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: @Riot, I really like your game, but it gets annoying
There's this thing called the "Store". It is a gateway to new styles of play that you can either earn through game-time or spend some real world money on to support the makers of the game. You should try it.
: What if the player assigned jungle switches with the player top? Will the player have to play top with smite?
In a situation like that you'd hope that people would be aware of the change of role / summoners. Most of the time people don't realize until they get in game or look at champ select because maybe they've gone AFK after they've picked their champ. I would argue in this case that any champ with Smite is better than no Smite.
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: Leveling accounts, low level accounts issues : discussion
> "taking a break because I was becoming too toxic" should be... ~~taking a break~~ got permabanned because I am toxic. {{item:3070}}
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Tet2 (EUW)
: i think the most genuine reason most people dont experiment is because experimenting will most likely give you less bang for buck
Less bang for your buck = 'Tets up' Pun intended
Rismosch (EUW)
: reported
I found this funny and I don't know if I'm annoyed.
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Mangekyu (EUW)
: When "ADC in 2k17" is said...
I agree. I'd rather play against a Vayne every single game (in laning phase at least). Once we get into the late game only a good Caitlyn remains a problem. My personal most hated ADC to lane against though is MF. The early game damage is obscene.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Viable builds for pro play vs viable builds for the rest of us
I think a genuine reason people don't experiment so much is because if it goes tits up, people will flame them for it. For a game with such potential diversity it's a shame.
: Let's talk about Tanks....
ADC's in 2017 know the struggle.
Infernape (EUW)
: It's always fun being told to get cancer because you won't give up your lane for someone that got autofilled. Some people turn into children over this game. I just learned to brush it off. If someone is immature enough to spout shit like that, they're not worth my time or effort.
: > it is not how you might mean it but how the other person takes it. No, it is about the message that is tried to be transported. How can communication work if every message does not convey it's own meaning, but the meaning of every different individual that is reading it? Ofc ppl will react different to the message but that doesnt change what the message actually is about. What makes cancer a worse case than insults like "d*ckface" when the recipient might be genuinely ugly? Other than that cancer (depending on the graveness of the disease) is usually worse? Being ugly makes your life hard too.
We will have to agree to disagree. I was brought up with to think of how other would take my actions or the things that I say compared to how i might mean them. To quote this game's 'Summoners Code': _"Someone who is unfamiliar with what you consider playful may take your comment as an attack and react unfavorably."_ ...I think that is a base line for what I am trying to say.
: you just cant let yourself be this upset about something so trivial. people say mean things on the internet. no matter how many times you explain it to them how bad what they are saying really is they wont stop. its the internet and they will continue to say it. so the only real option is for you to not let it get to you. report them at the end of the game, but dont get offended. because its pointless.
I'm not getting offended per se, I am being empathetic. Difference being this game isn't the big open internet which is so easily turned off - it's a game, which is a means of escape for some people.
Rismosch (EUW)
: 1) Wait, you can recall by pressing B?! Every time I recalled I pressed the tiny icon on the screen O.o
Afelers (EUNE)
: Just report them and they will be gone by the time before they can realize what cancer means. It is not like you can change the way some teenagers think or talk, most of them is not even familiar with cancer and will not experience what it's like until one of their loved ones gets it.
Yeap, your right. Report them and they should hopefully be removed from the game - but for how long? People need educating. I say people, because quite frankly the worst offenders (in my personal opinion and experience) happen to have better grammar than that of a minor.
: While I do not think the wording is good, in my experience it is simply a way of wording an insult. Like when saying a-hole, you dont literally see the other one as an a-hole. Same with "get cancer" or "this champ is cancer". It is not meant literally, but to transport strong negative feelings.
To you, maybe, but to someone who may well have just been told they have cancer? I'm sorry, but to "transport strong negative feelings" is not to wish someone dead and that comment shows exactly what is wrong with people - it is not how you might mean it but how the other person takes it. Sorry but to play down something as sickening as that is genuinely upsetting.
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Kouky (EUW)
: The game might be in a pretty balanced state, minus the few FOTM Champs, but those will be in every meta. But the community is in no way better. EVERY Loss in my match history goes back to someone inting or straight up AFKing. The matchmaking just fails at creating challenging games. Its allways one team dominating, that is what frustrates people so they don't give 100% anymore. The rare fair matches are REALLY fun though.
In my opinion, the real reason games become so one sided is BECAUSE of people tilting or raging between each other. Games that don't have any flaming often seem to have awesome comebacks or "anyone can win it" moments, which for sure are so fun win or lose.
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