: Chatban for this? holy... those punishments really need to tighten. Instead of being glad you only got a chat restriction, nope you complain about it. And for the last time - It doesn't matter what others do to make you flame, rage and so on. You break the rules, you get punished -done end of story. Next time, mute them play the game, as you should, and report them after. Only and good way to deal with it.
I didnt mean to complain about it. I was just trying to get a little help because I dont really know how to deal with other people flaming me and stealing my lane I guess. Thanks for your answer! Next time I will just mute them, not use the chat, and report them after the game. And if someone steals my lane I will just go and support instead.
: Why am I chatbanned for this?
So the best thing i can do is not use the chat at all I guess? I mean in game 1 the jayce was our support and just went to my lane and took all my cs thats why I said "report jayce ty". In the second game the yi wrote some pretty nasty stuff thats why i said something like "you are a ..." and thats why i wrote "and ur reported". In this case I dont see whats wrong if I report someone who is verbal abusing me. Its my first ever chat ban and i just didnt think i could get a chatban for being mad about people who are literally stealing my role or verbal abusing me in the chat. I did not know that telling someone that I will report them is not allowed. In the game with jayce for instance my entire team wrote "report jayce pls". Thanks for all your quick answers!
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