Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Link? The only thing I know about is some trashy fighting game they are making 🤔
you can just search on youtube for League of Legends Mobile. I saw videos in my language. For my knowledge there were 2 leaked gameplays. One full screen but everyone called it fake, then the guy posted a second one where you could see his hands and him actually playing the game. If you search on youtube if will appear. As for the trashy game, I don't know. It's like Mobile Legends.
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: have you tried buying some little legends?
or lux skins xD
SimosGR65 (EUW)
: i cant even make a new friend request hope they bring it to work fast as posible
they just issued the warning ^^
Drakairne (EUW)
: League of legend is not asking permission for microphone usage (system preference/security&privacy/microphone), might start with that. Voice chat is dead for MacOS Mojave user until Riot fixes it.
that's wht it says on the letter, but thank you for stating what i said
: Just updated, no more voice chat :'( When will it be patched ?
The letter that I presented is what they told me but I don't think this will be a priority for them right now. I've been using discord as a replacement while they don't have this fixed. The only temporary solution is to downgrade to High Sierra again.
Anh Phu (EUW)
: i have too the Problem.
yeah the only solution is to downgrade the OS
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