: Which champ is better to buy xayas or gnar?
Well, remember that Xayah is an adc and adc's are not in a very good place right now, with all those apc's in the botlane etc. But, if you think you play her good, she's still a strong adc, if well played. If you don't play Gnar and you want to buy him only because of the skin, you can just buy him later, the skin isn't going anywhere :p , but if you're going to play him, he's kinda weak right now, if you look up the LoL Tier List, Xayah is even in a better position than Gnar. Anyway, it also depends if you prefer playing adc or top! (And if you are actually going to play Gnar)
AbbesLuFZ (EUW)
: what did u doooooooooooo ???
What is your problem with the voice chat?
AbbesLuFZ (EUW)
: i think it was the same and still the voice chat dosent work feels bad man
It wasn't working for me too, I did something and now it works {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: nah only boosting with accountsharing :( if its his 2. account its all fine.. and you cant even prove if its his 2. account
Not really, he/she has a bad english, but said “this account is **_not me_**”. So it is not his/her account... Which might be considered boosting. And accountsharing is bannable too, (https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/204214670-Shared-accounts).
: One bad game, 14 day ban. Seriously Riot?
Well, the best thing you can do is send Riot a ticket. I’ve seem bans for flaming in one game. But never seen someone being banned for intentional feeding because of one game. So send a ticket, and ask why they banned you if you don’t usually feed, or intentionally feed. And yes, everyone has a bad game, so it doesn’t actually make sense...
AbbesLuFZ (EUW)
: repatch again after logging out
Probably you had another patch. For the last 48 hours I had 2 patches for bug fixes. Which I had to let it download to play. It’s normal! ^^
: League Voice not working
If he isn’t hearing you and you can’t see him in the menu, he is the one who might not be connected.
: Dreadknight Garen code not Working
I know this might be stupid, but have you seen if you still received the skin even if it didn’t work?
Aîze (EUW)
: To play against Diamond player, as Silver
Hi, As someone already said here, Eloboosting is bannable. No, you cannot report someone for it, but yes you can send Riot a ticket. As you can check here (https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751834-MMR-Elo-Boosting), Riot does punish people for Eloboost (check the last topic to know what are the punishments). You have proof of that, so just do it! ^-^
xarlii (EUW)
: Adding friends
Well your main focus when you're in-game is to win the game, not to add friends... That's why you can add them in the end, even the people who just played with/against you.
: I mean their latency we used to see last time back in season 3 in loading screen or scoreboard.
I'm pretty sure they did that because of the flame in-game...
: Perma Banned due to protecting teammates from flame
First of all nice name. Now, you should know that if there's one thing that Riot does not tolerate is racism, homophobia, and bad behaviors like yours and maybe the one you were protecting. Reports exist for a reason, and so does the mute setting. If your teammate was being flammed, he should have muted the other one, and if the situation was annoying you, you should have done that too. You just did the same he did to the one you were "protecting", so technically, you did not protect, just flame back. "%%%" is one of the things that Riot does not think twice when it comes to banning, it's enough only one ban to Riot detect your "%%%" and ban you, not 2 or 3 bans, one is enough. Also you should know that Riot does not take in consideration your intentions but your actions...
: Why are we not able to see teammates´ ping anymore?
Could you be more specific? By **ping** you mean ms? Also, by "see" you mean when they ping their ms in the chat?
: Voice Chat
Yea, I have just the same problem here. Everyone can hear me, and I can't hear nobody. My settings are just like my friend's, and nothing works, I've tried to restart the client and pc, and even start a full repair, and nothing...
Cràp Bag (EUW)
: I can't use Voice !!!
Well, tbh use any other thing to voice chat for now, I'm pretty sure there are some bugs, I can't use it either, but because I can't hear anyone and the others can hear me, and everything is ok... You can also try to **Full Repair** your client, which didn't work for me, but still, you can try to see if it works, or just wait for a little patching or solution in comments ^-^
: Shenron Sol
Not a bad idea, but, Aurelion isn't played that much, Riot wouldn't have much benefits lauching that kind of skin, most people don't play him so they wouldn't buy it
: Maokai skin
I think it's a nice and cute skin ╥﹏╥ But I guess Riot would never come out with a skin like that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Riot's Support is Awesome (A Thank you)
Agree, I've had some issues with my acc, and they always fixed it, thank you Riot! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: "Summer Mastery Points"
It's a pretty cool idea actually ^~^

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