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are you a good yasuo player ? if so add me
Muqsith (EUW)
: How do i finish 2 augs?
are you a good yasuo player ?
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Drunk Rat (EUW)
: LF Ardent lulu egirl
I play lulu a lot but i'm not a girl lol
: 2 Augment Odyssey Mission
are you a good yasuo ?
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: Team for 4->3->2 aug mission+ 5 same champs->later 5 ziggs
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: Why are people down voting this post, there's nothing bad about it, he's saying the truth.
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: u know what else is tilting? having 10 plants on ur ass coz theres a zyra every game, unless shes banned. u know what else is tilting? being ulted by 5 malphs in a row. u know what else is tilting? fighting against 5 mundos that you can NEVER kill. to be honest, half of champs in this mode can be tilting. and there are bans, so u can ban teemo.
Shamose (EUW)
: Because those champs are visibly annoying.
I just said it's nothing compared to a brand, which is more annoying, or a nazus that just out-trades you, or 5 garen (BTW garen is so busted in this meta), morgana perma bind, heimer absurd poke and the list go on ..... And although they are more annoying and guaranty a win, they are not disabled, but teemo is.
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Danneyftw (EUW)
: Do we finally see light at the end of the tunnel? :>
I just wanted to pay it forward ^^
: under 15 mission
I won't even help you just for ... try to read other post before
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: > [{quoted}](name=IArchDukeMYCI,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=PkEB5nEl,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-07T10:55:45.116+0000) > Im un-ranked not because i dont want to play ranked games, i just dont feel confident enough to do it, in fear that i would ruin somebody elses game. > > Please help me or just add me so we can have some fun. > > IArchDukeMYCI : Euw Big thumbs up on that. too many people overestimate theirselves and end up in bronze and cry after tho it was their own fault. you can add me if you want. I play for quite a while
Done. looking forward to having fun with you and learning from you.
en2que (EUW)
: > So i open 3 hextech boxes .... I get 3 champ shards ... Nice try, but you are guaranteed a skin shard every 3rd box. Quit your nonsense
I love those kids that think they made the game rules ...
Rismosch (EUW)
: Are we complaining about free stuff now, ain't we?,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg
Who said the boxes were free .. ? they treat bought boxes the same way ... you miss the whole point
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: imagine playing against 5 teemos
i'm main teemo. An there is champs that are more annoying ... imagine playing vs 5 yasuo ... or 5 blitz. He should be banable, not deactivated ...
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: in my opinion the chests should be taken away from the S.... instead at honor 3 u get 4 weekly missions giving a chest each... missions could be: Deal 40k Dmg to Champions in a PvP Game get xx assist in pvp game etc... but it should be pvp only so u cant do them in Botgames... they also could make it that u get the keys too in these missions so u get 4keys + chests per week
I'm honor 5, I get honored every single game still even the key shards doesn't drop frequently.
: An easier way might be to play some support. I got a lot of chests by playing support and doing my best to heal/shield/cc/whatever when a kill was emminent so I got a lot of assists. Just play back and die as little as possible with as many assists as possible and you get that S easily. Another trick is to play "unusual" champions in different roles. E.g. Malphite support. He is not as good as other supports in general, but if played right he can initiate, peel, deal damage and slow AS of the enemy making you win your lane and later team fights for a lot of assists and kill participation. This way you are measured against the small pool of players playing him support as opposed to the larger pool of players playing him top, which should make the S easier to get. This being said, don't do stupid shit like Nasus support or stuff like that that simply does not work unless your whole team is just leagues above the enemy, which should not be the case in a normally matchmade game.
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: ya, you should contest that, it specifically states what is guaranteed and what is the extra. Because I got 1 orb + skin + some BE from one orb. In total I have got and opened 4 orbs today (after waiting for your reply, got tired), 3 on one account and 1 on the other.
just did, waiting for an answer cause i'm odd that it happened in the first one not the second one .
: where the fk are you mang? it's been 2 days you still haven't received a reply from the support?
It's been 2 days trying to get some answers, they said it's like and bag that contains the actual orb .. and that i should just open the orb .... although when i bought the second one it didn't do the same ...
Blitzz (EUNE)
: Riot gives us free skins and we complain. What kind of a community we are?
I'm not happy about the orange essence drop cause i actually bought the worlds capsules, 10 of them, that guaranteed at least and epic skin, was waiting to craft them, and now they are worthless
Quickquek (EUW)
: Its a consumable, you need t open it so you can get the loot, its wierd you have to "use it" twice. You bougth it, it enters your loot and then you need to click it again to open. No idea whre you get that one from "Chance to contain: Skin Shard Orb" it may contain a skin shard, not a skin shard orb.
: here where i got it from
: Update here the response when you get the reply.
: Same happened to me XD lemme know if you find out if we get something for it ( i recorded it in case i got something awesome so i could rub it in my boyfriend's face so if they want proof i have it)
Oh that would be amazing! I'll just wait for the response of the support and come back at you if they're a bit sceptical
: same, but i got really good reward from the orb i got from the orb :D
With the luck i had i don't think i would get anything special x'). Plus i didn't open it till they respond
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Perilum (EUW)
: What is your technical problem?
This is my technical issue " To make up for essence drop rate changes, we'll tune the way loot boxes work to increase the amount of skins you'll get from them. We'll also add "bad luck protection," so you won't ever go on long streaks without getting a skin shard or a gemstone from chests." I opened 4 hextech chest NO skin, it's a technical issue in their shitty system. and remember i didn't talk till i opened the 4th chest, and it's not like you get key shards and boxes every match ... it takes time not only for the boxes to reset but also for the key frags to drop
Cypherous (EUW)
: Define box, if you mean level up capsules then yes those only drop champion shards, you need to open hextech chests to get skin shards
I was indeed talking about hextech CHESTS, openned 4 of them
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: Project Ashe Loading screen
Well thanks to you all for the answers ^^
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: Awesome, and very accurate. In the same style, I love this one :
Jesus christ I can relate to this, new player main teemo, never played ranked though but I can relate to this soooooo muuucchhhh
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's not just about getting a playerbase, but an infrastructure for the server. When Riot talked about a server in middle east, they said that infrastructure is the main problem. The internet isn't as easy as people tend to believe. A lot of the connections in the middle east don't cross borders directly, but jump through Europe before going back to the neighboring country. This means that a lot of players in the middle east would actually experience an increased ping, which would be the opposite of what you're after. You can read the post they made about it some years ago [here](
but how about a north african, or just african server ?
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