munraker (EUW)
: drugs are bad buddy
Drags are bad mmmmk?
Zaichis (EUW)
: Champions that imo need a rework
: Multiple Key Forging
Same for opening chests - when u have 20+. I like the animation - but they should do an option to skip it for those who don't.
DeCcade (EUW)
: LVL 11 ADC is Looking for people to play with
: Bots are getting out of hand.
Lucky you had a good champ there, and there were no brand in the mid lane (kata bot is very dull). For me, I added some people to play with - having another non-bot in your team who "knows what to do" changes the win ratio from 20% to 99%. GL in your next games :) Add me on your smurf is you need an AI partner.
: I don't need to believe, I have statistics which show that it's nowhere close to 20% Stop pulling numbers out of your ass, kthx.
It actually says that red secures more barons. As for win rate - it shows every single champ has better winrate on blue side.
: Thought of the day: picking Shaco is like...
.... Cutting yourself badly in order to spill your blood around and make a mess in a restaurant.
Zekstar (EUNE)
flaming a troll is like shooting a guy who stole your car - you'll get arrested. Simply report, ignore and move on. They don't worth it.
sit kid (EUW)
: > Well.. the idea sound solid - but there's only one thing I'm afraid of.... Seeing the bots in normal/aram. They'll most likely be banned before reaching level 30 and sold if 9 people report them every game.
And they will come back... like they do now. And even if - why can't they ban them now when people report them?
: Get Rid of Bots Idea
Well.. the idea sound solid - but there's only one thing I'm afraid of.... Seeing the bots in normal/aram. Limiting the AI gameplay for bots - as successful as it can be - will make them go to normals. So, I prefer to see the bots in AI knowing my normal games will be bots free. The real solution should come from riot to ban those accounts.
Stríke (EUW)
: Yea ikr, But are sure there is nothing i can do? Its litterally killing me
You can try to appeal. But gl with that. I don't think they'll change the decision.
Stríke (EUW)
: Thanks for your support mate !! But the thing is i cant remmebr their names exactly ... And starting all over again seems really hard...
Nuh... its fun... (as long as u don't take the lvling as a job... cause it sucks) And the bots dominate the low lvls... in some of your games you'll have 4 bots in your team ;p
Stríke (EUW)
: Well Thank you Riot , I guess.
A long time past since riot was actually care about the community. I remember back then when they released the brolaf video, you could feel they actually care... and when we had Nika and creators time. When you're too successful and have enough money - caring is overrated i guess. A friend of mine lost his 5 years acc due to toxicity. and the "proof" they gave him is a complete joke. Like, really... I wanna see ONE person to tell me he wasn't toxic in his 5 years gameplay. Even I was, and I never ever got any restriction on any of my accounts. Stuff like that makes you wonder if you're the next... Sorry for you loss mate. Just remember you play for yourself - not for riot - so if league is fun for you, consider starting over... (anyway I'd create an account just to talk with my friends again). GL!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. I'd rather save my IP if I were you. Runes and masteries are being completely reworked once the season is over, and they'll be free instead. Runes as we know it are being removed.
Ooo! I didn't know that... May I ask for the sources? I'd like to read some more about that... Edit: nvm.. i googled some myself :3 thanks!
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Únholy (EUW)
: Runes Missing? (Mark of Magic Pen.)
all fine for me. maybe you already own all 9? :P
: We need this old splash art back :(
rito please... Give us the choice to change to the old arts! ps: u forgot akali. the nerf on the boobs hurts man... :(
Poseker (EUW)
: What do I do????????????????
Some games lost at champ select. In low elo some games are auto lost when u get the wrong people. If this goes over and over and over then the problem might be you. Push wave and help you team instead of shopping? You can also try to play with TP... very good on mid laners if u know what to do with it.
Stomgar (EUW)
: So you are just going to ignore the fact i actually have feeders on my team in almost every single game. As i said to the other guy you only know the KDA not the story.
So you got feeders in your team... wow... *shocked* Nothing new here mate... I remember a game I had in ranked - a guy said he gonna feed then leave the game - and that exactly what he did. The enemy even let him kill them once in a while for gold reset. Lucky I picked vayne that game (when she was actually good) - we win 4v5 fed enemies. Do you really want an advice? GET GUD - learn some carry champs (very easy now due to duskblade) and carry your games. I remember seeing Mimer once carrying his team which was so behind (like 2-17) with rengar - it was awesome to see as the game was pretty much over - or thats what everyone thought....
Stomgar (EUW)
: Why do i get feeders every game?
1/7/1 1/7/1 0/4/0 1/5/1 1/5/1 0/6/0 Seems most of the times the feeder is you ;p Even in the games you did win the KDA still very low. I'd say go chill for a while 'till the tilt pass... Whenever stuff like this happens to me I go watch some streams and get some comfort when they get these kind of scores. (I recommend scarra - he get those every two out of three games :D)
bmlevi (EUNE)
: Please help me! What champions did you play at your placement games?
: I never made it past Silver 3 since season 1. AMA !
Old Skin (EUNE)
: As the game progressed old players usually gets new account by buying them . Usually in low lvls there are "bots", summoners with a quest to level up, via using programs. i think that this program is concidered one of the "third party programs" so feel free to report those accounts for using it plus they "screw" up your game. as a new player you should also help the community to get stronger and don't let those who get payed from a free-to-play pass by. i did the same at my smurf when i lvled it up! Have fun on the summoners rift, and welcome to the game!
I get bots even with my lvl 30. Less frequent yes, but they still there.
: Bots, Bots, Bots, Bots, Bots
Agreed. Had several times with 4 bots in my team... I report them every time. Feel free to add me so you can have -1 bot chance in you next games :3
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