
Kollery (EUNE)
: and then there is aram accounts
What can I say ? I really enjoy playing ARAM, it's a land full of action where most of the people are relaxed :)
Doombot7 (EUNE)
: That's all true but sadly there are a number of champs that are ridiculously op in ARAM that cause a lot of problems even for experienced players. Namely i hate {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:37}} , their op sustain can mean the end of the game if they get few kills early. All in all i think it's pretty balanced, my win rate hangs steadily on about 50%, with all champions unlocked and about 1500 games played. As for items i found {{item:3139}} really good against CC heavy teams, the {{item:3748}} is also good early for most bruisers and you can exchange it for {{item:3074}} for free when you build tankier and need more dmg.
Since they re-introduced {{item:3123}}, I find {{champion:8}} and {{champion:50}} easier to deal with, though. But yeah, {{champion:37}} is a good asset in almost every team, especially when paired with tanks.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Yeah, but still, the community is healthy overall. And it's not Riot's job to teach people proper education.
That's always the point that is debatable. One can think that it's Riot's duty to teach flamers how they would experience a better game by not flaming.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I think locking champions and skin is much more restrictive than just locking ranked. And in the end, banning, is restricting content.
Rioter Comments
Zakey13 (EUNE)
: test
I hope your tests were conclusive ! Keep us updated.
: They have several chances to reform. To get permabanned, you have to get punished 3 times, unless you're so disgustingly toxic that you trigger it earlier, which is really hard to do. These guys are the reason why nice players have to suffer in this game, so they deserve absolutely 0 tolerance at all. Back in time, Riot removed permaban and it turned out to be a horrible idea. It was a good experience, and it clearly showed that once you get a permaban, you have to either start everything over OR you should leave the game once and for all. We're not their parents or their teachers, and we (community) can't tolerate this kind of behavior. Permaban is a necessary and a good thing to have.
The thing is that... a person who would go as deep in the system as losing all their skins, champions, chat, shop, anything, is the kind of person who would, right now, create as many accounts as they can to keep playing. Don't get me wrong, I hate when people are toxic and I'm not supporting them in anyway. It's mainly about the message you're sending. The system isn't promoting fair-play, it's sanctioning toxic players. See the difference ? In the system I was imagining, the worst sanction is basically an account with only free champions and normal games, which is approximately what the current system does, except you can always welcome back people if they're improving. The current system offers no real benefit for people to change, because they'll always have the anger of having lost their investments.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: 95% of the community never gets any punishment at all, so I guess it's healed enough.
It's always the same thing, you only need 5% to flood the forum and support :/
Infernape (EUW)
: Different bots follow different behaviours. However the ones I have encountered on Summoner's Rift do this: * They instalock a champion (usually a free to play) * They take heal and ghost as their summoners (even if the account has access to every other summoner spell) * Run down midlane and walk directly into the towers and die to either turret fire or an enemy champion. * In some cases they follow an ally wherever they go no matter what and either steal their CS or just die to everything. * When they encounter an enemy champion, they continue hitting minions and rarely attack the enemy. When they do attack they unload everything * When their HP goes below a threshold (about 10-20% of their max health) they proceed to walk all the way to the turret. * They build the stupidest things, like no items at all or 5 zeals. * They only say "WTF", "Frozen" and "Push".
Interesting, I guess I'm never matched with these.
: I think because you played so much Aram, your "Aram-elo" is so high, that bots can never play with or against you. You are just too good. But seriously: Players that dont play Aram that often and/or are below lvl 30 encounter them. They are easy to spot. They are just like the AI from the coop-mode, sometimes even more stupid. Its not really fun to play against or with them.
Stop it, you're going to make me blush! How would you distinguish a bot from a bad player ?
xTigax3 (EUW)
: There is one big mistake in the system of punishments: The system ignores how severe a negative behaviour is. I have seen ppl getting permabans for minimal negative behaviour and there is not a single player out there that is level 30 and never had any negative moments. And there are ppl out there that flame a few times really horribly and don't get a punishment just because they didn't do it often enough. I think really severe cases of insults and threats should be an instant 14 days or permaban after just one game and negative behaviour like "stop feeding, gg it's lost" etc should just be repeating chat punishments until such behaviour stops.
> another point i would like to make... why does not a single person understand that people play badly sometimes, people have to afk sometimes because whether you believe it or not real life is more important and sometimes people make poor desicions Then I presume you could understand that people are affected by their real life and can be toxic once in a while. Thus, a perma-ban requires several occurrences of grief. Don't worry, toxic players rarely are toxic just once.
: One grill to rule them all
Someone should create a dating website for ranked players to find their soul/team-mate :D Joke aside, I can't help you but wish you luck !
pringy121 (EUW)
: Bots on League of legends
Please enlighten me, I have played more than 1600 games in ARAM and I can't recall having spotted any bot. How do you recognize them ?
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